"Double D"
Hits The Spot Double Fisted
With "10,20,50,100'd, Don't Get It Twisted! 


"Double D" does more than just spits tight on da mic. Not only is he a rapper/producer/engineer he's also a singer from Tallahassee. Though he might be a new kid in da game you're destined to know his name. Poised to make alot of noise be on the look out for him and his boys. His new mixtape "Trapaganza 2.0: Da Re Up" is scheduled to drop next month and is hosted by none other than CTE/ Hitmen DJs VP & Bigga Rankins. With his two singles "10,20,50,100's" & "Imma Do Next" "Double D" is gonna have the rap game vexed and cash'n big checks.

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Managed by Ivan Rivera (J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Laws)  ivan@1shotmanagement.com
and TJ Chapman (B.O.B) 

"10, 20, 50, 100s"

"Imma Do Next" feat Ron Doe