(4) Tracks Off "Enter The Commission
"Book of Five Rings: Methods of War" Mix Tape 

"Sharpen Ya Blade" (Official Video)
"One Two"
"Flying Guillotine"(Official Video) 
"Cypher Sessions Part 1" Ft. "Mico" & "Kingo"  

Drops April 23, 2012

Twitter: @ameghq 

I'mma be honest. When I read the bio, I wasn't sure what I was going to get. It just sounded like a lot going on and not something I'd be interested in, BUT, OH. WAS I WRONG!!!!! 

This mix tape "Book of Five Rings: Methods of War" is the bomb! If you're an old skool hip-hop head, you will love this mix tape!!! Man, the beats are classic and the flows are fantastic. It's got that true hip hop classic sound, that hard to be found. I like this more than my words will verbally allow me to express.

"Enter The Commission" is a  collective forces of Emcees resurrecting hip-hop are proud to release their debut mix tape "Book of Five Rings: Methods of War" on April 23rd.
The group members consist of Kingo, Mico, Big Boss, Simon-Sez, Nik Abstract, Tiy-e and USA based rapper A-Train who is from Detroit.

"Book of Five Rings" was created over a two year period and consists of twenty eight tracks. The project inspired by the late Miyamoto Musashi’s novel has shaped the diverse sounds of the project defined as ‘Rings’. Each ring is allotted to a progressive journey; characterised by five tales: The Flowing Water Cut, how to handle the Long Sword, Fire and Stones Cut, the Wind Book and the Continuous cut.

Listeners can expect a rap elevation and appreciation for the raw, lucid, complex and spiritual sounds of a hip-hop group who have truly honed their craft.

"Enter The Commission" have supported  Gza (of the Wu Tang Clan) in December 2011 at the O2 academy in Liverpool after building a sizeable buzz performing in venues across London such as the Finsbury , Vibe Bar , Hoxton Square Bar , Camp Basement( alongside Roxxxan & Pepstar ), AAA and the Brixton Ritzy.

You-tube: http://www.youtube.com/enterthecommissiontv
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/entercommission

Enter The Commission 
"Sharpen Ya Blade"
(Official Video) 

Enter the Commission 
"One Two"
(Official Video)

Enter the Commission 
"Flying Guillotine"
(Official Video)

Enter the Commission Ft. "Mico" And "Kingo"
 "Cypher Sessions: Part 1"