"Philthy Rich"Album Release "Trip'n 4 Life"
"I'm A Ryda", "Oakland, Ca", "Trip'n 4 Life"
"Break Ya Pumps", "The Love Of Money"
"10 Feet Deep", "Do It Better" (Video)
"Feel'n Like Pac" (Video)
"The Realest N*gga On Earth"

"A Seminary Nigga" (Video)
"Dope Boy" (Video), "Funk Or Die" (Video)
"Throw It Back At Me" (Video) 
"Bad Yellow B*tch" (Video)
"Broke @ss N*ggas" (Video)
"Don't Get It Confused" (Video) 
"On The Block" (Video) "What It Is" (Video)

In the past few years "Philthy Rich" has really stood out on the independent rap scene in the "Bay Area". "Philthy Rich" is one of the hardest working artists from "Oakland", and releases a steady stream of material to keep the buzz going. "Philthy" has performed at venues on a local and national level, in front of audiences ranging from 1,000 to 30,000. He has  worked with many upcoming and well known artists in the industry including "Webbie", "Slim Thug", "Dorrough Music", "Bobby V", "Keak Da Sneak", "Young Noble", "San Quinn", "Mitchy Slick", "Too $hort", "E-40", "The Team", "Mob Figaz", "The Hoodstarz", "Messy Marv", "Yukmouth", "Mistah F.A.B". and many more.

"Philthy Rich" was given his name as a youngster growing up on the tuff blocks of "Seminary" in "East Oakland" by "Dame Fame", a Town legend. In 2007 .

"Philthy Rich" had planned a five city tour featuring many new "Oakland" artists but was cut short due to drug charges for sales of cocaine. After being released from serving a sentence of one year in county jail for drug sales, "Philthy" knew he had to focus on music, and did so by releasing 8 independent mixtapes, dvds and street albums titled "Streets On Lock" EP, "Hood Rich", "Hood Rich 2", "Tha Skumbagz", "PhilthyFresh", "PhilthyFresh: The Dvd", "Funk Or Die:  The Leak" and a pre album with "Dj Fresh" titled "My Block: Welcome To Sem City". In 2009, he released his first official album titled "Funk Or Die" under "Town Thizzness/Live Wire Records/SMC" and the long awaited street album titled "Neighborhood Supastar" under "Live Wire Records/Hunid Racks/City Hall", both of which are in store now.

In 2009 "Philthy" was also featured on "Discovery Channel's"  television show "Gang Wars" (Oakland) but was arrested right after the show aired. In 2010, after being released from jail from a 6 month sentence for a loaded fire arm he has already released 12 projects: "Free Philthy Rich", "Funk Season" 1 & 2, "Trip'n 4 Life: the Leak", "Thizz Nation 27", "Neighborhood Supastar 2", "Loyalty B4 Royalty 1 & 2", "Flyest Nigga On 2 Feet" EP, "Early Morning Shift 3", "Funk Or Die" The Dvd and "My Block: Welcome To Sem City 2" with "Dj Fresh". 

"Philthy" feels that his hustle game will take him to the top and his street cred and swagger separates him from the rest and cannot be compared. With every year being bigger and better for this "Sem City"  general, it's hard not to see that "Philthy Rich" is the next to blow, and with his new album"Trip'n 4 Life" releasing Feb 1, 2011 "Philthy Rich" is ready to go.

Contact: info@philthyrich.com 
Website: philthyrichfod.com
Twitter: @philthyrichFOD
Face Book: PhilthyRichfod

"Trip'n 4 Life
In Stores February 1, 2011

1.Dont Get It Confused 
2.Realest Nigga On Earth 
3.Trip N 4 Life (Feat. Dolla Bill And Du Damage) 
4. So Much Pain (Feat. Rydah J. Klyde, Stevie Joe And Matt Blaque) 
5.Feel N Like Pac (Feat. E-40) 
6.Speak N On The Kid 
7. Im A Ryda (Feat. Husalah, Dubb 20 And Freddie B) 
8. 10 Feet Deep (Feat. The Hoodstarz And J Stalin)
9. The Love Of Money (Feat. The Jacka, Joe Blow And Jinx) 
10. Project Nigga (Feat. Messy Marv And Mitchy Slick) 
11. Break Ya Pumps (Feat. D-Lo And Sleepy-D) 
12. Oakland California (Feat. Lil Blood And HD) 
13. Im Jus Say N Tho 
14. 2 Bitches At The Same Time 
15. Do It Better (Feat. Lil Kev) 
16. Let The Money Talk (Feat. Young Doe And Interstate Ike)
17. See Me In The Traffic (Feat. Lil Hyfe, Fed-X And Aristole) 
18. Feel N Like Pac (Remix) (Ft. Young Noble, Richie Rich & Yukmouth) 


"Philthy Rich" Ft. "Lil Blood" & "HD" 
"Oakland , CA"

"Philthy Rich", "Husalah", "Dubb-20", "Freddie B"
 "I'm A Ryda

"Philthy Rich"
"Trip N 4 Life
Feat. "Dolla Bill" And "Du Damage"

"Philthy Rich" f/ "E-40" & "2pac"
 "Feel'n Like Pac"
(Official Video)

"Philthy Rich" 
 "Break Ya Pumps
Feat. "D-Lo" And "Sleepy-D"

"Philthy Rich" 
"The Love Of Money
Feat. "The Jacka", "Joe Blow" And "Jinx"

"Philthy Rich"
"10 Feet Deep
Feat. "The Hoodstarz" And "J Stalin" 

"Philthy Rich" 
"Realest Nigga On Earth


"Philthy Rich" 
"Broke @ss N*ggas
(Official Video) 

"Philthy Rich" 
"Bad Yellow B*tch
(Official Video)

"Philthy Rich" f/ "Dame Michaels" 
"On The Block
(Official Video)

Philthy Rich 
 "Don't Get it Confused
(Official Video)

"Philthy Rich" 
"Throw It Back At Me
(Official Video)

"Philthy Rich"
"Funk Or Die
 (Official Video) 

"Philthy Rich" 
"Dope Boy
(Official Video) 

"Philthy Rich" 
"A Seminary Nigga
(Official Video) 

"Philthy Rich" 
"I Represent It" (BAY AREA REMIX)

(Official Video)



"The Bay's"
"ATNT" Ent. (All Trappin No Talkin)
Gucci Bags & Pop'n Tags
"Young Dunnyz", "NWS", "D&G" & "Willy Hendricks"

"ATNT ENT" (All Trappin No Talkin)
is a "Bay Area" independent label which has seen tremendous success, for only hit'n the music scene hard, for a little over a year now. With nothing but family from top to bottom, "ATNT Ent." was started by a young hard working entrepreneur by the name of "Marcel Pickett". "ATNT Ent." also has two hard working managers by the names of 

"Sivon "Dunny" Smith" and Arkansas graduate "Glendon "Bebe" Glaspie".

"ATNT Ent." has already set their plan in motion to become the future of "Bay Rap". No disrespect to "hyphy" and "jerking" music, but "ATNT Ent." feels that they have their own sound, that everyone can love from the streets to the club. With a talent line-up, full of  swag, hotta than an Gucci bag, "NWS", "YOUNG DUNNYZ", "D&G" & new artist "WILLIE HENDRICKS", give "ATNT Ent." a reason to brag.

"Shout out to our extended family "Gary Archer" and "Derek Jurand". We love our fans to death". "ATNT Ent." Got Now,Who Got Next?

Facebook: all trappin no talkin 
YouTube: ATNTCel 
Twitter: @ATNTent 

"ATNT Ent." 
"Young Dunnyz", "D&G", and "NWS
Talking Swagg, Rap Game & More @ Photo Shoot
"The Take Over"

"ATNT Ent." CEO 
Talks About Swag & Get'n Your Money Up

"Frisco's" "Young Dunnyz"

"ATNT Ent." Group "Young Dunnyz" are a "San Francisco" group who consits of "C-dubb", "Young Clap", "Stu Banga" &  "J Murder".

"C-dubb", born "Charles Williams" AKA "C DUBB DA GENERAL" AKA 
"C NOTE C DUBB ZERO" ON TWITTER@cdubbgeneral_yd facebook/c dubb da general.."ima young dunny bout money. "ATNT" is my label and what I represent, and I thank God for this opportunity my fans for lovin are music. keep supportin..the kush I smoke my cheif, managers and promoters".... "Dubb"

"Young Clap" 'I feel like me and ma label couldnt be in any better position as of right now and I just wanna be wealthy in tha game make sure ma family and ma
n*ggaz rite. Thank God for my family, CEO, managers, and promotion team"....."Clap"

"Stu Banga" "20 yrs old been rappin since I was 13 with the same people I'm rappin wit now from the "City Hunters Point" to be exact lived there all my life I'm lookin forward to working wit a couple local and outta state rappers. I thank God for my family, CEO, managers, and promotion team".

"J Murder" Aka "Mr. Carter" from "San Francisco" 17 street is my hood been in love wit music since a little boy, and now I get to make my own. I Thank God for being where I am in life right now it's only a matter of time before we blow they love us everywhere we go!!! From "The Bay" to the A #fact we did that thank my CEO "chief" my managers "Dunn&Bebe" and thank my promo team and fans I love u. Go get that "Strapz and Packz" Vol.1 on iTunes...."J Murder


FACEBOOk:c dubb da general

"Young Dunnyz
"Swagg is Terrific" Ft. "Doe Bama"
(Official Video)

"Young Dunnyz" "Hot Shit
(Official Video) 

"Young Dunnyz" "We Got Now

"Young Dunnyz"
 "C dubb" (Freestyle)

"Young Dunnyz" "My Pattna Dem" Freestyle
 Going In On That "Rich Kids"

"Young Dunnyz" In Miami 
Chill'n At The "Ganesvoort" Hotel, 
For Memorial Day Weekend

"Frisco's" "D&G"

"ATNT Ent." Artist "D&G" are a "Frisco" Group who consists of 
"Doe Bama" & "Gil".

"Doe Bama":Born "Antoine Colbert

"I'm from a city that can make or break you (SF). I have been rapping for a long time now. I feel like I'm in a really good space right now on perfecting my flow. I have a unique style that can't be matched some would say I have "slick word play with a crazy delivery, with a super swagged out I know I'm the sh*t type of punch lines" I'm from "The Bay" but I can hold my own with the best of the best just ask ATL and MIA about "DoeBama"!!! In the next 3 years I see me and my label at the MTV and BET awards receiving best song and video of the year awards. My life couldn't be better right now I would like to thank God for my family and friends, also thank God for my little girl (Lay Lay) shout out to my CEO for taking me off the Block(1700 Qst) and into to the studio. Shout out my Managers "Dunny&Bebe", and my promotion team. I love my fans. If you want to know more catch me on Facebook (yung Doe) or twitter (@Dng_Atnt) and go get that "D&G Vol.1" on iTunes Gone>>>>>..."Doe"

"Gil" Born "Gil Clinton" "24, residing outta of "Hunter's Point" in "San Francisco". We bouta take diz rap shit over. Thank God for my family and label. Thank my CEO for this opportunity to make a better life and last but not less thank my managers "Dunn & Bebe"...."Gil"

Facebook: yung Doe 
Twitter: @Dng_Atnt
Facebook: Gil Clinton

"D&G" Features "ROD"
"She Got It

"Datz Yo B*tch"

"Doe Bama" 1/2 Of "D&G"
Freestyling Live On "KPOO 89.5" Radio Station

"Young Doe" 1/2 Of "D&G"
Go'n In Freestyle'n On "Let's Do It"
In The "W" Hotel

"D&G" wit "Zaytoven" at the "W
midtown ATL 
after just coppin some beats.

"Gil Clinton" Going In On A Verse 
off that "Presidential Music:Vol 1" Mix Tape  

"Doe Bama" 1/2 Of "D&G" in the studio 
goin ham for the making of 
"Presidential Muzik: Vol.1"

"Doe Bama
 Going in on solo off the 
"Presidential Muzic: Volume 1"  Mixtape

"Gil" Going Home After Show In Atlanta

(N*ggas With Swag)

"San Francisco" group "NWS" (Ni*ggas With Swag) is made up of two members "Dav" & "Peco Trilla".

"Dav" 1/2 of "NWS" signed to "ATNT Ent", grew up in "Hunter's Point", in "San Francisco". "Dav" has always loved the art of making music people can relate to. He's a real n*gga wit swag, determined to be da best dat did it...."Dav"

"Peco Trilla" 1/2 of "NWS" also  grew up in "Hunters Point" (SF) where most don't go. "I'm from the streets that's why I rap about the streets. But don't get me wrong I have A1 swagg it's been that way for me a long time wit me, so I look at it like the best of both worlds and my flow backs that up 110% been around the world and back "ATNT Ent." is on the map shout out my CEO managers and promo team thank God 1st got a hit song buzzin right now called "Flip" thank the fans too"...."Peco"

"N.W.S." (N*ggas With Swag)
(Official Video)
Shot At The "W" During "49er" Pool Party

"Not Like This
Off "Swagger Lessons" Vol 1"

"N.W.S." (Niggas Wit Swagg
"Big Money"
Off "Swagger Lessons: Vol 1

 Interview Out in Miami, Memorial Day Weekend Wearing About $160,000 Worth Of Jewels


21 Tracks From "That N*gga Drizzle
"Good Days", "Streets Made Us",
"End Of Time", "Shot That N*gga", "The Favor",
"The Money" (Video), "Life Of A Stunna", 
"Infatuated", "You", "Shot That N*gga"
"I F*cked Up", "Make It", "Militant Around Here",
"I'm So Icey", "All Makes Sense", "Mornin"
"Cash First @ss Last", "If Drizzle Ruled The World",
"Same Old Sh*t", "High Power Fakin"
& "Life Of A Stunna"

"Dat N*gga Drizzle" was born and raised in East Oakland, CA, but has stayed all over the Bay, which has contributed to the rapper and man he is today. Growing up with less than some, but more than others, "Drizzle" is thankful for his father and his mother, who taught him right from wrong and did their best to keep a roof over his head, shoes on his feet with enough food to eat. But growing up in a life of poverty gave "Drizzle" a thirst and hunger for more, and "Drizzle" knew he would not live the rest of his life being poor. He bumped his head as a teen and put his parent’s through stress, trying to have more and refusing to settle for less. Now, with a goal and a motivation to come from poverty to success, "Drizzle" wants to return back to his community and give back, from what God has blessed.

"Dat N*gga Drizzle" gives credit where credit it due, he grew up inspired by and listening to Tupac, Lil Boosie, Webbie& and local artists Twin, from Berkley, Wild Bill & his cousin Kurt Diggler from East Oakland. Like most rappers, "Drizzle", started from humble beginnings, actually getting his start in 2008, where he recorded his first song in Twin’s garage. "Drizzle" feels like the Bay has kinda lost its way, and has gotten off track, and he wants to bring that old skool Oakland sound back.

With his undeniable talent "Dat N*gga Drizzle" has already began his claim to fame, working with Bay Area names like DB The General, Ricco tha Kidd, DJ Upgrade of Bad Mouth ENT, Cubba, Boe & Trigg of LPIT ENT, Lil Al tha Gamer and Wild Bill. "Dat Nigga Dr*zzle" has been keeping the mic hot and blowing up the spot, performing at Caribbean City in Oakland, CA & the 821 Lounge in Hayward, CA with 106.1 KMEL DJ, Rick Lee.

"Drizzle" dropped his mix tape “Life Of A Stunna” which is on it’s way to becoming a hood classic, that you can’t help but slap it. “High Power Fakin”, ”The Money” and a song for the ladies called “You”, are just a sample of what "Dat N*gga Drizzle" can do.

Hoping to further his street buzz to nationwide love, "Dat N*gga Drizzle", will soon be dropping his solo album, “Loyalty Before Royalty”, with guaranteed bangers “Make It”, "Streets Made Us” & “In Da Club” ft F1.

"Drizzle" is also looking forward to releasing a collaborative album with “Wild Bill” called “Undeniable Talent”, due out the summer of 2011, with their first single, “Infatuated”.

"Dat N*gga Drizzle", may still be young in the rap game, but he is mature in his flows, as his pockets and notoriety continue to grow. "Drizzle" supports and reps the Bay and would like to work with other successful Bay Area artist like R.O.D, E-40 & Goapele. Although, "Dat N*gga Drizzle" is seeing major success being an independent artist, if he was offered a major contract with “Trill ENT”, or “Cash Money” he’d definitely have to give it a try, because he’d like Bay Area music to continue to grow nation and worldwide.
"Drizzle" continues to remain humble and thankful to God for the talent and opportunity to do what he loves to do, and get paid for it, too. "Drizzle" not only writes his rhymes, but spends some time producing beats, and would eventually like to start his own clothing line and pursue an acting career. With tattoos, a mean mug and 18kt dental gold iced to the max, "Drizz" follows and shows where the money’s at. His tattoo “Loyalty Before Royalty” makes it plain, that he’s keep’n, it real over financial gain.

"That N*gga Drizzle" keeps God, his family, true friends and label associates, LPIT ENT first, and always remembers to thank his fans, who support his music and his message, to quench his thirst.

Contact Info:
Twitter: drizzle8400
Myspace: thatniggadrizzle 
Reverb Nation Free Downloads: #/thatniggadrizzle
Press link to Download "Drizzle's" free mix tape "Life Of A Stunna

"That N*gga Drizzle"
"The Money"
(Official Video) 

"That N*gga Drizzle" Ft. Zil & Cubba
"Hood Sh*t"
Off "Life Of A Stunna" Mix Tape

"The N*gga Drizzle"
"Good Days"
 feat.Wild Bill & Shareese 
Off "Life Of A Stunna" Mix Tape

"That N*gga Drizzle" & "Kurt Diggler"
"Who We Are"
Off "Life If A Stunna"

"That N*gga Drizzle" feat.Cubba 
"Streets Made Us

"That N*gga Drizzle" & Lil Kurt 
"End Of Time" (Remix) 
Off "Life Of A Stunna" Mix Tape

"That N*gga Drizzle" feat.Wild Bill
"Infatuated" (sample) 

That N*gga Drizzle", "Wild Bill", & "F1"
"High Power Fakin"

"That N*gga Drizzle", Firemouth And Bo 

 "The Favor"

"That N*gga Drizzle"  feat.Lil kurt
"Shot That N*gga

"That N*gga Drizzle"
"I F*cked Up"
Off "Life Of A Stunna" Mix Tape

"That N*gga Drizzle" Performing Live 
@ 821 Lounge with DJ Rick Lee 

"That N*gga Drizzle" 
"Make It"(SAMPLE) 

"That N*gga Drizzle" & Young Twin
"Militant Around Here
Off "Life Of A Stunna" Mix Tape

"That N*gga Drizzle" Ft Boe Of L.P.I.T.
"I'm So Icey"
Off "Life Of A Stunna" Mix Tape

"That N*gga Drizzle" Ft. Kid Livie & Nana
"All Makes Sense"
Off Loyalty Before Royalty

"That N*gga Drizzle" & Young Twin
"Cash First @ss Last"
Off "Life Of A Stunna" Mix Tape

"That N*gga Drizzle"
"If Drizzle Ruled The World"

"That N*gga Drizzle" Ft. Lil Kurt
"Same Old Sh*t"
Off "Life Of A Stunna" Mix Tape

"Firemouth" & "Drizzle"
"Streets Made Us"
Off "Loyalty Before Royalty"

"That Nigga Drizzle" & "Lil Kurt
"Mornin" (Freestyle)