"Bay Area" Rapper "Young Win
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Moss Da Boss Ft. Young Win & Laroo- "We Getting Money"
Young Win-"So Good"
MIMS Ft Young Win-"Rom Pom Pom" (Live)
Young Win Ft. R.O.D.- "I'm A Get Mine"
Young Win- "I Get It On My Own"
Young Win Ft Yung Lott-"In The Street"
Young Win Ft Hoodstarz-"Money On The Strip
Dev Tha Chaser & Shad Gee- "Money Machine"
Young Win Ft. Shad Gee "On The Blacktop
Young Win Feat. R City-"And This Is Why
Young Win "Bout My Chips"

"In It To Win It" was "Young Win's" 5th solo album to be released. "In It To Win It" is hosted by "Big Von" & "DJ Mere".

At a time when winning in the rap game is next to impossible, "Young Win" is tucking victories under his belt. "San Francisco, Ca"  born but "Rodeo" bred, "Young Win" first grabbed the microphone at the age of 15 and hasn’t looked back. As a true 80s baby, "Young Win’s" distinctive style was cultivated during the era known for the most significant inner-city saturation of drugs and murder. Reflecting his experience in the streets, "Young Win’s"  delivery embodies that of "Bay Area" hip-hop culture.

"Young Win" took his craft to the next level with the release of his street albums “Money on my Mind,” and “Losing is not an Option,” hosted by "DJ Mind Motion". Following the radio play and success from singles “Bout My Chips,” featuring "Big Rich", and “We Winnin,” "Young Win" gained recognition among peers and fans alike. Working with heavyweights like "Zaytoven", "MIMS", "The Jacka", "Big Rich", "Dem Hoodstarz", "Kafani" and "San Quinn" has continued to establish a buzz while carving his own niche in the "West Coast" hip-hop.

With a work ethic that can’t be stifled, "Young Win"  founded his company, "Black Royalty Entertainment". As CEO, "Young Win" oversees artist development and production. The response from the launch of his late '09 street album “Death Before Dishonor,” created the platform to introduce the video for “And This is Why.”

"Young Win" released his third street album “2000-Win: The Year of the Takeover” in July of 2010. In preparation for his debut album, "Young Win" his released "In It 2 Win It" hosted and mixed by "Big Von" on April 19, 2011. "Young Win" and "Big Von" are preparing the sequel album “Young Winning” with a early summer releae date. "Win’s" debut album, “Born to Win,” is scheduled to drop late 2011.

"Young Win’s" music is available in independent music stores or via the web on itunes.com and amazon.com.


Track Listing For "In It To Win It"
01. You Ain’t Know Ft. Internation Young Win 
02. Came From Nothing Ft. Haji Age Young Win 
03. Cuz I’ve Got Young Win 
04. They Wanna Love Us Ft. Dev Tha Young Win 
05. Got It Ft. Samm Young Win 
06. The Mistakes Young Win 
07. Pockets So Heavy Ft. Feezaleo, Young Win 
08. Feeling So Wrong Young Win 
09. Freak In The Sheets Ft. Bailey Young Win 
10. Get It On My Own Young Win 
11. Wanna Ride Young Win 
12. Got Em Mad Young Win 

13. I’m Dreamin Young Win 
14. Gotta Get It Young Win 


"So Good"

Young Win  Ft. Dev Tha Chaser & Shad Gee 
"Money Machine" (Video)

"MIMS" Ft "Young Win"
"Rom Pom Pom" (Live)

"Get It On My Own" (Video)

Young Young Win Ft Hoodstarz
"Money On The Strip" (Video) 

"Young Win" Ft. "R.O.D"
"I'm A Get Mine" (Video)

Young Win Ft Shad Gee
"On The Blacktop" (Video)

Young Win Feat. R City 
"And This Is Why" (Video) 
Off "Death Before Dishonor" Street Album


Young Win 
"Bout My Chips"