Undaunted. Remaining unmoved and steadfast even when placed in adverse conditions. Impervious to poverty, negative influence, and seemingly hereditary dysfunction. Standing solid amongst instability and moving forward without fear. These characteristics describe so many in poor neighborhoods across America, but they are epitomized by City P. A new voice for those who excel despite the obstacles. Born to a 14 year-old mother and a 17 year-old father City P., born Rob Sherman, is no stranger to turmoil. The 24 year-old grew up without either parent due to drugs and incarceration. Raised by his maternal grandmother, a 22-year dialysis patient, City was taught the importance of perseverance by example.

His grandmother passed of a heart-attack when he was 12. She never heard him rap. After the death of his grandmother, City was thrown into a whirlwind, bouncing from home to home and city to city. What would have been an excuse for most people to fail became city's motivation to succeed. He focused on his academics and sports while leaving music on the back-burner. After completing high school and beginning college, music was almost lost, but another tragedy brought City back to the booth. On May 7, 2004, City's younger brother Ray "Diddy" Bass was gunned down near his home San Francisco. He was 17 years old and expected to graduate the next month. The previous week, City met with Ray at a local studio and discussed working on a project together. It was the last time he would see his brother alive. Determined to see his brother's dream fulfilled, City immersed himself into his craft. Researching and applying styles from all regions and even spending time in Atlanta to further his cause. Now, years after the death of his brother and armed with catalogue of over 150 songs, we find City rapidly climbing up the ladder of success. With a style that is completely unique, City blends his impactful lyrics, catchy hooks, erudite social commentary and first-hand life experiences together with his enticing delivery and unpredictable rhyme patterns to form a package that is unmatched by any in rap music today. 

All we have to say is City is shining!  Y'all gotta check this out!  If you wanna get a few snippets of what you been missin' in the rap game, they even allowed us to put y'all up on something... CHECK IT!


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01. DJ Cosinus & Mica Swain - Intro
02. Mica Swain ft. Waka Flocka Flame - Body Talk
03. Dukwon ft. 2 Pistols - On That Drink (Remix)
04. RL ft. Yung Joc - In The Club Like
05. Akshan - Jealous Type
06. Triple C -  I Shot The Sherriff
07. Mr. Casanova - It Is What It Is
08. Kevin Rudolf ft. Jay Sean, Birdman & Lil Wayne - I Made It
09. Toby TNT1 - Champion
10. DJ Kay Slay ft.  Maino, Papoose, Red Cafe & Ray J - Thug Luv
11. Nipsey Hussle ft. Iyaz - Return Of The Mack (DJ Cosinus Remix)
12. Chris Sheppard ft. Ryan Leslie - Crazy
13. Mica Swain ft. Ricco Barrino - Back To My Zone
14. Flo Rida ft. Billy Blue, Brisco & Tanu - We Came Up
15. DJ Cosinus & Mica Swain - Interlude
16. Giavanna ft.  Waka Flocka Flame - Whatever
17. Shontelle - Licky (Under The Covers)
18. Black Dada - Round Round
19. Lil Jon ft. Pitbull - Work It Out (DJ Cosinus Remix)
20. Angel & Khriz ft. Flo Rida - Subelo (Turn It Up)
21. Don Von Jovi - 80s Baby (Bring It Back)
22. Jigg ft. Lil Wayne - What I Want
23. Mica Swain ft. Cool Kid Collective - All The Way Turned Up (Remix)
24. Trina ft. Diddy & Keri Hilson - Million Dollar Girl
25. Usher ft. Grafh & Nicki Minaj - Lil Freak (Remix)
26. Giovanni - Freak
27. Bang - Girls
28. Beat Gang - Mr Miyagi (Wax On Wax Off)
29. Masspike Miles - Nasty
30. Keep It Street ft. Yung Joc - Make U Hate
31. Big Sid ft. J-Dawg & Lacemode - Hustle All Day
32. Illaj - Call Me
33. Mica Swain - All Bcuz
34. Donte - Spend This Money
35. Mica Swain - Holding You Down
36. Sylent Bossking - My City
37. Supa China ft. Mr. CG - U Can Get It
38. Vawn ft. Bobby Valentino - Get A Room
39. Sean Garrett ft. Nicki Minaj - Get It All
40. DJ Cosinus & Mica Swain - Outro

AWWWWWwwww shyt!  We didn't know that Berlin Germany was representin' like this!  Big ups to DJ Cosinus fa real!!  We have listened to a lot of different DJ's and and mixtapes and we gotta give it up to DJ Cosinus for this one.  We just wish we woulda known about him a lot sooner!  Dude has been in the game for longer than a minute and has worked with artists like,  2 Pistols, Camar, Atiba, Supa Chino, Big Shane, Archie Eversole or Physha P. He got a lot of positive feedback for his Mixtapes and every part of his “RnB 2 HipHop”-Series got more than 10.000 downloads.  It don't stop there, this boy keeps droppin heat on these foolz like non-stop!  All we gotta say is don't be mad at us if you miss out on this one, cuz we tried to told y'all. 

Be sure to check out DJ Cosinus on MYSPACE and on TWITTER.  Let us know what you think.  He even put the FREE downloads on his MYSPACE for y'all.  Check em out!