Mac Tha Knife

Our Boy Mac Tha Knife ain't playin' with y'all!!  Soon after his release of the award nominated "The Great American Paper Chase", he's back at it with his soon to be realeased "The Great American Redux".  The Great American Redux is a compilation of B-Sides, features,  and freestyles recorded during the process of the recording of his last tape,  and his upcoming mixtape "Raw Material",  which is to be hosted by DJ Legacy & DJ Don Cannon. The Great American Redux will be hosted by DJ Legacy and Mr. Whiteboy.  At first listen, we knew Mac was hungry for it and that all you other DJ's and MC's better step up your game or get claimed.

He left us with a few tracks from The Great American Redux. Check it out!

DeeBee Presents- In the Zone (New World ft. MacThaKnife)

People (MacThaKnife)

Raw Freestyle (MacThaKnife)

We had the privilege of running into the talents of the one and only Lucki Sta.  We try real hard to bring you what you have never heard with a flavor that you've never tasted.  Well, here he is!  Lucki Sta unites soul and rap with with an urban appeal and delivers it all with the precision of a well seasoned artist.  His debut mixtape "Runway Fly" that was released in July 2009 was hot as hell, and yet and still it was just an inkling of what this young man is capable of.  We are all looking forward to his March 2010 release of "Rise & Shine", and you should too.  Here are a few places were you can check up on our boy!
  Shine on Lucki!