Congrats!! To Bay Area Christian Rappers
"Transparent" & "Black Knight" For Their Songs "OK" & "Ready 4 Whateva"
 Appearing On @ESPN!!!!!

Twitter: @SoTransparent @bkcreationz

Two songs from Transparent's street album "D.O.P.E." were featured on
ESPN's SportsCenter.

The two songs, "OK!" & "Ready
4 Whateva" ft. Black Knight, were both produced by the up and coming super
producer Black Knight.


"C'mon Son"
"Quick Hit Ratchetness"


Do N It Live

French Montana
Performs Live and brings out Trina, Busta, DJ Khaled, Wyclef

Bridget Kelly Sings Special Delivery Live
Vado With DJ Khaled & Freestyles on Flex
N.O.R.E Drops A Freestyles On Funkmaster Flex 
Travis Porter Invades Germany
French Montana Performs "Money Work" w/ Uncle Murda at Sobs
French Montana Performs "Shot Caller" at Take over Tour 
Scheme Street Battle: Poopie Doo vs Young El
Be Heard Sessions: With Pusha T + Exclusive Freestyle
Eldorado Red Mixtape #WhitePower Release Party
Bobby Valentino  Listening Session for "Fly On The Wall"

"French Montana"
Performs Live and brings out
Trina, Busta, DJ Khaled, Wyclef

"Bridget Kelly"
"Special Delivery" Live

Drops By With DJ Khaled & Freestyles on Flex

"Bobby Valentino
Listening Session for "Fly On The Wall"

Freestyles On Funkmaster Flex

"Travis Porter"
Invaded Germany

"French Montana"
Performs "Money Work" w/ Uncle Murda at Sobs

"French Montana"
Performs "Shot Caller" At Take over Tour

Scheme Street Battle: Poopie Doo vs Young El

Twitter: @SchemeStreet

Poopie Doo vs Young El was a great battle put on by Scheme Street as both MCs came ready with quality bars and great performance.  While Young El had some really good lines, Poopie Doo's 3rd round which took the blueprint from Eminem's self-diss battle verse in "8-Mile" made it hard for Young El to really come back with anything to counter that.  In the end it comes down to who's bars you like

Boost Mobile Presents - "Be Heard Sessions"
 With "Pusha T"
+ Exclusive Freestyle

In this episode, G.O.O.D. Music Recording Artist Pusha T tells the story about how he got into music because of his older brother/partner Malice. Who was always into Hip-Hop. He tells how his brother was rapping with Timbaland in middle school and how they ran into Pharrell Williams. With him being in the environment of these people writing and recording songs. He decided to join in and he wrote his first rap song titled "Thief Of The Night". He says this became
the start of the hip hop duo "Clipse".

Pusha also says the biggest part of being an artist for him, is seeing the crowd and the fans react to what he puts out in the market place.

Quote: "When I hear the term "Be Heard", its just about having a voice. It's about letting your thoughts and your opinions and your feelings be on display. You really open yourself up to scrutiny and everything else, but you know. You get to give the people what you want them to hear." - Pusha T

Watch him end the session with an "off the dome" freestyle.

"Eldorado Red"
"#WhitePower" Mixtape Release Party

Twitter: @BGMEldorado


(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"
"Jay Ant" Ft. "1-O.A.K." - "Aliens"
Extreme & San Quinn Ft. FamSyrk, Majjin - "Get You High"
JT Gutta & Mac Huss Ft. Young Gully - "Darlin Baby"
"That N*gga Drizzle" - "Love My Kids"
"$lant" & "Taj-He-Spitz" - "I'ma Fool"
RobLo Ft. Dubb 20 & Philthy Rich - "Iz Majic"
"Nittee" & "Tommy T." - "2 Of Those"
Dre Dre Ft. Remenesse, ST Spittin, Boogie B - "Freak Nasty"
"PhantomBeatz" - "Deep Love"
Carlos G Ft. Young Bari, El Negro - "Bring That Ass Back"

"Jay Ant" Ft. "1-O.A.K."

Twitter: @JayAntMusic @1OAKAllDay

Extreme & San Quinn Ft FamSyrk & Majjin
 "Get You High"

Twitter: @ExtremeHWD  @SanQuinn

"JT Gutta" & "Mac Huss" Ft. "Young Gully"
"Darlin Baby"

Twitter: @JTGuttaMME @MacHuss1 @YoungGully

"That Nigga Drizzle"
"Love My Kids"

Twitter: @datniggadrizzle

"$lant" & "Taj-He-Spitz"
"I'mma Fool"

Twitter: @tajhespitz

"RobLo" Ft. "Dubb 20" & "Philthy Rich"
"Iz Majic"

@RobLoBlahkOp @DubbTwoZero  @philthyrichFOD

"Nittee" & "Tommy T."
"2 Of Those"

Twitter: @ggcenttommyt  @NitteeDonDada

"Dre Dre"
Ft. "Remenesse", "ST Spittin" & "Boogie B"
"Freak Nasty"

Twitter: @dredresmoove @stspittin

"Deep Love"

Twitter: @PhantomBeats

"Carlos G" Ft. "Young Bari" & "El Negro"
"Bring That Ass Back"


 "Hot Sneaker Shots"

Dwyane Wade Explains The Evolution of His Li-Ning Shoe
Swizz Beatz on Reebok: It's Not About Swizz, It's a Movement
Shaq: Would I Wear Kobes? No, Never
Air Jordan 13 & "He Got Game" 2013 Retro - Review
Air Jordan 13 Retro & '97 "He Got Game" Skee Review
Ty$ Names The Ugliest Sneaker Of All Time
Paul Wall Picks His Favorite Jordans
Jadakiss On $250 Air Jordan XX8 - "It's Not That Bad"
Dwyane Wade Explains Stingray All-Star Sneaker
Tahiry Explains Why She Can't Stop Buying Sneakers 

"Dwyane Wade"
Explains The Evolution of His Li-Ning Shoe

Dwyane Wade runs down the changes that were made during the designing of his signature Li-Ning Way of Wade sneaker.

"Swizz Beatz"
On Reebok: It's Not About Swizz, It's a Movement

Swizz Beatz tells us what to expect from the Reebok Question in the near future,
his thoughts on the brand's early 2013 success and gives an idea of what to
expect going forward.

Would I Wear Kobes? No, Never

Shaq tells us if he would wear Kobe's sneaker, where his Shaq brand stands
and his reaction to Reebok reaching out to him.

"Air Jordan 13" & "He Got Game" 2013
Retro - Review

Skee Locker:
"Air Jordan 13" Retro
& "Air Jordan 1" Retro '97 "He Got Game"

"Ty$ "
Names The Ugliest Sneaker Of All Time

"Paul Wall"
Picks His Favorite Jordans

Paul Wall gives his thoughts on the new Jordan XX8, picks his favorite Jays and lets us know where his sneaker collection is at.

On $250 Air Jordan XX8 - "It's Not That Bad"

Jadakiss shares his thoughts on the new Air Jordan XX8 from the look to the
price. Jada also tells us what's his favorite sneaker at the moment and gives a rough estimate of where his total shoe collection is at.

"Dwyane Wade"
Explains "Stingray" All-Star Sneaker

Explains Why She Can't Stop Buying Sneakers


"More Than Buzz, They Do What Id Does"
Nyemiah Supreme
- "Nothin" (Official Video)
Baiyu - "Surface"
K-Woody Ft Simrin Jhangiani - "Roll With Me"
Wil Dix - "Mr Temptation" (Official Video)
Sherrod White - "One In A Million" (Offical Video)
Eddie B Ft. Action Bronson - "Marvelous"
Tez McClain - "By Any Means"
Hayze Ft Apathy - "Life is Hell" (Official Video)
The Doppelgangaz - "Oh Well" (Official Video)
Dark Time Sunshine Ft Aesop Rock & Swamburger  "Take My Hand" (Video)  

Queens native rapper and former back-up dancer Nyemiah Supreme can take care of herself, thankyouverymuch. Her newest video for “Nothin” which VIBE premiered yesterday, celebrates independent women.

Featuring a fit all-female cast, the video shows Nyemiah and her girls flexing at the gym and at one of her favorites spots, the famous sneaker shop GB’s in Jamaica, Queens. 

“The concept of the video is just me and my girls working out in the gym, showing the guys that we stronger than them and that we can do anything better than them because we don’t need them for anything” says Nyemiah. “It’s lighthearted and fun, not to be taken seriously.”

With two successful mixtape releases under her belt, BAD and
Pre-Gaming, Nyemiah is getting ready to release another project in the spring. More details to come soon.

"Queens, NY" Rapper "Nyemiah Supreme"
(Official VIdeo)

Twitter: @NyemiahSupreme

"Songstress Baiyu"

Twitter: @baiyumusic

As people, we navigate through life the best way that we can but there's  a lot of times when we get caught up in conventions, biases and subjective heresy. "Surface," the March #TeamBaiyu release, brings color to the chaos that we're often forced to face with little guidance towards truth. It challenges traditional means of thought and behavior, and asks that you break through the veil to take a breath.

"K-Woody"  Ft. "Simrin Jhangiani"
"Roll With Me"


Off "People I've Met"

People I've Met. This project stands to commemorate all the great people whom I have met and have helped me along the way with my music in some way. I am supported by an all star
cast including the artists Chris Hurley, IOU, Shannon Livewell, YYou, Simrin Jhagiani, Ryan Notes and more.

The project has a multitude of different sounds so I am more than confident there is a little something for everybody on the full EP!


"Fort Lauderdale, FL" Singer "Wil Dix"
"Mr Temptation"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @WiL_Dix

"Sherrod White"
"One In A Million"
(Offical Video)

Twitter: @sherrodwhite

Sherrod White states, "It's authentic music in its purest form that encourages the listener to pursue their God given purpose in the mist of temptation to conform to what the culture tells them who they should be.
Everyone is told who they should be and often not encouraged to be who they authentically are, be that One
In A Million".

"Eddie B" Feat. "Action Bronson"

Twitter: @EDDIEBHIPHOP @HarryFraud

Next week, on Wednesday, March 13th, Eddie B & Harry Fraud, alongside Roc Marciano, Copywrite, and more, will headline the Man Bites Dog Records Official SXSW showcase – and they'll be using the opportunity
to unveil their new EP, Horsepower, both live on stage and as an exclusive early release via cassette tape. Today, following last week's release of lead single "Courage," Eddie and Harry are
releasing the EP's second single, "Marvelous," which was premiered by MTV Hive and features fellow NY rapper Action Bronson.

While "Courage" carried a more slowed, deliberate pace, driven by Fraud's creeping chops and Eddie's spaced out bars, "Marvelous" carries a quicker tempo, which does well, in contrast to "Courage" in showing off Eddie B's diversity and ability to flip flows . The hook, built around a sampled lyric from Raekwon's classic "Rainy Dayz" verse, sets the tone for the track, as Eddie and Action trade impressive bars. "I just listen to the beat," says Eddie, "and it instructs me what to do."

"Tez McClain"
"By Any Means"

Twitter: @tezmcclain

Last week, Atlanta rapper Tez McClain released his new EP, Scoundrel. The project, Tez' first release since
touring recently with the likes of Killer Mike, Mistah FAB, and Eligh, includes features from E-40, Reese, Erk Tha
Jerk, HBK Skipper
, along with production from Zaytoven and Natural Disaster. It's also a project that finds Tez at his most aggressive, lacing the 10-track project with assertive, unrelenting bars, and a perfect example of that is new single "By Any Means," which features Hollywood Da Prynce, and for which Tez is
releasing a video today.

Driven by a winding synth line and sinister 808's, all courtesy of producer Natural Disaster, the track, as Tez puts it, explains "the mentality of the average dude from urban America that feels worthless without money and tangibles." The video, directed by Be El Be, brings that sentiment to life, all dark imagery that tells the story of a young man who commits armed robbery in an attempt to maintain a certain lifestyle, and the repercussions that come with it.

"New London, Connecticut" Rapper "Hayze"
Ft "Apathy"
"Life is Hell"
(Official Video)

 Twitter: @hayzect @apathydgz @manbitesdogrecs

Off "The Smoker's Section" Mix Tape

New London, Connecticut, isn’t often known as a hip-hop breeding
ground, but as the hometown to upstart rapper Hayze, that may
soon change.  After being introduced to Man Bites Dog Records
by Demigodz veteran Apathy, Hayze is
getting ready to release The Smoker’s Section, a new mixtape dropping on March 7th.  Last week, Hayze and Apathy released the single for their first ever collaboration, "Life Is Hell," with the two rappers going bar-for-bar, and now this week, they're releasing a video for the track.

The video, directed by Camacho of Flawless Visuals, was shot in New London, a grimy, freezing spot where barren streets and a chilling climate lend to the viciousness and energy of the track.  “Everything ties into the song,” says Hayze, “because the song’s about how life is hard all the time but you gotta keep it pushing.”  With a treatment from Apathy, the video shows the two rappers, despite the generational difference, coming together to represent their shared Connecticut roots. "It's special just knowing that I have a video with Apathy,” said Hayze. "That’s huge for a kid from a small town."

"New York" Rap Duo "The Doppelgangaz"
 "Oh Well"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @thedoppelgangaz

Off "HARK" Dropping 3/12/13

Earlier this month, fast-rising NY duo The Doppelgangaz announced their new album, HARK, accompanied by a video for the album's debut single, "Hark Back."

 The album, which will be released March 12th via the duo's label, Groggy Pack Entertainment, is a dark, gritty affair, one that nods toward the past, with comparisons to Gravediggaz
and Boot Camp Clik, while looking towards the future and places The
Doppelgangaz, comprised of rapper/producers EP and
Matter Ov Fact
, firmly among the emergent New York hip-hop scene.
Today, The Doppelgangaz are releasing their new video, "Oh Well."

With their previous video for "Hark Back," The Doppelgangaz delivered a black-and-white clip featuring The Dopps as black-cloaked, free-riding car-jackers, and with this new video for "Oh Well," again self-directed by EP and Matter Ov Fact and premiered today by VIBE, the duo continues to 
deliver visuals that match their rugged aesthetic. The song opens with a
crackled soul sample, and the video, shot in upstate New York, at a cattle farm, does well to show off the duo's sense of humor. "The treatment came to us while dining at Peter Luger Steakhouse," says The Doppelgangaz, jokingly. "We were drinking milk, listening to the song, and it hit us!"

Dark Time Sunshine Ft. Aesop Rock & Swamburger
"Take My Hand"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @drktimesunshine @AesopRockWins @Solilla


"Snoop Dogg"
(Dedication To Mr. Magic & Chastity)


Atlanta "Christian" Rapper
"M.P.H." (Man Praise Hard)
"On My Block"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @ManPraisinHard

Off "Critical Condition" Mix Tape

Few artists are willing to promote themselves in an unpopular fashion. With the immense amount of love shown to artist who promote violence and sexual promiscuity, the role of "Christian rapper" is very unappealing. But 21 year old M.P.H. is not afraid.
Inspired at the age of 8, the rapper from Atlanta began writing and producing his own music. This naïve experimentation proved to be the
starting point of a ministry which would continue throughout M.P.H.’s college and adult life. MPH is the bridge between hip-hop and the church.



(8) "Artist With Street Heat"

"Ca$h Shay" - "Letter To The Hood"
"Bueno" Ft "Sene" - "Rollin" (Official Video)
"Crane Novacane" - "Different Kind of Guap" (Video)
"Lil Young" - "Whatever You Want"
"Par-City" - "I'm Ready"

 Female "Atlanta" Rapper "Ca$h Shay"
"Letter To The Hood"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @CASH_SHAY

Off "Power Of Dat P"

"Bueno" Ft "Sene"
(Official Video)

Drop'n Nationally Online & DVD May 14th, 2013

Twitter:  @TheRealBueno  @DamonJamal

"Crane Novacane"
"Different Kind of Guap
(Official Video)

Off "Right Hand To God" Dropping 4/9/13


Twitter: @jormencarr



Twitter: @stizzapegang

"Lil Young"
"Whatever You Want"

 "I'm Ready"

Twitter: @ParCitizens @GifTheGreat @WillyDope    


"What Gives In Celebrity Biz?"

Kendrick Lamar Talks Next Single, Drake, & Emeli Sandé Remix
Sevyn Streeter - "I Like It" Dance Contest
Jill Scott Talks Prepping New Album + New CBS Pilot
 T.I. Talks Trouble Man Sequel, Hustle Gang Compilation
Terrence Howard tells Angie juicy details on Oprah
Nelly Explains Slamming His Label on Twitter
Stevie J: Joseline Calling Me Gay Doesn't Bother Me
Snoop Dogg Explains Squashing Beef With Suge Knight
Braxton Sisters Dish On Season 3 of Braxton Family Values
Behind The Scenes With Tia And Tamera For Essence, Part II

Kendrick Lamar discusses future collaborations with Drake, remixing Emeli Sandé's single "Next to Me," sharing the stage with 50 Cent, and his next single and album.

"Kendrick Lamar"
Talks Next Single, Drake, & Emeli Sandé Remix

"Sevyn Streeter"
"I Like It" Dance Contest

Submit a video of your choreography to "I Like It" and Sevyn will choose her favorite! On lucky winner and a guest will be flown out to Miami on March 21st to meet Sevyn!

"Jill Scott"
Talks Prepping New Album + New CBS Pilot

Jill Scott isn't letting acting slow down her music grind. When we caught up with Scott at Clive Davis' Pre Grammy party she told us that she's in the studio tough prepping a new album.

Talks Trouble Man Sequel, Hustle Gang Compilation

T.I. reveals that the sequel to "Trouble Man," "He Who Wears the Crown," is "60 to 70 percent done," and announces the first-ever Hustle Gang compilation.

"Terrence Howard"
Tells Angie juicy details on Oprah!

Explains Slamming His Label on Twitter

"Stevie J"
Joseline Calling Me Gay Doesn't Bother Me

Stevie J explains what he felt like after Joseline went on Twitter, calling him gay, amongst other things. Stevie says it's not the first time he's heard it, but he's so comfortable with himself that the rumors don't bother him.

"Snoop Dogg"
Explains Squashing Beef WIth Suge Knight

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion opens up about recently reconciling with Suge Knight, explaining that it was a business decision they felt was right to make. Snoop also shares his thoughts on Death Row's legacy, NWA reunion and Eazy-E's impact on him.

"Braxton Sisters"
Dish On Season 3 of Braxton Family Values

HipHollywood caught up with Trina, Towanda and Tamar at the premiere for sister Toni's new film "Twist of Faith," and got the scoop on what in the world is going on with the Braxton sisters and why they're at odds with baby sister Tamar again.

Behind The Scenes With Tia And Tamera
 For Essence, Part II