"Richmond" Rapper "Dev Tha Chasher"
"Stunt Hard","Be Ya Self", "Be Honest",
"Nothin Else Left" & "My World"

"Dev Tha Chaser" is from the "Southside" of Richmond, Ca and reps it not only in his walk, his talk, but his swag and the flows he pulls out his bag."Dev" is definitely take'n "The Bay", and make'n his way to be one of the "Hard Hitters" in not only "The Bay" rap game, but the rap game period. Affiliated with "Young Win", "Agent Haji 8" & "Sunny Riches" but he still has not gotten too big for his britches. "Dev" keeps it real and flows about what he knows and how it goes. He's hella serious about his dough, but this dude is hilarious though, and will have you dying without trying. Be on the look out for his latest album 
"Greedy Intentions 3".

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"Dev Tha Chaser"
 "Stunt Hard"
 Directed by Young Scoob 

"Dev Tha Chaser" 
"Be Ya Self" 
Directed by Young Scoob 


Dev Tha Chaser 
"Nothin Else Left" 

Dev The Chaser 
"My World" 
Directed By Young Scoob 


"East Oakland" Rapper "Young Gully"
Makes An Album In The Memory of "Oscar Grant"
"The Grant Station Project"

"Young Gully" showing why real rap still exists. "Gully's" newly released street album dedicated to the late "Oscar Grant" is titled, "The Grant Station Project." REST IN PEACE OSCAR GRANT, East Oakland stand up and continue to stand out for injustices on our black youth.
This is a tribute album for Oscar Grant, a young father and peacemaker, executed by BART police,” explains the blurb for Young "Gully’s" intensely heartfelt new project. "The Grant Station" project is without a doubt one of the strongest straight hip-hop releases this year from one of the most inspiring young artists in music and will with any justice receive the acclaim it deserves. Featuring "Young Dee", "Jaz Hudson", one of my favorites, "Raoch Gigz", "Hongry", "Zeus", "Unc Bobby" & additional narration by Pendarvis Harshaw aka 'OG Penn".

01. Intro
02. Grant Station ft. Young Dee
03. Stereo Type
04. Heaven and Hell ft. Young Dee
05. By Any Means
06. Here I Am
07. Black Killa ft. Jaz Hudson
08. What If ft. Roach Gigz
09. Peace
10. Dream ft. Hongry & Zeus
11. Letter 2 Grant ft. Unc Bobby

Young Gully "By Any Means"

Young Gully "Stereotype"

"Heaven Or Hell"
Young Gully ft. Young D 

Young Gully ft. Young D 
"Grant Station" 

Young Gully 
"Letter 2 Grant" (R.I.P. Oscar Grant)