"Christian" Drummer, Pianist, Beat Maker & Singer 
(4) "Christian" Instrumentals

"Lord I'm So Glad Your In My Life"
"Jazz Beats"
"Can't Believe You're Gone"Fly Away With Me" 
"Don't Cry

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I feel very blessed to introduce you to this man of God, who God had blessed with many talents, but he gives God all the glory for his story. You can not only feel the passion and love for music in his beats but the passion and love for God in his beats. If you are an artist, looking for good studio production beats, "Deleswa's" beats will make your audience move out their seats to their feet

First of all, I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for blessing me with all the incredible talents He has entrusted to me. Drums, Piano, Synth, Bass, Mixing.....ah hum...Singing...ha ha...I wouldn't go that far....lol...Real talk though...I know that these are all gifts because I had no formal training on what I do and share with you guys here on the tube. If you have a gift, take a few minutes to say thank you because it could have been someone else that received the gift or talent you have. Amen!!!

If you are a singer, rapper, poet, spoken word lyricist, dancer or film producer and are in search of diversified beats to license or purchase for commercial use, then you've come to the right place. Our sound ranges from Melodic to Orchestral, Abstract to Ethnic and is Multi-Genre driven bringin' you a sound like no other. Interested? Please visit our sites below to hear the difference.

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"Lord I'm So Glad Your In My Life"

This is a repost of a video Deleswa posted previously this year which he produced on Studio One using the Yamaha MX49. What's different on this version? He worked on the mix to make the drums hit harder and also pulled out the bass track I previously laid using the MX49 and replaced it with two tracks from him playing my Schecter Stilletto Studio-5 Bass.

"Jazz Beats"

Emotional / Hip Hop Beat Making Video of
"Can't Believe You're Gone"

New School / Hip Hop / Inspirational beat 
"Fly Away With Me"

Sad / Emotional Piano Chopped Beat
 "Don't Cry