(8) Tracks From "Atlanta" Rap Group
"Rebel Gang"

"Heartbreak Collision" (Official Video)
"ARMED & DANGEROUS" (Official Video)
"Racks On Racks" (Dirty Remix) YC Ft Rebel Gang
"Like That 
"Feeling Myself" Ft. "YC
"Make It Rain" (Remix)
 DUB Car Show Tour 2011 (Charlotte, NC
"Rebel Gang" (Official Video)

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Let me just say when I first heard "Rebel Gang", I became an instant groupie. I'm always down to see young dudes, doing something. They have the opportunity of the lifetime and they are fully taking advantage of it.

It started with a group of young friends from Atlanta’s inner cities; a group of friends with undeniable musical talent who from a young age recognized the potential to collaborate their unique sounds and abilities.

Known for always drawing a large crowd while outside making music, these self-proclaimedrebels” knew it was time to begin making their mark in hip hop.  Ramel “Gusto” Crenshaw, Desmond “Rico Cash” Morris, and Jordan “Chip” Holt-May officially became "Rebel Gang" in 2006 while they were still in high school. In 2010, after taking time to focus on academics and athletics, "Rebel Gang" was introduced to Russell “Big Block” Spencer, CEO of Block Entertainment Worldwide through "Gusto".

The minute "Block" heard their music and collaboration he immediately put them to work in his world renowned Atlanta studio. “Each member brings a characteristic to the table that makes them undeniably the best group collaboration to come out of Atlanta since Outkast,” explains "Big Block".  “This is the new music of Atlanta, the new young bloodline of Block Entertainment.” 

Their chemistry as a group is very unique and each of them brings a different sound to the booth.  There’s "Gusto", who although grew up in the Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood, writes with a laid back West Coast feel.  Drawing inspiration from the legendary Eazy-E, Lil’ Boosie, and label mates Boyz n da Hood, "Gusto" is able to change his voice into five different rap styles.  

Add "Rico Cash", whose tough life experiences growing up in College Park, Georgia serve as motivation to write real “Southern Spits" with an up "North style”.  

Combine that with "Chip" from "East Atlanta" and his new age sound that mixes both his rap and vocal abilities, and you have a group of talented young rappers set to take the hip-hop scene by storm

Despite being a part of "Block Entertainment Worldwide" less than a year, members of "Rebel Gang" have already performed at multiple Atlanta clubs and venues, entertaining audiences with a new and refreshing sound in the local rap scene.  

Videos for promotional songs “Rebel Gang N*****z” & “Make it Rain Remix” are taking the internet by storm.  They have made frequent appearances on the Atlanta’s top radio station and their debut single, “Like Dat”, continues to be requested to rotation by fans.

To learn more about "Rebel Gang" check out their site:

Rebel Gang 
 "Heartbreak Collision

(Official Video)

(Official Video) 

YC Feat Rebel Gang 
 "Racks On Racks" (Remix) (Dirty) 

"Rebel Gang
(Official Video)

Rebel Gang 
"Like That"  

REBEL GANG featuring YC 

"Make It Rain" (Remix)

Rebel Gang 
DUB Car Show Tour 2011 (Charlotte, NC)