(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"
"Cookie Money" & "Philthy Rich" - "Gold Rims on my Aston" (Video)
"Armani Depaul" Ft "Nolan Rashawn" - "One Night"
"Alias" Ft "DB Tha General" - "All I Do Is Gas"
"Hollywood Keefy" - "Break The Sweet"
"Young Curt" Ft. "5Finga K.I." & "Young Remedy" - "Otha Shyt"
"SeanB" Ft "Reem" & "Smackz" - "Doin The Dolphin"
"Philthy Rich" - "If I Die" (Official Video)
"Louie G The Don" Ft. "Kool John" - "BonnieLove"
"J. Meast" Ft "D-Lo" - "Turn A Dollar To A Mil"
"Messy Marv" Ft "J. Stalin", "Freeway", "Philthy Rich" & "Boy Big" - "Duffels"

"Oakland" Rappers "Cookie Money" & "Philthy Rich
"Gold Rims on my Aston" (Official Video)
4th single off "Cookies World"
Twitter: #CookieMoney @philthyrichFOD

"Richmond" Rapper "Armani Depaul" Ft. "Nolan Rashawn"
 "One Night"
Twitter: @ARMANIDEPAUL @NolanRashawn

"Oakland" Rapper "Alias: Alias" Ft. "DB Tha General"
 "All I Do Is Gas"
Twitter: @ALIASALIAS_7700 @dbthageneral 

"Hollywood Keefy
"Break The Sweet

"Young Curt" Ft "5Finga K.I." & "Young Remedy
"Otha Shyt"
Twitter: @YoungCurt @5fingaki @YoungRemedy415

"SeanB" Ft "Reem" & "Smackz"
"Doin The Dolphin"
Twitter: @seanbmayne @ShesayReemyb

"Oakland" Rapper "Philthy Rich"
 "If I Die" (Official Video)
Twitter: @philthyrichFOD

"Louie G The Don" Ft. "Kool John

"Oakland" Rapper "J. Meast" Ft. "D-Lo
"Turn A Dollar To A Mil
"Twitter: @Jmeast2solid @MRNOHOE

"Messy Marv
Ft. "J. Stalin", "Freeway", "Philthy Rich" & "Boy Big
Twitter: @LilPaperdUpMess @PhilthyRichFOD

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