If you're familiar the works of Ahku, now is your chance to become familiar with one of the Bay Area's own.  Ahku is an upcoming actor/rapper who we've had the opportunity of interviewing in the past (click for interview clip).  Ahku not only has his hand in the acting wold, but he also dabbles in rapping and comedy.  He's basically a triple threat!  Be sure to stop by his spot and show him love!  Here are a few places where you can catch up with him:


Being a singer myself, I tend to be very critical of any and all vocalists.  I want to start off by saying, Jimmie Reign is definitely the real.  It's nice to see that a young lady that has had such a rough childhood, was able to emerge from her past as the beautiful and extremely talented young lady we see today.  Her  lyrics, lyrical arrangements, and the music tracks are a perfect blend of talent and truth.  We, at THE REAL SPILL were given the opportunity to peep some of her tracks like "Make You Wait", "Different Person", and our favorite, "Can't Go" and we have become instant fans! 

Don't sleep on Jimmie Reign.  She is definitely one to have your eye on as one of the top artists emerging from the Bay Area!

...and that's the Real Spill!

Check Up On Her: