"Ya Boy" And "Lil Al B Sure
Perform "Eat The P*ssy" Up LIVE 

Twitter: @YBtherockstar


"What Gives N Celebrity Biz"?

"B.o.B" Talks New Album "Strange Clouds
"Bobby Brown" Talks 7 Yrs Sober & New Album
"Rick Ross" & "DJ Khaled" Talk Summer Jam 2012 
Big Krit, 9th Wonder, DJ Premier & Define Freestyle "Kirko Bangz" Reveals His Top 5 Rappers of All Time
"Marques Houston" On "Raz B" Calling Him A Pedophile "Prodigy": "50 Cent Can Do No Wrong in My Eyes" 
"Too Short" Shares Personal Stories of Pimp C  

The Next 48 Hours With B.o.B is an original 2 part web series that goes behind the scenes during the album release week of "Strange Clouds."

Part 2 follows B.o.B during the day of his album release. B.o.B visits FUSE TV, MTV News, RapFix and ends the day at his Target sponsored Album Release Show. Cameos from Sway, Mystikal Playboy Tre and Melanie Fiona.

"B.oB." On Next 48 Hours (Part 2) 
Talks About "Strange Clouds" Album

"Bobby Brown
Visits the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show w Kayfoxx
Talks About Being Sober  & New Album  

Bobby Brown came by to clear things up about him and whitney, his relationship with his daughter, his drug issues, and even drops a quick verse!

"Rick Ross" & "DJ Khaled
Talk Summer Jam 2012 Hot 97
With "Funkmaster Flex

"Big Krit", "9th Wonder", "DJ Premier" & More 
Define a "Freestyle

Some of hip-hop's most influential performers, including Big Krit, 9th Wonder, Phonte, David Banner and DJ Premier attended the Red Bull's "Emsee Freestyle Battle," where they revealed their definition of a freestyle.

"Kirko Bangz
Reveals His Top 5 Rappers of All Time 

"Marques Houston
Talks to Ciph & Rosenberg 
About "Raz B" Calling Him A Pedophile  

"50 Cent Can Do No Wrong in My Eyes" 

"Too Short"
 Shares Personal Stories of Pimp C 


"Kendrick Lamar
Performs "The Recipe" & Talks About His Sex Life
A  The Bay's Radio Station 106.1 "KMEL"

Twitter: @Kendrick Lamar

"Kendrick Lamar" performs at the Showroom in San Francisco, CA. Talks to Sana G of 106 KMEL about his sex life and shares exclusive moments with an intimate crowd. 106 KMEL's "One Mic" series.


(15) Artist With "Street Heat"
"Yung Wax" Ft. "Lisa Fine" - "Smash U" (Video) 
"Yung Wax" Ft "Ken Brisbon" - "Thugz in Here" (Video)
"Fat Veezy" -  "Thirsty" 
"PSD Tha Drivah" - "Slow Down" (Remix) 
"Shady Blaze" & "Deniro Farrar" -"The Ballad Of Lost Souls"  
"Trap Boi Gangsta" - "Around The Way" (Video)
"Slim The Mobster" - "Take It Like A Man" 
"Boaz" - "Terminator" (Official Video) 
"Phenom" Ft. "Young Envy" - "Purple In My Cup"
"Reva DeVito" & "Roane Namuh" - "Frozen"(Video)
"Dee Brown" - "Sleep Walking Diaries" [Video] 
"N-Pire Da Great" & "Dubb 20" - "Neva Trust Again"
"Biz Mighty" & "Boogieman Dela"Everything I Love"
"X-Mane Shawty" "Oxygen
"Kush" Ft. "IanG" & "CrewNecc Carter" Ft. "LH" -"Dat Potent"
"Phenom" Ft. "Young Envy" "Purple In My Cup"

"Yung Wax" Ft. "Lisa Fine
"Smash U
(Official Video) 

Off "Bricks And Elbows"

"Yung Wax" Ft. "Ken Brisbon
"Thugz in Here
(Official Video) 

"East Oakland" Rapper "Fat Veezy

Twitter: @Fatveezy

"PSD Tha Drivah
"Slow Down" (Remix) 

Off "The Risk N The Reward" Mix Tape


"PSD Tha Drivah" hops on the slap'n "Clyde Carson" track "Slow Down" and let us know why they call him "The Drivah". This is off his new mixtape he's working on "The Risk N The Reward".

"Chicago, Illinois" Rapper "X-Mane Shawty

Twitter: @XManeShawty

"East Oakland" Rapper 
"Shady Blaze" & "Deniro Farrar
"The Ballad Of Lost Souls

Twitter: @ShadyBlaze

"Knoxville,TN" Rapper "Trap Boi Gangsta"
"Around The Way"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @TrapboiGangsta 

"Slim The Mobster
"Take It Like A Man" [Jimmy Henchman Diss] 

Twitter: @Slimthemobster

"Pittsburgh, PA" Rapper "Boaz
 "Terminator" (Official Video) 

Twitter: @Boaz412

"Kush" Ft. "IanG" & "CrewNecc Carter" Ft. "LH
"Dat Potent"

"Richmond, Ca" Rapper 
"Phenom" Ft. "Young Envy
"Purple In My Cup"

Twitter: @REALPHENOM510 

"Portland Oregon" Artist 
"Reva DeVito" & "Roane Namuh
(Official Video)

Off Their Project "Cloud Shine"

Twitter: @RoaneNamuh @RevaDeVito

I'll be honest, I was judging a book by its cover, good thing I like to read. (lol) <<Loved it, unexpectedly nice.

Reva DeVito is described as what D'Angelo & Janis Joplin having sex at a DJ Krush concert. She is the singer/sex kitten.

Roane Namuh looks like an Amish farmer who somehow got a copy of an NWA and/or Digable Planets cassette and it changed his life. He is the producer/sex panther.

"Atlanta" Rapper "Dee Brown
"Sleep Walking Diaries" [Official Video] 

Twitter: @deebrown1Nonly

Dee Brown, a rising star in Hip Hop from Atlanta.  Although his sound is substantially different from you have come to expect from Atlanta's Hip Hop scene, his goal is to change that perception.

Standing apart from his fellow Atlanta counterparts, Dee Brown's style of rapping is what many would title as "Real Hip Hop" in a genre where substance is continually drowned out with mentions of money, drugs and sex. In his music, he harnessing his current emotional state and translates them in a way that is a breath of fresh air. In his latest single and music video "Sleep Walking Diaries", he reflects on his life, decisions and his own demons.

"Biz Mighty" & "Boogieman Dela
"Everything I Love"
(Official Video) 

Twitter: @fakebizmighty

"Everything I Love" is the first single from Biz Mighty and Boogieman Dela's highly anticipated album "Sumptin For Da Children" dropped June 3rd.
The concept of this album is to give the children a good message and be positive role models for them. There has been a surplus of violence and criminal activity in the city and it has to stop. The children of today are headed on the wrong path and Boogieman Dela and Biz Mighty have put together a project to give them positive instructions to live by.

"Bay Dudes"
"N-Pire Da Great" & "Dubb 20
"Neva Trust Again

Twitter: @npiredagreat

"N-Pire Da Great" of Endanjered Species Project brings us his sixth leak
off "Road 2 LND" accompanied by "Dubb 20" of Artist Records (Bay Area
artist "The Jacka's" independent record label) entitled "Neva Trust Again"
(Prod N-Pire Da Great ). "N-Pire" flips popular OVOXO Artist 'The Weeknd's"
"Same Ol Song" into a melodic/trap instrumental. Keep your eyes out for new "N-Pire Da Great" and "Dubb 20" solo projects dropping this summer.

"N-Pire Da Great" "Legends Never Die" coming this summer *TBA*

"Dubb 20" "Ya Favorite Number" coming this summer *TBA*


"Los Angeles" Rappers
"Childish Gambino" Ft "Nipsey Hussle
"Black Faces

Twitter: @NipseyHussle 


(11) Tracks "Portland, Oregon" Rapper "Illmaculate
"Skrill Talk"

"From Here" Ft. J-Rome
 "Cooler Than Cool" Ft. Dewayne & J-Rome
"Territorial" Ft. OnlyOne 
"How You Do That" Ft "Inspectah Deck" & "OnlyOne"
"Hunt em Down" (Kill Your Dreams 2) 
 "Lost Our Soul" Ft. Ness Lee
"Making Of" Ft. Epp & Michele Wylen
"Go Study" Ft. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko & OnlyOne 
"Near Sighted"
"Motion Sick""Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads"  Ft J-Rome

Off "Skrill Talk"

Twitter: @illmaculate

Illmaculate, with his Sandpeople crew, just wrapped a month-long European tour, performing across the continent and sharing stages with the likes of M.O.P. and Slaughterhouse

Now back in the US, and prepping for a forthcoming official album release party in Portland, Illmaculate is excited to release the latest single from his recent Skrill Talk album, "How You Do That," featuring Wu-Tang Clan rapper Inspectah Deck and OnlyOne

Lyricism has long been Illmaculate's forte, and while he continues to shine throughout Skrill Talk, this latest single, "How You Do That," is most notable, aside from the guest 16 courtesy of Inspectah Deck, for the track's beat. That beat comes courtesy of producer Sapient, who is part of Illmaculate's Sandpeople crew, and the instrumental, with its blaring horns and synths, is nothing short of anthemic. "The beat inspired this song," says Illmaculate. "It's one of my favorites on the album." 

Illmaculate Ft Only One

"From Here" (ft. J-Rome) 

"Near Sighted

Illmaculate Ft. Dewayne & J-Rome
"Cooler Than Cool"  

"How You Do That"

"Hunt em Down" (Kill Your Dreams 2) 

Illmaculate Ft Ness Lee
"Lost Our Soul

Illmaculate Ft. Epp & Michele Wylen
"Making Of

"Motion Sick

Illmaculate Ft J-Rome
"Under Their Radar, Over Their Heads"  

Illmaculate Ft. Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko & OnlyOne) 
"Go Study"


Check Out How "Bay Area" DJ
"DJ Fresh-DJ Fresh-DJ Fresh" Gets Warmed Up

Twitter: @DJFreshX3


"Blow Up"
(Official Video)  


"Waka Flocka Flame
"Candy Paint & Gold Teeth"
 (Behind The Scene) 


"Nordstrom", SF Summer Cosemtic "Trend Show"
Saturday June 2, 2012

Twitter: @NordstromSF

My "Nordstom" Bag Of Swag

Had a great day, Saturday June 2, 2012, in the "Bay" at "Nordstom's" annual summer cosmetic "Trend Show", in San Francisco

Our day started early as my sister "Vee", of "Dime On A Dime", attempted to make the 8:30 am make up fashion show, but we missed I, but i heard it was AWESOME <<Thanks Vee, lol.

But as we arrived to "Nordstrom's" we were greeted by two fabolous guys who presented us with a "bag of swag". I absolutely love my "Nordstrom" tangerine canvas bag. My canvas bag was packed with the best bottle of "Spring Water" I've ever tasted, "Moroccan Oil", for you hair, (and if you've never tried it, you should), "Clinique" eye showdow, (01 Peony), "Twirl", perfume by Kate Spade, a 3 step skin care system by "Kate Sommerville", which included "Intensive Exfoliating Treatment", "Hydrating Face Serum" & "Cream With Peptide K8", "Clarins" gentle foaming cleanser, "Purity", face cleanser, foundation primer from "Laura Mercier", my personally picked foundation color from "Estee Lauder"Invisible Fluid" foundation line and a little bit more. (Don't want to make you too jealous).

There was a DJ on level 1 and level 3, and yes, I was getting my boogie on in "Nordstrom's". There was also a photographer who took and distributed unlimited amounts of free pictures all day. There were free make overs and tutorials from every make up counter in "Nordstrom's" including "Mac", "Clinique", "Estee Lauder", "Nars", "Lancome", "Burberry", "Bobbi Brown" and more.

The only thing that could have made this day better would have been free food and drinks, and "Vee" and I would have stayed the night. (lol) Truly a great day, felt like my birthday with all the gifts I got. I couldn't tell you about my whole day, but bellow is a small snippet of the joy and jubilation I was privileged to experience. Thanks for inviting me, "Vee".

Oh, and a special mention to "Carlos@NordstromSF, who was working it. Thanks for featuring us as a guest blogger, featuring us in your video and showing "Vee" and myself a day full of fun and love. I really had a great time.....<You're fabulous, see ya next year.

Nodstrom, SF
865 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Store Hours Mon-Sat 10am-9pm & Sun 10am-8pm

Clinique "Chubby Stick"

I had the pleasure to try the "Clinique" moisturizing colour lip balm appropriately called the "Chubby Stick".

The color I chose was "Richer Raisen" with the "Chocolate Chip" liner and the "Sunset" gloss. I loved the color a lot, but I was still looking for a little more pop. I think with my darker skin, the color tended to blend in with my lips, but once I applied my own shinny lip gloss, it gave my lips that pop, I was looking for and I did get several compliments on my lip color. The "Chubby Stick" runs around $16.00, and is well worth it.

Estee Lauder "Invisible Fluid" Foundation

I also had the opportunity to do something that I hadn't done since my 12th grade prom, which was wear foundation. The first and only time I wore foundation was a bad experience for me. By the time I went to take prom pictures my face was oily and shinny and when I received my prom pictures you could totally tell I was wearing foundation. For me, I'm more of a natural make-up look, type of gurl. 

But, when I sat down to sample the "Invisible Fluid" foundation line, having little or no expectations, and walked away impressed! This line is amazing! And what surprised me the most, is that they had a shade that fit my color completion, perfectly. It looked so good, that I couldn't tell I had make up on. It was light and airy, and at one time I found myself wiping my face with a napkin just to make sure I really had it on. It gave my skin an over all even completion without looking made-up. Cost is around $35.00, and from a woman who doesn't use foundation, I am purchasing my shade "6WN1". (Even Vee, agrees).

"butter London" Nail Polish

"butter LONDON" custom nail lacquers at $14.00 a pop, a little pricey for me, but it only took one coat and it dried quickly with a high gloss. I did not apply the "Flawless Base Coat" or "Hard Wear" top coat priced at $18.00, but didn't need it. My color is still vibrant, without chipping 24 hours later.

"Butter" was founded in 2005 by Sasha Muir, "butter LONDON" developed a passionate cult following by transforming catwalk trends into custom nail lacquers. 

In addition to creating a range of bold, runway-ready hues, the London-based brand was a pioneer in selling non-toxic nail formulas in the United States. All "butter LONDON" lacquers are “3 Free”—meaning they are formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

"Clarisonic" Skin Cleansing System

One of the things I enjoyed the most was the "Clarisonic" skin cleansing system. You could really feel all the dead skin cells and impurities being exfoliated from your skin and replaced with a more softer and hydrated skin. 

"Clarisonic" was amazing. And my consultant didn't add any lotion or moisturizer for it to achieve this skin radiance. I found myself touching my rubbing my hand and lavishing in the softness.

 And even as I feel my skin today, it still feels as soft as yesterday, not as hydrated, but definitely soft.

CLARISONIC® 'Opal & Kate' Set 
(Nordstrom Exclusive)($223 Value)$185.00

CLARISONIC® 'Whirlwind PLUS' Sonic Skin Cleansing Set Face & Body (Nordstrom Exclusive) 
($255 Value)$235.00

CLARISONIC® 'Peony Mia 2' Sonic Skin Cleansing System$149.00

CLARISONIC® 'Mango Mia 2' Sonic Skin Cleansing System$149.00

CLARISONIC® 'Coral Mia 2' Sonic Skin Cleansing System$149.00

CLARISONIC® Body Brush Extension Handle$25.00

"Valentina" By "Valentino" Parfum

I also had the pleasure to sample the new line of parfum from "Valentino" called "Valentina" Eau de Parfum, which runs from $80.00-$108.00. It smelled like heaven, but you just had to let it breath. "Valentina" embodies a little more of a floral scent than I like, but once it aired and settled, the scent was lovely, not over powering, not too floral, but lasted the entire day.