(20) "Artist With Street Heat"

"Garci" (Of Ape Gang) - "Bugatti Dreamin" (Official Video)

"Prez P" - "Neva Love Em"  (Official Video)
 "SWB" - "Keep It On The Low" Ft "Jessy Say'Na" (Video)  & "2014" (Freestyle)
"DR. Millionaire" - "Alt Bitcs" (Official Video)
"Harn SOLO" - "Louis Armstrong" (Official Video)
"Criss Lyric" - "UNKL"
"Voice Monet" - "CARTS b4 HORSES" (aka "ROB") (Official Video) 
"Jake Kost" Ft "Rasheed""Moment In Time"
"Kev" Of "Royal Kulture"  - "LeaveMeAlone" (Official Video)
"CeasRock" - "ALL MY $" (Official Video)
"SPLASH-A-HOLICS" - "Mo Money Mo Problems" (Official Video)
"Young Lye" "Jordans #1" (Official Video) 
"ISAAC" Ft "G-SCOTT" - "There 'N Back" (Official Video)
"Nicky Rich" & "Pen Stein" Ft "Max Helmerich" - "The Outsiders"
"Ikay" - "Smile Back"

"Pennjamin Bannekar" - "ILLwrite Too" (Video)
"J. ManifestO" - "Live, Life & Love It" (Official Video)
"Willie The Kid" Ft. "Boldy James" - "Ain't Nothing"
"Endemic'" Ft "Roc Marciano", "P.R. Terrorist" & "Kevlaar 7"Capos"
"Hommicide" "Street Cake" (Official Video)
"Jonezen" - "Dedication" (Official VIdeo)

North Miami rapper Prez P presents the Unkleluc-directed music video for "Neva Love Em", the new Pyrvmids-produced single from his new album The Ambiance featuring Glocky Davis, Ransom Note, J Nics and Rell Burgandy as well as production from Nuez, The Ear Drummerz, Mr. Maneuvers, DT Spacely, Ronny J, RAH, MVSIC, Sir Flywalker, Kenneth Cartel, Green City, Eccentric Music, Squareboogie and Danny Dee. Prez first emerged onto the underground rap scene in Miami with his group Da Camp in 2011 with their mixtape 7 Day Weekend: Campin Out In Da RV. That record was followed by 7 Day Weekend: Bumpin olDCool Da Campilation and VII Day Vacay, which was voted 2012 Mixtape Of The Year by the Miami blog the305.com. Miami New Times recently named him one of the Top 10 Miami Rappers On The Comeup (see article).  "'Neva Love Em' is an anthem for me and people like me who won't get caught slipping falling for the traps set up for me to fail," says Prez. "In this case we're talking bitches." The Ambiance is available for free download now at DatPiff

"Garci" (Of Ape Gang)
"Bugatti Dreamin" (Official Video)

Twitter: @ApeGangGarci @AllSteezy @HellSurvivorTV

"North Miami" Rapper "Prez P
"Neva Love Em" (Official Video)

Twitter: @PrezP_BeCampin

Young "London" Rap Group "SWB"
"Keep It On The Low" Ft. "Jessy Say'Na" (Official Video)
 "2014" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @Official_SWB
Blessed @officialblessed
Tragic @ashley_tragic
Taunts @tauntsswb

SWB is a young hip hop group from London UK. I dig these young dudes and their Hip Hop attitudes, and their accent kills it as they spill it. I think they will have a GREAT future ahead him. He said, he rips cords like a Bey Blade. <<<Love it.

"Keep It On The Low", filmed and edited by Wowa. "Keep It On The Low" is the 2nd visual off the upcoming debut EP "Somehow Someday", due for release early 2014. 

Also, peep the video for their New Year "2014" freestyle, off their upcoming debut EP "Somehow Someday", due for release early 2014. 

"Keep It On The Low" Ft. "Jessy Say'Na" (Official Video)

 "2014" (Freestyle)

"Richmond, VA" Rapper "Dr. Millionaire
"Alt Bitcs" (Official Video)

Twitter: @isaiahraps

Richmond, VA rapper Dr. Millionaire presents the Joseph Pleasants-directed music video for "Alt Bitcs", his Hovey Benjamin-produced new single.

 "'Alt Bitcs' is inspired by all tha cute art school babes living in Richmond," explains Dr. Millionaire. "The song describes selling weed and sipping lean and killing shows. References to artists I heard about on Pitchfork. An affinity for beautiful alternative women. Art school girls with pink hair and tattoos. Hypebeast chicks that rock Palace and Hood By Air. College girls that shop at Rumors Boutique and upscale hipsters that shop at Need Supply Co. All of them riding their fixies through the city. I have two mixtapes, an EP and a few more videos ready to go in 2014. My plan is to keep writing songs and meet as many gorgeous alt bitcs as possible."

"Harn SOLO"
 "Louis Armstrong" (Official Video)

Twitter: @harnSOLO

Harn SOLO performing the song "Louis Armstrong" in the Garden District and French Quarter of New Orleans. The Focus Cinema TV directed film is the third single from Harn SOLO's album, "Perfect Picture" released this fall. Paying tribute to his current city on "Louis Armstrong", it's obvious the Crescent Kingz produced song mirrors the unique spirit of a legendary music town. From the symbolism of the umbrella and second line style dancing, to the traditional New Orleans voodoo face paint and Mardi Gras beads. New York City trend setting culture magazine IX Daily says, "SOLO is an artist who is ready to grab music by the reins and steer it in his winning direction. He is setting his place with a sound that is uniquely his by giving hip-hop the classic New Orleans twist."

"Criss Lyric
Twitter: @CrissLyric

"New Orleans"  Female Emcee "Voice Monet"
"CARTS b4 HORSES" (aka "ROB") (Official Video) 
Twitter: @Voicey_Uno

Yes, sir. And yes, mayum. Click play if you want to hear good music, man.... This is what music sounds like. It's different, it expresses the musicians inner voice. It's not mainstream and it's more like musical art, sung from the heart. It's eclectic and retrospective. It moves you and makes you think, while being creative and unique.

New Orleans emcee Voice Monet presents the Go'Head Media-directed music video for "Carts b4 Horses (Rob)", her new single produced by Belgian DMC champion DJ Grazzhoppa. The video was conceptualized, shot and edited all in the space of two days as part of the 48Hour Music Video Project Challenge which was recently held in New Orleans. Voice's debut album Gumbo dropped in 2006. "NOLA Redux" featuring Malkovich made the top of Gilles Peterson's BBC World Wide Best Hip-Hop of 2009 list. She was teaching classfuls of New Orleans youth how to rap as an official Teaching Artist In Residence when Hope & Sorrow, the 2007 Decon/Atmospheriques release from celebrated French producer Wax Tailor, was certified silver. Between her solo releases and her collaborations with BBE, Ninja Tune, Canada's Public Transit Recordings, UK's Twisted Funk Records and Tailor, over a quarter of a million records worldwide bear Voice's name. She has played internationally at major festivals (Montreal Jazz Festival 2013) and world reknowned venues (L'Olympia, Paris). "Sometimes my muse comes in the form of a man, and he just wants me to... rap!" says Voice about the song. "In this particular song I have chosen to call him 'Rob', but that inspiration comes in many forms and is expressed through several mediums." Voice is gearing up to release her EP Black Maria in 2014 through her production company Go'Head Media.

"Porland, Oregon" Rapper "Jake Kost" Ft "Rasheed"
"Moment In Time"

Twitter: @JakeKostPDX

"New York" African Rapper "Kev" Of "Royal Kulture" "LeaveMeAlone" (Official Video)
Performing Live @Coco 66 & Drom NYC  

Twitter: @thatafricankev

Kev Ft Hazali
"LeaveMeAlone" (Official Video)

Performing Live @Coco 66 & Drom NYC  

"Montreal" Rapper "CeasRock
"ALL MY $" (Official Video)
Twitter: @ceasrock

Montreal rapper CeasRock presents the ilovenewyork.usMedia-directed video for "All My $", the new 514IndoRecordz-produced single from his Zero Gravity EP which features Uness, Loe Pesci, I.Blast and Boy 6lue as well as production from Vincent Pryce and DeeJay IZ. Born Sam Karimi, Ceas is a spokesman for Montreal urban site Mook-Life.com, as well as founder of his own movement, REAL LIFE. Videos have already been released for "Faceless", "10.5", "Mook Life Pt. 1"  and "M.O.E." "While I was writing for this EP, money was definitely on my mind," says Ceas. "From how I was to earn it, to how much of it I needed to spend, it was looming over my thoughts heavy. I wrote All My $ from this perspective. I was hungry and I didn't know how I was supposed to eat. The verses depict that hunger from a young desperate man's view, and an older, equally hungry, man's perspective. I didn't feel like performing the verses in the video because the verses weren't necessarily about me. So I focused on the feeling instead of a literal depiction of the lyrics. I recently graduated from university, but I have no intentions of using my degree to get a job. So, with that in mind, one day I was cleaning out my garage of about ten years worth of school papers, textbooks, old bills, etc… I thought to myself, I didn't want to just toss it out, I wanted more closure. So I had the idea of burning them in a ceremonial bonfire. I'm burning the old me..I'm burning All My $." Zero Gravity is available now on Ceasrock's Bandcamp page

"Detroit" Rap Duo "SPLASH-A-HOLICS"
"Mo Money Mo Problems"
 (Official Video)
Twitter: @chefboyardeezy @Nino_aHolic

Detroit's super duo are back and this time with the visuals to there current single Mo Money Mo Problems!!! Splash-A-holics new visual directed by B. Thomas "Mo Money Mo Problems" already in heavy rotation in and around Detroit, the guys look to take there current single national.

"Sherrod White" Ft. "Tone Jonez
"L.I.G" (Official Video)
Twitter: @SherrodWhite @OfficialTJonez

"Illinois" Rapper "ISAAC" Ft "G-SCOTT
"There 'N Back" (Official Video)
Twitter: @isthatisaac88

Chicagoland-area mic-rocker Isaac drops off his last video from of his last project "Wild Cherry Nightmares" while he focuses in on honing in on the completion of his new EP. He brings this song and visual to life with a feature from labelmate G-Scott who also handles the production on the song. It's clear these 3B boys aren't playing. 

Isaac is an emcee from Elgin, IL who tackles the task of bridging gaps from old school hiphop soul and new school flavor and showcases "the sacrifice of Isaac" in this new visual.

"Nicky Rich" & "Pen Stein" Ft. "Max Helmerich"
 "The Outsiders"

Up and coming hip hop artist, Nicky Rich has been opening for acts like: Nas, Imagine Dragons, Sammy Adams, Matt and Kim, Sean Kingston and Young the Giant. His band, Thick as Thieves has been enjoying the success of their debut EP. Here is a new single from Nicky, featuring Pen Stein and Max Helmerich from Thick as Thieves.

A refreshing combination of hip hop and rock. The video is an homage to a noir crime story from heist to interrogation, there is a twist at the end!.

"New York" Rapper "Ikay"
 "Smile Back"
Off "The New York City Messiah"

"Chicago" Rapper "Pennjamin Bannekar
"ILLwrite Too" (Official Video)
1st Track From 2nd Solo Project, "Long Live Bannekar!"

Twitter: @PennBannekar

"Pennjamin Bannekar
"ILLwrite Too" (Official Video)

"Pennjamin Bannekar "
"ILLwrite" (Official Video) 

"Queens, NY" Rapper "J. ManifestO"
"Live, Life & Love It" (Official Video) 

Twitter: @jdotodot

Queens, NY emcee J. ManifestO presents Vicariously Through Memories, his new album featuring Dom O Briggs, JohnNY U., Hoz Da Lyrisist, J. Monopoly, Supaman, and production from Wierddough, Clint Partie, Fate, Six, Vanilla, Mitch Hennessey, The Stuyvesants, Thelonious Martin, Elijah Sentine and PHROMSOPHA. J recently released the Charles Valencia & Fresco-directed music video for "Live, Life & Love It" ), VTM's Fate-produced single. released his eponymous debut mixtape  featuring JohnNY U., MC Elijah Black, Khid 2che, A Will, Dom O Briggs and Top $ Raz. "VTM is an album about how I used to reminisce about of the happier times from my past to cope with the slower, more unfulfilled times in the present," says J. "Through this project I go on reflecting on times I cherish with the people I love and spend time with the most, recalling lucid dreams, and reliving certain episodes with friends. In a way, sort of dreaming of a second childhood, wishing present times were similar."

"Willie The Kid" Ft. "Boldy James
"Ain't Nothing"

Off "The Living Daylights"

UK Producer "Endemic"
 Ft "Roc Marciano", "P.R. Terrorist" & "Kevlaar 7
Twitter: @EndemicNoCure
Off "Terminal Illness 2"

UK producer Endemic presents "Capos", his new single featuring Roc Marciano, P.R. Terrorist and Kevlaar 7. A native of the United Kingdom regarded as one of the country's foremost hiphop producers, Endemic recently moved to New York City via a USA O-1 artist visa for “persons of extraordinary ability”. Following on the heels of "High Society" featuring Tragedy Khadafi, Afu Ra and Ruste Juxx ), "Capos" is the second single from his forthcoming album Terminal Illness 2, which will also feature Masta Killa, Cappadonna, Planet Asia, Skyzoo, DJ Switch, Bronze Nazareth, Salute Da Kidd, Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Shabazz The Disciple, Bugsy Da God, Cyrus Malachi, Tesla's Ghost, Ray Vendetta, Sav Killz, Supreme, Darkim be Allah, Prodigal Sunn, William Cooper and M9. 

TI2 is the followup to the 2009 Money Maker/EMI release Terminal Illness, which featured Sean Price as well as UK artists C Mone and Triple Darkness, and received radio play from DJ Premier. In 2010 Duck Down Records released Adamantine, Endemic's collaboration record with Ruste Juxx which featured General Steele of Smif N Wessun and Ill Bill. "This track had that mob feel," says Endemic. "I built with Roc first on this joint and he came with some ill Mafia-style lyrical flips. Afterwards we got Kevlaar 7 of The Wisemen and P.R. Terrorist of Killarmy as if each artist was a capo of their crew." 

"Street Cake" (Official Video)
Hommicide spits a freestyle over Drake's 5AM track
Twitter: @Allblackhommicide @StreetSpittas

"Los Angeles" Rapper "Jonezen
"Dedication" (Official Video)
Off "Beautiful Disaster" Drop'n March 2014

Twitter: @jonezenmusic

Jonezen is a winner of the Hip Hop Artist Of The Year at the 2013 Los Angeles Music Awards. First video off the upcoming album Beautiful Disaster.

Los Angeles rapper/songwriter/guitarist/producer Chris Jones a.k.a. Jonezen presents the Raul Perez/Red Zone L.A.-directed music video for "Dedications", the first single from his forthcoming album Beautiful Disaster, the followup to his Live From Rehab mixtape. "Dedications" comes hot on the heels of Jonezen's win at the Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Hip-Hop Artist. 

Told by doctors after an arrest that he may not live another year due to excessive drinking, Jonezen refused to go to rehab unless he could bring his recording studio. He found a treatment center in Los Angeles that would let him do just that and upon entering he began working on Live From Rehab. After leaving treatment Jonezen landed a distribution deal with Famous Records/ Fontana/ Universal. His single “Buried By Six” was produced by Father MC and released on Famous Records in August of 2012. This year Jonezen has done two independently booked tours, performed at the Speak Your Mind Hip Hop Festival alongside Blackalicious, been featured on several radio stations including The Weekend Top 30 ‘What’s Poppin Next’ and has been nominated for two Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Social Media. This year Jonezen released videos for two Live From Rehab singles, "On Me" and "If I Die Young". "I wrote 'Dedications' intending for it to be the intro song for my shows...it just turned out too dope to not put it on the album. The name says it all...this is my dedication...to the fans..my city...my people!" Beautiful Disaster drops March 2014.

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