(11) Tracks Off Carson, Ca Rapper
"Bishop Lamont's
"The Layover" Mix Tape

"Pleasant Surprise" Ft Curtiss King, El Prez & Dion 
"Shake That B*tch Skit" Dilated Pimpin Ft Rakaa & Evidence 
"Da Feel Good" Ft Grand Puba & Jeanette Perry 
"The Truth" Ft Mykestro
"Ya Losin" Ft RYU & Gravity Christ
"DMX" Ft Ronnie Euro 
"Paranormal ActivityFt Rich Kidd & Philly Swain 
"The Code" Ft Kobe Killa
"Got Dat Bang" Ft Chevy Jones 
"P.G.D.R.Ft Black Milk & Mr. Mecc 
"I Swear" Ft Royce Da 5'9 & SWISH 

Twitter: @BishopLamont

There is not much I can say, but that "Bishop Lamont" is like "D.O.P.E." and he gives the rap industry crack head hope!

"Bishop Lamont" was born October 31, 1978 in Inglewood, California Philip Martin, better known as "Bishop Lamont" is poised to shake the very foundation of the Hip Hop art form the known as R.A.P. – Rhythm And Poetry.

In an industry that likes to keep artists boxed into predictable molds; Carson California native "Bishop Lamont" has always stood out in the crowd. From an early love of visual arts and books spanning just about every imaginable subject, "Bishop" embraced music at the age of 13; a very natural step given his home life was awash in such diverse music as Run DMC and the Beastie Boys, Aretha Franklin, Public Enemy, Creedence Clearwater Revival, D.J. Quik, Al Green, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and many others. 

With an influential aunt who's a minister, "Bishop" proudly says, "My background comes from church. I have to still touch the Gospel realm but make it so it can be accessible to kids and still speak the truth. Speak about topics and social issues we're confronted with (but not push it)”. 
Combining a mixture of street smart, political, religious and social commentary into his rhymes, "Bishop" began honing his skills and quickly became one of the premier R.A.P. artists on the West Coast. "Bishop", along with his crew The WarDogz started their own label – DIOCE$E! 

After successfully releasing several singles through his independent venture to L.A.’s top radio stations "Bishop" had the good fortune of literally handing his mix-tape "Who I Gotta Kill to Get a Record Deal, Vol.1" to Dr. Dre at a video shoot. At the time "Bishop"  simply believed the legendary producer was being polite when he said he'd give the tape a listen — right up until Dre announced on the number one Hip-Hop radio station in Los Angeles that he was planning on working with a young talent he'd been fortunate enough to encounter – "Bishop Lamont"! And after several meetings with Dr Dre and his staff "Bishop Lamont" was signed to Aftermath Entertainment in 2005 after which his career began to soar.

He worked closely with Warren G, on Warren's album "In the Mid-Nite Hour" for which he is credited on seven songs. He is also credited for his numerous soundtrack and video game contributions including placements on True Crime: Streets of L.A., Midnight Car Club 09, Scarface: The World Is Yours 06 (in which he was also a caricature) and hit sports video games NBA Live 06, Madden NFL 07 and NFL Street 08. In addition, "Bishop" has the title track "Welcome to Havoc" featured in Havoc, a film starring Anne Hathaway

After working on the Havoc soundtrack and landing a small role in "I Got the Hookup" starring Master P, "Bishop" was bitten by the acting bug and found himself in front of the camera with an appearance alongside Travis Barker on an episode of MTV's top rated TV show "Fantasy Factory" starring Rob Dyrdek. On the episode "Bishop" recorded and dropped a single with Dyrdek (as Bobby Light) entitled "Dirty Girl Part 2″. From there "Bishop" landed a starring role in the feature film "513 Degrees Fahrenheit" with Christian Audigier, Tom Sizemore, Malik Barnhardt, Dave Stewart and Damon Whitaker, due to be released soon.

Dr Dre, a notorious perfectionist, wanted to take time to produce the classic that was to be "Bishop Lamont’s" debut album but previously schedule releases from fellow Aftermath artists Eminem and 50 Cent as well as production for artists on parent company Interscope Records caused production on "Bishops" album to come to a halt

Not one to sit around "Bishop Lamont" continued to release mix-tapes through DIOCE$E; now an imprint on Aftermath. His Internet and street mixtapes "N*gger Noize", "Caltroit" (a collaboration between "Bishop" and Detroit native Black Milk) "The Pope Mobile", "The Confessional" and Team America F**k Yeah: Special Forces (With Indef) raised his profile with total downloads of these street classics in the millions

After continual delays in the release of any material on Aftermath, "Bishop" became frustrated with his label situation and sought release from his contract. In January 2010 "Bishop Lamont" announced an amicable split from Aftermath/Interscope Records after five years on the label. "Bishop", who walked away with over 700 songs he recorded while signed to Aftermath said he still has a relationship with Dr Dre. "Dre is still my big bro, but after five years of just sitting there, it was unfair to the fans, my family and me that the release date kept getting pushed back so many times when all these people are waiting”.

Now with his WarDogz crew "Bishop" is feverishly working on his highly anticipated debut album "The Reformation“, to be released through DIOCE$E. According to "Bishop", the album will be about rebellion, revolution; the positive and negative things in life and organized chaos.

With throngs of his fans clamoring to get their hands on “The Reformation”, not one to leave them hanging, "Bishop" recently released his very poignant street album "The Shawshank Redemption/Angola 3" and plans to re-release all of his classic mix-tapes and street albums untagged with previously unreleased material to tide everyone over.

Website: http://BishopLamont.com/
Twitter: http://Twitter.com/BishopLamont
Youtube: http://Youtube.com/BishopLamontTV
Ustream: http://www.ustream.tv/user/BishopLamontTV
Website: http://takingoverthaworld.ning.com/profile/BishopLamont

 Record Label: Diocese Records 
 General Manager: Zoe Entertainment

Bishop Lamont Ft. Curtiss King, El Prez & Dion "Pleasant Surprise"

Bishop Lamont Ft. Chevy Jones 
"Got Dat Bang"

Bishop Lamont Ft. Royce Da 5'9 & SWISH 
"I Swear

Dilated Pimpin Ft RAKAA & Evidence 
"Shake That B*tch Skit

Bishop Lamont Ft. Black Milk & Mr. Mecc 

Bishop Lamont Ft Grand Puba & Jeanette Perry 
"Da Feel Good

Bishop Lamont Ft. Mykestro 
"The Truth"

Bishop Lamont Ft. RYU & Gravity Christ 
"Ya Losin"

Bishop Lamont Ft. Ronnie Euro 

Bishop Lamont Ft. Rich Kidd & Philly Swain "Paranormal Activity"

Bishop Lamont Ft. Kobe Killa 
"The Code