"Washington,DC" Rapper "Young Sir"

#ClipstarTVCypher Week 2: 
Airport Tone, Young Sir, Iceberg Lo Young Sir 
"Go Ham" (Freestyle) 
"Crazy Flow"  
"Day In The Life Of Young Sir" (A-Day Weekend) 
"Da Recognition" Mix Tape (Promo)

Twitter: @YoungSirDMV

"Young Sir" is an up and coming "DMV"-based hip-hop artist with a large and growing fan base.  "Young Sir" recently released his debut mixtape, "DA RECOGNITION" which has created a significant buzz and some industry recognition.  He is presently working on his second mix tape to be released soon. 

Lyrically known as “Young Sir”, "Taj Jamal Diggs" was born June 1990, in Baltimore, Maryland but his family eventually relocated to the Washington, D.C. area. "Young Sir" graduated from high school in 2008 and is presently a college student with a focus in journalism. Since childhood, "Young Sir" has been commended on his ability to write. From an early age he has had a desire to express himself and that his voice be heard.

Raised in a Muslim environment where respectfulness and good manners were strongly encouraged, he was certain to address adults as “Sir” or “Ma’am.” When elders asked a question of him, his answer always began with “Yes/No, Sir” or “Yes/No, Ma’am.” Because this was a rare practice amongst his peers, it earned him the nickname, rap name (and now alter ego) “Young Sir.”

The music gene did not bypass "Young Sir" who was introduced to most, if not all, musical genres by his grandmother, who is a music teacher/choir director/pianist/harpist and former N.C. A&T drumline drummer. Consequently, "Young Sir" developed a keen ear for music. He was about 6 years old when he practically taught himself piano. His self taught playlist consists of approximately 2 songs (that he traditionally reserves to play at all holiday dinners). But it was hip hop that captured his consciousness.

Entering DuVal High School in 2004, "Young Sir" became and remained throughout his high school tenure, a member of the marching band where he played the drums. “We thought how perfect his choice of instrument,” says "Young Sir’s"  grandmother, “since it was noted early on that he marches to the beat of his own drum.” It was his experience of playing at games, city concerts and parades while in the band that he acquired the “bug” to perform for large audiences.

"Young Sir’s" mother co-founded, in 2005, a unique and innovative music production club at DuVal High School that taught students the fundamentals of the music industry including performing. A group of very talented lyricists emerged out the club and were infamously dubbedDa Beat Club” of which "Young Sir" was an acclaimed artist. It was through “Da Beat Club” that "Young Sir"  received local recognition and exposure (through radio, cds, and tours). 

In 2007, "Tru Identity", a newly formed Go-Go band comprised of 9 young and gifted musicians tapped "Young Sir" to infuse a hip hop flavor to their Go-Go sound. "Tru Identity" played in several venues throughout the D.C. Metropolitan area. The group disbanded, however, in the summer of 2008 as several members graduated from high school and moved on to different life pursuits.

With a growing fan base and reputation, in 2008, "Young Sir" made a decision to begin his solo quest as a hip hop artist. "Young Sir" is noted for his apt freestyle ability, creative lyricism and edgy flair. He has finished working on his first mixtape "Da Recognition" and has penned several singles that have been popularized on his MySpace page (www.myspace.com/youngsir18) which boasts over 470,000 views

#ClipstarTVCypher Week 2: 
Airport Tone, Young Sir, Iceberg Lo 

"Phone Numbers"

"Rollin" Freestyle

"Crazy Flow"  

"Go Ham" (Freestyle) 

"Day In The Life Of Young Sir" (A-Day Weekend) 

"Da Recognition" (Promo)


(8) Tracks From "Atlanta" Rap Group
"Rebel Gang"

"Heartbreak Collision" (Official Video)
"ARMED & DANGEROUS" (Official Video)
"Racks On Racks" (Dirty Remix) YC Ft Rebel Gang
"Like That 
"Feeling Myself" Ft. "YC
"Make It Rain" (Remix)
 DUB Car Show Tour 2011 (Charlotte, NC
"Rebel Gang" (Official Video)

@RebelGang_News  @IAMGUSTO @IAMRICOCASH @FLYYASSCHIP @MonteRebel @SpookHighRebel @TriggaSlimRebel @RebelWally 

Let me just say when I first heard "Rebel Gang", I became an instant groupie. I'm always down to see young dudes, doing something. They have the opportunity of the lifetime and they are fully taking advantage of it.

It started with a group of young friends from Atlanta’s inner cities; a group of friends with undeniable musical talent who from a young age recognized the potential to collaborate their unique sounds and abilities.

Known for always drawing a large crowd while outside making music, these self-proclaimedrebels” knew it was time to begin making their mark in hip hop.  Ramel “Gusto” Crenshaw, Desmond “Rico Cash” Morris, and Jordan “Chip” Holt-May officially became "Rebel Gang" in 2006 while they were still in high school. In 2010, after taking time to focus on academics and athletics, "Rebel Gang" was introduced to Russell “Big Block” Spencer, CEO of Block Entertainment Worldwide through "Gusto".

The minute "Block" heard their music and collaboration he immediately put them to work in his world renowned Atlanta studio. “Each member brings a characteristic to the table that makes them undeniably the best group collaboration to come out of Atlanta since Outkast,” explains "Big Block".  “This is the new music of Atlanta, the new young bloodline of Block Entertainment.” 

Their chemistry as a group is very unique and each of them brings a different sound to the booth.  There’s "Gusto", who although grew up in the Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood, writes with a laid back West Coast feel.  Drawing inspiration from the legendary Eazy-E, Lil’ Boosie, and label mates Boyz n da Hood, "Gusto" is able to change his voice into five different rap styles.  

Add "Rico Cash", whose tough life experiences growing up in College Park, Georgia serve as motivation to write real “Southern Spits" with an up "North style”.  

Combine that with "Chip" from "East Atlanta" and his new age sound that mixes both his rap and vocal abilities, and you have a group of talented young rappers set to take the hip-hop scene by storm

Despite being a part of "Block Entertainment Worldwide" less than a year, members of "Rebel Gang" have already performed at multiple Atlanta clubs and venues, entertaining audiences with a new and refreshing sound in the local rap scene.  

Videos for promotional songs “Rebel Gang N*****z” & “Make it Rain Remix” are taking the internet by storm.  They have made frequent appearances on the Atlanta’s top radio station and their debut single, “Like Dat”, continues to be requested to rotation by fans.

To learn more about "Rebel Gang" check out their site:

Rebel Gang 
 "Heartbreak Collision

(Official Video)

(Official Video) 

YC Feat Rebel Gang 
 "Racks On Racks" (Remix) (Dirty) 

"Rebel Gang
(Official Video)

Rebel Gang 
"Like That"  

REBEL GANG featuring YC 

"Make It Rain" (Remix)

Rebel Gang 
DUB Car Show Tour 2011 (Charlotte, NC) 


Spotlight'n (11) Tracks & Bio From
"Oakland Dudes" The"Trunk Boiz"

"B*tch" (Remix) ft. "TOO $HORT" & "E-4O"

"Felatio" Ft. ATG, "Dreezy" & "Dam"

"Cupcake No Fillin" (Remix) 
ft. "Mistah FAB", "E-40", & "Too $hort

"New Amsterdam Gin" (Official Video Extended)

"9 Pistols" (Preview) Ft. "Arty Bo" and "B Janky

"My Lil' Grimey Wigga" (E-40 PARODY) Ft. "Artis

"Kitty Katt" (PicVid)

"I'mm'a Do It" (Official Video) Ft. "Juice"

"Give Me My Pay" (Official Video) Ft. "Juice"

"SCRAPER BIKE" (Official Video)

 "Get Mine & Im Out" "Roach Gigz" & "Trunk Boiz"

Twitter: @Trunk_Boiz 
Twitter: @AMacNamedSir
Twitter: @KING_SAIAH
Twitter: @ThaGrateInc

When I first heard these dudes, I swear I wanted to be down with their crew, cuz I love how they do what they do. Oakland dudes, The "Trunk Boiz", are best known for their hit songs "Cupcake No Filling", "Scraper Bikes", "Don't Act Like A B*tch".

B*Janky, Filthy Fam, Artis, 2Deep, Reece da Beast, Yung Juice, Alexander tha Grate, and A Mac Named Sir are the 8 dudes that make up this crew the "Trunk Boiz".

“Your name’s been ringin’. I want to do some music with you.” That’s what multiplatinum rap icon Too $hort said when he approached the Trunk Boiz in 2010. By “ringin’,” $hort was referring to the fact that the Trunk Boiz, an up-and-coming Oakland rap outfit and viral video sensation, managed to capture millions of YouTube hits and sell thousands of tracks on the web and the hand-to-hand underground market. That’s precisely that kind of hustle that put Oakland on the rap map back in the eighties, when Too $hort went “ghetto gold” with virtually no radio airplay, selling over 50,000 albums out of the trunk of his car

The Trunk Boiz (an acronym for Trunk Rattlin’ Unique Non-Stop Knock) are carrying on that hard-hustle tradition into the digital age. They’re probably best known for their song and video “Scraper Bike,” a bonafide global sensation with four million YouTube views and counting. The video garnered the group a YouTube Award nomination in 2007 and coverage in the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Momentum bike magazine, Telemundo’s MUN2.com and Bay Area Fox affiliate KTVU. They also appeared on their bikes in high-profile music videos for Kafani’s hit “Fast Like Nascar” and The Federation’s18 Dummy.” 

Just what exactly is a “Scraper Bike”? It’s an underground phenomenon, shot straight from the ‘hood into cyberspace. The Trunk Boiz started the trend when they decided to trick their bikes out in classic Oakland style, complete with candy paint, flashy rims, and knockin’ speakers. They wrote an ode to their customized rides, and the legend began. Now everyone from the street-corner hustler to the fixed-gear hipster wants to floss on a scraper bike. 
It’s this trendsetting,
enterprising spirit that sets the Trunk Boiz apart. Harnessing their underground clout, the Trunk Boiz run their own entertainment company, G.N.D.T.—an acronym for “Gorillas N Da Trunk.” The name is fitting because, according to group member B-Janky, if you bang a Trunk Boiz beat in your car, it sounds quite literally like “wild animals knocking in yo trunk.” 

That’s the energy
Too $hort wanted to tap into in 2010, when he lent a verse to the Trunk Boiz track “Don’t Act Like a B!tch,” a ‘hood homage to $hort’s famous catchphrase. That partnership landed the Trunk Boiz an opening slot at the KMEL Summer Jam that year, performing to an Oakland Arena crowd of over 30,000! (It’s a complicated chain of events, but it began when Too $hort recorded a more radio-friendly version of the song with fellow rap legend E-40, who scored a hit with it and later released a remix featuring 50 Cent. Now Too $hort and the Trunk Boiz are frequent collaborators.)

Of the
Trunk Boiz sound, B-Janky attests, “We make feel-good music. But we’re versatile.” Although they came up in the high-spirited Bay Area music and dance scene known as the “hyphy movement,” the Trunk Boiz can’t be pigeonholed. One of their most popular tracks, “Cupcake No Fillin’,” is more a slow jam than a club burner, generating its own heat in the streets, particularly among the ladies. To date, it’s sold over 20,000 units.

As rappers, producers, community activists, and entrepreneurs, the Trunk Boiz are as diverse as they are versatile, representing ‘hoods all over Oakland and beyond. The group stands as a rare unified front that transcends turf antagonisms, with members from East, West, and North Oakland and throughout theBay Area. The "Trunk Boiz" consist of the eight member collective, B*Janky, Filthy Fam, Artis, 2Deep, Reece da Beast, Yung Juice, Alexander tha Grate, and A Mac Named Sir.

Whether by blood or by association, the "Trunk Boiz" are family business. Those far-reaching family ties allow them to roll into any of Oakland’s roughest neighborhoods and attract welcoming crowds. For street-team promotions, they often “ride around Oakland twenty-deep with the bass in the speakers,” selling CDs “out the trunk” of a customized three-wheel scraper bike. You can’t get much more Oakland than that.

Be on the look out for "Trunk Boiz" NEW Mixtape "Alexander Tha Grate Presents: The Trunk Boiz- Somthin' Special Vol. I

To Contact The "Trunk Biz"

Trunk Boiz 
Official "B*tch" Remix (Pic Video) 
ft. "TRUNK BOIZ", "TOO $HORT" & "E-4O"

Ft. ATG, Dreezy & Dam

Trunk Boiz Ft. "JUICE
"Im'a Do It" (Official Video)

Trunk Boiz 
"Cupcake No Fillin" (remix) 
feat. Mistah FAB, E-40, & Too $hort -Pic Vid

Trunk Boiz 
"New Amsterdam Gin" (Official Video Extended)

"Give Me My Pay" (Official Video)

Trunk Boiz  Ft. "Arty Bo" and "B Janky
"9 Pistols Preview"

"My Lil' Grimey Wigga" (E-40 PARODY
featuring Artis of tha Trunk Boiz

unofficial spoof of E-40 ft. Stressmatic's original music video shot in Albany, CA

Trunk Boiz
"Kitty Katt" (PicVid)

Trunk Boiz
(Official Video)

Roach Gigz Ft. Trunk Boiz
"Get Mine & Im Out