6 Tracks From "Menace Tree's"
"Jaws Of Life" Mix Tape

"Open Wide", "Contender" Give You life"
"The Proclamation","Cry It Out
"I Can Do All Things"

Depending upon who you ask about this gentleman you’ll receive a plethora of aliases "Rapsody", "Mr Clean", "Mr. Seldom Seen" or "Menace Tree", despite the wide range of aka's the thing that remains the same is the anointing on his music. "Donald Ray Johnson III"  known as "Menace Tree" (pronounced Ministry) has been a minister of music for well over a decade. Although music is his passion he considers the wife of his youth, who just celebrated their 10 year anniversary, and their 4 children to be his 1st ministry

In January 2003 "Menace Tree" released his first album entitled “Manna“ under the name "Rapsody" from his "2:11 Muzik" record label which was well received in the "Bay Area" and raised the bar on many levels for "Gospel Rap/Holy Hip-Hop" artists. 

"Menace Tree" is a 2009 graduate of the "School Of Worship Arts" program at "The Ministry Training" Institute in Vacaville, California. His resume includes ministering at numerous juvenile institutions, adult correctional facilities including Pelican Bay State Prison, colleges, churches, and the list goes on. A native of Fairfield/Suisun, California "Menace Tree’s" heart is to bring Jesus Christ to his community, his county, his region, and across the globe. Above all, he aims to remain available and in proximity to the throne that he may be able to effectively communicate the heart of God to people of all walks.

In 2010 "Menace Tree" did it again releasing his "Jaws Of Life" mix tape with some old and some old made new tracks, that still slap. "Menace Tree" has a hard hitt'n style, that makes you want to slap da beat and turn up the dial. While you will be entertained by his metaphors, delivery and flow, he make is plain that "Christ" is the only way to go. God is prevalent and relevant in every track he spits and that's why "Menace Tree" is comfortable where he sits. Not in it for the money, recognition or fame, "Menace Tree" is in it to save souls, and bring glory to God's name.

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"Jaws Of Life" Tracklisting: 
1. Give You Life 
2. I Can Do All Things Share 
3. AMP (Availeth Much Power)
4. Contender Lyrics »Share 
5. Fairfield-Suisun ft. Choirboy
6. The Proclamation Share 
7. Cry It Out Lyrics »Share 
8. Open Wide 

"Contender"- Menace Tree

"Give You Life" (Live)- Menace Tree

"The Proclamation" - Menace Tree 

"I Can Do All Things" (live) Menace Tree

"Open Wide" - Menace Tree

"Cry It Out" (live)- Menace Tree