15) Tracks "House On The Hill" Mix Tape

Ft. "Wiz Khalifa" - "Go Get It
Ft. "TeeCee4800" & "Kid Ink" - "Free TC"
"Stripper Pole"
Ft. "Snoop Dogg" & "Ashlee Simpson" -"Irrestistable B*tch" 
Ft. "Joe Moses" & "DJ Mustard" - "All Star"
Ft. "YG"- "Mix It Up"
Ft. "Will.i.Am" - "Next 2 You"
"Never 2 Much"
Ft. "Problem" -"Bedroom Bully
Ft. "Charley Hood" - "He Aint Sh*t
Ft. "TeeCee4800" - "Burn Sumn
Ft. "G Casso" - "Photoshop
Ft. "Fuego" & "Ly$$i" - "Get No Better
Ft. "YG" - "F*ck Ya'll
"House On The Hill

"Ty Dolla $ign" is one of the "West Coast's" hottest emerging artist and producers. His debut single "All Star" dropped on iTunes on 4/12/11.

Ty dolla $ign’s" big break came when he produced and sang the hook on "YG’s" hit single “Toot It and Boot It”. 

"Ty Dolla $ign" in not just  a producer but an artist as well. Since "Toot it", he's produced "Patty Cake" and "Hell Yeah" for "YG" which  features "Chris Brown" and "Tyga". He also sang on "Go Girl" for "Joe Moses" and "Double Dip" for "Problem". 

With that success, "Ty D olla $ign's" debut single "All Star" features powerhouse "Swedish House Mafiaand "Brick Squad" member "Joe Moses". The record has been shown a lot of love on LA’s "Power 106" and granted regular spins at 50 plus stations in its first month. 

"Ty$" (Ty Dolla Sign) teams up with "DJ ill Will", "Pusha Ink" & his DJ, "DJ Mustard" for his 1st Official MixtapeHouse on The Hill” including all original new music featuring the likes of Snoop Dogg, Will.i.am, Kid Ink, Wiz Khalifa, YG, Problem, Charley Hood, Joe Moses and more!

"House On The Hill" Mix tape downlad link.

1. Intro
2. Never 2 Much
3. All Star featuring Joe Moses & DJ Mustard
4. Photoshop (Snippet) featuring G Casso
5. Mix It Up featuring YG
6. Burn Sumn featuring TeeCee4800
7. He Aint Sh*t featuring Charely Hood
8. Irresistible B*tch featuring Snoop Dogg and Ashlee Simpson
9. Stripper Pole
10. Bedroom Bully featuring Problem
11. Go Get It featuring Problem
12. F*ck Ya'll (Snippet) featuring YG
13. House On The HIll 
14. Free TC featuring TeeCee4800 & Kid Ink
15. Get No Better feat Feugo & Ly$$i

Ty$ Feat. Wiz Khalifa - Go Get It 

Ty$ Feat. TeeCee4800 & Kid Ink - Free TC

Ty$ Ft. Snoop Dogg & Ashlee Simpson 
- Irrestistable B*tch -

Ty$ Ft. Will.i.Am - Next 2 You

Ty$ - House On The Hill 

Ty$ Ft. Joe Moses & DJ Mustard - All Star

Ty$ - Never 2 Much

Ty$ Ft. YG - Mix It Up

Ty$ Ft. YG - F*ck Ya'll 

Ty$ Ft. Fuego & Ly$$i - Get No Better 

Ty$ Ft. G Casso - Photoshop 

Ty$ Ft. TeeCee4800 - Burn Sumn 

Ty$ Ft. Charley Hood - He Aint Shit 

Ty$ Ft. Problem - Bedroom Bully 

Ty$ - Stripper Pole