"Bay Area" Christian Rapper "Transparent
Ft "Melinda Watts

Twitter:  @transparent82 
@bkcreationz )

"Bay Area" Christian Rapper "Transparent" drops his latest single "Tomorrow", featuring Stellar/Dove nominee "Melinda Watts", off his hit record "D.O.P.E" (Dominating On Purpose Everyday). 

"Tomorrow" is one of the dopest tracks off the album.


(10) Tracks "Reggae" Mix Tape 
"One Drop Reggae: Vol. 9"

"Anthony Cruz" - "Mother & Daughter
"Mykal Rose" - "Live It Up"  
"Busy Signal" - "Leaving
"Alaine"-  "Take All My Love
"T'Nez" - "This Other Girl"
"Zamunda" - "Love Is Burning Up
"J Boog" - "Love Me
"Chris Martin" - "Love You 4 Ever" (RAW) 
"Natel" - "Without You"


"Anthony Cruz"
"Mother & Daughter

"Busy Signal" 

"Mykal Rose"
"Live It Up"  

"Take All My Love

"This Other Girl"

"Love Is Burning Up

"J Boog" 
"Love Me

"Chris Martin" 
"Love You 4 Ever" (RAW) 



"Do N It Live"
"The Bay Area Freshmen 10 Class of 2012" Concert
"Hot 97: Battle Of The Best SXSW" (Recap)

(The Bay Area) "Freshmen 10" Class of 2012 
Orientation Concert

"Hot 97
"Battle Of THe Best SXSW" (Recap)

 LIVE @ "45 Degrees" For LAST TUESDAYS 

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(10) Artist With "Street Heat"

"Chic Raw" Ft "Styles P" - "Root Of All Evil

"Mav" Ft "Cristina Chantal" -"Ring The Alarm" (Official Video) 
"Rogizz" - "Interview" (Intro)  (Official Video)
"LB" Ft. "Meek Mill" - "Lean Wit It" (Official Video) 
"Streetz-n-Young Deuces" - "Just Like That" (Official Video) 
"Trey C" & "Playa Rae" Ft. "Ric Jilla" - "All Over The Map"
"Crooked I" - "TipToe We Playaz

"Chic Raw" Ft "Styles P
"Root Of All Evil" 

Twitter: @ChicRaw

"Mav" (Of Sol Camp) Ft "Cristina Chantal
"Ring The Alarm"

Twitter: @mavofsolcamp

"Miami" Rapper "Rogizz" (AKA Black Blago)
"Interview" (Intro) 
(Official Video)

Off "Interview With A Schizo"

Twitter: @Rogizz

"Oakland" Rapper "LB" Feat. "Meek Mill
 "Lean Wit It" (Official Video) 

Twitter: @LBStayKeyed

"Streetz-n-Young Deuces
"Just Like That"
 (Official Video) 

Twitter: @StreetzEMP

Off "Next Day Air" Mix Tape



Rap has consistently revolutionized through poetic prose that is both articulate and real. Gordo Brega, successfully melds these two characteristics, consequently espousing a brand of rap that fuses the best aspects of English and Spanish. This blend, contingent on the responses Brega has aroused within the D.C. Metropolitan, Miami, Los Angeles, New York areas portends a new era in hip hop in which Gordo Brega will subsequently monopolize. 

Brega was born in the Bronx, New York. As a Dominican American with a grasp of Spanish far surpassing his knowledge of English in his formative years, Brega initially had a barrier impeding his assimilation into rap culture. This changed when Gordo first came across the lyrical stylings of another Bronx native, Big Pun. In Pun, Brega had a positive example of a Latino rapper who fused the best cultural aspects of being Latino and American. Emboldened by this, Gordo came to the conclusion that he too had the potential to put his imprint on rap, which in turn would be facilitated by his cultural uniqueness. 

Brega honed his technique under the alias Alah Durden when he released his first mixtape “Street Code†in 2001, after he relocated to Washington D.C. In 2003, Brega started his label DTO Records (Determined To Takeover Records) along with Kwabena "99 Grams" Nkrumah as a means by which his musical vision could be propagandized within the larger community. 

In the proceeding years Brega produced a litany of well received mixtapes which include his most recent classic M.W.A., and A Lo Fuke 3. Through this perpetual proliferation of solid music, Gordo Brega has laid the foundation for a career on a trajectory to reshape the landscape of rap. This combined with raps inner yearning to propagate “fresh†music ensures Brega a future place along with raps elite.


Twitter: @_MONTANA_MAX 

"Chicago" Rappers "X-MANE SHAWTY"
 "For My Shit

Twitter: @XManeShawty

"Bay Area" Rappers
"Trey C" & "Playa Rae" Ft. "Ric Jilla"
"All Over The Map"

Twitter: @westcoasttrey 

Off "A Few Good Men"

"I Be Everywhere, You Aint Never There" 
(We All Over The Map)

"Crooked I
"TipToe We Playaz


Album "My Turn" Drops 8-11-12.


"Bay Area" Group "40Love"
"Tiki Tiki" Ft. "Zumbi of Zion" (Official Video)
"OUT2BLOOM" (Official Video)

Off "Dreams Don't Sleep"

Twitter: @40Love

"40Love" is excited to celebrate the release of their new album, "Dreams Don't Sleep". The album, which is available through iTunes and can also be streamed in full via SoundCloud, is being released in conjunction with famed Bay Area skateboard brand FTC, with the two also coming together for a collaborative t-shirt that will be released in the coming weeks. 

Now, following a successful European tour – and with a hometown album/shirt release party at FTC's flagship store in San Francisco scheduled for August 11th – "40Love" is releasing the video for "Tiki Tiki" featuring Zumbi of the legendary Bay duo Zion I.

The video, directed by John Coyne, is for the album's latest single, the mp3 of which the Bay Area group released last week. The video was shot in San Francisco's famed Chinatown district, a fitting choice for the visual, since, as "40Love" recently noted, the song (including the track's hook and the Far East-inspired production) riffs off the classic children's story Tiki Tiki Tembo. If the song sounds familiar, it might be because you heard a sample of it used on the title track of Bassnectar's Wildstyle EP.

The group was also exited to work with Zion I emcee Zumbi. "It's been dope working with him because we all grew up bumpin' Zion I as a Bay classic," says "40Love". "Now, we've been able to build with him on shows and recordings - he's an inspiring artist in his performance, music and message." The song is a clever play on the children's story, Tiki Tiki Tembo, with the hook comprised of the very long ancient Chinese name used in the book. Tag-team producers Mikos and The Whooligan turned out a heavy, Far East-inspired beat for "Tiki Tiki," while Miss Haze, G-OFF, and Zumbi verbally dance all over it. 

"Tiki Tiki" Ft. "Zumbi of Zion"
(Official Video)

(Official Video)


"El Debarge Jr.
"Shawty R U Ok"
(Official Video) 

Off "Welcome to the Lion's Den" Out Now

Twitter: @ElDeBargeJr

"Shawty Are You Ok", is more than ok. What aint okay, is how the Lord has blessed the "Debarge" family with all of this amazing singing talent, and has blessed me with none. (lol)

All I have to say is "Like father like son", cuz "El Debarge Jr." is a chip off his father's block, and I can't wait to see where music takes his walk.


"Behind Da Video Scenes"

"Turn On The Lights" Video (Official Trailer) 

Check out what goes does in the "City Of Rich". Peep the behind the scenes footage of the day one video shoot for the "Richmond Anthem", starring TAE DA NIGG, YOUNG CHESTA, DMAC, HOLLYWOOD, POOH HEFNER, COUPE, SLUGGAH, DLO & KOOL JOHN (HBK).

Man, can't wait to hear the track. Tried to slap it, so I could rap it, but couldn't find it to tap it. When I get it, ya'll got it

Ummm, everyone be holler'n "The Town", but in "Richmond" it goes down! & I seen a couple chocolate cuties, I'd let melt on me. (lol)

Shouts out to "Dev Tha Chaser" & "Peanut" (Prince Of The Rich).

"Richmond, CA" Dudes Get It Crack'n At
"Richmond Anthem"
Behind The Video Scene Shoot


Twitter: @Murphy_F_BayB


"Turn On The Lights" Video (Official Trailer) 
Drops July 30th On BET @ 6

MMMMMMM, HMMMMMMM.... Love this right here. Something about the way he says "Turn On The lights", got me running to the switch, talk'n bout here I is. (lol) 

Check out the official trailer for "Future's" new video "Turn On The Lights" premiering on BET's 106 & Park Monday, July 30th! Tune in to BET at 6 PM ET. 

Check the track bellow, if you want to hear "Turn On The Lights".

"Turn On The Lights"


"What Gives In Celebrity Biz?"

"La Toya Jackson" Urges Family To Stop Fighting
"Ice Cube" On The Jackson Drama And Lupe Fiasco
 "Shaq" Speaks On Dwight Howard And The Lakers 
"Lecrae" On Album "Gravity," & Big K.R.I.T. & Tupac 
"Lupe Fiasco" Talks To Flex About Pete Rock Beef
DJ Enuff Talks "Los Blancos" With Rosa Acosta & Shakur 
Athletes get butt Naked for ESPN BODY Issue @ ESPY's Pre Party 
Jadakiss, Kevin Hart, Raekwon & More Reveal Favorite New Artist 
"2 Chainz" Tired of Being Asked About G.O.O.D. Music Deal 
"Rich Boy" Weighs in on How Police View Rappers 
"Rick Ross" On "God Forgives I Don't" @106.1KMEL

"La Toya Jackson"
 Urges Family To Stop Fighting

"Ice Cube
Speaks On The Jackson Drama And Lupe Fiasco 

Ice Cube sits down with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg of Hot97 and says no aunt or uncle are putting their hands on his kids like what happened with the Jacksons. He also responds to Lupe Fiasco's statement that Cube influenced Lupe's attitude towards women growing up.

Speaks On Dwight Howard And The Lakers 

"Christian" Rapper "Lecrae
 Talks Direction/Overall Sound of New Album "Gravity," Speaks On Big K.R.I.T. and Tupac 

"Gravity" Out Sept 4th

Twitter: @Lecrae

Following a listening session for his new album GRAVITY, which is due in September, Reach Records' Lecrae speaks on the overall direction and sound that he went for when crafting GRAVITY. He also opens up about his love for Tupac as well as his relationship with Big K.R.I.T. who appears on the new album's track "Mayday."

"Lupe Fiasco
Talks To Flex About Pete Rock Beef

DJ Enuff Sits With Hot97TV 's "Los Blancos" 
Rosa Acosta & Shakur 

Athletes get butt Naked for "ESPN BODY" Issue 
@ ESPY's Pre Party 

Jadakiss, Kevin Hart, Raekwon and More 
Reveal Their Favorite New Artist of 2012 

"2 Chainz
Tired of Being Asked About G.O.O.D. Music Deal 

The Atlanta rapper spoke about his new album "Based On a T.R.U. Story" and single with Kanye West, "Birthday Song," but things got a little heated after he was asked about being signed to Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label. 2 Chainz revealed that after all of his hard work and effort he gets asked repeatedly about his deal with G.O.O.D. Music, when he feels the media should be focusing more on his projects.

"Rich Boy
Weighs in on How Police View Rappers 

"Rick Ross
talks about his new album "God Forgives I Don't
with Big Von of 106 KMEL.  


"Apathy", "Roc Marciano", 
"The Alchemist" & "Evidence" (Of Step-Brothers) 

"The Gusto"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @stu_bangas

Off "Brutal Blends" Pre Album Mix Tape
Album "Diggaz With Attitude" Drops Aug 28th

"Stu Bangas" & "Vanderslice" announced their new collaborative album, "Diggaz With Attitude". The album, being released August 28th via Man Bites Dog Records, will include features from Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz, Esoteric, Celph Titled, Blaq Poet, and just the other week, Stu & Vander released the video for the album's lead single, "The Gusto" which features Apathy, The Alchemist, Evidence, and Roc Marciano.

Today, "Stu Bangas" & "Vanderslice", in conjunction with 2dopeboyz, are excited to give fans a pre-album mixtape, "Brutal Blends". The mixtape, which includes a number of previously released tracks, in addition to a handful of blends courtesy of Dusty Gems, also features a collection of exclusive tracks, with features coming from Planet Asia, Wais P, Ill Bill, Vast Aire, Action Bronson, and more. 

The tape was put together by "Stu Bangas", who wanted to use the tape as a tool to point new fans back to some of the producers' previous work. "We wanted to release some songs we had produced that were under the radar," explains Stu Bangas, while Vander notes that it was actually the work of Dusty Gems that sparked the initial idea for the tape. "I saw that Dusty Gems was doing blends with beats that Stu and I had already released," he recalls. "From there, Dusty and Stu built the idea, and when they brought it to me, I thought it was interesting – something different."


"Philadelphia" Rapper "S.K."

"No Sympathy" (Album Trailer)

Twitter: @PhillySK 

"I'm Talking Priceless, Even If I Gave You A Hand 
You Couldn't Write This"


 "No Sympathy" (TRAILER) 

"No Sympathy" will be a departure from the blended, mixed-genre sound that has become popular within hip-hop and nostalgic for those who crave the "middle" hip-hop era, the bass lines, the grit, and the street. Good musik is Priceless, Great musik is Timeless. Watch the trailer as it simply pays homage to times of hip-hop past. It's all in the details. 

"No Sympathy" trailer produced by "Wes Manchild" and directed by Mark Randall III.