"Operation T.H.U.G.S." 
First Annual "Spring Forward" Concert
April 23, 2011

On Saturday April 23, 2011 "Operation "T.H.U.G.S", which stands for "The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls", based out of "Fairfield, Ca" celebrated our Lord and Savior, "Jesus Christ", day of resurrection "Easter", by throwing their 1st annual "Spring Forward" concert, at "Allan Witt" park in "Fairfield, CA". 

There was plenty of free food and drinks, Easter egg hunts for the kids and performances by "Menace Tree", "Transparent", "Journee", "Fire Fall Ministry: Dodye Lord Lloyd", "Story Tellers", "Miranda Boston", "Turf Ministries", "Bliz", "Tone" (Of G L.I.F.E.), "Dean" (Of Radical Reality), "Vessell", "Fuego", "Big-Bien", "Kareem Hickman", "Dennis Gaxiola",  and more. The event was hosted by "WORDSmith" and definitely was a "God" time and a blessing to the "Fairfield" community. 

"Operation "T.H.U.G.S." is a non-profit organization who's goal and mission is to go forth and minister the word of God to the streets. To go beyond the building and reach the un-reachable and teach the un-teachable. To show young and old the goodness of God, and that you can still have fun, celebrate, worship, praise and rejoice in the Lord. Shouts out to "Larry D. Bluford Jr." for his hard work, dedication and commitment.



"AO", "Soldia Truth" and "H2gospO"

"WORDsmith" & "MenaceTree"  

(Praise Dance to "Now")

"WORDsmith" & "Vessel" 

"Fire Fall Ministry: Dodye Lord Lloyd" 
Operation T.H.U.G.S 1st Annual
 "Spring Forward"  Concert 

"WORDSmith" & "H.O.G. M.O.B." 

(Dance Group) 
1st Annual Spring Forward Concert 

"Operation T.H.U.G.S" Presents: 
(Promo Video)

"1st Annual Spring Forward" Outreach Concert 

OPERATION T.H.UG.S 1st Annual Spring Forward Concert April 23, 2011 


"Rick Ross
Talks About Spending More Than A $Million 
At Miami Strip Club For His Birthday

With "Angie Martinez"


"DJ Quik
On "Live From L.A."  With "DJ Skee Pt.2


"Musiq Soulchild"
  Performs "Yes" For Walmart Soundcheck 

When you got it, you got it and "Music Soulchild" got's it and he got me. The answer is "Yes". "Musiq" took over the Walmart Soundcheck with his performance of "Yes"! Check out more performances from the Soundcheck session, including classics like "Sobeautiful" and 'teachme'. "Musiq" also performs tracks from the new album "Musiq In The Magiq" including "Medicine" and "Dowehaveto". Watch them here: http://soundcheck.walmart.com/musiq-soulchild


"San Jose's" "Mobbstar Musik" Introduces:
Debut Solo Video From 16 Yr Old "JOSEPH KAY"
 ''WE CAN DO'' 
(Official Video)

Twitter: @JOSEPHKAY408 
Twitter: @NUTTSO408


"Atlanta, Ga" Rapper "St. Nick" & "BHess"
Take You Behind The Video Scenes Of
"Hustle Hard

Twitter: @SaintNickMC
Twitter: @tripleMmedia

Go Behind the Scenes with "BHess" and "Atlanta, Ga" rapper, "St. Nick" as they shoot the cover video for the smash hit "HUSTLE HARD"!


"Asian" "Seattle" Singer "Jay Park"
(Official Video)


Um, excuse me if I'm politically un-correct, because I don't know what exact nationality this dude "Jay Park" is, but let me tell you this dude is dope! He sings a mix between two languages, so at times not sure what he's saying, besides "where did you go", but I know I like it.


"Beat Society" (A DJ Variety)
@ Tammany Hall NYC - 02.12.2011 

Twitter: @beatsociety

"Native Instruments" & "SoulSpazm Records" presents "Beat Society" at "Tammany Hall" NYC - 02.12.2011. featuring "Nottz", '!llmind", "Khrysis", "Buckwild", "DJ Revolution", "Don Cannon", "SlopFunkDust", "Danny Brown", "Fortilive", "Low Budget", "Kaimbr", "Hassaan Mackey", "Musinah", "Malcom" & "Martin", "DJ Evil Dee" (of The Beat Minerz) and hosts "Steff Tattaz" and "Sao".

It's not always easy to sell out a show that involves a bunch of dudes playing some beats on a stage; but "Beat Society"  isn't a collection of your everyday dudes, and they sure as hell don't make your everyday beats

Following a five-year hiatus, the heralded producer showcase, presented by "Native Instruments" and "SoulSpazm Records", made its grand return back in February at "Tammany Hall" in "NYC". The 400-person venue was packed from start to finish, but for those who couldn't make it, or haven't had an opportunity to see what the event is all about, "Beat Society" and "SlopFunkDust" are excited to share a new video highlighting the February event.

"Beat Society" is kind of a unique event that started about 10 years ago," said "!llMind", one of the select producers of "Beat Society". "It's a live producer showcase with about four to six producers. The event is basically a way to show people what we do in a cool, fun, live setting." 


"Choreographer" "Laurieann Gibson"
  comments on "Nicki Minaj" vs "Lil Kim" Feud


"Sex Love & Lies: The Chow
 (Episode #1) 

"Sex Love and Lies" is a comedic web series that explores the communication patterns of a click of young people struggling to find love in Los Angeles. Their patterns of communication have trapped them into a mild depression known as the Doomsloop. More specifically, the Doomsloop is defined as a situation in which an individual dates the same type of person over and over again, while expecting a different outcome. www.sexloveandlies.com