Check Out (6) Tracks "West Oakland" Rapper 

"Keep It Truthin"
"Nope, We Dont" Ft. "Erb' Doctor", & "Shady Nate"
"Look Out"
"Face Off"
"Tick, Tick, Boom"

Twitter: @AnomosityMuzikk

Its my pleasure, to introduce this "West Oakland" treasure, Rapper "Anomosity" Of the 
"P Coat Mafia", and a member of the 
"Real Talk Movement". With his ($$) Hollo Tip Flows ($S) over beats, its no wonder why he's been dubbed as "the next voice of the streets".

What I like about "Anomosity" is that he actually has something to say. Not since the age of "Tupac" has a "Bay Area" rapper dared to be different. Dared to make a difference and rap about real issues other than "Pimp'n", "Hoes" & "Dough". 

Yes, he's controversial, yes, he's hardcore with his lyrics, but you're gonna love it when you hear it. But, at the same time he's gonna educate your mind and entertain your behind. He's versatile, with a street and political style.

After living a portion of his life going in and out of jail and  prison, in  2005, "Anomosity" came to the realization that he was quickly heading towards a dead end. "Anomosity" made the decision to completely transform his life so he could be there for his family

Through his music, "Anomosity" took the lessons he learned from the streets and turned them into a positive and knowledgeable message, that he delivers in your face at a rapid pace

"Anomosity" tries to serve as a source of inspiration and wisdom by keeping "GOD" first and keeping "GOD" as his source of strength. He exudes and embodies a philosophy of hope, and remains focused on redirecting misguided youth, to help them see the brutal realities of the street, and to work hard in achieving all of their goals, because they ARE worth it.

"Anomosity's" career is just starting to take off and the future is full of endless opportunities. Along with his "P Coat Mafia" he's working on CD production, in the close future. 

He feels blessed to have such a versatile team, which he launched, within "P.CoatMafia" (I.N.C.) and is using their versatility to his advantage, to take over the rap game and make a change.

"Anomosity's" debut 19 track album "Prizonology_Political Affiliation" is available on iTunes, and he is currently working on his first mixtape 

"Ain't No Beat Safe". 

The future is looking bright for "Anomosity", who is  driven by a wonderful purpose, along with everyone supporting him, the possibilities are endless!

Smarter than your average rapper, "Anomosity", wants to do more, be more and have more, so he plans on enrolling in school after completion of his mixtape to study business, and music marketing. Eventually he would like to star in a movie that he co-writes and co-produces
Even though he is a dreamer, "Anomosity" is a credible illustration proving that if we continue to keep "GOD" first and make the right choices,for the right reasons,....anything is possible.

Check Out "Anomosity's" 19 Track Album "Prizonology_Political Affiliation" 
1. The Boss 
2. P.Coat Music 
3. License2Kill 
4. So Much Pain 
5. Easy2Love 
6. Thouoest Girl 
7. Black Duffle Bag 
8. Goon(new single) 
9. Lyrical 47 
10. Look Out 
11. Extra 
12. Photo Album 
13. Keep Truthin 
14. Struggle Hustle 
15. Infamous 
16. Scriptures 
17. Have You Ever 
18. Stand Up 
19. The Whole World

Check out "Anomosity" On Sound Cloud And Hear 2 New Tracks
1.Don't Know Bout Me feat,P.Coat'Mafia
2.(Nope)We Don't Lean Wit it,Rock Wit it,Feat Shady-Nate&Erb'Doc

And be on the look out for his new album "Operation Goon
purchase on itunes Album "Prizonology_Political Affiliation"



"Keep Truthin"

"Anomosity" Ft. "Erb' Doctor", & "Shady Nate"
"Nope, We Dont"

"Look Out"

"Face Off"

Check out the first leaked single off of "Anomosity's" New album "Operati0n Goon" coming out soon. 

"Tick, Tick, Boom"

Off New Album "Operation Goon"