25 Arrested In North Bay Federal Drug Sting 
Of Bay Area "Thizz Entertainment" Record Label

25 men arrested in Fairfield and Vallejo for a Federal drug sting of Vallejo,Ca  based record label "Thizz Entertainment".

Man, if its
too cool to be true, you got to know that the police are involved. The part that's messed up is that it was all a setup. The police waited 4 years to make sure when these dudes sat down, that they weren't getting up. It was said, that the police had set them up with a major supplier to make the charges higher.

The charges being announced are 
money laundering and distribution. $75,000 cash and a million dollars worth of drugs like cocaine, weed, codeine "syrup" and heroin were ceased. Among the arrested were rapper 41 "Lil Bruce" Thurmon 39 Dante Barbarin, 34 Clifford Bullock III, 38 Andre Cawthorne, 36 Damian Peterson, 42 Gaylord Franklin Jr., 36 Jasquez Harris, 47 Michael Lott, 43 Michael McFarland Sr.,42  Lawrence Kennedy Nelson, 37 Major Norton III, 45 Eric Robinson & 25 Anthony Young.

A longtime Bay Area rap label, long linked by East Bay law enforcement to armed robberies, drug dealing and murder, has been implicated in a nationwide drug trafficking distribution network after a four-year federal drug investigation, prosecutors said Tuesday. Twenty-five individuals - including the CEO and numerous rappers associated with "Thizz Entertainment," the label founded by slain Vallejo rapper Mac Dre - have been charged on multiple drug counts of distributing Ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, marijuana and codeine cough syrup across the East Bay and the country, according to a federal prosecutor. The head of the organization, Michael Lott, 47, of Vallejo, who raps under the name "Miami the Most," remains on the lam, along with nine

Thizz Entertainment's business model was simple - sell drugs to finance its record label, said Vallejo police Lt. Ken Weaver.

For many in law enforcement, Thursday's bust marks the end of a dangerous few decades in Vallejo involving the rap label, which started as a street gang committing robberies and selling drugs to finance its fledgling rap careers and turned into a nationwide criminal enterprise, authorities said.

"The main players that belong with Thizz Entertainment now have warrants for their arrest for the drug trafficking trade," Weaver said. "The streets of Vallejo will be a little safer this summer because of this."

The bust also spotlighted the controversial history of Thizz Entertainment, including the murder

Advertisement of Mac Dre, who was shot to death in 2004 after a performance in Kansas City, sparking a brief Vallejo-Kansas City rap war. In the 1980s and 1990s, a group of young men in a small Vallejo neighborhood called the Country Club Crest, or The Crest, across Highway 37 from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, began knocking off pizza parlors. The Romper Room Gang moved on to hitting banks, slinging dope and committing murder, police and DEA officials said, to raise money to fund "Romper Records."

"It was an explosion of rap music and rock cocaine," Weaver said. "That was a huge deal to us because it was the first time we saw such organization by this culture and it was new to us. We learned from them and they learned from us."

Many members were put behind bars, as police locked in on rap lyrics detailing and glorifying their robberies, including Mac Dre, who in 1992 got a seven-year prison sentence.

Upon his release, Mac Dre formed Thizz Entertainment. The word "thizz" derived from the feeling one feels while on MDMA, or Ecstasy.

The label blew up and put the Bay Area on a nationwide rap spotlight.

"Thizz, when Mac Dre was on the label, were a major factor. They were coming out of a transformative time in the Bay Area," said

Davey D, Bay Area journalist and hip-hop expert. "It was a resurgence of having national attention refocusing on the Bay." As Mac Dre and his label's popularity soared, he went on tour and played a show at a Kansas City club Nov. 1, 2004. As he left the club in a van, he was killed in a hail of gunfire.

Kansas City police named Kansas City rapper Fat Tone as a person of interest in Mac Dre's death, but by May 2005 Anthony "Fat Tone" Watkins and Jermaine "Cowboy" Akins, were found shot to death at a construction site near the Palms Casino. Bay Area rapper Andre "Mac Minister" Dow was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for their murders, and authorities said his motive was to avenge Mac Dre's murder. He is also accused of killing a prostitute who was a witness in Fairfield.

Lott, who was with Mac Dre when he died, took over Thizz Entertainment after his friend's death and produced albums for more than 60 artists, some who were arrested in the drug probe, including Gaylord Franklin, 32, who raps under the name "Geezy," Bruce Thurmon, 41, aka "Little Bruce," and Major Norton, aka "Dubee."

In July 2008, DEA agents found a confidential informant who led them to Lott, and an undercover agent made his first buy of 200 Ecstasy pills in a Vallejo gas station parking lot.

The agent gained the trust of Lott, who introduced him to the large distribution ring, focusing on Ecstasy with Transformers, Batman and Lexus emblems, but dealing in just about any drug, the DEA said.

After numerous undercover drug buys and hours of surveillance and recorded phone calls, the DEA pulled the agent in December 2010. During the year and half, members of Thizz Entertainment and its associates were slain and one was shot at by police in drug related activities, according to the DEA.

They began to spread the enterprise to other states where they made music connections while on tour, Weaver said. Drug shipments were sent from the Vallejo area to Oklahoma City, New York, Atlanta and Milwaukee, the DEA said.

The drug money is used to finance the rap label, he said, a strategy not uncommon to many young men trying to leave tough urban neighborhoods, Davey D said.

"Do my dirt and invest it into something legitimate and graduate," Davey D said. "It's a longtime formula that doesn't hold the stigma because it's looked at as bettering yourself and getting yourself out of danger. This is not an unusual story. I've heard that story lots and lots of times."

The story ended Thursday, as agents cascaded into Vallejo and other East Bay cities to serve arrest warrants on 25 Thizz Entertainment associates.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for May 4 in Sacramento federal court.



"Thizzler On The Roof's
"The Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class Of 2012" Nominations Are Now Open

Ehhhh, if you're from the "Bay" you already know what time it is. Its time for you to nominate who's hot in the "Bay" for the "Thizzler On The Roof's" "The Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class Of 2012".

You can nominate your picks for "The Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class of 2012" with only 3 ways to enter.

I got Cousin Fik, League 510, Kool John, iamsu, Young Win, Tom Cat, & Anomosity.

Website:  http://www.thizzler.com/baf10 & write in your pick
Facebookbayareafreshmen10 & write your pick on the wall

Twitter: Tweet #BayAreaFreshmen10 @TheThizzler with the name of pick


Performs At SOB's For His "Nino The Magnificent"
Mix Tape Release Party

"AllHipHop" and "SOB's" brought rap veteran and ex "Hot Boy" member, "Juvenile", to New York for the release of his "Nino The Magnificent" (FreEp). 

"Juvie" performed all his classic hits to a packed house in New York and it was clear, "Juvenile" is back to business and his business is music.


"Wiz Khalifa"
 On His Engagement To Amber Rose,
& His Real Feelings On Kanye
& Working with Dr. Dre 

"Wiz Khalifa" came by to record a Juan Epstein podcast and dropped da biz about what annoys him about Amber Rose and their engagement, plus his comments on Kanye's comments that he respects him, what its like working with Dr. Dre and the Tupac hologram

"Wiz Khalifa" On Hot 97
"Very" Surprised About Kanye West Using His Name
 In "Theraflu" (Way Too Cold) 


"Marley" Kids Talk About "Bob Marley's" Legacy 
& New Documentary Called "Marley"

Premiered On 4/20

"Bob Marley's" universal appeal, impact onmusichistory and role as a social and political prophet is both unique and unparalleled

The documentary "Marleyis the definitive life story of the musician, revolutionary, and legend, from his early days to his rise to international superstardom

Made with the support of the Marley family, the film features rare footage, incredible performances and revelatory interviews with the people that knew him best.

Thanks to @blackTreeTv


"Chicago" Rapper 
"Vell" Ft. "Lockness Monsta" (Of Ill Nature)
"Fall Back"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @Trilogy773

Eh, one-two-one-two, this is how you do, what you do, when you do what you doChi-Town native "Vell" teams up with "IllNature's", "Lockness Monsta" in the video for their new single "Fall Back".

All I can say is that the video starts off supa gangsta and is followed up by flows  that make you high like dro. Eh, Chicago's got some certified heat coming off the mic, and I can honestly say, "Fall Back", I like.


"Brian McKnight's" Raunchy New Song 
"If You're Ready To Learn"

Ummmmmm, exsqueeze me. "Brian McNight" are you serious? "Let me show you how your p*#sy works"?. I mean, come on son! You're waaaay too grown, to be trying to pull this stunt

So, your boy, cuz I aint claiming him today, but I will tomorrow, (lol) was going to drop a new song called "If You're Ready To Learn", which was supposed to expose his sensitive side, but instead he exposed his d*#k.

 I mean, I'm all for sexy and seductive songs, but this was neither. It was down right raunchy!!!!! The fact that after he got negative press on the song, he comes back and says its a joke, is even a bigger joke. He should of never sang the lyrics on camera. And I don't know who he's been listening to, but he needs a new crew.


"Tyler Perry's" Drops A New "Madea" Movie  

Coming This Summer

"Tyler Perry", director, writer, actor has a new movie coming this summer called "Madeas Witness Protection", starring Tyler Perry, Eugene Levy, Romeo, Denise Richards. Tyler sent out an email blast to all his fans who subscribe to his email list telling all, 'You Ain't Ready for This!' And Madea adorned in her pink polyester suit, super long pearls and multi-colored wig trots down the hall swinging her purse cackling, 'Look at me, witness protection, yall ain't ready for me yet'.

Thanks to @blackTreeTV


"Mr. J. Medeiros" Ft. "Giannina Ashe
"Pale Blue Dot"

Off "Pale Blue Dot" EP

Twitter: @mrjmedeiros

"Mr J. Medeiros" drops his new EP, the "Pale Blue Dot", which includes features from Shad, The Nigel Bird Trio, Giannina Ashe, Jonathan Korsyzk, Stro Elliot, along with Remixes from French producer 20Syl and Chicago’s producer-collective “Animal House”. 

What I like about "Mr J. Medeiros", is that he actually has something to say. Yea, he uses big words, because his rhymes have big meanings. He's got cool flows, cool beats and "Pale Blue Dot" was a treat.

"Pale Blue Dot" spans a pretty large musical field, from the heavy synth driven melodies in “Pale Blue Dot”, to the A Cappella harmonies of “Old Man Perez”. Available for free download.



"2Pac" Hologram Performance @Coachella 2012 
With "Snoop Dogg" & "Dr. Dre"
Check Out Full Concert

"Dr Dre" On "TMZ" About Future Hologram Projects

So, ya'll know I had to post this. Even though I know all ya'll with the exception of maybe one person on the planet hasn't seen it, I posted this for you. This came out last week, but I had already done my post for the week.

So, ya'll know this is straight dope on a rope!!! I never got to see "Tupac" live in a concert, so this was about as close to it that I would have ever gotten to. "Dr Dre", once again, shows of his genius with this idea. 

Now, I've heard that the "Jackson 5" want to a hologram concert with Michael Jackson, and you know his daddy Joe Jackson is behind this. The only thing is holograms aren't cheap. Not sure if they got the budget to fudge it.

Check out "Dre Dre", as he talks with TMZ about trying to make new holograms advance from the one dimension, as the one in Coachella, and get it to be 360 degrees. He's hoping to create concerts with blast from the past like Jimmy Hendrix and Marvin Gaye. Man, Bob Marley would be cool, too.

I got the full concert bellow, check the line up:

Ain't No Fun(Nate Dogg Tribute)
Ain't No Fun
I Wanna Rock
Jump Around
Drop It Like It's Hot
Young Wild And Free (with Wiz Khalifa)
The Recipe (with Kendrick Lamar)
What Up Gangsta (50 Cent)
P.I.M.P Remix(With 50 Cent)
In The Club (50 Cent)
Xxplosive (Snippet)
California Love
Hail Mary(2pac)
2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted (with Tupac)
Gangsta Party
I Need a Doctor (with Eminem)
Forgot About Dre (with Eminem)
'Till I Collapse (with Eminem)
Who Am I?
Still D.R.E.

"2Pac" Hologram Performance @Coachella 2012 
With "Snoop Dogg" & "Dr. Dre"

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg W/ Tupac Shakur (Hologram) 
@ Coachella 2012 (Full Concert)

Dr Dre + Snoop Dogg @ Coachella 
Ft. 2pac, Eminem, 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar
& Wiz Khalifa  (52 Minutes)

"Dr. Dre" On "TMZ"
"I'd LOVE to Tour with More Holograms"