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"Moment Of Clarity
"The Glory"
"For My City"
"National Anthem" (Live)

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"Miss Mykie" born "Mykel Gray", was birthed in the Rocky Mountain home of Denver Colorado. At the age of three, "Mykie" alongside her parents and six siblings packed up and moved to Houston Texas to begin new lives. "Mykie" was the youngest child out of her siblings and she can recall times as a child when her sisters and brothers would put on talent shows in their basement. Raised in a household of 7 kids, it was easy for them to be their own hosts, contestants, and audience members of these homemade productions.

The true desire for "Mykie’s" love of music didn’t hit her until the age of 13. She always felt she was talented but it wasn’t until then she woke, slept, ate, and dreamed music! She knew it had truly became a passion for her and something she had to pursue. "Mykie", like many others, first got her start in a girl group while she was a freshman in highschool

"My dad and brother built a studio in our house that I spent countless hours in". "Mykie’s" brother would produce and record the girls whenever they had a song written. Eventually the group was showing no signs of progressing so "Miss Mykie" decided to branch off to be a solo act. "Mykie’s" brother took on the role of being her producer and helped her to begin her solo project.

"Mykie" and her brother began going full blast on her solo project. She began doing local shows and won the chance to perform in local radio station’s performance showcase. "Mykie" opend up for acts with such artist as Tyrese, Slim Thug, and Sean Paul. Things were going well for "Mykie", but graduation was approaching and it was time to go to college. After being accepted by Howard University in Washington, DC, she knew it would be difficult for her to maintain her studies as well as continue her artist development. Her brother, which was her producer at the time and mentor, sat down with "Mykie" and told her to focus on her studies, and during breaks and spare time they could still do music.

Unfortunately, during "Miss Mykie’s" freshman year of college in 2003, her brother was killed a few days before his 25th birthday. That experience drastically changed her life, and put her in a position where she felt like there was no way that she could ever do music again. Despite the tragedy, she remained strong and directed all her energy on being an interactive student. She became an " Ooh La La" dancer for Howard’s Showtime Marching Band as well as a soror of the Alpha Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.."Miss Mykie" went on to graduate from Howard University in May 2007 with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts .

After graduating she decided to move back to Houston, Tx and finally felt like she was ready to pick up the pieces and continue her music career where she left it off at. It was fate that led "Mykie" to meet nationally acclaimed producer/songwriter "Yung Chill". After the first studio session with him she instantly knew that if the opportunity was presented he would take her artistry to the next level. Overtime Chill took "Mykie" under his wing and developed her, gave her a signature sound, molded her vocals to be unique. A few months later she signed a production deal under his Keys and Ink brand. She recalls him saying "I believe in you, Just trust me and we’ll go far".


"What It Iz"? Tell'n ya'll I am so feel'n "Miss Mykie". She's like a breath of fresh air to the game, rep'n HoustonLADC & the NY, cuz she's fly. "Moment Of Clarity", is my stuff! Her corner, is running thangs right. "Miss Mykie" gives you just enough just to take a bite. She's DOPE! Be on the look out for her "That Pink That Green Vol. 4".





"Moment Of Clarity"


"The Glory"

 (Beyonce - Run The World Remix) 

"For My City

"National Anthem" (Live)


(13) Videos From "West Oakland's"
"J Stalin" CEO-Rapper Of "Live Wire" Records


"Try Again Tomorrow" (Official Video) 
"Everyday My Birthday" (Official Video) 
"Rock Day" (Official Video) 
"Self Made Millionaire"(Official Video)
"Stop My Shine"(Official Video)
"Last Night"(Official Video) 
 "Across the Water" (Official Video)
Philthy Rich f/ J. Stalin & Clyde Carson 
"What U Know" (Official Video)
Philthy Rich f/ The Hoodstarz & J. Stalin 
"10 Feet Deep" (Official Video)
Philthy Rich,J Stalin, Beeda Weeda & Stevie Joe  
"Straight From Oakland" (Official Video)
"Lyrical Exercise" (Official Video) 
Philthy Rich ft J Stalin & Lil Blood 
"So Hard" (Official Video)
Guce, J. Stalin, and Shady Nate 
"ANOTHER QUELO" (Official Video)

"Jovan Smith", better known in and out the "Bay" as, "J. Stalin",  is one of the hottest rappers in the "Bay Area", coming live and direct from "Oakland, Ca". "J. Stalin" grew up in the "Cypress Village"  housing projects in "West Oakland". Not unlike many youth in "West Oakland" "J. Stalin" did not grow up rich, and he always had a thirst for money

"J. Stalin" at a young age learned that making his own money, was the only money to make. As a young child he began selling candy bars on the "BARTtrains. At 13, he began to record and sell rap music, and this began his love for music and money. Unfortunately, he began to sell drugs in his neighborhood, got caught, and at the age of 17 spent eleven months on parole and doing weekends at the "Juvenile Hall" for a year.It was here that "Stalin" began to realize that there was money to be had, and he picked up a pen and a pad and began to create an arsenal of demos, that would eventually end up in the hands of "Richie Rich".

"J. Stalin", may have a young and boyish-look, but on the mic, you will get shook. "J. Stalin" came up with his rap name from dictator"Joseph Stalin", because they shared the same initials, was shot call'n and was an all around beast, who was feared, loved and respected by many. As "Stalin" says when asked how and why he jose the name, "He was short like me, but he was always smashin' on everybody".

"J. Stalin's" big break came from "DJ Daryl", who is the 
owner of a local recording studio. "DJ Daryl" slapped "J.Stalin" on a track, "Bay Area" rap veteran, "Richie Rich", heard it, and was impressed enough to put "J. Stalin" on three tracks in his 2002 album "Nixon Pryor Roundtree". "J. Stalin" became a member or "Richie Rich's" group called "The Replacement Killers", and went on to record several tracks on two more of "Richie Rich's" albums. 

Chosen by "E-40" and "Too Shoort" as the "Next Big Thing Out Of The Bay", "Stalin" began to record and perform with "Bay Area" heavy hit'n artists such as "G-Stack", "Beeda Weeda", "Keak Da Sneak" "San Quinn", "E-40", "The Luniz, "The Team", "The Frontline", "Mob Figaz", "Yukmouth", "Numskull", "Shock G", "Jacka" "Yukmouth" and many others.

By 2006 "J. Stalin"  had released roughly 7 mixtapes and had four releases scheduled for 2007. "Mekanix" and "Zoo Entertainment" released "Stalin's" first studio album called "On Behalf of the Streets" in early May 2007, which arrived just as the "Bay’s"-"Hyphy" movement was fading away and turning into a more dirty and more street-level sound that was dubbed “Go.” By the release of "Gas Nation", in 2008, he had become a local hero, but on a national level his name was only known by hip-hop heads. But now, this all changed a year later when his collaborative effort with "Guce" on "Giants and Elephants", plus a new solo album, "Prenuptial Agreement", which both made waves. But the ones that took him around the park, and smacked him off da charts, was his hit singles "Rock Day", "Birthday" & "Try Again Tomorrow".

"J. Stalin" is the President of "Town Thizzness", which is a sub-division of the late "Mac Dre's" company called "Thizz ENT". Seeing that you make more money by calling the shots, he became owner of his own record label called "Livewire Records". "Stalin" is also the front man in his group, "Livewire Da Gang". The "Livewire Gang" consists of many artists from various neighborhoods in North, East, and West Oakland. With a heavy hitter roster with "Shady Nate", "Jay Jonah", "Philthy Rich", "Stevie Joe", "Lil Rue", "Lil Blood", "R.O.B.", "Ronald Mack", "Kiwi Da Beast", "HD", "L Jay", "Ant Mack", "Ruben Stunner", "Will Da Thrill", "Maj Guttah" and "Mayback", they just can't come whack!

  • 2006: On Behalf Of The Streets
  • 2006: The Real World: West Oakland
  • 2007: DJ Fresh Presents: The Tonite Show (with Beeda Weeda)
  • 2008: Gas Nation
  • 2009: The Real World: East & West Edition (with Mayback)
  • 2009: Giants & Elephants (with Guce)
  • 2010: Prenuptial Agreement
  • 2010: The Anullment
  • 2010: Women & Money (with Lil Kev)
  • 2010: The Real World: Part 3
  • 2011: Memoirs of a Curb Server
To see "J. STALIN" live check out his "One Man Band Tour"

July 14th & 15th in Kansas City, Mo 
July 16th & 17th in Ohio
July 21st in Vacaville, Ca @shady28nate release party
Aug. 6th Gstown, Ohio
Aug. 12th Reno, Nv 
Aug. 30th Bakersfield, Ca
Sep. 1st Fresno, Ca 
Sep. 23rd Paso Roblos, Ca 
Sep. 24th San Luis Obispo, Ca

Myspace: jstalinofficialpage

J. Stalin 
"Try Again Tomorrow
(Official Video) 


 "Rock Day
(Official Video)

J Stalin ft. Lil Retro, Lil Blood & L'Jay 
"Self Made Millionaire"
(Official Video)

Philthy Rich f/ J Stalin & Lil Blood 
"So Hard
(Official Video)

"Stop My Shine"
(Official Video)

J. Stalin starring Pinky XXX 
"Last Night"
(Official Video) 

J Stalin 
 "Across the Water"
(Official Video)

Philthy Rich f/ J. Stalin & Clyde Carson 
"What U Know"
(Official Video)

Philthy Rich f/ The Hoodstarz & J. Stalin
 "10 Feet Deep
(Official Video) 

"Straight From Oakland
Philthy Rich, J. Stalin, Beeda Weeda & Stevie Joe

 (Official Video) 

Guce, J. Stalin, and Shady Nate 
(Official Video)