The "Bay Area" Group
"The Propane Gang
"Kitty Kat" & "Propane Bounce"
Off New Album "In My Zone"

"The Propane Gang", is a "Bay Area" group who started back in 2005, but was known then as the "Town Boyz". Group members "A.O.B.", "Franchi$e", "Nadi-B", & "Aveezy" went from recording in their own personal studios, to working with "Original", who started his own record company, called "Galaxy Productions". 

In 2006 "Original" helped the "Fire-N-Squad" put together a album, that never got released, due to personal reasons,it was always one thing or the other that would hold the group back from dropping a project. But, fortunately in 2007 the "Town Boyz" decided to do a compilation, under "Galaxy Productions", with the help of the "Young Hustlaz", "The Show Stoppas", "Sinatra","Nathan Nice" and "Champ Green".

At the end of 2007 "Town Boyz" decided to take a road trip towards Seattle, to sell their music, which was a successful trip. But, once again, due to group disagreements, the "Town Boyz" broke apart and everyone started to do their own projects, except "A.O.B" & "Aveezy".  The two knew that had something hot in their hands, so they decided to keep making music together, and teamed up with super producer "Nathan Nice". 

"Nathan Nice",  was actually the one who came up with name of the group "Tha Fire-N-Squad". On a new mission with some new conditions, "Fire-N-Squad" set up the block, to burn it down with knocks. "Fire-N-Squad" began to collaborate with the "Bay's" "Beeda Weeda" on a song called "G-Thang", that received a lot of positive feedback, in and out of the hood, which was the start of something good. Together they dropped an album and added "Ray Ruthless" to the group.

Continuing to stand tall and withstanding it all, swag'n through the ups-n-downs, "Aveezy" and "A.O.B" continued to keep the flame lit, with the help of "Nathan Nice" and "Ray Ruthless", got the the "Fire-N-Squad" hot and ready to drop knocks

"Fire-N-Squad" is set to release their trendsetting music that will have the world looking at rap groups differently, by showing what teamwork, talent and persistence can do, in what they do.

"In My Zone" is the soon to be released album, and has features from "Universal Motown's" artist "London", "The Bay's", "Young Gully", "AB" of "Tha Young Hustlaz","Dre" from "3oak" and more! 

"Keep your flame lit, cuz the "Propane Gang", is dropping hits

The Propane Gang feat Londo
"Kitty Kat"

The Propane Gang
"Propane Bounce"