"Do N It Live"

"Oakland" Rapper "Kafani" Live @ Mezzanine SF 4.4.13
"Lloyd Banks" Performs @ Allure For DJMello Spring Vlog 2
"Alley Boy" & "Fat Trel" live in Richmond, VA @ Club Illusions 4/19/13

"Oakland" Rapper "Kafani
Live @ Mezzanine SF 4.4.13

Twitter: @Kafani



"Lloyd Banks" Performs @ Allure 
For DJMello 
Spring Vlog 2"I'm Still On My Grind" 2013!

"Alley Boy" & "Fat Trel
performing live in Richmond, VA 
 @Club Illusions on Friday, April 19th


(10) "Bay Blaps, That Slap"

"Nittee" - "Heavy Retaliation" [68 Bars]
"Mitchy Slick" & "The Worlds Freshest" -"Feet Match The Paint Sampler"
"Kata Da Nigg" Ft. "Young T" - "Bugatti Money"
"IamFresh" Ft "Raw Talent" & "Smoovie Baby" - "Definition Of Mobbin"
"Smoovie Baby" - "5AM In Young California" (Trill$tyle)
"YNH" - "Respect the Hustle"
"J Billion" - "Billion"
"Staxx Nollidge" Ft. "Ray Guevara" - "Throw It Up"
"Chuck II" - "Cruel Intentions"

"Heavy Retaliation" [68 Bars]

Twitter: @NitteeLBRMG

"Mitchy Slick" & "The Worlds Freshest"
"Feet Match The Paint Sampler"

Twitter: @MitchySlick @DJFreshX3 

"Kata Da Nigg" Ft. "Young T"
 "Bugatti Money"

Twitter: @KataDaNigg18 @Young_T_Armada

"IamFresh" Ft. "Raw Talent" & "Smoovie Baby
"Definition Of Mobbin"

Twitter: @_IamFresh_ 

"Smoovie Baby"
"5AM In Young California" (Trill$tyle)

Twitter: @SmoovieBaby

"Respect the Hustle"

"J Billion

"Fairfield, Ca"Staxx Nollidge" 
Ft. "Ray Guevara
"Throw It Up"

Twitter: @StaxxNollidge @RayGuevara

 "Chuck II
"Cruel Intentions"

Twitter: @DollaBillCosby



"Miguel" Ft. "Kendrick Lamar" - "How Many Drinks?" (Rmx)

"Miguel" Ft. "Kendrick Lamar"
 "How Many Drinks?" (Remix)



(11) "More Than Buzz, They Do What It Does"

"Precious Paris" Ft. "Twanée" - "I Don't Give A Fucc" (AKA Paris' Room)
"Hayze" - "Life is Hell" (Official Video)
"Dizzy Wright" - "XXL Freshman" (Freestyle) & "The First Agreement" (Video)
"Illogic" & "Blockhead" Ft "Slug" - "Capture The Sun"
"Smokey Robotic" - "GANDHI" (Official Video)
"SL Jones" - "Sack Religious" (Official Video) 
 "Tez McClain" - "Art vs Hustle" (Official Video)
"Sun" Ft. "Lil Scrappy" - "Bad Girl" (Official Video)
"NatNaiel" - "Sirius Sh*t" (Official Video) 

Cool Nutz drops the first visuals from his upcoming album "Bars".. "Introduction" is the first track to leak from "Bars" and shows Cool Nutz's ability weave through slick wordplay, while keeping the content clean.

"Bars" drops on Saturday May 11th via www.coolnutz.net and features appearances from Bosko, Maniac Lok, Arjay, Nightclubberland aka Karim, and More.

"Portland, Oregon" Rapper "COOL NUTZ


Off "Bars" Drop'n May 11th

Twitter: @CoolNutz

"Baltimore, Maryland" Rapper "Logic
"Roll Call"

XXL Freshman Class member Logic is looking to make 2013 the year he makes his mark. The Baltimore, Maryland emcee just signed a deal with Def Jam Records.

Before his major label debut drops, Logic will be releasing a new mixtape titled "Young Sinatra: Welcome To Forever" on May 7th.

"Queen's, New York" Rapper "Precious Paris
Ft. "Twanée
"I Don't Give A Fucc" (AKA Paris' Room)

Twitter: @PRECIOUSPARIS @MissTwanee

G-Unit's First Lady Precious Paris drops off a nice surprise. She teams with R&B singer of the rise Twanée to deliver an ill female's perspective of Fred The Godson's "Monique's Room."

 "New London, Connecticut"  Rapper "Hayze"
"Life is Hell"
(Official Video)

Off "The Smoker's Section" Mix Tape

Twitter: @HayzeCT

New London, Connecticut, repper, and recent Man Bites Dog Records signee, Hayze, is excited to release his new mixtape, The Smoker's Section. This new tape, presented in conjunction with Man Bites Dog Records and 2DopeBoyz, is the culmination of months of work and the project features Freck Billionaire and Alumni, in addition to Hayze's mentor and fellow Connecticut native Apathy.

Hayze first linked with Apathy by chance, when the rap veteran walked in on a recording session of Hayze's at Smoke The World studios. "He sounded mad different than anything I was hearing at the time," recalls Apathy of the meeting. "Most fans would probably expect me to champion someone who has a similar sound as Demigodz or Army Of The Pharaohs, but that's exactly the opposite of what I hear from him, and it's what I dug about his music."

When Hayze was subsequently first introduced with the video for The Smoker's Section's lead single "Creepmode," which Apathy produced, listeners were given a quick taste of the youth, lyricism, and distinctive vocal tone that first caught Apathy's ear. That video was followed by the Apathy-featuring "Life Is Hell," which also later received video treatment, and most recently, in lead-up to today's release, Hayze has dropped off a final pair of singles – "Eyes Low" is a weeded, lyrical display that features Freck Billionaire, while "Cloud 9," which features Alumni, offers a more introspective look at Hayze.

Other tracks, like "The Smoker's Section Interlude," also stand out – and help Hayze stand apart as a multi-faceted force to be reckoned with. "That track, through and through, is Hayze," says the rapper. "I got to showcase my singing abilities, and the verse on that track is so real – I get chills when I listen to it."

All told, The Smoker's Section is a project that shows the 22-year-old rapper continuing to grow as a person and as an artist, noting that it was the recent passing of his grandmother that encouraged him to put his all into his music. "With The Smoker's Section," explains Hayze, "I focused on this like it was the last thing I'd do, I took it that serious. There's a lot of soul in this music."

"Las Vegas" Rapper "Dizzy Wright"
"XXL Freshman" (Freestyle)

"The First Agreement"

Twitter: @DizzyWright

Last month, Dizzy Wright was named to XXL Magazine's 2013 Freshmen Class, being announced as the "People's Champ" fan-vote winner. Today, the celebration continues with the release of Dizzy's "XXL Freshman Freestyle." The acapella clip shows just what makes Dizzy so special as a rapper, as he mixes complex lyricism with a delicate balance of insight, introspection, and boastfulness. 

To win the fan-vote for the XXL Freshmen cover, amongst all that talent, is no small feat, and it's a testament to Dizzy's work ethic, to the months and months that he's spent on the road touring around the world over the past year, that he has such a rabid, loyal following. And so it's no surprise that Dizzy is back on the road again this spring, having recently kicked off a 25-city nationwide tour, The Fight To Unite Tour, alongside Kottonmouth Kings, Snow Tha Product, and more. In addition to the tour, Dizzy Wright will play two shows next month in New York City, the first on May 21st, at Best Buy Theater to celebrate the XXL Freshmen cover, and the second, on May 22nd, at The Studio at Webster Hall. Dizzy will also perform at this year's SoundSet festival, alongside Atmosphere, Snoop Dogg, Mac Miller, Tech N9ne, and more.   

Tour Dates:
4/18 - Baltimore, MD - Rams Head Live
4/19 - Reading, PA - Reverb
4/20 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance Theater
4/23 - Cleveland, OH - Peabody's
4/24 - Detriot, MI - St. Andrews Hall
4/25 - Joliet, IL - Mojoes
4/26 - Columbia, MO - The Blue Note
4/27 - Denver, CO - The Summit Music Hall
4/29 - Salt Lake City, UT - In The Venue
4/30 - Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre
5/1 - Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
5/3 - Las Vegas, NV - Hard Rock Cafe - Vegas
5/4 - Santa Ana, CA - Yost Theater
5/5 - West Hollywood, CA - Key Club
5/9 - San Diego, CA - Porter's Pub
5/10 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones
5/12 - Boise, ID - Reef Bar
5/21 - New York, NY - Best Buy Theatre (XXL Freshman Show)
5/22 - New York, NY - Studio at Webster Hall
5/23 - Virginia Beach, VA - Shaka's
5/24 - Richmond, VA - Kingdom
5/25 - Springfield, VA - Empire
5/26 - Shakopee, MN - SoundSet - Canterbury Park

"Las Vegas" Rapper "Dizzy Wright"
"XXL Freshman" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @DizzyWright

"Las Vegas" Rapper "Dizzy Wright"
Ft. "Nikkiya" & "Manny Scott"
"The First Agreement"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @DizzyWright

"Illogic" & "Blockhead" Ft "Slug" (Of Atmosphere)
"Capture The Sun
(Official Music)

Twitter: @Illogic614 @BlockheadNYC

To celebrate the release of their new collaborative album, Capture the Sun, on TK via Man Bites Dog Records, Illogic & Blockhead are unveiling the third chapter of their mini-documentary series Journey to Capture The Sun. While Part 1 and Part 2 of the mini-doc series broke down how Illogic and Blockhead first got into hip-hop, and then how they first got into each other's music, Part 3, again directed by Blueprint, delves deeper into how and why the two artists chose to work with each other for this album.

In the mini-doc clip, Blockhead calls Capture The Sun "an album that I'm proud of," and for fans that are still unsure – even after HipHopDX's recent 4/5-rated review, which hailed the album as "some of their most inspired work to date" – Illogic & Blockhead, in conjunction with MTV Hive are also giving fans a chance to stream the album free of charge, accompanied by an insightful Q&A, before making their purchase.

And for those fans that choose to purchase the album? Illogic & Blockhead, in conjunction with Man Bites Dog Records, are excited to offer fans an exciting "Get Ready For Summer" Capture The Sun bundle that, in addition to a physical copy of the album, comes with a Capture The Sun-themed beach ball, frisbee, and pair of sunglasses. The bundle costs just $25, including shipping ($35 for international orders).  

"Illogic" & "Blockhead's
Behind the Album "Capture the Sun" Episode 3

Twitter: @Illogic614  @BlockheadNYC

"New York" Rapper "Smokey Robotic"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @smokeyrobotic

The eclectic and irresistible pop, electronic and hip-hop conflagration that is Smokey Robotic has just debuted their video "Gandhi" from recently released album Musium. The group, composed of singer-songwriters Seer and Father Dude along with producers !llmind and Konrad Oldmoney, has just wrapped a wildly successful west coast tour culminating in a headline show at The Roxy in Los Angeles, and now MTV Hive has premiered "Gandhi," which producer !llmind succinctly describes as "a trippy ass video for a trippy ass song." The stunning psychedelic visuals were directed by T.S. Pfeffer and Robert McHugh, for Pier Pictures, a studio that's previously directed videos for Diplo, El-P, Ice Cube, and others.

"Gandhi" is ultimately a dance track. Producer Konrad Oldmoney explains that, "Originally, I made this beat out of a general discontent for the current state of bass-driven music." The whip crack of snappy production, built around Konrad's global bass sound, opens the track in full to what Seer calls, "a celebration of the sexual and natural wildness of being human." Father Dude elaborates by adding that "The song felt sexually reckless and Gandhi was a strangely appropriate and inappropriate figure to base it off of." Maybe sexualizing Gandhi is spot-on though, because, as Seer continues, "you get higher off of your heart than any substance." It's hard not to get high off this video with its masterful diversity of kaleidoscopic effects, which, as Seer says, "allows the song to breathe" and perhaps most critically, "hopefully inspires women to want to kiss our flying mouths." Truer words... you know how it goes.

"Little Rock" Arkansas Rapper "SL Jones
"Sack Religious"
(Official Video)

Off "Trapper's Delight" EP

SL Jones is excited to announce his very firstheadline tour, The Way Of Life No Hobby Tour. After dropping his lauded EP, Trapper's Delight, in January, the Little Rock rapper is excited to take his captivating live show on the road, bringing the songs that fans have grown to love to cities throughout the Southeast and Midwest. The first leg of The Way Of Life No Hobby Tour, a total of nine dates, will kick off tonight, Tuesday, April 9th, in New Orleans and will make stops throughout Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma along the way before capping off with a hometown performance in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Though Jones has performed in cities all around the country over the past year, The Way Of Life No Hobby Tour, as the rapper's first headline run, is particularly special. "It's these first ones that we'll always be able look back on and remember as being special," says Jones, looking forward to the dates. "I'm excited to get out there and connect with the fans, perform some favorites and some new songs, too."

Also today, to celebrate the launch of the tour, Jones is releasing a new video from Trapper's Delight, for "Sack Religious." The video, shot and directed by Aditya Pamidi, captures a grittiness that fits well with the track's dark, brooding vibe. "The song is so visual," says Jones, "that we didn't want to do anything over the top; we wanted to go out and capture the natural, day-to-day environment that we're around."

Tour Dates:
4/9 New Orleans, LA – The Howlin Den
4/10 Baton Rouge, LA – The Library @ Northgate
4/12 Dallas, TX – Sandaga813
4/15 Houston, TX – Jet Lounge
4/16 Austin, TX - Red 7
4/17 San Antonio, TX – The Korova
4/18 Oklahoma City, OK – Kamps Lounge
4/19 Tulsa, OK – Soundpony
4/21 Little Rock, AR – Vino's Brewpub

"Atlanta" Rapper "Tez McClain"
"Art vs Hustle"
(Official Video)

Off "Scoundrel" EP

Twitter: @tezmcclain

Atlanta emcee Tez McClain released his most recent record, Scoundrel, just over a month ago and has since released videos for "By Any Means" and "Flick'n," the latter of which just debuted as the New Joint Of The Day on BET's 106th & Park this past Friday. Today, he is releasing the video for "Art vs Hustle," which was produced by Natural Disaster and was directed by Raw Work Films. The video was premiered this morning by The Smoking Section.

The song’s subject matter is as deep as the songs flow is smooth. In "Art vs Hustle," Tez questions the exaggeration and glorification of the empty culture he sees behind "hustling" and the rappers who exploit to stay on top. Tez raps, "You can’t write your shit / Let alone wife a chick / But you can fuckk his bitch / That’s a hit that’ll likely stick." While definitely criticizing the darker sides of fame, Tez bring it back to how this "hustling" impacts people closer to him with lines like "You too old to be broke as hell / College graduate and why the fuck you got dope for sale?" It’s a tightrope that rappers like Tez walk, trying to play the game yet keep their integrity. Tez ends his verse leaving us with this: "Art versus hustle, it may be a split decision." 

"Sun" Ft. "Lil Scrappy"
"Bad Girl"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @Sun_days x @RealLilScrappy

Hip Hop artist Sun latest video “Bad Girl”, was recently picked up by MTV & VH1. The video pays homage to The Bad Girl’s Club, a reality television show on the Oxygen network.

His upcoming project titled “ The Cause and Cure” will allow fans to get an inside look of his reality and who he is behind the music. Sun recently spoke about the meaning behind the single, stating "I've always had a soft spot for the softness of a woman. The song "Bad Girl" is just a dedication to everything I find stimulating about women. The video is a light twist of the reality show fused with sexiness!! Y'all gonna love it!!"

"Sirius Sh*t
(Official Video) 


"ATM" & "IMD"
"Bernie Lean" (Dance Craze)
(Official Video)

@HowToMakeHits @itsmeIMD @BlazianP @MrDeshawnRaw @ItsKingVada

EH, If you aint on that "Bernie Lean", watch the video and you're gonna know what I mean. Taken from a classic movie "Weekend At Bernies", these dudes take you on a crazy zombie dance journey.

I post 100 videos at a time, so I don't have time to watch an entire video, but this one, I did. Even had me up doing it. (lol) I text my son, Jowahn, to peep it, but he told me, I was late, he been doing it, the "Oakland A's" do it. Guess I need to watch more baseball.


"Ed Lover's"
"C'mon Son!" #50 & #51

Twitter: @mredlover

"Ed Lover's" 
"C'mon Son!" #50 

"C'mon Son!" #50


(25) "Artist With Street Heat"

"Al Tha Gamer" & "Romenowski" - "Nasty" - [Official Video]
"Trade Sensay" - "CORN COB"  (FREESTYLE)
"Gillie Da Kid" Ft. "Tamba Hali"  -"5 AM In Philly"
"Rose City" -  "Marchin' Bandz" (Official Video)
"Yung Nation" - "Shawty Wassup"
"Kazzie" Ft "Trinsade" - "Get It"
"Ransom" - "His Shoes" [Official Video]
"Jae Millz " - "Don't F*k With Me"
"Preston Williams III" - "Everything" (Official Video)
ItsNate Ft G FrSH, Catch'Em & Phaze One - "WSLTA" (Rmx Video) 
"Leen Bean" Ft "Riq Geez" - "Cant Knock The Hustle" (Video)
"D.Chamberz" & "Bill Collector" - "Nikes & Adidas" [VIDEO]
"Mikey CEO" & "Queezy" - "R.T.C." (Official Video)
"Y1" - "One Step Closer" (Official Video)
"Fru" - "Nobody Gon' Change Me" (Official Video)
"V3RB" - "Standing Ovation"(Official Video)
 "DMac" - "Incredible" (Official Video)
"AK" Ft "GDott" & "Ju$ Two" - "This My Game"
"Ti'Jean" Ft. "Pusha T" - "Fast/Slow"
"J.Nolan" - "Fortified MC" (Official Video)
"Bramzwig" - "How To Make It In America"

"YES I DO"  

Twitter: @teki801



Oakland Rapper "Al Tha Gamer" & "Romenowski
[Official Video]

Twitter: @althagamer

"DMV" Rapper "Fru"
"Nobody Gon' Change Me"
 (Official Video)

Off "Polished Misfit" Album

Twitter: @fruishere

First single off the Dmv Rapper Fru's Upcoming EP Album "Polished Misfit" Coming Soon. This song will also be featured on his mixtape "I'm Going Back" Vol 1. Fru portrays the image of a functioning alcoholic giving the outward appearance of being perfectly normal within society.

"Jae Millz"
"Don't F*k With Me"

Off "Property Of Potentness" Mixtape

Twitter: @JAE_MILLZ

YMCMB's Jae Millz releases his second installment of his Property of Potentness mixtape series. The 14-track project includes features from Mak, Birdman, Gucci Mane, Smoke DZA, T-Real and GP.

"Philadelphia" Rapper "Leen Bean" 
Ft. "Riq Geez"
 "Cant Knock The Hustle"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @LeenBean17

17-year old Philadelphia emcee Leen Bean is making it clear that she is up next. With great wordplay and song making ability, who are we to argue?

Leen teams up with Riq Geez for a remake of Jay-Z's "Can't Knock the Hustle," off of her latest mixtape, Who Spilled the Beans 2.


Twitter: @STIZZapegang @docholliday609

"Preston Williams III"
(Official Video)

"Trade Sensay"

Twitter: @TMQtheTRADE

"Baltimore" Rapper "Y1"
"One Step Closer"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @iam_y1

"Cleveland" Rapper "AK
Ft "GDott" & "Ju$ Two"
"This My Game"

Off "The Abstract Kollection"

Twitter: @AKrowdyBoy

AK's first single, "This My Game (Ft. GDott & Ju$ Two)" is the first single off his forthcoming mixtape The Abstract Kollection Due out next month. Staying true to his hiphop sound we have all come to know and love, "This My Game" features a hard hitting beat which is lyrically held down in a big way by AK's well received verses throughout. GDott & Jus Two hop on the beat with cool consistent verses that both compliment and amplify the rap banger! Complete with a steady hook "This My Game" is sure to become a rap favorite!

Atl/Ct Rapper "J.Nolan"
 "Fortified MC"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @J_Nolan

J. Nolan, just released his brand new single/music video "Fortified MC," (produced by Frontier, directed by ThePEST) which is the official 1st single from his Distinction project coming this June.

Ft G FrSH, Catch'Em & Phaze One (Piff Gang)
"WSLTA" (Rmx Video) 

Twitter: @WhosNate @Gfrsh @PhazeWhat @Gotta_CatchEm

(Philly) "Gillie Da Kid" Ft "Tamba Hali" (Kansas)
"5 AM In Philly"

Twitter: @gilliedakid @TambaHali91

The King of Philly a,k,a, Gillie Da Kid links up with Kansas City Chiefs player and Religion Records CEO Tamba Hali for a remake of Drake's "5AM in Toronto."

"Brooklyn/Washington" Rapper "Ti'Jean
Ft. "Pusha T"

Twitter: @TiJeanOnline

Ti’Jean drops the lead single “Fast/Slow” featuring Pusha T from this forthcoming mixtape.

Pusha T, of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, collaborates with Ti’Jean and they created a certified banger that will have everyone rocking...from cars to iPods to clubs worldwide. The song is an experience, flows are fire and the beat will hypnotize you.

Having explored other sides of his creativity, Ti’Jean brings a whole new energy to his new project. The sensual yet aggressive side of the artist is very much on display with “Fast/Slow.” Ti’Jean’s fans will enjoy this single from this new project, which is his 3rd mixtape.

"Bell Flower, Ca" Rapper "V3RB"
"Standing Ovation"
(Official Video)

 Twitter: @Cali_Verb @IStillLoveHER

Since "Standing Ovation" is the intro as well as the title of my album, I wanted it to be bold, direct and easily understood. It's one of those coming of age type joints that details my journey and how thankful I am for the people who've stuck by my side and supported my growth. A lot of folks think that rappers just magically develop the gift of rhyme when in reality it takes struggle and a lot of hard work. From the uneasiness of being on stage, to getting ate up in battles I've had my fair share of ups and downs. Back when I was around 15, walking thru Venice rapping and chillin with my crew, I knew that being on stage was something I ultimately wanted to do. I would chill on the sand, staring off into the ocean day dreaming about how I could one day take my talents to the next level. I knew that it wouldn't be easy but as long as I stayed focused and dreamt big anything could happen. "Standing Ovation" is my way of paying homage to that struggle since without it , I don't think i'd be the person I am today. With video direction from Daniel Ruczko and production from Oc The Kidd, I think we captured that essence giving everyone an insight into me as a person as well as an artist."

"Mikey CEO" & "Queezy
"R.T.C." (Run The City)
(Official Video)

Off "Burn Notice"

"Dallas" Rapper "Yung Nation
"Shawty Wassup"

Twitter: @YungNation

"Bronx" Rapper "DMac"
(Official Video)

Off "Drug Heavy" Mix Tape

Twitter: @DMac193

DMac the bronx spitter is giving us more amazing visuals off his mixtape Drug Heavy hosted by DJ Holiday.

"Philadelphia" Rapper "Newz" Ft "AR-AB
"They Dont Want It"
 [Official Video]

Twitter: @Newz_215 

With Original Block Hustlerz CEO AR-AB having to do a bid, his Goonie Gang family is ready to pick up the slack until he's back home. Newz is one of the hottest young rappers coming out of Philly. He steps up to the plate with his latest music video for "They Don't Want It."

"Rose City
 "Marchin' Bandz"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @RoseCityNHA

"D.Chamberz" & "Bill Collector"
 "Nikes & Adidas" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Twitter: @DChamberz_SCH @billcollectorMH 

The most anticipated single from the UnorthodoxTrapRaps Mixtape, track produced by HitMenBeatz, visuals brought to you by Mills Miller Media. Just in time for the NBA Playoffs, get your Nikes & Adidas game RIGHT!

"Kazzie" Ft "Trinsade"
"Get It"

Twitter: @Kazziepop

"His Shoes
[Official Video]

Twitter: @201Ransom

Duffle Bag Ransom is gearing up to release a brand new mixtape titled The Alternative. Before it drops he's released a new music video for "His Shoes." You have to check it out. It's a deep song, with real meaning.


Twitter: @YUNGGWAPA 

"New York" Rapper "Bramzwig"
"How To Make It In America"
(Dedicated To Boston Bombings)

Twitter: @Bramzwig

Bramzwig claims that he's been holding onto this song for over a month, but in light of the recent Boston Marathon Bombings, it is an appropriate time to reflect on issues in America.


"Rebel Society" Presents:

"The 450 Series: Smoke Break" (Inspiration) - "Justin Tinsley"
"HER Story" (Inspiration) - "Santana Lipscomb"

"The 450 Series: Smoke Break" (Inspiration)
"Justin Tinsley"

Twitter: @JustinTinsley @RebelSociety1

What I found inspiring about this interview, with Justin Tinsley, is that it detailed a boy who had a dream to be a great sports player, but found love in music, which lead him to become a sports writer and writing about music for "Smoking Section" and "Karen Civil".

The inspiring part, is that he has a GREAT job, doing what he loves, but still has aspirations to do more and be more; but I think the part that got me the most, is hearing, though, he hasn't arrived to where he'd like to be, he likes who he is And where he is. What he's doing as a man, even though, as a boy, being an athlete, was his joy, it just shows that if you don't give up on yourself, its never to late to be yourself. He's not chasing fame and fortune, he just wants to leave an impact on the world, with his writing. HE JUST WANTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL.....<<And I can dig it.

The Rebel Society Presents The 450 Series and this episode features sports and music writer Justin Tinsley titled Smoke Break. In this piece he speaks on wanting to be Michael Jordan growing up, working for KarenCivil.com and The Smoking Section, what he looks for when artists are sending in music, and much more. If you have checked out some of his work before and would like to know a little bit more about him, you definitely need to check this out. Shot and edited by Shod Harris of The Rebel Society.

Rebel Society Presents: "HER Story" (Inspiration) 
"Santana Lipscomb"

Twitter: @RebelSociety1


Take a journey, with Santana, as she shares her mission to serve God. She moved to Virginia to strengthen a strained relationship with her father. Although moving closer did not immediately mend the broken fences,  she kept trying. 

Once she stopped living for herself and started living for God, her purpose in life was revealed and the relationship with her father was healed. 

One of statements she made, about know who you are as a person and live your life in a Godly manner." She understands the struggles of being young and serving God, and her mission is to reach the younger generation, and show them you can be who you are and serve God.

HER Story is a video series by World Wide Women Group and it focuses on telling the everyday story of what women in the world are faced with. This video features Santana Lipscomb, who is a seminary student at Regent University and she talks about the challenges of repairing an estranged relationship with her father, as well as following her calling of being in seminary school.  Powered by The Rebel Society. 


"What Gives In Celebrity Biz?"

"Beyonce" Dons Sexy Bikinis For "H&M"
"Wiz Khalifa" & "Curren$y" On A Live Stream April 17th
"Bill Bellamy" In New Movie "Mr. Box Office"
"Eve" talks about her first album in 11 years, "Lip Lock," 
"Ciara" Talks Beef With Rihanna & Relationship With Future
"Fantasia" Talks American IdolNicki Minaj & Mariah Carey
"Kendrick Lamar" Talks About His Musical Influences & Career
"Kobe BryantTo Retire In Italy?
"Chris Brown" In New Movie "#BattleOfTheYear" (BoTY)
"Jamie Foxx's" New Look For "Amazing Spider Man 2" Movie

Dons Sexy Bikinis For "H&M"

"Wiz Khalifa" & "Curren$y"
On A Live Stream April 17th

"Bill Bellamy"
In New Movie "Mr. Box Office"

Talks Comeback, "Lip Lock", 

& Rick Ross Controversy

Eve talks about her first album in 11 years, "Lip Lock," and weighs in on the controversy surrounding Rick Ross' pro-rape lyrics. 

Talks Beef With Rihanna 

& Relationship With Future

Ciara opens up about her relationship with Future and gets into whether or not there really is any beef with Rihanna.

"Jamie Foxx's"
 New Look For "Amazing Spider Man 2" Movie

Check out these creepy pictures of actor Jamie Foxx in an eerie costume for his latest role in The "Amazing Spiderman 2" as comic book super villain, Electro. Photographers captured the A-list actor on the streets of Manhattan on Monday night wearing a hoodie. The hoodie was also aligned with some sort of lighting system which illuminated the star's face.

Returns to 'American Idol,' 
Talks Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey

"American Idol" champ Fantasia talks about making her return to "Idol" and her thoughts on this season's talent. Plus, find out what she thinks of judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey and who she's rooting for.

"Kendrick Lamar"
 Talks About His Musical Influences & Career

On "Coors Light Search for the Coldest"

"Kobe Bryant"
 To Retire In Italy?

Before Kobe Bryant ruptured his Achilles tendon during Friday's game versus the Golden State Warriors, some in the media were already speculating about what the NBA star would do once he retired.

Now with news that Bryant will miss the remainder of the season and will be sidelined for six to nine months, many wonder if that retirement will come sooner than expected.
But, HipHollywood caught up with Bryant before the near career ending injury, and found out that his retirement plans may still include basketball, just not in the U.S.

"Chris Brown
In New Movie "#BattleOfTheYear" (BoTY)

Battle of the Year is the Olympics of break dancing, a tournament held every year that attracts all the best teams from around the world, but the Americans haven't won in fifteen years. Los Angeles Hip Hop mogul and former B-Boy Dante (Alonso) wants to put the country that started the Sport back on top. He enlists his hard-luck friend Blake (Holloway), who was a championship basketball coach, to coach his team. Armed with the theory that the right coach can make any team champions, they assemble a Dream Team of all the best b-boys across the country. With only three months until Battle of the Year, Blake has to use every tactic he knows to get twelve talented individuals to come together as a team if they're going to bring the Trophy back to America where it started. Inspired by the actual World championship held yearly in France.


"Sneaker Shots"

Nike Presents Charles Barkley: Past Meets Present
"Vado: I Dogged My Yeezys
"Steve Novak" Hesitant On Wearing Other Players' Sneakers
"Charlamagne" On Jordans: They Fell Off After The 12's
"Air Jordan" 11 Low Black/White-Red Review
"Sneakerheads" Weigh In On The Return of The Shaq Attaq

Check out the Charles Barkley commercial compilation in promotion for the new Barkley Posite Max.

"Nike" Presents 
Charles Barkley: Past Meets Present
"Posite Max"

Vado: I Dogged My Yeezys

"New York Nicks" Player "Steve Novak"
Hesitant On Wearing Other Players' Sneakers

On Jordans: They Fell Off After The 12's

Charlamagne The God gives his thoughts on new Jordans and tells us what he thinks of the LeBron 10.

"Air Jordan 11" Low Black/White-Red Review

Weigh In On The Return of The Shaq Attaq

Reebok's relaunch of the Shaq Attaq led us to ask some of the notable sneakerheads in the game to share their opinions on the shoe's return. Check out Fred The Godson, Niketalk's Ninjahood and Bleacher Report's Lance Fresh giving their thoughts as well as a closing from Swizz Beatz on what we can expect from the silhouette in the month's to come.