9 Tracks Off Mello Music Group 
"Helpless Dreamer" Compilation

Home Comes First, Tranqill, Official
Judas Preist,Different Now, July 27, 2010
Black RoseThis Is It & Fux Wi Dat

If you aint heard, you need to sit down and take a listen, cuz these dudes are take'n you back, to how emcee's used to flow on a track. With classic old skool beats and flows, this is how good rap used to go. Listening to "Helpless Dreamer" reminded me of when life just used to be fun without crack and guns.

The recently released "
Mello Music Group" compilation album, "Helpless Dreamer", features a song called "Home Comes First" which is all about recognizing where you come from. "Home Comes First" combines the talents of emcees "Kenn Starr" and "Finale" on the mic and "Apollo Brown" on production. With "Starr" and "Finale"  both dropping albums on "Mello Music Group" in 2011, titled "Square One" and "Odds & Ends" respectively, and "Apollo" still hot off the success of his collaborations with "The Left" and "Boog Brown", these three are doing it and getting it done, son.

"Apollo Brown", best known as the go-to producer in the "Motor City" rap circuit, he quickly began working with indie rap royalty like "Little Brother" and "Black Millk". Now, the beat smith steps out with "
The Reset". Reminiscent of the early 90s classics he reveres, "Brown's" new album has definitely raised the bar in his hip-hop purists, and for the upstart label "Mello Music Group" alike. 

"Everything I make, I try to make it my favorite album of all time" producer "Appolo Brown" insists.  

The Mello Music Group compilation, "
Helpless Dreamer", is available now. 

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"Kenn Starr", "Finale" & "Apollo Brown" 
"Home Comes First

Oddisee & Toine 
"Different Now

"Black Rose"

Buff 1 & Magestik Legend
"Judas Priest"

"July 27th 2010"

"This Is It"

Roc Marciano & X.O.

Ken Starr

Has Loe
"Fux Wi Dat"