Shut Up,              Roll Up                & Ride

1. Intro
2. Airplanes
3. UK Cheese
4. Bitches & Weed Produced By: Novakane and Shye
5. Coolkids Freestyle
6. Break Off Produced By: DJ Victoriouz and Tapes
7. Tonight Produced By: Johnny Juliano
8. My Nigga Produced By: DJ Victoriouz
9. Interlude
10. Shutup Rollup
11. She Wanna Go
12. My Ex
13. So Good Produced By: Surround Sound
14. Time Is Money Produced By: Phanton Beats
15. In The Studio Freestyle
16. Secret Lover
17. Shoot Dice Produced By: Novakane
18. Beautiful Produced By: Epik The Dawn
19. Outro

Hey, Okay!  It's none other than SHYE, with  his latest mixtape titled "Shut Up. Roll Up & Ride."  And that's exactly what they did!  They rolled and rode on yall foolz!  This is one of the hottest mixtapes to hit the scenes in a minute.  With DJ Ill Will and DJ Rampage assisting with the serve up ;) 

On day 1 of the release more downloads were logged, higher than most of yall can count! ha ha!  Don't worry, we got a little somethin' for you yuh so you can hear what we're talkin' about...don't say we never gave you nothin! 

Def check out your boy SHYEand let us know what you think!

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