(15) Tracks Off "Richmond, Ca" Rapper
"Kool John's" Mix Tape 
"Chill.Drink.F*ck.Smoke" Dropped 4/19/13

Twitter: @K00LJ0HN

"Chill.Drink.F*ck.Smoke" (Intro)
Ft. "Krissy Blvnko - "4 Eva Aint"
Ft. HBK SKipper, HBK CJ - "Addicted"
Ft. Young Bari - "Chill.Drink.F*ck.Smoke"
Ft. Ant Bankx, ST Spittin - "Go Harder"
Ft. Yogi Bear - "All My N*ggas"
Ft. Jay Ant - "Grown Ups"
Ft. F.L.I.P. -"Saturday"
Ft. Ant Bankx & Dave Steezy - "ShmopLivin"
Ft. Show Banga - "RNS"
Ft. Dave Steezy - "Stupid Ova"
Ft. Indecent The Slapmaster - "Live Ya Life"
Ft. Lil Debbie - "Supa High"
Ft. Iamsu!, AkaFrank - "Burn It"
Ft. Ari Ill, Louie G The Don & F.L.I.P. - "Strip"

 Plus: (7) Videos
Ft NHT Boyz & St Spittin -"Is That Yo Hoe" (Video)
Ft DB Tha General & Plane Jane - "Full Of Dat Weed" (Video)
Ft. IAMSU! & F.L.I.P - "5 Panel" (Video)
Ft. Young Bari - "Billy D" (Video)
Ft. Krisstaxx, Flip, HBK Skipper, Jay Ant, Salty"Hoodrat" (Video)
Ft HBK Skipper, F.L.I.P, Louie G The Don, Dave Steezy & Christiamentalz - "Yo B*tch
IAMSU! Ft. Loverance, HBK Skipper & Kool John - "Swaggin" ( Video)

"Kool John" is what is coined, out here, as "NewBay", but to me, its "ALL BAY", out this way. Old or new, we make it do, what it do.

Richmond, Ca, is where he reps where he steps. With a love for music since he was born, it was only natural for "Kool John" to become a rapper. As far back as he could remember, even before he could read, he would always ask his mom to buy him rap magazines, which he would look at and soon read from front to back.

With a life long passion for music, "Kool John" finally began rapping in the 7th grade. He made a mix cd called "Club Mix", which he sold and gave him his first taste of making money with music.

He began recording music with his label mate and patna "Loverance" in 2006 and hasn't looked back. 

With musical inspirations from his mom, the daily people he interacts with, as well as, Mac Dre, Will Smith, Baby from Cash Money, John Richard Bronson, Dame Dash, Master P, Daymond John, Diddy, and Jay Z, is what made "Kool Joohn", who he came to be.

In the industry to bring peace, love, and “SHMOP Life” (living everyday like its Saturday night), "Kool John", just wants to be happy with what makes him happy. "Kool John's" motto is to "Throw parties not fist". "Kool John" strives to bring positivity and originality and feels his "SHMOP Life" brand promotes a lifestyle of having a good time.

What sets "Kool John" apart, from not just "Bay Area" rappers, but a lot of rappers, in general, is that he doesn't rap about what he doesn't know or doesn't have. He keeps it real and raps about his life and what he feels. He's not fairytalistc or materialistic and one thing he does not do, is glorify violence in his music. "Kool John's" music is feel good music. It makes you want to dance, it makes you want to party. Coming with hard beats, different flows, a classic feeling, is what makes his music feel good music.

Through his music, "Kool John", tries to bring peace and ambition. He wants to set an example for black youth and black men that there's more to life then thug life, there's a good life and you should enjoy your life, while you're living it. 

To me, "$homplife" is more than a movement its a way of life, its a lifestyle of “LIVING EVERYDAY LIKE A SATURDAY NIGHT.” Keep in true, with how he do, check out "$hmopfest", which is at a secret location where party animals come from all over the Bay and beyond for a GREAT, MEMORABLE, SPLENDID, POSITIVE time.

"Kool John" is more than a rapper, he's a father, designer and light weight gigger. Together with his "Shomplife" brand/clothing line and his crew, "HBK" Gang (Heart Break Kid), "Kool John" is making life go his way, in and out the "Bay."

Make sure you collect all his  classics:
  1. $.n.a.c.k
  2. Live From The Newbay
  3. Peace Love and Shmoplife
  4. Chill. Drink.F*ck.Smoke Dropped 4/19


TWitter: @K00LJ0HN
Email: kooljohn@hbkgang.com


HBK Booking: booking@hbkgang.com
HBK Production :theinvasion@hbkgang.com

Clothing Line: http://shop.filthydripped.com/category/shmop-life

Make sure you collect all his  classics:
  1. $.n.a.c.k
  2. Live From The Newbay
  3. Peace Love and Shmoplife
  4. Chill. Drink.F*ck.Smoke

To purchase your "$hmop Life" clothing line go to:

Kool John 
"Chill.Drink.Fuck.Smoke" - (Intro)

Kool John Ft. Ari Ill, Louie G The Don, F.L.I.P. 

Kool John Ft. Iamsu!, AkaFrank 
"Burn It"

Kool John Ft. Lil Debbie 
"Supa High"

Kool John Ft. Indecent The Slapmaster
"Live Ya Life"

Kool John Ft. Dave Steezy 
"Stupid Ova"

Kool John Ft. Show Banga 

Kool John Ft. Ant Bankx, Dave Steezy 

Kool John Ft. F.L.I.P. 

Kool John ft. Krissy Blvnko 
"4 Eva Aint"

Kool John ft. HBK SKipper, HBK CJ 

Kool John ft. Young Bari - 

Kool John ft. Ant Bankx, ST Spittin 
"Go Harder"

Kool John Ft. Yogi Bear 
"All My N*ggas"

Kool John Ft. Jay Ant 
"Grown Ups"

"Kool John" Ft DB Tha General" & "Plane Jane
"Full Of Dat Weed"
(Official Video)

Kool John Ft NHT Boyz & St Spittin
"Is That Yo Hoe"
(Official Video)

Kool John
Ft. IAMSU! & F.L.I.P 
"5 Panel"
(Official Video)

"Kool John" & "Young Bari" 
"Billy D"
(Official Video)

Kool John 
Ft. Krisstaxx, Flip, HBK Skipper, Jay Ant, Salty
(Official Video)

Kool John 
Ft. HBK Skipper, F.L.I.P, Louie G The Don, Dave Steezy & Christiamentalz
"Yo B*tch"
(Official Video)

IAMSU! Ft. Loverance, HBK Skipper & Kool John
 (Official VIdeo)


(11) Tracks Off "Rayven Justice" (Fixed Tape)
"SomeThing About Rayven"

"Hit That" Ft "J.R. Hitz" & "Kafani"
"Cheater" Ft. "D LO" & "John Blu"

"Tsunami" Ft. "LoveRance"
 "Just Right"
"Fallin Down"
"Grabbin On My Zipper"
"4 Play" Ft. "Johna'e"
"Settle For Less" Ft. "Too Short"
"She Bad" Ft. "Trina", "Skywalka" & "Kafani"
"My World"

"Wait For You" (Video)
Rayven Justice & Kafani -"Who P*ssy is it" (Who Booty Rmx)
Rayven Justice Ft. LoveRance -"Tsunami" (Video)
Rayven Justice Ft Kafani - "Grabbin On My Zipper(Video)Kafani Ft Rayven Justice - "Time Out" (Video)Rayven Justice "Back Again" (Video)

Twitter: @RayvenJustice

LOVE'N this new "Fixed Tape" from the "Oakland" singer, "Rayven Justice". The only thing that sucks about it, is my favorite song "My World", is waaaaay too short. From the moment the song started, I was gone, I had butterflies. Made me have to put it on my voicemail. I love when a singer sings and "Rayven Justice" does his thing!!!!!

"SomeThing About Rayven" (Fixed Tape)  features some of the "Bay's Best", like "Kafani", "Too Short", "D-Lo", "LoveRance" and more. "Rayven Justice", even gives us a female perspective from rap veteran, "Trina", spit'n it, like only she can, on "She Bad".

"Rayven Justice" is a Singer/Songwriter from "Oakland, Ca". "Rayven" was born on August 13, 1991. In 2010 "Rayven" teamed up With "Kafani" to bless his track "Throw The Cash On Her" which received radio play

Nov, 2011 He teamed up with Singer/Songwriters "Neiman Starr" & "Jason King" to work on his first solo project, "Every Little Step". "Rayven" also dropped his first mixtape "Something About Rayven", which now brings us to 2013, where he dropped, "Something About Rayven, The Fixed Tape".

With hits under his belt like "Who P*ssy is", "Wait For You", which is my all time favorite from "Rayven", "Grabbin On My Zipper", "Back Again", and his clothing line, "Exactly", it can't help but to make "Rayven Justice's" presence felt.

Twitter: @RayvenJustice
Email: RayvenJusticebeats@gmail.com
FacebookRayven (THE Singer) Justice

Youtube: Rayven Justice
To Purchase: "Exactly" Clothing line email: Freshkidrjmoet@gmail.com

Rayven Justice Ft J.R. Hitz & Kafani
"Hit That"

Rayven Justice Ft. D LO & John Blu

Rayven Justice Ft. LoveRance

Rayven Justice 
"Just Right"

Rayven Justice 

Rayven Justice
"Fallin Down"

Rayven Justice 
"Grabbin On My Zipper"

Rayven Justice Ft Johna'e
"4 Play"

Rayven Justice Ft Too Short
"Settle For Less"

Rayven Justice Ft. Trina , Skywalka & Kafani
"She Bad"

Rayven Justice
"My World"

Rayven Justice
"Wait For You"
 (Official Video)

Rayven Justice & Kafani
"Who P*ssy is it" (Who Booty Remix)

Rayven Justice Ft. LoveRance 
(Official Video)

Rayven Justice Ft Kafani
"Grabbin On My Zipper
(Official Video)

Kafani Ft Rayven Justice
 "Time Out"
(Official Video)

"Rayven Justice" 
"Back Again"
 (Official Video)