(10) "Bay Tracks, That Crack"

"Roach Gigz" - "Vertigo"
"NhT Boyz" Ft. "Kool John" - "Weak B*tch"
"AB", "Celis" & "Rizzy" - "Yankin"
"Kadence" - "Put It Down"
Jon Connor Ft. Mistah F.A.B & Willie The Kid - "Rose Splashin"

"Phenom" Ft. "Joe Blow" & "Envy" - "For My City"
"Rydah J. Klyde" Ft. "Beeda Weeda", "J. Stalin", "Young Doe" - "Emotional"
"Kuzzo Fly" - "RIP"
"Armani Depaul" - Ft "Dspitta" - "Can You Handle It"

Roach Gigz's newest track "Vertigo" may leave your head spinning. The Bay Area lyricist lets loose a dizzying verbal barrage as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge morphs and melds behind his calmly braggadocious flow. Roach recognizes the bridge's iconic status, and muses that it is representative of the Bay Area's place in hip-hop: "The Golden Gate Bridge is the most well known symbol of the Bay Area there is. So shooting my video in front of the bridge shows pride in what I represent and lets the world know that I'm not, and my region is not, going anywhere."

Roach's mission to show his pride does not detract from his more playful side. Infectious, fun absurdity abounds on "Vertigo," and he makes clear that his upcoming album Roachy Balboa III, which he will release on July 25th, will be full of the same spirit: "My underlying message is music should make you feel good, and this music makes me feel good."

"Frisco" Rapper "Roach Gigz"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @RoachG

 "Roachy Balboa III" Free Download Drops July 25th

"Oakland" Group "NhT Boyz
Ft. "Kool John" (Richmond)
"Weak Bitch"

Twitter: @NhTboyz @K00LJ0HN

"AB", "Celis" & "Rizzy"

Twitter: @Abeezy7 @highway_celis @RizzyandMoney

"Put It Down"

Twitter: @1KADENCE

"Jon Connor" Ft. "Mistah F.A.B" & "Willie The Kid
"Rose Splashin"

Twitter: @JonConnorMusic @MistahFAB @WillieThaKidd

"Phenom" Ft. "Joe Blow" & "Envy"
"For My City"
 (Mob Affiliate Mixtape)

Twitter: @REALPHENOM510 @j0eblow

Rydah J. Klyde Ft. Beeda Weeda, J. Stalin, Young Doe "Emotional"

Twitter: @realbeedaweeda @JSTALINLIVEWIRE

"Kuzzo Fly

Twitter: @realkuzzofly

"Richmond" Rapper "Armani Depaul" Ft "Dspitta
"Can You Handle It"

Twitter: @ArmaniDepaul @DSpitta


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