"Richmond,CA" Rapper "Armani Depaul"
(6) Tracks "I Declare Love" (Mix Tape)
Dropping February 14th

"Klepto" Ft. Smoovie Baby & Nolan Rashawn

"Love Games" Ft. "Chips Black" & "Mike-Dash-E" 

"Never Too Late" ft. "Cheese" & "Jon Nash" 

"Bed, Bath & Beyond" Ft "Smoovie Baby" & "Nolan Rashawn"

"Can I Come Over" ft. "Kafani" & "Calvin Davis" 

"Flav Man


Check out "Bay" dude "Armani Depaul" as he drops his "14 Days Of Love" album to celebrate Valentine's day, "I Declare Love".

ArmaniDepaul@gmail.com for booking 

Armani Depaul ft. Smoovie Baby x Nolan Rashawn
(Day 1)

 "Armani Depaul" 
Ft. "Chips Black" (Of NHT Boyz) & "Mike-Dash-E" 
"Love Games"
(Day 2)

"Armani Depaul" ft. "Cheese" & "Jon Nash" 
"Never Too Late" 
(Day 3)

"Armani Depaul" 
ft. "Smoovie Baby" & "Nolan Rashawn"
"Bed, Bath & Beyond"
(Day 4)

"Armani Depaul" ft. "Kafani" & "Calvin Davis" 
"Can I Come Over" 
(Day 5)

Armani Depaul 
"Flav Man"
(Day 6)