(11) "Artist With Street Heat"

"Nazdaq Brixx" Ft "Casino" & "Ryshon Jones" - "Stay Apart"
 "e-dubble" - "Two Steps From Disaster
"Lil Durk" & "Sweetz P". & "LINK" & "M.O.E. Mighty" - "NUTZO"
"Montana Staks" Ft. "Yung Ralph" - "Molly Party" (Live)
"One Stream Mental" Ft "Irealz" - "The Void" (Official Video)
"Stylez" - "Good Ole A Dweet" (Official Video)
"Masterminds" - "Brooklyn Blackout" (Official Video)
"KJ Hines" - "Pop Off
"Kingpen Slim" - "Triple Beam Dreams"
"St. Laz" & "Opium" Ft "Jadakiss" - "Swag On Pluto" (Video)
"Chinwe" - "Breeze Pass" (Official Video) 


"St. Laz" & "Opium" Ft "Jadakiss
"Swag On Pluto
(Official Video)

Twitter: @StLaz  @OPIUMPF @therealkiss

"D.C" Rapper "Kingpen Slim
"Triple Beam Dreams"

Twitter: @kingpenslim

Triple Beam Dreams is Kingpen Slim's most anticipated and most detailed body of work to date. Kingpen Slim has been crafting this album since the release of "The Beam Up 2: So Cinematic" 2 years ago, but has lived with the memories for most of his life. The inspiration for this album has been transparency Kingpen Slim has decided to let you in to his life with no filter, no restraints, no inhibitions and just pure honesty. This is an open book so feel free to flip the pages.

"New York" Female MC "Chinwe
"Breeze Pass"
(Official Video) 

Twitter: ‏@chinwemusic

Independent recording artist Chinwe who is a female rapper living in New York borough of Brooklyn just dropped her newest hit single . Chinwe is part of NYC rap crew TeamUp, which consists of three other artists that all support each other at shows on and off stage. 

Chinwe would like to formally announce her newest jam entitled Breeze Pass to all media and press outlets. The track which has a variety of auto industry terminology is the first of its kind and is a sound that has been stirring up buzz throughout the music industry community already establishing over 15,000+ plays on YouTube due to its great production and Chinwe’s memorable hooks. 

"KJ Hines
"Pop Off

Twitter: @KJHines

"Pop Off" is an upbeat easy going song with smooth lyricism and a cool hook that is sure to capture your attention and hold on to it till the very end. KJ Hines is currently hard at work on his next mix tape entitled Eternal Knowledge due out at the end of the year. "Pop Off" will not be included on the new mix tape Eternal Knowledge how ever KJ has chosen to release this along with a few more tracks to come in the next few weeks that follow in order to build a consistant steady hype for the upcoming project. 

"Brooklyn" Rapper "Masterminds
"Brooklyn Blackout

Twitter: @MastermindsNYC

late last year tarik and kimani were kidnapped by the government. they underwent a series of tortures ripped straight from the movie a clockwork orange. eyes kept open with metal they were forced to watch rap videos for hours on end while a "scientist" kept the eye drops running.

they learned a lot from that experience. turned off by what they saw they called basil weathersby who in turn called up juliette from gods girls. gods girls being the home of gorgeous alternative pinup, gothic, emo, tattooed, pierced, hot and sexy girls. together they decided to make a video which is exactly the opposite of all rap videos made in the past.

Together they made a short horror film in time for halloween complete with nudity, pools of blood, a butcher knife, and an apple modeled after the guy from hellraiser. the perfect movie to accompany the angry and demonic synths driving brooklyn blackout.

After a ten year absence this is the second single off of the upcoming new record giant antlers by the masterminds.

The masterminds are tarik and kimani. born in new york. formed at 
wesleyan university. son's of 60's jazz, 70's soul, 80's pop, 90's 
hip-hop, and 00's indie rock. we've been friends since 1994. put out 
our first 12" in 1996, and our last record in 2002. took some time off 
to be alive, and now we're back.

"Good Ole A Dweet"
  [Official Video]

Off "Stylez And Hiz 6ix Diciplez"

Twitter: @IamStylezMusic

"Lausanne Switzerland" Beat Maker 
"One Stream Mental" Ft "Irealz
"The Void"
(Official Video)

"The Void", featuring Irealz and with cuts by Dj Afar is a hard knockin' track, reminiscent of the Golden Age, a sound that nowadays you can still hear coming from overseas, where One Stream Mental is from, Switzerland to be exact.
The song is on the project "When The Night Falls", which is beatmaker One Stream Mental's debut album. 

The release features artists like LMNO - Chief Kamachi - Beast1333 - Masai Bey & more. The Lp is available on Cd, Vinyl & Digital at www.avalonzone.com. This album is the first part of a double project. Second part will be titled When The Days Comes and is currently in the works.

One Stream Mental is a beatmaker from Lausanne Switzerland. 
Works from Mental are always originals & with their own style. One Stream Mental is also a big vinyls collector & he likes to work with samples (he is working on the sampler Roland Mv-8800). Music is the essence of his life & for that the One is prayin all day for Hip-Hop.

"Sacramento" Rapper "Natomas Slimm
"She Gettin' It

Off "Pretty N*gga Shit" Mix Tape

Twitter: @NatomasSlimm

Natomas Slimm is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist hailing from the Golden State of California (Los Angeles/Sacramento/Inland Empire).

"She Gettin It" already has over 12K views and it doesn't even have a video. He is gaining a solid fan base already.

"Baltimore" Rapper "e-dubble" 
"Two Steps From Disaster" 

Twitter: @EdubHipHop

"Two Steps From Disaster" is a little bit like the anxious laughter between a car full of friends following a narrowly avoided car accident. Nothing is funny per se, but the void needs to be filled, otherwise you'd have a car full of nostalgia for the past mixed with uncertain hope for the future." - e-dubble.

In early December 2009, e-dubble released his debut album Hip Hop is Good which was written, recorded and self produced at his home studio in Baltimore, MD. Following the release of the album, in attempt to build his brand and develop his sound he came up with a weekly song series dubbed Freestyle Friday. The series began in January 2010 (months before the current hip-hop trend) and for 52 straight weeks he released tracks sampling artists from multiple genres such as Lykke Li, Yacht, Regina Spektor, Tom Petty, The Black Keys, The Cold War Kids, Health and even Guns N Roses. The project culminated with the track “Robots Can’t Drink” in which he brought the series full circle by sampling his own song “Robots Pop Songs.” All 53 songs were made available as free downloads and have amassed over 900,000 downloads and well over 10 million online streams. In following, his most recent release "Changed My Mind" charted 6th on Hypem with over 80,000 streams within the first month. In addition he was advertised by fans and major industry professionals alike for his raw and unique sound.

"Lil Durk", "Sweetz P"., "LINK" & "M.O.E. Mighty
 (Official Video)

Off "Complex"

Twitter: @SWEETZP @LilDurk_ @MoeDoinThangs

Fresh off the success of "Bout That Life" & "Trippy" Twin Cities based Indy hip-hop label D.G.B. MUZIK ENT. is back at it again with another banger!

Here are the visuals for the first single from Sweetz P.'s upcoming collection of work, "#Liferrrs: Guide To Total F*ckin' Awesomeness".

Featuring Sweetz P.'s D.G.B. MUZIK ENT. label mates, M.O.E. Mighty & LINK along with Def Jam recording artist Lil' Durk.

"DMV" Rapper "Montana Staks" Ft. "Yung Ralph
"Molly Party" (Live)

Twitter: @Staksondeck808 @drankanddank

"Bronx" Rapper "Nazdaq Brixx
Ft "Casino" & "Ryshon Jones
"Stay Apart

Off "Bronx To Wall Street 2" (Greed and Lust)

Twitter: @nazdaqbrixx 

Fresh off the "The Bronx To Wall Street" EP and being featured in "Hip Hop Weekly" the 27 year old Bronx native, is back with the second single off the upcoming "Bronx To Wall Street 2" (Greed and Lust) project.

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