"Alicia Keys"
Medley live performance NBA All Star Game 2013

"John Legend"
The Star Spangled Banner 2013 NBA All Star Game

NBA All Star Game HALFTIME Show
Pitbull, Chris Brown & Ne-Yo LIVE

"Alicia Keys"
Medley live performance NBA All Star Game 2013

"John Legend"
The Star Spangled Banner 2013 NBA All Star Game 

NBA All Star Game HALFTIME Show
Pitbull, Chris Brown & Ne-Yo LIVE

The big halftime performance was lead by Pitbull but featured appearances from superstars like Ne-Yo and Chris Brown. Pitbull got everyone moving with a medley of hits from his latest album, Planet Pit, including Rain Over Me (with Marc Anthony splashed across the backdrop). After some moving and shaking, Pit was joined by pop prince Chris Brown. Dressed in a sharp suit, Breezy helped Pitbull perform their collaboration, International Love.


"More Than Buzz, They Do What It Does"

"Par-City" Ft. "Joe Budden" - "Money On My Head"
"Ebone" - "Miss Your Love" (Official Video)
"Trips-N-Slim" - "NBA" (Official Video)
"Trillogy" - "Stay" (Official Video)
"Curly Castro" - "They Call Me Castro" (Official Video) & "Coal"
"First Light" (Opio + Pep Love) Of (Hieroglyphics) - "Lighters"
"The Doppelgangaz" - "Hark Back" (Official Video)
"A-Wax" Ft. "Compton Menace" - "Gun Range" (Official Video)
"Dizzy Wright" - "Verbalizing" (Official Video)
"Funk Volume" "Don't Fu[n]k Up Our Beats" Rap Contest 5

"First Light" (Opio + Pep Love) Of (Hieroglyphics)

Hieroglyphics members Pep Love
and Opio are announcing the formation of a new duo, First Light. As First Light, Pep and Opio will release a new album, Fallacy Fantasy, on March 12th, and to coincide with the album release, will also embark on a month-long tour this spring. First Light has released the album's first single, "Lighters," which features the duo's Hieroglyphics crew, with
guest appearances from Casual, Del the Funky Homosapien, and A-Plus.

The formation of First Light is rooted in Hiero's celebration of spontaneous musical collaboration. With First Light, Opio, who also is a member of Souls Of Mischief, and Pep Love take their cue from the finest characteristics of "Golden Era" hip-hop, while, at the same time, battling the paradox of their attraction to and antagonism against the pervasiveness of the apathy and debauchery in today's pop culture. Hence, the title of their debut album Fallacy Fantasy.

This spring, the duo will be taking their new music on the road, with the Stress Free Tour. Kicking off on March 20th in Fairfax, California, with stops along the way in cities like San Francisco and Fresno, before heading to Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and New Mexico, the tour will make 25 stops beforeending on April 19th in Salem, Oregon. Throughout the tour, First Light will be giving fans samples of their most recent work in conjunction with a campaign of behind-the-scenes footage and music videos.

To celebrate the announcement, First Light has released the album's first single, "Lighters." Featuring production by Unjust of The Chosen Few, "Lighters" is a track held together by solid groove and a drone of distant 8bit sounds. The video, edited by Unjust and directed by Casual, takes us from a dark forest where Casual tells us we are "witnessing hip-hop's beautification" to Pep Love’s yellow-lit basement, where he flashes into a shrouded and crystalline red-eyed creature. Esoteric themes and extraterrestrial references abound as Opio lets us know, "I see the future like George Orwellian theory." In contrast to the uncanny verses, the chorus is a sing-along anthem, complete with lines like, "Put your lighters in the air till it burns your thumb."

"Par-City" Ft. "Joe Budden"
"Money On My Head"

Twitter: @ParCitizens @WillyDope @GiFtheGreat

"Miss Your Love"
(Official Video)

"New York" Rap Duo "The Doppelgangaz"
 "Hark Back"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @TheDoppelgangaz

 Off "HARK" Dropping 3/12/13

Doppelgangaz announced their new album, HARK. The album, which will be released on March 12th via The Doppelgangaz' Groggy Pack Entertainment label, is a dark, gritty affair, one that places that group firmly amongst the fast-rising and multi-sub-genre scene of young New York rappers. With the announcement came first single, "Hark Back," and today, the duo of rapper/producers EP and Matter Ov Fact are releasing the video for the track.

The song, self-produced by The Doppelgangaz, opens with a haunting bass line, accented by a crisp, moving drum loop and a repeated vocal chant ("Ayo!") that plays against the duo's quick, dark verses. The clip, premiered this morning by
FADER, is a window into The Doppelgangaz' world and Black Cloak Lifestyle, as the clip moves from car-jacking-free-riding to a series of dark, cloaked bonfire performance scenes.

Also notable, the video, as with all things Doppelgangaz, was executed, start to finish, completely by EP and Matter Ov Fact. "We directed the video and came up with the treatment," says the duo, adding jokingly, "We didn't want to work with just ourselves, but unfortunately, those are the only people who can tolerate our antics."

The Doppelgangaz, comprised of rapper/producers and childhood
friends Matter Ov Fact and EP, are a standard bearer for the re-emergent New York hip-hop scene. Independently, through the duo's own label, Groggy Pack Entertainment, The Doppelgangaz had something of a breakout in 2011 and 2012, a run that included the release of their album, in addition to a string of instrumental projects and EP releases. 

Together, these releases have opened up The Doppelgangaz to a legion of loyal grassroots fans – The Doppelgangaz have over one million YouTube channel views; they've toured Europe extensively and are headed back for a headline tour this spring; they reached number one on HHV's Top 100 list, Europe's top vinyl retailer – and they've done it all independently. Now, with plans for a European headline tour this spring, The Doppelgangaz have announced their new album, HARK, which will be released March 12, 2013.

"Harlem" Rap Duo "Trips-N-Slim"
(Official Video)


Off "The Preface" Drop'n April 2nd

"Las Vegas" Rapper "Dizzy Wright"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @DizzyWright

2012 was nothing short of a breakout year for Funk Volume rapper Dizzy Wright. First up, the The Las Vegas native released his official debut album, SmokeOut Conversations, which peaked at #2 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart; next came a free mixtape, Free SmokeOut Conversations, with over 200,000 downloads; and, to close the year, an EP, The First Agreement, with yet another strong showing, peaking at #3 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts. And while these numbers would have even the most accomplished of artists celebrating, Dizzy instead brought his music to fans across the world, with tours alongside his Funk Volume labelmates Hopsin, Jarren Benton, SwizZz, and DJ Hoppa that spanned three continents.

Early last month, Dizzy partnered Hot New Hip-Hop to record the song
"Verbalizing," a track that has since amassed nearly 100,000 views on the site, and today, Dizzy and Hot New Hip-Hop are bringing fans a video for the popular single. The song, over somber, keys-driven production, finds Dizzy recounting the steps he's taken, since a teen, to get where he is today. The video, directed by Armen Soudjian for Urbanlinx Productions, complements the song well, a series of low key performance shots that allows Dizzy's introspective lyrics to shine.

"New Jersey" Group "Trillogy"
(Official Video)

Off Live @StadiumRed

Trillogy releases their second offering "Stay" from the highly anticipated E.P. Trillogy Live @ StadiumRed. In true Trillogy fashion the group deviates from the norm and through their music addresses important social issues. "Stay" is a testament to Trillogy's evolution.

"Flatbush, Brooklyn" Rapper "Curly Castro"
"They Call Me Castro" (Official Video)
"Curly Castro" Ft "Has-Lo" - "Coal"

Twitter: @CurlyCastro

Off "Fidel"

Castro released his Man Bites Dog
debut, FIDEL. The album, which released for free and presented by DJBooth.net, for the uninitiated fan, serves as the perfect intro to the Flatbush, Brooklyn-raised, Philly-based rapper. Often rebellious throughout, FIDEL explores issues of race, social equality, and more, influenced sounds ranging from Boot Camp Clik to Johnny Cash, and including guest work from the likes of Has-Lo and Zilla Rocca, both of whom also produce on the album, alongside Georgia Anne Muldrow, Small Professor, and more. Today, Curly Castro is releasing the video for
"They Call Me Castro."

The song, which opens FIDEL, is easily the most aggressive of the album. The track, produced by Blueprint, driven by heavy drums and a wailing electric
guitar loop, and the video, directed by Joe Castro, falls right in line, bringing together low-lit, gritty performance clips, some with Castro's eyes covered by a tied red bandana, and scenes of protests throughout the city, as Castro unloads a barrage of hardened lyrics that stems from the song's opening lyric, "Now they call me Castro/ My rap flow is militant."

"Curly Castro"
"They Call Me Castro" (Official Video)

"Curly Castro" Ft "Has-Lo"

"A-Wax" Ft. "Compton Menace"
"Gun Range"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @Waxfase
Off "Jesus Malverde" Drop'n 2/26/13

"Funk Volume"
"Don't Fu[n]k Up Our Beats"
Rap Contest 5

Twitter: @funkvolume

 Premier independent hip-hop label Funk Volume is excited to announce its "Don't Fu[n]k Up Our Beats Rap Contest 5." The contest, the label's fifth annual competition, gives aspiring rappers the opportunity to rap over selected beats from the Funk Volume vaults, with the opportunity win a range of prizes. The contest is currently open for submissions and will close on Sunday, March 10th at 11:59 PDT.  Finalist voting will begin on March 11th and winners will be announced on March 31st.

There are few independent rap labels that have
amassed the sort of rabid, dedicated fans that Funk Volume has – and there are even fewer that give back to its fans like Funk Volume does. The label, home to Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, SwizZz, DJ Hoppa, and
Hopsin, who also co-founded the label alongside label manager Damien 'Dame' Ritter has long since offered unique opportunities to truly bring their fans into the Funk Volume fold, and so, for Funk Volume, the "Don't Fu[n]k Up Our Beats Rap Contest" is just another great example. "For artists," says Ritter, "the contest is dope because it's essentially a microcosm of what it takes to be successful in the rap game today: dope music, dope visuals, and a grind to get your music in front of people. For us, it's a way to stay connected with artists and fans, and to spread our own brand."

To enter, contestants need to go to the Funk Volume contest page and purchase one of the featured contest beats. The contestant will then record a video of themselves rapping over the beat and will submit the video on Funk Volume's Facebook Fan Page before 11:59pm PDT on March 10th. On March 11th, Funk Volume will select 25 finalists, at which point voting will begin, with contestants encouraged to tell their fans, family, and friends to vote. Funk Volume will announce first, second, and third place winners on March 31st.

The grand prize winner for the contest will receive $2,500 and
the opportunity to open up for a Funk Volume show the next time one of the
label's artists is performing in the winner's city. The second place winner will
receive $1,000; the third place winner will take home $500.

For more details, including official entry rules and guidelines:

 Or check out the Funk Volume website here: http://myfunkvolume.com/contest/


"TGT" (Tyrese, Ginuwine, Tank)
"Sex Ain't Never Felt Better"

IDK, I guess I was hoping for a little more sexy track, not saying its whack, cuz its not that, I just wanted to get pregnant, and I didn't, feel like I just had a good time. (lol)


(20) "Artist With Street Heat"

"DJ YRS Jerzy" Ft. "Chox-Mak" - "Ima Get Mine"
 "Motel Eola" - "Witness II" (Instrumental)
"Kaleb" Ft. "Trel Mack" - "Love The Way You Do That There"
"HARN SOLO" FT. "SUAVE" - "TODAY"(Official Video)
"Young Paperboyz" - "Leave Me" (Official Video)
"F.Y.I." - "Incense" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
"Fortunato" Ft "Caution Da Don" "Piss On You" (Official Video)
"K.R.I.S" - "Repent" (Official Video)
"YOUNG CYPHER"  - "DO IT" (Official Video)
"Kito" & "Reija Lee" - "Sweet Talk" (KJ Hines Remix)
"Pop-A-Lot" & "Frank Whyte" - "MEAL TICKET"
"SkyBlew" & "Mega Ran" & "Whiz Kid"  - "Game Over"
"Lil Pooh" Feat "Sun"  - "Pump Fake" (Official Video)
"D. Focis" - "Dreamin...Still" (Official  Video)
"AK" - "Track 35 Freestyle" (Official Video)
"Young Sir" - "Eitha Way It Go" (Official Video)
"Jay Griffy" Spittin Flames Snaps Out Live On MFM


Twitter: @Bamastarz256

Off "Blackz & Bluntz"


(Official VIdeo)

 Twitter: @indianarome

Off "Trilogy"


Twitter: @Dchamberz_SCH

D.Chamberz is not to be overlooked! From his ingenious bars matched with a captivating beat Chamberz knows how to deliver. Recently D.Chamberz posted a freestyle of bars that may have been "overlooked" in the past. Directed by Mr.Kon, this video gives us that Coney Island street vibe that we haven't seen in a while. Be on the look out for his upcoming mixtape
UnorthodoxTrapRaps with Bill Collector dropping soon.

"Detroit, Michigan" Rapper "D. Focis"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @dfocis

Off "Mystery Of There/Music To Dream To"

Dreamin'...Still" is the first single from the forthcoming album "Mystery of There/Music to Dream to" by Artist/Producer D.Focis.

"I have overcome self-doubt and fear to reach for my dreams with everything I have in me...my
story is of faith and hope..and it deserves to be told".

D.Focis (Pronounced Dee Focus) Is an Artist/Producer from Detroit, MI.  As an artist he has released 7 solo projects (Still Dreamin, Oxygen, The New Tokyo Mixtape, The New Tokyo Mixtape 2, The Be Strong LP, The Herman Gardens Project) Because of the introspective and inspirational nature of his music, he is often compared to artists like Common, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Mos Def and others known for "conscious" music.

As a producer, he began his professional career in Tokyo, Japan in 2005 producing for Hip Hop artist Zeebra on his hit album "New Beginning".  Some of his other credits include records produced for The Nappy Roots, Killer Mike, Bobby Creekwater, Stat Quo, Cashis, Donnis, Kidz in the Hall, Aloe Blac and many others.

"Nigerian" Hip-Hip Duo "Young Paperboyz"
"Leave Me"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @YoungPaperboyz

Off "Naija Boss" Mix Tape

Nigerian Hip-hop, R&B & Pop Duo, "Young Paperboyz" drops latest visual for ‘Leave Me’ The track appeared on their most recent mixtape “Naija Boss”. The visual was shot in November Last year. Young Paperboyz is currently working on Naija Boss “Techno Reloaded” Ep album, which they aims to release this year.

"Lil Pooh" Feat "Sun"
"Pump Fake"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @ItsLilPooh @Sun_Days

"Kaleb" Ft. "Trel Mack" & "G.K."
"Love The Way You Do That There"

Twitter: @iamkaleb @trelmack

"DMV" Rapper "Young Sir"
"Eitha Way It Go"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @YoungSirDMV

Off “Da Recognition 2

Young Sir, one of the DMV’s hottest hip hop artists, continues to make his presence known.   He is starting the year 2013 with a great start—the
dropping of "Da Recognition 2" mixtape, scheduled performances, three singles with music videos to follow!

 "Philly" Female Emcee "Mz Lynx"
& "Garci" (Apegang)
"My B*tch Bad"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @Mzlynx_215 @apeganggarci



Twitter: @dchamberz_sch

"Christian" Rapper "K.R.I.S"
(Official Video)

K.R.I.S. (Keeping Religion in Season), Christian Hip-Hop’s newcomer brings a passionate love for Christ with an undeniable lyrical talent. With a subtle mix of Hip-Hop and R&B K.R.I.S. creates a unique sound which he labels “life music.” K.R.I.S. is a member and CEO of BTMG Muziq Group, which launched in the summer of 2012. Along side of his fiance Amanda Lewallen their purpose is to create a family oriented atmosphere, with a goal of winning souls for Christ. K.R.I.S’s mission is to not only inspire, but also to change the secular realm of music adjoining two worlds with focus of delivering one message. “God is, always has, and forever will be Commander & Chief to all nations.”****

K.R.I.S. was born and raised in the city of New York in a single parent home.
Statistically speaking, the future was one that would bring many challenges. Raised by his mother, Dr. Adrienne Williams who is an avid church goer and believer of the gospel, She was instrumental in strengthening his foundation. K.R.I.S. always knew truth, but as a man in search of feeling quickly fell victim to the money and power which brought an unsettling fame. You name it he lived it, experiencing all the street had to offer except death itself. Although K.R.I.S. ignored what he knew about God his life was still spared. “A praying mother is what got me through” says K.R.I.S. In 2011 everything would change. Sitting alone in a one room apartment he accepted Christ back into his life, and his vow never to return to a world of death, pain, and imprisonment stands strong today and forever. ****

“Eclectic Praize,” is his self titled album describing a journey in which he
came and now uses for the sole purpose of testament. K.R.I.S. describes his
character as one of passion, loyalty, forgiveness, and growth. “To God be the
glory may I walk, talk, live, and see as my Father does” he replies. Always
having a strong fear of God, K.R.I.S. is now humbled by his experiences and
experience alone has brought about a change many recognize as a gift. After five years in an industry unforgiving and brutally honest, K.R.I.S. prays that this gift will be accepted by all genres. “If God is with me no man will ever tear down what He has built.” Prepare yourselves for an artist weathered with an anointing whose soul is anchored by the Kingdom, with a stage presence that will usher pure praise reaching out to the nations. Amen****

"DJ YRS Jerzy" Ft. "Chox-Mak"
"Ima Get Mine"

Twitter: @IAMDJYRSJERZY @jaxcityguerilla

"Ima Get Mine" describes the struggles in life and the message behind the song is to keep grinding and you will make it. Focus on your career and never worry about some one putting you down always accomplish your goals.

"Pop-A-Lot" & "Frank Whyte"

Off "The Kush Administration" Mixtape
Dropping 2.23.13

Twitter: @pop_a_lot @FrankWhyte305

(Official Video)

Twitter: @harnsolo @IStillLoveHER

New Orleans-based emcee Harn SOLO presents the Focus Cinema TV-directed music video for "Today" feat. Suave, the latest single from his album Journey To The Sky, produced with live instrumentation by NOLA musicians - Pro Prospek x Coco Dank. 

After performing a few short years in New Orleans and abroad, Harn SOLO's musical journey recently brought him full circle to Arizona. "Today" captures Harn SOLO's return to the west coast with scenery at Camelback Mountain overlooking the desert skyline of Phoenix. Harn SOLO continues to expand his unique brand of hip-hop traveling to New Orleans, Houston, Atlanta, London and Amsterdam, performing along side the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, Skyzoo, Chase N. Cashe and Mickey Factz.

Harn SOLO has eight albums under his belt including Reaching Higher, Shooting Star and The Grind, his full-length album with rising hip-hop artist Lyriqs da Lyraciss. (Listen here). Combining elements of jazz and pop, online rap magazine Definition of Fresh says, "Harn SOLO's bringing back vision to the art form. Thinking outside the box and not afraid to expand the boundaries of hip-hop." Featured on the single "Today" Suave says, "I'm always glad to work with artists that have a true passion for their craft. Harn is one of those artists."

"Los Angeles" Rapper "F.Y.I."

Off "Yo" Mix Tape

Twitter: @FYIpsalms

F.Y.I. gives us some cinematic visuals to his latest song, Incense, complete with a crooked female cop, a plot to get riches, a sexy "down-for-her-guy" chick, and of course incense.

You can smell the sex in the air by the time the video

The crown jewel of Mid-City L.A. will be releasing this song on his new tape titled Yo! The Places You'll Go.

"Toranto" Rapper "Fortunato" Ft "Caution Da Don"
"Piss On You"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @IamFortunato @DaSmokeshow420

Introducing the latest song from Fortunato featuring Caution Da Don with production from Graffic and cuts by Uncle Fester of The Extremities.

Fortunato was born in the west end of Toronto and grew up watching his older brother breakdance. He began his career as an MC doing gong shows and high school talent showcases. Eventually he began freestyling and became the host of a weekly cypher called Rehab Thursdays at a legendary Toronto club named The Beat Junkie. He then began battling and won several tournament in KOTD, Beastmode amongst others. He is now focusing on the release of his 4th album "Unseen Armada" which features production from Juno nominated producer Fresh Kils and is set to be released in spring 2013.

19 Year Old "South East London" Producer "Motel Eola"
"Witness II" (Instrumental)

Twitter: @moteleola1st

Off "Kids Looking For Gold"

"Witness II" hits with sharp alternating drums, layering over the dark and powerful choir, with the subtle touch of gritty Synths playing over the instrumental. Visually covered by the amazing animated battle between light and darkness.

This instrumental project is about youthfulness, inspiration & the pursuit of happiness versus harsh reality. "Kids Looking For Gold" is my metaphor for our generation of individuals. We are all in search of our own "Gold" whether it be physical material possessions, the notion of success, or the achievement of our wildest dreams. Along this Journey for our "Gold" we may forget who we once were, conform to the norm, submit to defeat or accept "reality". As "Kids" we were forever optimistic, imaginative & experimental. The more we grow up the more we set aside our dreams as if the countdown of our life on earth is ever decreasing, leaving not enough time for us to do what we yearn for. No, we are dream chasers, creators and forever young at heart. We are "Kids Looking For Gold".

My production influences vary from Apollo Brown's hard hitting solid drums to Oddisee's experimental drum patterns and classic breaks, to 9th wonder & Exile's amazing sample play and full album productions, to Just Blaze & Alchemist's epic theatrical style of production, to DreamVille's variety and incorporation of different genres to sample. I simply love the genius of an instrumental and the art of production.

(Official Video)

Twitter: @YoungCypher

"Kito" & "Reija Lee"
"Sweet Talk"
 (KJ Hines Remix)

Twitter: @kjhines

One day while listening to one of his many Pandora stations Kito & Reija Lee's "Sweet Talk" came in through the head phones and KJ was instantly hooked. He enjoyed the hypnotic transcendent sound of the song so much that he decided to throw a couple bars on the track. The song will capture your attention right from the start with its catchy hook while KJ's hard hitting, well received verses will keep you listening from beginning to end!

KJ Hines News: KJ has been invited to perform at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas this yr. In the next few weeks we will be gearing up for the festival and most likely be releasing one more track leading up to the SXSW so stay tuned! Feel free to Keep up with KJ Hines' SXSW show scedual here >> http://schedule.sxsw.com/2013/events/event_MS21332

KJ Hines Bio: KJ first got his start when a mutual friend introduced him to Atlanta-based producer Skrapp who has collaborated and worked with KJ to make him into the artist he is today. Sense moving to Atlanta KJ has had the privilege of working with other artist and producers such as K E on the Track, SODMG's JBar, FKi and S.M. Tracks. While his hip-hop sound and R & B feel have attracted the attention of major companies, KJ maintains the support of indie-label Dap Records, where he first got his start. Through Dap he released his debut album, entitled "capital city," as a reference to his mature lifestyle as a 16-year-old. He continues to focus on providing quality entertainment in Atlanta, across the country, and worldwide.

"Ohio" Rapper "AK"
"Track 35 Freestyle"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @AKrowdyBoy

AK’s journey began in the blimp city, AKron, Ohio. He has been influenced by many genres and many artists but he loves the emotion and realness of a Tupac, or a Kendrick Lamar.  At age 13, AK began writing rhymes but never recorded until a year later when him and some high school friends put together a basement studio.

AK graduated high school in 2012 and from that moment began planning for the release of his debut solo mixtape, “Misunderstood”.  This mixtape was very successful for being a debut mixtape that had a very low budget, and it gained him notoriety in his hometown and the surrounding cities. He has sinse been hard to work developing himself as a serious music artist.

"SkyBlew" & "Mega Ran" & "Whiz Kid"
"Game Over"

In Celebration Of Me Performing At The HUGE Carolina Gaming Summit, I Decided To Release This Exclusive NerdCore Hip Hop BANGER!!!!

SkyBlew, WhizKid x Mega Ran (Random) With Raisi K. On The Production!!! GAME OVER! Aint No Extra Lives When You Die...Just Game Over! I Had To Dwell On The Concept So This Is The Result..Check Out The Way We Flipped It & This Super Mario

"Jay Griffy"
Spittin Flames Snaps Out Live On MFM

Twitter: @GriffyOnline


"What Gives In Celbrity Biz?"

"Wale" New Album Will Have More "Soul!"
"Too $hort" I Didn't Know Trinidad James Used My Beat 
"YG" On Confronting Twitter Trash Talker
"Meek Mill" Says Dreamchasers 3 Will Be "Looser"
"FRENCH MONTANA" Freestyle - Hot97 Funk Flex
"Christina Milian" Talks Directing @Roc Nation Brunch
"Kirko Bangz" Thankful Fans Stuck Around Without Album
"The-Dream" Responds To Jay-Z Diss 
"Ashanti" Signing to Young Money?
"T.I." Talks "Trap Back Jumpin' " & "Hit Man"

Talks New Album Will Have More "Soul"

"Too $hort"
I Didn't Know Trinidad James Used My Beat

On Confronting Twitter Trash Talker

The Compton spitter describes an incident in which a fan who had sent shots on the Internet approached YG at a mall. He says things almost got ugly. "You don't just walk up on somebody like that," he said.

Meek Mill: Dreamchasers 3 Will Be "Looser"

Meek Mill has opted to drop another mixtape, Dreamchasers 3, and plans to be "looser" on his new project.

Freestyle - Hot97 Funk Flex

"Christina Milian"
Talks About Directing At Roc Nation Brunch

"Kirko Bangz"
Thankful Fans Stuck Around Without Album

Houston rapper Kirko Bangz explains why he has yet to release his debut album, despite having two successful singles, and says that he's famous he still has a large fan base without an official album. Kirko also shares a story about being in the studio with Master P, and how they connected over the legacy of Southern rap.

Responds To Jay-Z Diss
Backstage At 55th Grammy Awards

BlackTree TV covers the 55th GRAMMY Awards Red Carpet.

No one dominated this year: fun. took the first two of the big four awards, but then nothing, and a quartet of acts wound up the night with three apiece. If you have to pick a winner, The Black Keys get it with an asterisk due to Dan Auerbach's producer Grammy.

Once again, the emphasis was on performances over awards: just 10 awards presented in 210 minutes, and the final award didn't end the night, as the show went to commercial, then came back to a performance by host LL Cool J with Chuck D, Tom Morello, and Travis Barker.

 Signing to Young Money?

Ashanti addresses rumors that she may be signing to Young Money-Cash Money, and discusses her upcoming album "Braveheart" and duets with Keyshia Cole and R. Kelly.

Track by Track: "Trap Back Jumpin' "

Twitter: @tip

T.I. goes track by track and explains the story behind each song from his latest album, 'Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head'. Here is his explanation of "Trap Back

Talks playing a hit man in "Identity Thief"

T.I. talks about stealing Donald Trump's Identity on Coming To The
Screen.  Mild-mannered businessman Sandy Patterson travels from Denver to Miami to confront the deceptively harmless-looking woman who has been living it up after stealing Sandy's identity.




"Jim Jones" & "Swizz Beatz"
"Green Light Go"


"Nike Area 72" All Star Unboxing
Lebron X, KD V, Barkley Posite & More

Sneaker expert DJ Skee unboxes Nike's "Area 72" All Star Weekend Alien Pack which includes the Nike Zoom Lebron X, Kevin Durant Zoom KD V MS (Mid Season), Barkley Posite Max PRM QS (Premium Quick Strike), Nike Air Force Max Ray Gun. We also get a sneak peak into the next Skee Locker episode featuring the most anticipated shoe of 2013.

The Area 72 pack feature reflective 3M, alien skin, galaxy type lining, glow in the dark materials, and more.


"Behind Da Video Scenes"

"French Montana"
Ft Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, Red Cafe & King Los
"Ocho Cinco
"YG" Ft Wiz Khalifa & Young Jeezy 
"Young Cypher" Ft "Haitian Fresh" & "ODR"
"Finna Blow"

We take you through the sunny streets of Los Angeles to be on set with French Montana to catch the BTS visuals for his new video which features his fellow Bad Boy Records artists.

"French Montana"
Ft Diddy, Machine Gun Kelly, Red Cafe & King Los
"Ocho Cinco"

"YG" Ft "Wiz Khalifa" & "Young Jeezy"
Behind The Video Scenes

Skee.TV and Modern Artists Creative Presents Behind-The-Scenes of YG's "Playin" music video which features Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa and cameos from Nipsey Hussle and Ty Dolla $ign

We take you to the Pheed house located in
Beverly Hills, California to be on set in this party themed video.

The music video is directed by Matt Alonzo and the song is produced by Cardo.

"Young Cypher" Ft "Haitian Fresh" & "ODR"
"Finna Blow"
(Behind Da Scenes)


"Ed Lover's" - "C'mon Son"
Quick Hits "Politics" & "Hip Hop"

Ed Lover speaks on State of the Union and the Pope's retirement!

C'mon Son Quick Hit
"Hip Hop"