I hope you made it out to Khalif's Bday Bash held at the OASIS LOUNGE.  We had great time!  As you can see, the place was hot!  Jimmie Reign was in the house along with Bad Boy DJ's and other guests and performers.  Everybody was dressed to impressed and lookin' sexy!  We wanna say thank you to Khalif for puttin' it down and making the Oasis the hot spot of the town.  We also wanna say thank you to everyone that shows the ladies of realspill love.

We stopped in on a Friday night to check out what all the fuss was about at Club OASIS and we're glad we did!  This is great spot!  There was GOOD MUSIC, GOOD PEOPLE and GREAT ENVIRONMENT.  We snapped a few photos.  If we didn't get you in this time, there's always next time!
For more info on Friday nights at Oasis
Call 707-816-1432

The ladies of the RealSpill stopped in on a party in progress! Okwi Clothing Line invited out to the birth of their new clothing line. The clothing line is a collection of meaningful and inspirational clothing. Currently the line includes colorful, urban, t-shirts, jersey dresses, hoodies and other apparel made of quality fabrics. The first release, an Obama inspired line, is a creative and clever design with a powerful statement "44 Things to Do", commemorating Obama's promise to us. Good Job guys! Check them out at

The ladies of reaspill remember Michael Jackson...


We sat and had a chit chat with the Hard Hittaz!  Be sure to get the low down in the "Upcoming Artists" section.  Click this...


We have a talk with the sexy Actor/Rapper, AHKU. This gentleman, is not only talented and handsome, but he is intelligent and hilarious! We had a good time with Ahku and we wish him all that he deserves, which is only the best! Do your thing man!



Upcoming recording artist, Somalia gave us a few minutes out of her busy schedule to check out her new project "Building Somalia". You'll have to excuse the loud fans, but it was so hot in there, we thought we were IN Somalia! Anyhow, this young lady was not only super talented, but she was beautiful on the inside and out! Good luck in all that you do Somalia!!


We try to drag the real out of bay area producer J-Beatz.  We took him out of his element and put him into ours. Hey, he held his own.  It's not easy when it's three against one! 

Jay-Beatz is a producer, and he does provide us with a sneak peak snippet in this clip that is bangin'!  So, if you need a producer, be sure to hit us up and we'll hit him up!


We got a chance to kick it with a bay area tattoo artist doin' this thannnggg!  If you're in the Bay Area, be sure to hit us up!  We'll get the info to Tone


Keepin' it 100% as always.  We talk about whether or not you'd date someone for looks or for convo and that good good!!