(13) Tracks From Sacramento Christian Rapper "Sevin"

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"End Of Dayz" (Official Video)
 "Never Take Me Alive" Ft. "Da Da" & "Souljah"
"Keep A Sword"
"The Greatest High" (Official Video)
"4 Your Luv"
"Kry Sometimez" (Official Video)
"Sev7n 2uce" Ft "Sevin" - "Unworthy" (Video)
"Sevin" Ft. "Lavoisier" & "Bizzle"
"How Good It Feelz" Ft. "Lavoisier" & "Bizzle"
 "Reel Game" (RMX Video) Ft. "Izzy n The Profit"
"Ghetto Boi"
"In It Not Of It"
"I'm Gone" Ft. "Billy Dee" & "Tek"

 Don't judge the book by its cover, is the first thing I thought when I seen "Sevin", and I'm REALLY GLAD I didn't.

What I like about "Sevin" is that he keeps it real for himself and God, he's not trying to be someone he's not, he's being who and how God created him to be.

"Sevin" is proof positive that you don't have to be in a 3 piece suit, with your click-clacks and hat, to bring the word of God to the track. "Sevin" touches the youth and the streets in a way that a suit and tie kind of guy, wouldn't even try. He meets people where they're at, and shows them where they can go and grow, through his testimony, his rhymes and his beats"Sevin" gets sinners and saints out their seats, to worship and glorify the goodnes and mercy of God, and "Sevin's" ministry is real, not a facade. From reading his bio and listening to his lyrics of praise and worship"Sevin" is one of the REALEST DUDES, I've never met, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to be introduced to his ministry  and introduce his ministry to you.

God made us all different individuals, but we all have the same mission statment, as believers, we are to go out to the streets and preach and teach the word of God. We all need to reach one and teach one in our own way with our own testimony, as long as it lines up with the word of God, and I'm glad there is a man like "Sevin" that can show the hood that serving the Lord is good. "Sevin" is also a GREAT example that God just wants you to come as you are, you can still be you, but a better, new improved you and worship God. Change comes from within, it's not about what you wear or how many tattoos you have, it's about the words coming out of your mouth and God's love in your heart!!!!

As a youngster they called him "Lucky Sevin" on the block in his Sacramento neighborhood. Now as a young man, "Sevin" has dropped the "Lucky" and picked up a microphone to become one of the most compelling and controversial rappers in the game today.
Since emerging on the scene at age 17 with his debut release "ALL OR NONE", "Sevin" has evolved from the new kid on the West Coast block to the well-seasoned, lyrical giant that he is today.

After the release of "ALL OR NONE", "Sevin" took a journey through the underground for 6 more independent releases. At age 24, "Sevin" returned from the underground with his 8th release and highly anticipated 2nd nationally distributed release entitled, "FATHER FORGIVE ME".
"FATHER FORGIVE ME" is grim and graphic in nature, but nevertheless upholds a heavy evangelistic overtome. "Sevin" is already being ranked with the likes of rap greats such as "Scarface" and the legendary "2Pac".
"Sevin" explains: “I had never really considered doing music professionally and when I first started rapping at age 16 I was horrible. Then I experiencedbreakthrough and one day I could do it. I started devouring people lyrically with no practice. You know what I’m saying? Inspiration would just come to me and I would just eat fools up. Battling in schools, house parties, whatever.” 
 "Sevin's"  knack for lyrical combat is a hallmark of "FATHER FORGIVE ME". “I believe this gift has saved my life because it gave me an opportunity that I didn't have before. I had no plans for college, no job, I was just on the turf all the time and without this gift I probably would have been involved in a lot of other things to make money, and none of them good.” "Sevin" says.
"Sevin'sGod brothers were the Kenoly Brothers, the sons of veteran Praise and Worship artist Ron Ron Kenoly. “It was the Kenoly Brothers who got me saved and helped me get my first Record deal. The day I got savedGod revealed to me what He wanted me to do with my life.” "Sevin" says.
"Sevin'sparents were very religious when he was a young boy. He didn't grow up listening to rap music or R&B. He grew up in the church until he was about 12. That’s when things changed because his family didn’t have any money.

“It wasn't like everybody was trying to rap in Sac when I was coming up. It wasn't really a feasible thing to do. There really isn’t anybody from Sacramento that has made it as a rapper.” "Sevin"  said. But with the release of "FATHER FORGIVE ME" that changeed it once and for all.
“You have your rappers who are really involved in the urban cimmunities and cultures and then you have cats who are just doing it because they think its going to make them look cool and make some money.

Im still very involved in the streets except now its in a positive manner. I’ve been homeless, I’ve lived in cars and moved around and stuff and God would give me favor and get me through it. So I’ve got to give back. I have tats and a ponytail because I’m true to who I am and where I come from,” "Sevin" says.

“Me as a Christian, I am the church and its my job to bring the church to the streets. A lot of people feel that you have to go to church and be saved… no. You can be saved and then go to church. So that’s why I stay in the streets. I’m out here and I bring it to where the people are at.

I do my music so the people can feel it. I got into this game to bring these
people to Jesus Christ. All my homies are hustlers and gang bangers and I’ll never forget where I came from. I did this album for me. All my other albums, I did for everybody else. I had some stuff I wanted to get off my chest.

For so long I let other people tell me what to do with this gift that God gave me. People have tried to water me down artistically because I push the envelope as a Gospel rapper.” "Sevin" says. "Sevin" continues to push the envelope as an artist. Performing on “FATHER FORGIVE ME” are secular artists Cocaine (on “Black Woman” and “In Jesus Name”), and Bad Azz (on “Wasting Time”).

In addition to producing many of the tunes on the project "Sevin" welcomed several guests producers to the project including: The Lab Rats, Greedy, Numbers and Christsyde Records Label mates ABG .
Father Forgive Me” is just me asking God to forgive me for being a pleaser of man rather than a pleaser of God. At the end of the day I’m just a young black man trying to be righteous in a wicked world. That’s what I rap about.”

"Sevin" says, AMEN!

"Sevin's" Contact Info

: @sevinhogmob 
: http://hogmob.com/

"Sevin's" Discography

* 1999 - All Of None
* 2005 - Evin Angelz Kry
* 2005 - Father Forgive Me
* 2005 - Feel Me
* 2006 - Holy Mictramony The Re-Release
* 2006 - Nine 1 Sikk Mixtape Vol 2 - City Of Kingz
* 2007 - We Die
* 2008 - Hog Mobbin Tha LP
* 2008 - New R&B Singles
* 2009 - Freedom
* 2010 - Faith Love And Lust
* 2010 - Hog Mobbin
* 2011 - Finally Home, Vol 2
* 2011 - Purple Reign

"End of Dayz
(Official Video)

"Sevin" Ft. "Da Da" & "Souljah"
"Never Take Me Alive"

"Sev7n 2uce" Ft "Sevin"
(Official Video)

"Keep A Sword"

"The Greatest High"
(Official Video)

"4 Your Luv"

"Kry Sometimez"
(Official Video)

"Sevin" Ft. "Lavoisier" & "Bizzle"
"How Good It Feelz"

"Sevin" Ft. "Izzy n The Profit"
 "Reel Game" (Remix)

"Ghetto Boi"

"In It Not Of It"

"Sevin" Ft. "Billy Dee" & "Tek"
"I'm Gone"