We stopped in on a Friday night to check out what all the fuss was about at Club OASIS and we're glad we did!  This is great spot!  There was GOOD MUSIC, GOOD PEOPLE and GREAT ENVIRONMENT.  We snapped a few photos.  If we didn't get you in this time, there's always next time!
For more info on Friday nights at Oasis
Call 707-816-1432



John Doe
03/01/2010 20:47

SO I am looking for reviews and information about night clubs and what not in the Fairfield Area, and all I have stumbled upon is: Club Oasis... now, being a whiteboy, I tend to like all kinds of music and don't really care about the scene, however I see in your pictures not even 1 whiteboy in the club. I understand that Fairfield is a predominant african american area, with some hispanics, and the usual underlying rubix cube of races, but is this club white boy friendly? What other clubs are there in this area? and I am not looking for a 'country club' or 'heavy metal' bar either... I want a good hangout, good drink prices, and beautiful women with a decent dance floor, good DJ playing the latest up to date, shake your ass; gind; get your game on club...


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