"Big Rich" Drops New Album "Built To Last"
Peep "Built 2 Last", "Lavish", "Success",
 "Love & Hate"& "It's Bigga"
Drop'n November 30th

"Big Rich" born "Richard Bougere Jr.", September 12, 1981 and grew up in "San Francisco'sFilmore District in the time of pimps, playa's and hustla's. In the 80's it was the dope game, in the 90's it was the crack game. Seeing the game stop being lucrative because of greed and death "Big Rich" has made it his mission to give back to his community and to show the younger generation that there is another way out. That you can get paid and live good in and out the hood and don't have to sell dope, that there is hope.

Rapping since the age of 11, "Big Rich" credits a fellow "Frisco" rapper "San Quinn" for being a mentor and a brother to him in the rap game. "Half of my life he was there for me so on a personal level I learned how to carry myself as a man, and carry myself as a rapper". On a more bigger level of influence was "2Pac" for a million reasons.

"Big Rich" started in the game making beats and producing, he began working with major "Bay Area" rap legends like "San Quinn", "Rappin 4tay", "RBL Posse", and "JT tha Bigga Figga", all before his 16th birthday. But "Big Rich" ran out of artist to slang beats to, he was prompted to get on the mic and continue his own hype. 

"Big Rich" started out with a group called "Fully Loaded", started "Done Deal Entertainment" along with "San Quin" and "Charles Kelly" back in 98. But with "San Quinn" getting major interest from "Atlantic", "Def Jam" & "Universal", not wanting to stand in his way of landing a major record deal they agreed to let him do what he had to do, to get what he wanted to get. Plus as a label they wanted to stay independent, so as most groups do, they broke up and went their separate ways. After "Done Deal" split in 2005, "Charles Kelly" the CEO, took "Street Cred Music" over to "Koch" and offered "Big Rich" a great recording deal and president of "Street Cred". "San Quinn" gave "Big Rich" his blessings he signed with "Koch" in 2006.

Once "Big Rich" released his debut album "Block Tested, Hood Approved", the gained instant and nationwide notoriety with his single "That's The Business", which was "Jam of the Week" on "MTV Jams", "106 & Park's" "New Joint of the Day" on "BET", and also made it on the "Sucka Free Countdown" on "MTV1". But in 2008, when "Big Rich" joined forces with his longtime mentor, "San Quinn" and "Boo Banger" to recorded one of the biggest songs in "Bay Area" history, the "San Francisco Anthem".

"Big Rich" prefers to be behind the scenes and produce but not as much as making the actual music, but making moves, making it happen and putting thangs together. A true business man at heart, "Big Rich" always wanted to be "CEO" before he wanted to be a rapper, but feels he got better once he went solo and was able to explore his creativity as an individual.

Keep'n "Frisco" rap on da map with his new album "Built To Last

"Big Rich" aint take'n no naps, he's coming with slaps, & "Bay Area Blaps".

Myspace: bigrich
Facebook: Big Rich
Twitter: FillmoreRich3
Management & Booking Info:
info@frontofficemg.com or 415.797.8497 

Track List For "Big Rich's" Album
 "Built To Last"
In Stores Nov 30th

1. Built 2 Last
2. Its Bigga (ft. Evenodds)
3. Still Mobbin (ft.
Husalah & Jay Rock)
4. Success (ft. R.O.D)
5. Lavish (ft. Jay Ant)
6. Love and Hate (ft. V.T. & Kanary Diamonds)
7. Do It Right (ft.
Too Short, R.O.D, & Willie Hen)
8. Spontaneous (ft.
Laroo, Kafani & P-Child)
9. Back To The Money (ft. Shad Gee, J Gouda, M80 & Cannon)
10. Reaganomics (ft.
San Quinn & The Jacka)
11. Livin It Up (ft. Icon)
12. La La La (ft. Su &
Ya Boy)
13. Big Stacks (ft. The Hoodstarz & Shad Gee)
14. We On (ft. Paul Wall &
San Quinn)
15. Take Me Away (ft. Nio Tha Gift)
Bonus Tracks
16. The Life (ft. Shad Gee & J Gouda)
17. Keep It Pushin (Remix) (ft.
Ya Boy, Bailey & R.O.D)

Big Rich "Built 2 Last" [HD VIDEO] 

"Lavish" Big Rich ft. Jay Ant & Samm 

BIg Rich "Success" feat. R.O.D 

Big Rich "Love and Hate"

Big Rich "It's Bigga" [Music Video] 

San Quinn Ft. Big Rich & Boo Banga 
"San Francisco Anthem


"Oakland' Rapper "Ike Dola"
Is About To Drop New Album 
 "The Beast Of Oakland"
Check out Anti-Skinny Jeans/You Know Me,
Tell Me How It Feels, Purple, That Boy Sh*t,
Drippin like GooDemolition Men-Nuthin But Slap
The Mob, 45 Or Higher, Farm Boyz Sh*t
Bangin On Em, The District

"Oakland" Rapper "Dola Ike" but in the rap game the name that brought him fame, 
"Ike Dola", is part of the three person group "The Farm Boyz".Rap'n since the age of 15, 
was introduced into the rap game by his first cousin, "Bay Rap" legend and "Farm Boyz" member, "Keak Da Sneak". He has appeared on "Keak Da Sneak's" album "Copium" and on "Keak's" mixtape "Thizz iz All N Da Doe", 
where "Ike Dola" hooked up the hook for 
Tell Me How It Feels”, which features 16 hot bars from "Mr Thizz" himself, "Mac Dre". 

"Ike Dola" has not only slapped tracks with "Keak Da Sneak" & "Mac Dre", but "Husulah" and "Jacka" of the "Mob Figaz", "Dru Down", "Pretty Black", 
"Mistah Fab", and other big named "Bay Area" artist and was also featured on the mixtape "Demolition Men":Volume 6, "Teal Light District", "80's Babiez" mixtape, "The Farm Boyz:Starring Keak Da Sneak", "Young Bay Boss" cd and too many others to list. Performing shows with crowds over 10,000 and touring with top notch artist, is what helped "Ike Dola" to achieve success with “Da Black Zues”, "Dope Illustrated", "Bad Sportsmanship" & "Ike Dola Da Great" mix tape. 

Prep'n for the release of his album "The Beast Of Oakland", "Ike Dola" is serv'n em hot and ready to rock. "Ike Dola" has been a veteren rapper through the fans of "Keak Da Sneak", and gives a deeper insight to "Oakland" life and the true definition to the word "hyphy", but now he's ready to make the music industry his wifey. 

He's spread his wings, & dropped his own, and has shown the industry how much he's grown. "Ike Dola" got one of the funniest videos 'Ive seen this year called "Anti-Skinny Jeans/U Know Me". One thing that I like about "Ike Dola" he keeps his sound real dirty and real grimey, but reps "The Bay" in a presidential way. When you hear "Ike Dola" on a track, 

aint no mistake'n, the spotlight he's take'n. He aint try'n to be who's he's not, and that's what keeps his tracks hot. At the end of the day when it's all said and done, on the mic, "Ike Dola" has fun.

Facebook: Ike Dola
Twitter: ikedola
Myspace: myspace.com/ikedola

"Ike Dola"
"Anti-Skinny Jeans/U Know Me

"Tell Me How It Feels"
 "Mac Dre" & "Ike Dola" (On Hook)

Ike Dola, Ray Ryda, Big Steve, & Ray Villa

"Ike Dola"  ft "A-1" 
"Drippin like Goo

"Big Cheeze" feat "Ike Dola"
 "PURPLE" (Music Video) 

"Ike Dola", "Husalah", "Pretty Black", "Keak Da Sneak" "The Mob


"Ike Dola" ft. "Big Steve" & "Hully"
"Demolition Men-Nuthin But Slap

"Ike Dola"
"Goin Dumb


"A1"  FT ",IKE DOLA", & "TURF TALK" 

"$MG$"  & "Ike Dola" Ft. "Ductape" 

"Bes"t ft. "Ike Dola", & "Big Tiff" 
"Bangin On Em

"The District"
 THC Ft. Canna Ken, Ike Dola & Versaucy 


Chasing Glory, Cuz It's Out There For Sale
"All I Have To Give"
Make A Livin, Base Rock Music, Walk Hold'n My Nutts

"Here Comes Trouble". 
For those of ya'll that go back with this dude like I do, "TroubleMaker" may have dropped the "Lee-Lee" but he's still make'n "Trouble". With lyrics that are make'n his pockets triple-double like a bubble, but he aint gone stop, till he rises to the top. 

Born in San Francisco, Ca but raised in Pittsburg, CA from middle school age, "TroubleMaker" reps "Da Bay", in every way. With "Trouble" as a childhood nickname, given to him by his grandma, for good reasons, "TroubleMaker" embraced his status, and used it as rap'n apparatus. He turned brushes with the law and living a life in the streets from a negative to a plus, and now uses his life experiences in every rhyme he bust.

With radio cuts like "Ready, Set, Go", "Wired Up" and "What it Don't Do", played on 106.1 KMEL, "TroubeMaker" has created his own buzz, but wants to elevate to the next steps above. After reck'n mic's and creating his own hype "TroubleMaker" teamed up with one of the most under-rated but highly appreciated pioneers of "Bay Area" rap, "Black C" of "RBL Posse". Together with "Black C", his group "Renegade Mob," new album "All I Have To Give", due out in 2011 and mix tape "Musical Mercenary Volume 1" available at Dat Piff.com, "Trouble Maker" still hasn't caught the vapors.

What he raps is what he lives, and 100% to the game, is all he's has to give.
One of the coolest and realest dudes you'll ever want to meet, but a savage on the mic and them beats. "TroubleMaker" is the next game shaker.



"Make A Livin
(Official Video)

"Base Rock Music
(Official Video)

"Walk Holdn My Nuts
(Official Video)


Don't Be Sleep'n Cuz, "Roach Gigz" Is Creep'n
And "The Bay" Is Peep'n
Can I RapGoomba Pimpin/KirplunkAye Boi Boi  Black & Orange,Respect ItI'm Up The Drug Song, Pop Off, Magic Gas & What If

I have to be honest and a lil bias, I've said it before and I'll say it again "Roach Gigz" is MY FAVORITE RAPPER IN & OUT "THE BAY", right now. I've been stuck on stupid on him since the first video I seen which was "Goomba Pimpin/Kirplunk". I was captivated by the creativity in his flow. "Roach Gigz" will definitely entertain you, make you dance but at the same time you can't help but to respect his lyrical flows as it goes. A lot of people rap, some rap better than others but after a while the topics and flows all begin to sound the same and that's why I'm glad "Roach Gigz" has entered the game. "Roach Gigz" comes with a unique sound that you can't say is "Bay" but he definitely reps "The Yay" as you can see from his videos like "Can I Rap" & "Aye Boi Boi", "Orange & Black", "Magic Gas" and damn near every video he's made is shot in "The Bay". The "San Francisco" native"Roach Gigz", who got his name from a character in the the movie "Next Friday" and his dance gigz in high school, was voted on "106 KMEL's" as one of the "Top 10 Freshman Rappers of the Bay Area" and in 4 short years has become one of the hottest rappers in the "West Coast".

"Roach Balboa 2" is the follow up to "Roach's" highly acclaimed "Raochy Balboa" mixtape that dropped earlier this year. Now, with two successful mixtapes under his belt "Roach" is currently preparing his debut album, tentatively titled "Therapy Sessions", which is scheduled to be released this fall.

What I like about "Roach Gigz" is he puts his own spin on how he gets it in. He's not trying to rap like or sound like no one else in or out 

"The Bay", he's doing it his way. Metaphorically and lyrically he's better than most, "Roach Gigz" butters my toast. With beats that slaps naps and blows caps back, the answer to his question is yes: "Can I Rap".

Twitter: http://twitter.com/roachg
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/roachgigz
Website: http://roachgigz.com/
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/roachGtv
Bandcamp: http://roachgigz.bandcamp.com/
Booking info: stretchthizz@gmail.com

"Roach Gigz"
"Can I Rap"
(Official Video)

"Roach Gigz" 
"Goomba Pimpin/Kirplunk"
(Official Video) 

"Pac B" & "Roach Gigz"
 "Aye Boi Boi" 

"Black & Orange" 
by San Quinn, Big Rich, Cellski, DaVinci, Roach Gigz

Roach Gigz
"Respect It" 

"Roach Gigz"
"I'm Up The Drug Song"

Roach Gigz 
"Pop Off"
(Official Video)  

Roach Gigz 
"Magic Gas"  

Young Gully & Roach Gigz
"What If" 

Under The Bay Episode 24: Roach Gigz (Part 1) 

Under The Bay Episode 24: Roach Gigz (Part 2) 


"Oakland, Ca" Rapper
"Eseibio The Automatic"
Cause'n Havoc 

"Oakland" artist "Eseibio" says "IM THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL EMCEE IN HIP HOP" and with his thought provoking rhymes I can see why. Eh, "Eseibio" reminds of rappers back in the day that actually had something to say. When rap learned it has a voice and people were listening by choice. He's political, hood, militant & revolutionary but spits with intelligence. From one track to the next his style will have vexed cuz at times he can get ya a little perplexed. You can also catch "Eseibio" on on the "FREE LEONARD PELTIER ALBUM" featuring "DEAD PREZ & TALIB KWELI" on itunes NOVEMBER 25TH. Other artist "Esebibi" would like to collab in the lab with are SHYNE , CELO GREEN , CHARLI BALTIMORE , RAPPIN 4TAY , STLYES P & YOUNG JEEZY.


available on iTunes (search Eseibio)

For Free online downloads @ reverbnation.Com/ecbotheautomatic

"My Style"
 Eseibio The Automatic 

Eseibio The Automatic 
 "Listen To Graffiti" 

"End Of The World"
"Esibio The Automatic"

"Ugly America"
 "The Revolutionary Eseibio the Automatic" 

Eseibio The Automatic 
"Late Night Action"