"Oakland' Rapper "Ike Dola"
Is About To Drop New Album 
 "The Beast Of Oakland"
Check out Anti-Skinny Jeans/You Know Me,
Tell Me How It Feels, Purple, That Boy Sh*t,
Drippin like GooDemolition Men-Nuthin But Slap
The Mob, 45 Or Higher, Farm Boyz Sh*t
Bangin On Em, The District

"Oakland" Rapper "Dola Ike" but in the rap game the name that brought him fame, 
"Ike Dola", is part of the three person group "The Farm Boyz".Rap'n since the age of 15, 
was introduced into the rap game by his first cousin, "Bay Rap" legend and "Farm Boyz" member, "Keak Da Sneak". He has appeared on "Keak Da Sneak's" album "Copium" and on "Keak's" mixtape "Thizz iz All N Da Doe", 
where "Ike Dola" hooked up the hook for 
Tell Me How It Feels”, which features 16 hot bars from "Mr Thizz" himself, "Mac Dre". 

"Ike Dola" has not only slapped tracks with "Keak Da Sneak" & "Mac Dre", but "Husulah" and "Jacka" of the "Mob Figaz", "Dru Down", "Pretty Black", 
"Mistah Fab", and other big named "Bay Area" artist and was also featured on the mixtape "Demolition Men":Volume 6, "Teal Light District", "80's Babiez" mixtape, "The Farm Boyz:Starring Keak Da Sneak", "Young Bay Boss" cd and too many others to list. Performing shows with crowds over 10,000 and touring with top notch artist, is what helped "Ike Dola" to achieve success with “Da Black Zues”, "Dope Illustrated", "Bad Sportsmanship" & "Ike Dola Da Great" mix tape. 

Prep'n for the release of his album "The Beast Of Oakland", "Ike Dola" is serv'n em hot and ready to rock. "Ike Dola" has been a veteren rapper through the fans of "Keak Da Sneak", and gives a deeper insight to "Oakland" life and the true definition to the word "hyphy", but now he's ready to make the music industry his wifey. 

He's spread his wings, & dropped his own, and has shown the industry how much he's grown. "Ike Dola" got one of the funniest videos 'Ive seen this year called "Anti-Skinny Jeans/U Know Me". One thing that I like about "Ike Dola" he keeps his sound real dirty and real grimey, but reps "The Bay" in a presidential way. When you hear "Ike Dola" on a track, 

aint no mistake'n, the spotlight he's take'n. He aint try'n to be who's he's not, and that's what keeps his tracks hot. At the end of the day when it's all said and done, on the mic, "Ike Dola" has fun.

Facebook: Ike Dola
Twitter: ikedola
Myspace: myspace.com/ikedola

"Ike Dola"
"Anti-Skinny Jeans/U Know Me

"Tell Me How It Feels"
 "Mac Dre" & "Ike Dola" (On Hook)

Ike Dola, Ray Ryda, Big Steve, & Ray Villa

"Ike Dola"  ft "A-1" 
"Drippin like Goo

"Big Cheeze" feat "Ike Dola"
 "PURPLE" (Music Video) 

"Ike Dola", "Husalah", "Pretty Black", "Keak Da Sneak" "The Mob


"Ike Dola" ft. "Big Steve" & "Hully"
"Demolition Men-Nuthin But Slap

"Ike Dola"
"Goin Dumb


"A1"  FT ",IKE DOLA", & "TURF TALK" 

"$MG$"  & "Ike Dola" Ft. "Ductape" 

"Bes"t ft. "Ike Dola", & "Big Tiff" 
"Bangin On Em

"The District"
 THC Ft. Canna Ken, Ike Dola & Versaucy