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Ft. J-Dubb - "I'm From"
 "Sand Castles"

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Steve Joel Moffett Jr., better known by his stage name "Stevie Joe" or "Thuggy Fresh", is an American rapper from Oakland. He is a member of the group Livewire and is signed to Town Thizzness and Thizz Nation, both subdivisions of the late Mac Dre's Thizz Entertainment.

 "Thuggy Fresh" has been featured on many Bay Area hip hop albums, most notably E-40's 2011 album "Revenue Retrievin': Graveyard Shift", on a song called "Don't Try This at Home", with frequent collaborator Philthy Rich, also from Oakland. He also appears in the soundtrack to the 2008 film "Ghostride the Whip".

Throughout his journey Stevie Joe has opened up for Akon, Weebie, Slim Thug, Yong Droe, BG, E-40, Too Short, and The Mob Figaz. He's traveled all over the United States to places like Nebraska, Georgia, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico and of course California.

In 2007, with help from his longtime friend and business partner "Dolla Bo", "Stevie Joe", released his first mix tape, entitled "Block Statue". "It was received with critical acclaim and helped "Stevie Joe" to be discovered in 2008, on the East Oakland streets at 80th & Holly St., by "Dame Fame" President and CEO Management Group, who took him under their wing, and helped him to do his thing.

January of 2008, right at things were beginning to really crack, "Stevie Joe", was dealt a hard blow. His biggest fan and fiance, of 10 years, passed away from a blood disease. Devastated, he stayed committed to his 6 year old daughter, Shani, and his career, which he dedicates to the memory and life of his almost wife.

"Stevie Joe" release "Thuggy Fresh" and "Block Statue 2" before signing with the Bay Area underground powerhouse label "Live Wire Records", which is the home to label mates "J. Stalin", "Philthy Rich", "Shady Nate", "Lil Rue" & "Lil Blood".

With drop'n over
45 videos and hits like"SWAG IT AND BAG IT", "OXYCONTIN OC-80","TOWN BIZZ ALL STARS 2", "COKE", "7 GRAMS" & "Thuggy Fresh" in just 4 short years, helped to propel him from an unknown to a local celebrity

When he released his debut album, "80's Baby", it released at #1, in it's first week on Rasputin's top 25 list.

Still making his mark on the Bay scene, "Stevie Joe", is fa sho doing his thing. With a balance of great talent and great work, "Stevie Joe" is helping to make the Bay twerk.

Studio albums
  • Thuggy Fresh (2008)
  • Block Statue Pt. 2 (2008)
  • Oxycontin (2009)
  • Town Bizz All Stars - The Album (2009)
  • Swag It and Bag It (2009)
  • 80's Baby (2010)
  • 7 Grams (2010)
  • Thuggy Fresh Part II: The Street Album (2010)
  • The Leak (2010)
  • 14.0 Grams (2010)
  • Shop Open (2011)
  • 21.0 Grams (2011)
  • Lovewire (2012)
  • Red Eye Flight (2012)
  • The Tonite Show (2012)
  • The Best of Stevie Joe (2012)
with DJ Ambitekstress
  • Coke (2009)
with Livewire
  • The Empire (2009)
  • I Pledge Allegiance To The Wire (2011)
  • Mafia (2012)
  • I Pledge Allegiance To The Wire 2 (2012)
with Philthy Rich
  • Philthy Fresh (2008)
with Thizz Nation
  • Thizz Nation, Vol. 28 (2011)

Twitter: @StevieJoe800

Email: steviejoebooking@gmail.com
Facebook: StevieJoe80sBaby
Youtube: @Stevie Joe
Reverb Nation: http://www.reverbnation.com/steviejoe

Stevie Joe Ft. J-Dubb
 "I'm From"

Stevie Joe 

Stevie Joe
"Sand Castles"

Stevie Joe