(10) Tracks From London/New York Rapper
"Squala Orphan"

Twitter: @squalaorphan

"Won't Leave The Streets Alone" Ft "Nicoletter" (Video)
"Unheard Cries"
"Jazzy But Classy" Ft "Sparkz", "Afu-Ra"
"U Don't Know" Ft Hell Rell, Papoose, Product G&B
"The Revolutionist" "Guru" Ft "Squala Orphan" & "Blickstreet"
"Lift Up" - "Joell Ortiz" Ft "Squala Orphan" & "M.O.P."

"Sun Of A Gun"
"Fast Money" - "Crooked I" Ft "Squala Orphan" & "Rsonist"
"Squala Orphan" Live @ Time Square

"Abomination Of The Immigration" "Makhtar le kagoulard" Ft "Squala Orphan"

I had the privilege to meet  this brother and was instantly impressed with his hustle and demeanor. Once I had a chance to listen to his album, "If Eye Could Live Again", and read his bio, I got a whole new respect for  "SQUALA ORPHAN"

" has already made a name for himself with hip-hop fans and industry insiders all over the globe. His work includes being Executive Producer of “SMILEY DA GHETTO CHILD’S” album titled “WAKE UP CALL”. This album consisted of renowned top-notch producers, including the legendary “DJ PREMIER”. The album which was distributed by underground hip-hop guru “FAT BEATS” was a success selling more than 5,000 units. Proving himself to be a true phenomenon in the business, "SQUALA ORPHAN" has also recorded with “GURU” of the well respected hip-hop group “GANG STARR” who helped pioneer the New York hip-hop sound.

Among his many accomplishments, "SQUALA ORPHAN" joined forces with the All-American hardcore rap group “MASH OUT POSSE” also known as “M.O.P” on the “LINKIN PARK” tour titled “PROJEKT REVOLUTION” an annual music festival hosted by the 2 time Grammy Award Winning rock band themselves. "SQUALA ORPHAN" also teamed up with “M.O.P” on the “WEAPONS OF MIC DESTRUCTION” tour, an insane showcase of East Coast hip-hop legends. While on both tours, acquiring a devoted fan base, "SQUALA ORPHAN" independently, distributed over 10,000 promotional mix-tapes once again
proving to be a colossal force in the hip-hop business.

On his forthcoming album titled “Unheard Cries” "SQUALA ORPHAN" who is an independent artist, displays for his listeners something new. “Fast Money” is the first single off of "SQUALA ORPHAN’S" debut album. This club banger, which features “RSONIST” of the mastermind, producer trio “THE HEATMAKERZ” strikes a chord with music fans of all genres. "SQUALA ORPHAN" also introduces his second single titled “Rain Drops” featuring “CLARISA ROSE” where he vocalizes a much more personal side. Produced by in-house producer “BIG FRANK” this heartfelt song depicts how "SQUALA ORPHAN" is able to show his diversity as a songwriter, while bringing a song directly to the hearts and souls of those who have supported his career the most, his fans.

"SQUALA ORPHAN" began free-styling and writing music as
therapy to the
hardships of life
at the tender age of 14. Growing up as an abandoned child in
London, having been passed along to a wonderful woman by the name of “MRS. POVEY”, he recalls a life-altering moment while under her care.
"SQUALA ORPHAN" remembers watching the movie “OLIVER TWIST”, a story about an orphan who is soon kicked out of the orphanage and thrown into a terrible home. The bad treatment Oliver receives, forces him to run off to London.

Although "SQUALA ORPHAN" was treated fairly under “MRS. POVEY’S” care, he could still relate to the tribulations “OLIVER TWIST” encountered. This movie encouraged "SQUALA ORPHAN" to get out on his own and pursue his dream as a lyricist as he knew he was lyrically gifted. He promised himself that he’d use his voice as an instrument of inspiration to other children born into his same predicament.
Since then, "SQUALA ORPHAN" has proved to be a remarkable influence. Arriving in the United States, he instantly made an impression among the hip-hop and music elite. He was enlisted to promote THE BUSINESSMEN MIXTAPE SERIES with one of the hottest underground mix DJ’s, “DJ White Owl” at the celebrated notorious OZONE MAGAZINE 2008 AWARDS.

Among others, "SQUALA ORPHAN" has been featured on the notorious
HEAVY-HITTERS and DJ BIG MIKE mix-tapes. He played a monumental role with “DJ SMALLS” and “SMILEY DA GHETTO CHILD” at the SOUTHERN SMOKE TOUR, created to help independent artists like "SQUALA ORPHAN", gain brand exposure. "SQUALA ORPHAN"performed alongside hip-hop promotions giant, ALL BIZ- MICROPHONE BULLY in 2009in New York City.

Inspired by his background as an orphan, and a true philanthropist at heart an admirable initiative was set in place by "SQUALA ORPHAN" when the non-profit organization BRONX DEFENDERS allowed him use of their space to facilitate a clothing drive. The drive proved to be fruitful, and effective as "SQUALA ORPHAN" was able to collect all types of apparel for children and adults in desperate need. He would personally visit many different homeless shelters to hand out the clothing to ensure those in need were warm and snug for the holiday season.

Since, issues such as police brutality, racial profiling, and contagious shootings were central to his environment, "SQUALA ORPHAN" recorded a track titled “People vs. Precinct”. This warm, sincere track was dedicated to the 23-year old immigrant, Amadou Diallo, who was shot 41 times by NYPD officers and killed. Refusing to discontinue promoting his positive awareness "
SQUALA ORPHAN" recorded a political track titled (Available on the “UNHEARD CRIES” album) “CHILDREN OF WAR” with MUMIA ABU JAMAL, the clever African-American who was an activist, cab driver and intellectual journalist convicted and sentenced to death for the 1981 murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner.

Twitter: @squalaorphan
Facebook: SqualaOrphan
Contact#: 917-676-1013

 "Squala Orphan" Ft. "Nicolette"
"Won't Leave the Streets Alone"
(Official Video)

Off "If Eye Could Live Again" Album

"Squala Orphan"
"Unheard Cries"

Off "Unheard Cries" Album

"Squalarphan" Ft "Sparkz", "Afu-Ra",
 "Jazzy But Classic"
(Official Video)

"Squala Orphan"
 Ft "Hell Rell", "Papoose", "Product G&B"
 "U Dont Know"

"Guru" Ft "Squala Orphan" & "Blickstreet"
"The Revolutionist"

"Joell Ortiz" Ft "Squala Orphan" & "M.O.P."
"Lift Up"

"Squala Orphan"
"Son Of A Gun"

"Crooked I" Ft "Squala Orphan" & "Rsonist"
"Fast Money"

"Makhtar le kagoulard" Ft "Squala Orphan"
"Abomination Of The Immigration"

"Squala Orphan" Live @ Time Square