"Oakland" Rapper "Joe Blow"
 "Sure Thing"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @j0eblow

New video release from Joe Blow, be on the look out for his upcoming Album, "Check A Real N*gga Out Tho".


"More Than Buzz, They Do What It Does"

"The Rangers" - "Burn It Up"

"Cassidy's" Artist "Chubby Jag" - "6 Minutes Of Death"
"Rockie Fresh" - "The Future" (Electric Highway)
"Hamilton Park" - "Derrière" Ft "Alley Boy" (Official Video)
Young Noble - Welcome To Real Life Ft Hussein Fatal, Krayzie Bone, Tony Atlanta
"A-Wax" - "I'm a Shooter" (Official Video)
"SL Jones" - "Let'm Talk"
"A-1" - "The Ritual" (Official Video)
"Copywrite" Of "MHz Legacy" - "Obituaries"
"Vast Aire" - "Royal Purple Bag"

"Los Angeles" Rappers "The Rangers"
"Burn It Up"

 Off  "#Golden" Mix Tape

Twitter: @themPRangers

"Cassidy's" Artist
Killa Cal/NY/Philly/Vegas
"Chubby Jag"
6 Minutes Of Death"


During a recent interview with VladTV, Math Hoffa challenged Cassidy to battle, saying that Cass has talked himself up to the point that he has to battle or hang his head in shame.

Larsiny Family member Chubby Jag put out a track called "6 Minutes Of Death" in which he calls out Math Hoffa, DNA, Tsu Surf, and Iron Solomon.

"Atlanta" R&B Group "Hamilton Park"
Ft "Alley Boy"
(Official Video)


"Chicago" Rapper "Rockie Fresh"
"The Future" (Electric Highway)

Twitter: @rockiefresh

"Rancho Cucamongo, CA" Rapper "Young Noble"
Ft "Hussein Fatal", "Krayzie Bone" & "Tony Atlanta"
"Welcome To Real Life"

(Official Video)

Twitter: @YOUNG_NOBLE1
@TonyAtlanta @iamKrayzieBone

"Pittsburgh, California" Rapper "A-Wax"
"I'm a Shooter"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @waxfase

In 2012 A-Wax firmly cemented himself as a force to be reckoned with, not only with the release of a string of quality projects, which included his official retail album Everybody Loves Me: Chapter 1, but also with the announcement of his own Pie-Rx Recordz label, a collection of artists that he introduced with the December release of his Pie-Rx Muzik mixtape. Now, as the Pittsburg, California, rapper continues to build his movement, he's prepping for the release of a new retail effort, Jesus Malverde, which will be released February 26th and includes features from Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame, Cashis, and YG Hootie. Today, A-Wax is releasing the video for lead single "The Shooter."

The song, which falls well in line with some of the darker material that A-Wax has been releasing of late, pulls its inspiration from, as A-Wax says, "the old 'bigger they are...' adage. I never liked bullies, and that's partially why I started gangbanging – to back the bullies up." And throughout the track he drives that concept home with lines like "...Talking shit, but I ain't about to box/ I could see why they want me in a box/ They've been lifting weights; I'm all out of shape/ That's okay; there's a pistol on my waist."

The video, directed by Brian Reyes of Sigmond IV Multimedia, falls in line well with the song's concept, complete with outside actors, including fellow Bay artist akaFRANK, who plays Wax's associate in the video. "The location is dark; the message is simple," says A-Wax. "Just because someone is small, don't underestimate them. I'm the underdog of West Coast rap, but I rise a little more with every move."

"Little Rock, Arkansas" Rapper "SL Jones"
 "Let'm Talk"

Off "Trapper's Delight"

Twitter: @SLJONESY

On January 23rd, SL Jones will release his new EP, Trapper's Delight. The seven-track project will be produced entirely by M16, the Alabama producer best known for producing tracks like "Duffle Bag Boy" by Playaz Circle, Young Jeezy's "I Do" Ft. Jay-Z & Andre 3000, and Yelawolf's Heart Of Dixie mixtape, and the tape, to be released exclusively via LiveMixtapes, will be hosted by Hoodrich/Grand Hustle's DJ MLK.

The first leak from Trapper's Delight is tape opener
"Let'm Talk," premiered today by XXL Magazine. The song, an opening statement for the tape, is the first track that Jones and M16 recorded for Trapper's Delight, and also one of the very first songs penned following the release of SL's Paraphernalia mixtape. And while that previous tape was dark and inward-looking, often dissecting Jones' legal battles and life's resulting complications, "Let'm Talk" – and Trapper's Delight as a whole – offers a more triumphant, brash outlook on the world – the storm clouds are starting to clear; the positives still outweigh the negatives.

"It's about overcoming adversity to come out on top," explains SL of the song, built around M16's brooding, arching beat. "Good or bad – right or wrong – people are always gonna have something to say about you, about what you're trying to accomplish. Negativity is a distraction from what you should really be focused on: self-improvement."

"Frisco" Rapper "A-1"
"The Ritual" (Official Video)

Twitter: @adamraps

In September, San Francisco rapper A-1 released his latest project, The Thurl Tape. The tape draws its name from the Bay Area slang 'thurl,' short for 'thorough,' and for A-1 the word is an acronym for "Think, Hustle, Understand, and Really Live," traits A-1 believes a person needs in order to be truly whole. Throughout the tape A-1 asserts himself as one of the most talented, complete young lyricists, and since release, A-1 has put those talents on display touring with the likes of Roach Gigz, and others, with a string of new dates planned for January and February. But first, A-1 is releasing the video for "The Ritual," the latest single from The Thurl Tape, premiered today by VICE's Noisey Music channel.

The song, according to A-1 about not getting caught up in the routine, about avoiding the ease of trend-chasing, and the video fits well into that mold. "Visually, it's different than anything else coming out of The Bay right now," explains A-1. "It's not following the trends and protocols that you usually see in hip-hop videos." The unique idea for the video came from director David Dutton, who presented the idea to A-1, at which point A-1 felt "The Ritual" would be a perfect fit. "When David reached out, he said that he wanted to make something really trippy, eerie," recalls A-1. "He pretty much just handed me the treatment and said, 'Trust me, it's gonna look dope.' And I did. And it does."

"Columbus, Ohio" Rapper "Copywrite" (Of  MHz Legacy)
"Obituaries" (Official Video)

Twitter: @

In October, MHz Legacy released their long-awaited official debut album, and across the project, the group's members – rapper's Copywrite, Tage Future, Jakki Da Motamouth, and Camu Tao; producer RJD2 – showed off the range of talents that made the crew, individually and collectively, one of the most lauded collection of hip-hop artists when they first emerged on the scene some 15 years ago. Perhaps few tracks from the album are as fine an example of that as "Obituaries," a solo track from Copywrite produced by Marco Polo that shows off the Columbus, Ohio, rapper's long-unrivaled lyricism.

Today, MHz Legacy is releasing the video for the single, directed by R.M.L. Premiered by
Rap Genius, the video is a straightforward clip that puts the emphasis squarely Copywrite, who attacks Marco's dusty, thumping production with a bevy of winding rhyme patterns and slick wordplay. "Copywrite and I have done a couple of videos together in the past," explains director R.M.L. "I played through the album when MHz first turned it in, and I really wanted to shoot three videos from the project – 'Gone' was first, 'Mechanical Me' was second, and this joint, 'Obituaries,' was third."

"Brooklyn" Duo "Vast Aire"
"Royal Purple Bag"

"A Space Illiad", Dropping January 29

Twitter: @VASTAIRE2090

Brooklyn, NY -- Vast Aire, one half of the highly lauded rap duo Cannibal Ox and founding member of the Atoms Family and of The Weathermen, announces the release of his upcoming EP entitled A Space Iliad, which features 10 b-sides and remixes from his previous album, OX 2010: A Street Odyssey, which includes features from Sadat X, C-Rayz Walz, Sub Con, Double A.B., and more. A Space Iliad will be released on January 29th, 2013 on Man Bites Dog Records. Today, Vast shares the first single from the project, entitled "Royal Purple Bag," a raw song that reinforces his position as a power-player in the independent rap scene.

As Vast Aire explains, "A Space Iliad is the rest of the adventure left over from the great explosion of OX 2010: A Street Odyssey." Vast puts his signature illustrative style of rap on display with songs such as "Royal Purple Bag," which reminds fans that hip hop originated as a New York art form, "The Verdict Remix," which builds off of a funk-inspired bass line, incorporating twinkling piano riffs to give the perfect contrast to Vast Aire’s low growl-toned vocals and "The Cannon of Samus Remix," which provides a stage for Vast to show off his fast-paced lyricism. On the single, "Royal Purple Bag," He displays his raw “no holds barred, go all out” style and regards the premiere single as having "a fun, raw, smoked-out freestyle vibe."

Vast Aire is known for his lyricism, being a founding member of three well-respected rap crews, and his dark aggressive hip-hop style. CanOx recently did two features on Double A.B. & Dub Sonata’s album Media Shower, including "Street Survival" which also features rapper Evidence. The duo ended 2012 with a sold out reunion show at the Knitting Factory in NYC and will be touring and working on the next CanOx record in 2013.


"Lupe Fiasco" Digs A Reality Ditch
"Bad B*tch"
(Official Video)

If you are a "Lupe Fiaso" fan, I'm sure you've heard and seen "Bad B*tch", so you get the concept. For those of you who aren't fans, or just haen't heard or seen the video, you need to.

If it had not been for my pattna's aka "Sarah" & "Billy", I wouldn't know nothing about this right here. Don't be put off by the title, cuz it means something.

A lot of women pride themselves on being a "Bad B*tch" or the "Baddest B*tch", but what does that really mean? I guess the meaing is in the eye of the beholder, and the perception that you bring and leave into the room.

For me, I'm grown, I'm a mom. I might think I'm bad at certain times of the day, but I'm a woman about mines, in every way.

We as parents have to think about what we're showing our children in the way we live our lives and what we're teaching them about what, how and who a real woman is. Are you bad at being "Bad" or good at being "Bad". What does "Bad B*tch" mean to you, but better yet, what does it mean to your kids?

"B*tch Bad, Woman Good, Lady Better, aint misunderstood".


 Instudio Series with Angie Martinez


(20) "Rappers With Street Heat"

"League510" - "Representa" (Official Video)
"Young City" - "Wasted" (Official Video)
"Uptown XO" - "Flowers" (Official Video)
"Lidah" Ft "Young Rad" - "Emotional" (Official Video)
 "Reno Sosa" - "All This Damn Cocaine" (Official Video)
"Akword" Ft. "Wordsmith", "Jasiri X", "Jus Daze" - "Notorious"
"Ty'Rell" Ft. "Freddy P" - "All I Need Is U"
"Deadlinz" Ft. "Sleep Steady" - "Phoenix Jones" (Official Video)
"KYLE" - "Keep It Real"
"Kaliq" - "Fighting" (Official Video)
"League510" - "Representa" (Official Video)
"Madi Gra" FT "Fat Trel" & "Alley Boy" - "F*ck It"
"Q The Question" Ft "Trel Mack" & "Petter Jones" - "Seasons Greeting"
"Murdah Baby" Ft "MaddRick" - "Puffin Killah"
Yung Profhet Ft Sacramento Knoxx & Southwest Grown - "Detroit Southwest Pride"
"Japhia Life" - "Cloud"
"Indiana Rome" Ft "Tef Poe" - "Pyrex" (Official Video)
"Airway Musik" Ft "Tim Campbell" - "He Aint Me" (Official Video)
"Moe Fundz" - "Us" (Freestyle)

"Oakland" Rappers "League510"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @League510

"Uptown, New Orleans" Rapper "Young City"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @iamch0pper

"Ty'Rell" Ft. "Freddy P"
"All I Need Is U"

Twitter: @iam_tyrell  

"Uptown XO"
(Official Video)

Off "Colour de Grey" Dropping Jan 29th


Uptown XO continues to offer raw emotive rhymes that open windows to his world. The cold, gun toting exterior often belies the humanity behind it all. XO offers a story not unlike many with scarface dreams born of section 8, but fresh in it's minutia the way only truth can be. The disection of this textured story's cycle from evictions as a youth to the echos from the fridge; from the sales of kush in orange bubbles, to the understanding of how it employs the lawyers, the judges, the DA, and the jail workers; - all poignantly wrapped in the phrase "damn, ni&&as just didn't want to flip burgers." Earnest reflection over ill production. The sometimes morbid take on life culminates with the mantra "I got mouths to feed till they put flowers on me."

AB The Pro produces the haunting track for Uptown XO to reflect and lay relish over, while director Backie Thomas creates stark visuals, brilliant in color, framing, and movement. It's all prelude to the new album "Colour de Grey" coming from Mello Music Group Janaury 29th.

Singer "Lidah" Ft "Young Rad"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @TheRealLidah

"Reno Sosa"
"All This Damn Cocaine"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @bigrenososa

"New York" Rapper "Akword"
Ft "Wordsmith", "Jasiri X" & "Jus Daze"

Twitter: @AWKWORDrap

AWKWORD ft. Wordsmith, Jasiri X, Jus Daze & Capital X - "Notorious" (prod./cuts by Amin PaYnE [Australia])

On the latest single off AWKWORD's forthcoming DJBooth-sponsored 100% for-charity global Hip Hop project World View, up-and-coming Australian producer Amin PaYnE re-flips the original Duran Duran "Notorious" sample for a song inspired by the stabbings and shootings that took place across the country at the premieres for the Biggie biopic of the same name.

The brand-new single -- heralded by recent Rock & Roll HoF inductee Chuck D of Public Enemy -- begins with a vitriolic a-capella intro from raptivist Capital X; follows with AWKWORD's sneering response to those disturbing events at the premieres; delves deep into the politics of Hip Hop and violence with incredible guest appearances from Wordsmith, Jasiri X and Jus Daze then closes out with classic quotes from B.I.G., chopped up respectively and with precision from Amin PaYnE

"Deadlinz" Ft. "Sleep Steady"
"Phoenix Jones"
(Official Video)

Sleep Steady is an up-and-coming hip hop/rock duo.

Sonik Fiktion is the result of global encounters between legendary emcees and a composer worthy of the greatest names of English trip-hop. A flashback of the days before the audio compression of the 10's, this album draws as much inspiration from New York’s soulful moods as from Bristol’s theatrical atmosphere.

The Sonik Fiktionproject combines science fiction and music to tell the story of the two wondrous worlds in the form of both audio and visual art. French producer, Deadlinz, who was inspired by science fiction and the underground electro and hip hop scenes – as well as the many artists that he has collaborated with from around the world–produced each song on the compilation, bringing together his friends from around the globe.

The compilation features hip hop veterans DoItAll Dupré (Lords of the Underground) DV the Kryst & Rock (Heltah Skelath, Boot Camp Clik), Guilty Simpson, Lord Have Mercy (Flipmode Squad), Sadat X (Brand Nubian), as well as indie up-and-comers Sleep Steady, Grace Kelly, and popular country-folk singer, Hannah Aldridge, emcee F. Stokes, and DMC World DJ Champion title holder, DJ Gero.

"Ventura, California" Rapper "KYLE"
"Keep It Real"
(Official Video)

Off "Beautiful Loser"

Twitter: @lovekyle

 On the track, KYLE links up with Carnage again to produce another stellar single on the subject of being real in which KYLE tells what being "real" really is, that is to be yourself. The song is great second single off his project and a solid follow up to "Silver Platter".

It's funny how many times the expression "I Keep It Real" or "Damn cuh, I'm real as fuck!" is used in rap, usually by a bunch of people who carry this preconceived idea of what being "Real" really is. Most of which are probably FAKER then that wack ass sham wow commercial from a few years ago… That shit don't really work. Being "Real", is being who you REALLY are, and not some generic drug dealing New York rapper with diamonds in both ears #245. Im not gonna lie I've never shot anybody or sliced a brick, I was into drama… I play mid-evil RPG's, I watch "Everybody Loves Raymond" and actually like it... Look up Bobby Caldwell that n*gga got bars. I dont lie about who I am… and neither should anyone else. IDGAF who thinks otherwise, I Keep It Real.

KYLE is a 19 year old artist from the cool climate of Ventura, California. Since an early age KYLE has been impressing friends and family by rapping and singing his heart out, but it was in high school when his talents really started to spread throughout the rest of the community. KYLE acted in the school plays, sang in the show choir, rapped in the talent show, performed at half-time of the sporting events, and threw concerts on the weekends with his friends. Everyone who has seen him perform is drawn in by his beaming charisma and lovable nature.

Upon graduating high school KYLE dove into music, experimenting to find his own sound. "Super Duper" was just that. A full-length project, produced entirely by KYLE and his good friend Dave Cappa in KYLE's grandmother's house. Thanks to Cappa's eclectic choice of samples and KYLE's vocal and lyrical versatility they created a project that was beloved by all who experienced it. The viral videos that were released prior to the project "Lemonade" and "We Can" have received over half a million views and set the tone for the release of "Super Duper". Via YouTube and the internet in general KYLE's playful rap flow, impressive melodies, and creative music videos have gained him fans of all shapes and sizes all over the globe.

After 'Super Duper' the demand for KYLE's music has been on the rise. Amassing nearly 2 million cumulative YouTube views along with 7.5k Facebook fans and 6.5k Twitter followers KYLE's fan base is strong. In July of 2012 KYLE along with his Manager Nolan Smith moved to Downtown Los Angeles to work with Indie Pop Records on his debut album 'Beautiful Loser' that will be released for free in the Spring of 2013. Working with his friend (talented producer) DJ Carnage along with The Cataracs, Tomas Barfod, Bedrock and of course KYLE's bff Dave Cappa, the sounds on 'Beautiful Loser' are sure to turn 'KYLE' into a household name!

"Arizona" Rapper "Kaliq"
(Official Video)

Off "Pharaoh Music"

Twitter: @kaliq777

Besides the ever looming cloud called "gangsta rap" that the West will forever be associated with, a new caliber of skill driven MCs are emerging out of the Left Coast and one among this growing breed is a complex personality simply known as Kaliq.

"Fighting", the dynamic single off his forthcoming album, Pharaoh Music The Deluxe Edition, is a verbal journey through the mind of the San Diego born/South Central bred new millennium revolutionary MC and is only enhanced by the track's visual. Kaliq's verbal dexterity is reminiscent of that of a Golden Era vet coupled with the overtones of a Nation Of Islam minister, which was naturally picked up from his Muslim upbringing.

"Madi Gra" FT "Fat Trel" & "Alley Boy"
"F*ck It"


"Q The Question" Ft "Trel Mack" & "Petter Jones" "Seasons Greeting"

Twitter: @qthequestion

"Murdah Baby" Ft "MaddRick"
 "Puffin Killah"
Twitter: @MurdahBaby

"Detroit" Rapper "Yung Profhet"
Ft. "Sacramento Knoxx" & "Southwest Grown"
"Detroit Southwest Pride"

@sacramentoknoxx @SouthWestGrown

"The more you are motivated by Love, the more fearless & free your action will be."
-Dalai Lama

With a quote from the Dalai Lama that reflects the power of love, residents in Southwest Detroit organized from the grass roots and formed a unity in resistance to systematic oppression, violence, trauma, arson, and blight in our neighborhoods. And with the power of love, this music video represents a flourishing community of people power, artists, families, identity, culture, pride, and a beautiful expression of empowerment for the neighborhood!
As the power of the modern day story teller delivers messages, Yung Profhet teamed up with Sacramento Knoxx & Southwest Grown with a beat laced by s.K. and handskillz by DJ ACID introducing the poet Rosimar Rodriguez, these artists amplify the voice of Southwest Detroit & the beautiful work that is being done in Detroit!

  • Sacramento Knoxx

"Japhia Life"

Off "Westside Pharmacy"

It hasn't been since the mid 90's and artists like The Notorious B.I.G., Nas and Jay Z first came on the scene that we have heard a hip hop artist paint a vivid picture of the urban experience via prolific lyricism. That being said, it's no surprise that Philly hip hop artist Japhia Life's first project "Pages of Life" was compared to both "illmatic & Reasonable Doubt". What's interesting is that Pages of Life was only a six song EP and was still compared to two full length hip hop classics. Sonically and lyrically, Japhia's music is a definite throwback to 90's era hip hop while still maintaining a progressive element which gives hime a style that is refreshing and all his own.

But what separates Japhia isn't just his style, but rather his urgency to communicate the human experience in its entirety. While most hip hop artists seem to be creatively preoccupied with machismo and validating their street credibility, Japhia finds comfort in vulnerability and transparency. "I've been hurt before like every other person on this planet, but I'm not afraid to let people know that in my music. I think that's something that draws people to my music and adds a refreshing element to it. I'm definitely excited about showing people a different side of my my city and another side of hip hop as a whole".

"Indiana Rome" Ft. "Tef Poe"
(Official Video)

Off "Trilogy"


"Inglewood, Ca" Rapper "Airway Musik"
"He Aint Me" Ft. "Tim Campbell"

Twitter: @airwaymusik

"Moe Fundz"

(Freestyle Video)

Twitter: @moefundz

"RediRoc" (Of Apegang)
"DopeWater" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @RediRoc215 @ApegangMusic




"What Gives In Celbrity Biz?"

"Keri Hilson" Talks About 3rd Album & Her Boo
"T.I." Joins DJ Skee @ The Skee Lodge "Live From LA"
"Kat Stacks" Admits Soulja Boy & Other Videos Were Fake
"Juelz Santana" Discusses His Comeback With Angie Martinez
"Nicki Minaj" Tells Ellen: I am Not a Psycho

 "Carmelo Anthony" Picks His Favorite Colorway of His New Jordans
"Bizzy Bone" On Being Called "Crazy": I'm a Sole Survivor
"Young Chris" Speaks on Meek Mill & Cassidy Beef
"Tahiry" Talks JR Smith Twitter Pic Led to Our Break-Up
"Miss Mykie" - "Behind The Mohawk"
"Talib Kweli" Talks Kanye & Kim's Baby, Blackstar's Future, & The "N" Word

Keri Hilson helped Gillette kick off their "Kiss & Tell Experiment" at the Santa Monica pier Wednesday morning in an effort to find out if women prefer kissing a man with stubble or a freshly shaven face. But when we asked the Pretty Girl Rock singer to "kiss & tell" about her boo Serge Ibaka she blushed and could only murmur a few words about him!

"Keri Hilson"
Talks About 3rd Album & Her Boo

"Keri Hilson"
Eyes Kanye West Collaboration for New Album

 Joins DJ Skee At The Skee Lodge
For An Interview On SiriusXM Hip-Hop Nation
 "Live From LA"

Self proclaimed King of The South T.I. stops by the Skee Lodge for an interview with the world famous DJ Skee on the Hip-Hop Nation radio station broadcasted by SiriusXM Satellite Radio for a show called Live From LA. DJ Skee's show Live from Los Angeles comes on every Tuesday at 10pm EST / 9pm CT / 7pm PST.

They talk about him working with Dr. Dre, the Atlanta Falcons NFL team, various sports controversies like Armstrong and Oprah

They also talk about finishing his deal with Atlantic Records and his $75 million deal he is requesting for on his next record deal.

"Kat Stacks"
Admits Soulja Boy & Other Videos Were Fake

Famed urban model and personality Kat Stacks reveals that she will no longer be talking about the personal lives of rappers she knows, but says she will still do business with them. She also explains why she admitted to lying about the Soulja Boy video, the craziest thing she ever saw a pimp do and her relationship with Q of Worldstar Hip-Hop.

"Juelz Santana"
Discusses His Comeback With Angie Martinez

Juelz Santana drops by and talks about new project with Lil Wayne, Reality Show status, New Music and More, with Angie Martinez.

"Nicki Minaj"
 Tells Ellen: I am Not a Psycho

Nicki Minaj talked about her feud with Mariah Carey on Ellen proclaiming she is not a psycho, but admits that she did act a little crazy.

"Carmelo Anthony"
Picks His Favorite Colorway of His New Jordans

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony tells us which colorway of the Jordan Melo M9 is his favorite and gives us light details on what to expect from the upcoming styles.

"Bizzy Bone"
On Being Called "Crazy": I'm a Sole Survivor

Bone Thugs rapper Bizzy Bone opens up about his tragic past of being molested, revealing that he's moved on from the situation and he's thankful for what he's been through in life, including being labeled "crazy." Bizzy also shares his thoughts on the current state of rap and says that he's really feeling Cleveland rappers like Kid Cudi and MGK, along with Mac Miller, YG and more.

"Young Chris"
Speaks on Meek Mill & Cassidy Beef

Exclusive from Mikey T The Movie Star with Young Chris speaking on current battle between Meek Mill and Cassidy.

Talks JR Smith Twitter Pic Led to Our Break-Up

Famed urban model Tahiry opens up about her relationship with Knicks player JR Smith, and revealed that they were dating for three months when he posted a nude photo of her on Twitter. She also revealed that the photo caused a rift in their relationship, leading to their break-up.

"Miss Mykie"
"Behind The Mohawk"

Nicki Minaj, Jamie Foxx, James Fortune, Cee-Lo, Paul Wall, Bun B and more give their two cents on remembering Miss Mykie's signature mohawk and its departure.

"Talib Kweli"
Discusses Kanye & Kim's Baby, Blackstar's Future, And The "N" Word


Boost Mobile Presents:
"Be Heard" Sessions With "Kid Ink"
 Plus An Exclusive Freestyle

Twitter: @Kid_Ink @BoostMobile

From the makers of the Up Close documentary series and in association with Skee.TV, Boost Mobile Presents: Be Heard Sessions with Tha Alumni Music Group recording artist. In this episode, Kid Ink tells the story about how he started off as a producer and then transitioned to writing songs to his own productions. He also tells us how his friends and family kept him motivated to keep putting in work.

Quote: "When I hear the term 'Be Heard', first thing I guess that comes to my mind is like, grind and just the work and consistency that you have to put in if you really want to Be Heard. You got to really, you know what I'm saying? Go for it! You can't Be Heard on that initial yell out or call. You got to keep crying out." - Kid Ink

Kid Ink also wants you to know "Let your voice Be Heard!"

Watch him end the session with an "off the dome" freestyle.


"Carmello Anthony"
"Playing For The City That Made Me"
Episode 1-3

Carmelo Anthony's passion for playing in the city he loves is unmatched as a native New Yorker from Red Hook, Brooklyn. We hear in his own words what it means to play not just for the orange and blue, but the people of NY and the city that made him.

"Playing For The City That Made Me"
Episode 1

"Playing For The City That Made Me"
Episode 2

"Playing For The City That Made Me"
Episode 3


"Birdman" Ft "Gudda Gudda" & "French Montana"
"Shout Out"
(Official Video)