"Ed Lover
Drops "C'mon Son: 30"

"Ed Lover" is back with another installment of "C'mon Son:30" This week he gets on this year's football season, Kobe Bryant's divorce without a prenump, Serena Williams losing out in the first round and dating Common and Drake, Heidi Klum and Seal's divorce, Halle Berry's restraining order against her baby daddy and more.......


"Lil Wayne" & "Bruno Mars"
(Video Teaser)

"Lil Wayne" & "Bruno Mars" drop a video teaser for their track. "Mirror". (Video Teaser)

I really liked "Bruno Mars" when he first hit the scene, he was crispy and clean, but now the sound of his voice really annoys me, so I really couldn't enjoy watching the video snippet. I ended up turning it down and just watching it.


"Kevin Hart"
 On "Hot 97 Morning Show"

"Kevin Hart" or "Hollywood Hart" as they call him on "Hot 97 Morning Show", drops by to do how he do and make you laugh.


Billboard's "Love Doctor" With "Amber Rose"

"Amber Rose" talks about the biggest mistake she's ever made in being in love, and says "Wiz is the only person she's ever really-really been in love with, and she hasn't made any mistakes, because she really loves him, and she won't make a mistake".

And as if I'm surprised, not!!! "Amber Rose" talks about her new album and her single "Loaded" dropping soon.

Amber Rose Talks New Track 


"Southern Cali" Rapper "Six Reasons
Is Running For President
Twitter: @SixReasons 

"Six Reasons" ft. "Choc Nitty"  drops his bid in the political race with his new track "Runnin' For President". 

His political platform is hood-tastic.
1. Lamborghini doors are meant for Lambo's only.

2. Gang bang'n aint for rappers only real gang bangers.

3. 3XTall is only for tall people, only.

4.Rappers jerk'n will be shipped to the rain forrest.


Up North "Sheffield,UK" Rappers "Scum Fam"

Twitter: @AKNFS 


Please do not judge a book by its cover, cuz you will be missing out on something hot!!! I liked "SCUMFAM" because they are dirty and gritty and let me just say, sh*tty. They're buck wild style, kinda had that "Das EFX" gutter flow. And the beat is suicidal and the average rapper pass like gas, but they straight smashed!!!!!

LEP/Bogus Boys, French Montana, Waka Flocka 
@Daddy House, NYC

Twitter: @LEPBogusBoys

LEP/Bogus Boys, French Montana & Waka Flocka @Daddy House, NYC
n December. "L.E.P. Bogus Boys" traveled to New York City to participate in the Urban Wrestling Federation, and while in town, the duo of Count & Moonie hit the "Daddy's House" recording studio to work on new music with "Waka Flocka Flame" and recently signed "Bad Boy" rapper "French Montana". Their latest webisode captures the action, as the "L.E.P.", "Waka", and "French Montana" chop it up in the studio, work on music, and much more. 

While in town, "L.E.P." also stopped by "Prohibit NYC" to chop it up with Jabari Johnson for BET's "Face To Face", where they spoke about the success of "Now Or Neva", their unreleased song with Kanye West, and much more. 


"Reggae" Sensation "Gyptian"
 In Nigeria [pt. 1]

Check out the compiled footage from "Gyptian's" visit to "Nigeria" and time spent on the air at 99.9FM The Beat (Lagos) with Gbemi O and in the studio recording with Ice Prince & Jesse Jazz.


"Lil Wayne
"Weezy Sport Corner" (1/29/12)

Ummmmmm, I guess I'm not a regular viewer, but I kinda expected "Lil Wayne" to talk about sports, since it's called "Weezy Sport's Corner", but now maybe he sipped too much syrup and forget? (lol)


"Cherry Martinez
Talks "Fabolous" w/"Adrienne Bailon"
On "Power 105.1" For "#GirlPowerMondays"

Former "3LW" member "Adrienne Bailon" recently paid a visit to "Power 105.1's" "Cherry Martinez" for "#GirlPowerMondays" and dished on Robert Kardashian, Love & Hip-Hop and the rumors surrounding her relationship with Fabolous.