"Philthy Rich"Album Release "Trip'n 4 Life"
"I'm A Ryda", "Oakland, Ca", "Trip'n 4 Life"
"Break Ya Pumps", "The Love Of Money"
"10 Feet Deep", "Do It Better" (Video)
"Feel'n Like Pac" (Video)
"The Realest N*gga On Earth"

"A Seminary Nigga" (Video)
"Dope Boy" (Video), "Funk Or Die" (Video)
"Throw It Back At Me" (Video) 
"Bad Yellow B*tch" (Video)
"Broke @ss N*ggas" (Video)
"Don't Get It Confused" (Video) 
"On The Block" (Video) "What It Is" (Video)

In the past few years "Philthy Rich" has really stood out on the independent rap scene in the "Bay Area". "Philthy Rich" is one of the hardest working artists from "Oakland", and releases a steady stream of material to keep the buzz going. "Philthy" has performed at venues on a local and national level, in front of audiences ranging from 1,000 to 30,000. He has  worked with many upcoming and well known artists in the industry including "Webbie", "Slim Thug", "Dorrough Music", "Bobby V", "Keak Da Sneak", "Young Noble", "San Quinn", "Mitchy Slick", "Too $hort", "E-40", "The Team", "Mob Figaz", "The Hoodstarz", "Messy Marv", "Yukmouth", "Mistah F.A.B". and many more.

"Philthy Rich" was given his name as a youngster growing up on the tuff blocks of "Seminary" in "East Oakland" by "Dame Fame", a Town legend. In 2007 .

"Philthy Rich" had planned a five city tour featuring many new "Oakland" artists but was cut short due to drug charges for sales of cocaine. After being released from serving a sentence of one year in county jail for drug sales, "Philthy" knew he had to focus on music, and did so by releasing 8 independent mixtapes, dvds and street albums titled "Streets On Lock" EP, "Hood Rich", "Hood Rich 2", "Tha Skumbagz", "PhilthyFresh", "PhilthyFresh: The Dvd", "Funk Or Die:  The Leak" and a pre album with "Dj Fresh" titled "My Block: Welcome To Sem City". In 2009, he released his first official album titled "Funk Or Die" under "Town Thizzness/Live Wire Records/SMC" and the long awaited street album titled "Neighborhood Supastar" under "Live Wire Records/Hunid Racks/City Hall", both of which are in store now.

In 2009 "Philthy" was also featured on "Discovery Channel's"  television show "Gang Wars" (Oakland) but was arrested right after the show aired. In 2010, after being released from jail from a 6 month sentence for a loaded fire arm he has already released 12 projects: "Free Philthy Rich", "Funk Season" 1 & 2, "Trip'n 4 Life: the Leak", "Thizz Nation 27", "Neighborhood Supastar 2", "Loyalty B4 Royalty 1 & 2", "Flyest Nigga On 2 Feet" EP, "Early Morning Shift 3", "Funk Or Die" The Dvd and "My Block: Welcome To Sem City 2" with "Dj Fresh". 

"Philthy" feels that his hustle game will take him to the top and his street cred and swagger separates him from the rest and cannot be compared. With every year being bigger and better for this "Sem City"  general, it's hard not to see that "Philthy Rich" is the next to blow, and with his new album"Trip'n 4 Life" releasing Feb 1, 2011 "Philthy Rich" is ready to go.

Contact: info@philthyrich.com 
Website: philthyrichfod.com
Twitter: @philthyrichFOD
Face Book: PhilthyRichfod

"Trip'n 4 Life
In Stores February 1, 2011

1.Dont Get It Confused 
2.Realest Nigga On Earth 
3.Trip N 4 Life (Feat. Dolla Bill And Du Damage) 
4. So Much Pain (Feat. Rydah J. Klyde, Stevie Joe And Matt Blaque) 
5.Feel N Like Pac (Feat. E-40) 
6.Speak N On The Kid 
7. Im A Ryda (Feat. Husalah, Dubb 20 And Freddie B) 
8. 10 Feet Deep (Feat. The Hoodstarz And J Stalin)
9. The Love Of Money (Feat. The Jacka, Joe Blow And Jinx) 
10. Project Nigga (Feat. Messy Marv And Mitchy Slick) 
11. Break Ya Pumps (Feat. D-Lo And Sleepy-D) 
12. Oakland California (Feat. Lil Blood And HD) 
13. Im Jus Say N Tho 
14. 2 Bitches At The Same Time 
15. Do It Better (Feat. Lil Kev) 
16. Let The Money Talk (Feat. Young Doe And Interstate Ike)
17. See Me In The Traffic (Feat. Lil Hyfe, Fed-X And Aristole) 
18. Feel N Like Pac (Remix) (Ft. Young Noble, Richie Rich & Yukmouth) 


"Philthy Rich" Ft. "Lil Blood" & "HD" 
"Oakland , CA"

"Philthy Rich", "Husalah", "Dubb-20", "Freddie B"
 "I'm A Ryda

"Philthy Rich"
"Trip N 4 Life
Feat. "Dolla Bill" And "Du Damage"

"Philthy Rich" f/ "E-40" & "2pac"
 "Feel'n Like Pac"
(Official Video)

"Philthy Rich" 
 "Break Ya Pumps
Feat. "D-Lo" And "Sleepy-D"

"Philthy Rich" 
"The Love Of Money
Feat. "The Jacka", "Joe Blow" And "Jinx"

"Philthy Rich"
"10 Feet Deep
Feat. "The Hoodstarz" And "J Stalin" 

"Philthy Rich" 
"Realest Nigga On Earth


"Philthy Rich" 
"Broke @ss N*ggas
(Official Video) 

"Philthy Rich" 
"Bad Yellow B*tch
(Official Video)

"Philthy Rich" f/ "Dame Michaels" 
"On The Block
(Official Video)

Philthy Rich 
 "Don't Get it Confused
(Official Video)

"Philthy Rich" 
"Throw It Back At Me
(Official Video)

"Philthy Rich"
"Funk Or Die
 (Official Video) 

"Philthy Rich" 
"Dope Boy
(Official Video) 

"Philthy Rich" 
"A Seminary Nigga
(Official Video) 

"Philthy Rich" 
"I Represent It" (BAY AREA REMIX)

(Official Video)