"Kevin Hart
 On Kanye & Kim, Chad Ochocinco, MTV 


(10) Artist With "Street Heat"

"810" - "Something To Prove" (Official Video) 

"Lil Eto" - "Green Face$
"Bas" - "The Season" (Prod by J.Cole)
"Lidah" Ft. "Young Rad" - "Can't Let You Go" (Video)
"Boogz Boogetz" - "Sucker Free" (Official Video)
"AWAR" Ft "Evidence" - "Never Break Me
"J Bannon" Ft. "Greg Tecoz" "A Oh" (OfficialVideo) 
"Cloud9" - "See You In My Nightmares" (Official Video)

"Simon-Sez" - "Blow The World Up"
"Riff Raff"-"Summer Of Surf", "Brain Freeze" & "Porsche Cayenne"

Baltimore, Rapper "810" (1/2 of United Division, along with The Black Sunn) drops a video for “Something To Prove”, which is the first single from "810’s" upcoming third, widely influential solo album “The Real World” (no release date has been set yet).

The song itself was inspired by 2Pac’s classic joint “Nothing To Lose”, which uses the same Mica Paris sample. 810 talks about his struggles coming up as a young artist, the non-believers that he has to deal with on the daily basis, and explains why he’s far from giving up. It’s an up-tempo, positive, energetic hip-hop track, and we’re sure many people can relate to the message. 

"Baltimore" Rapper "810
"Something To Prove"
(Official Video) 

Off "The Real World"

Twitter: @810musik @TuelvBeats

"Rochester, NY" Rapper "Lil Eto
"Green Face$

Twitter: @FireArmEbogota

"Queens" Rapper "Bas
"The Season"
 (Prod by J.Cole)

Twitter: @FiendBassy

"Quarter Water Raised Me" Volume II Coming SOON

"Lidah" Ft. "Young Rad
"Can't Let You Go
(Official Video)

Twitter: @TheRealLidah

"Los Angeles" Rapper "Boogz Boogetz
"Sucker Free
(Official Video)

First Video Off "C.O.O.L" Mixtape Drop'n 8/20/12

Twitter: @BoogzBoogetz

"E. Atlanta" Rapper "J Bannon" Ft. "Greg Tecoz
"A Oh
(Official Video) 

Off "Voice Of The People" Mix Tape

Twitter: @EastsideJBannon @gregtecoz

"New York" Rapper "AWAR" Ft "Evidence"
 "Never Break Me
(Official Video)

Off "The Laws Of Nature" Mix Tape

Twitter: @AWAR  @Evidence

"DMV" Group "Cloud9"
 "See You In My Nightmares"  
(Official Video)

Off "DejaVu: The Cover Experience"  

Twitter: @cloudninedc

"The experience of deja vu is normally attributed to a sense of familiarity accompanied with a feeling of the uncanny, perfectly describing the listening experience of the long anticipated first project from the DMV's own Cloud 9. 
By both pushing the envelope musically while nostalgically reincarnating some of our favorite tunes, Cloud 9 manages to reach new heights and redefine the concept of the "cover song".
Whether by breathing new life into some of our favorite classics or completely altering the genre of some of today's most popular songs,
Cloud 9 combines youthful exuberance and a musical maturity well beyond their years to create a window to the past while giving us a glimpse into the future.
Download it, burn it, give it to a friend and join the ever growing crowd that can't wait to see what they do next, again. Experience Deja Vu."

Listen in as the Gospel/Go Go background of drummer Jonathan “Footz” Livas, the classically trained piano of Jason “Sensei” Zamora, the space rock licks of guitarist Adam Dunbar, and Jazz band bass of Denzel Hassell, are blended seamlessly to create a musical palette rich and diverse enough for multi-talented recording artist Micheal “Tk” Akinlosotu to paint a masterpiece of sound, blurring traditional genre lines with his warm soulful harmonies and hard hitting raps. Urban Rock, Alternative Hip Hop, there is only one way to classify Cloud 9’s music, Epic. Described as out of this world, find out for yourself and join the Cloud 9 Universe.

 "Blow The World Up"

Twitter: @SimonSezMusic

Artist, Writer, Performer, Inspired by the golden era of Hip-Hop, Poetry, all genres of music, with carefully constructed rhymes, and a chess like approach to his lyricism. 

Simon-Sez aka White Noize has been crafting his art since the age of 11, while looking to expand his reputation to higher levels he has performed all over the country, at London Bar Music Hall, Bar Rumba, Halo Warrington, Red Rooms, Manchester Thirsty Scholar, Liverpool, Zanzibar Djangos Riff, The Masque, Bar Samui, The Olympia, The Head Of Steam, Envi, The Novaz Building, Preston Fire it up Carnival, Preston Street Festival, Sefton Park Home Grown Talent, Botanic Park, Radio 1, BBC Merseyside (Billy Butler) , Knight Radio FM and Radio City. 
Fast forward to 2012, Simon-Sez has supported Gza of the Wu Tang Clan and is currently putting together the final touches to his debut solo mixtape  entitled ‘’ Genesis – The Curse and the Blessing’’.

"HoustonTexas" Rapper "Riff Raff

"Summer Of Surf" (Music Video) 
Ft. "Lil Debbie" - "Brain Freeze" (Music Video) 
Ft. "Bars Murre" - "Porsche Cayenne" (Music Video) 
"Larry Bird" (Official Video)

Check Out "Birth Of An Icon" (Mixtape)


"Riff Raff" 
"Summer Of Surf" (Music Video) 

"Riff Raff"  & "Lil Debbie"
 "Brain Freeze" (Music Video) 

"Riff Raff"  & "Bars Murre" 
"Porsche Cayenne" (Music Video) 

"Riff Raff"
"Larry Bird
(Music Video)


"Do N It Live"

"Philthy Rich" - "Kill Zone" Tour In Petaluma, Ca. 
"2Chainz" -"Start & Riot" @ "Club Myst" In Minnesota
"Ice Cube" - Coors Light "Coldest MC Cypher
"Nicki Minaj" Live On The Today Show 08/14/2012 
"Juicy J" - "Smokers Club" Tour (Part 5) 

"Philthy Rich
"Kill Zone" Tour 
@ The Phoenix Theater In Petaluma, Ca


"Nicki Minaj"  Do n It Live On The Today Show 08/14/2012 

"Start & Riot"At "Club Myst" In Minnesota

"Ice Cube
Leads The Coors Light "Coldest MC Cypher

Ice Cube has conquered music, movies, and television, and is worth a reported $100 million. The West Coast jack of all trades is currently working on the highly anticipated N.W.A. movie, as well as the new installment of Friday. In between all this filmmaking, Ice Cube has found the time to take part in the Coors Light "Coldest MC Search."

"It's dope that Coors Light is reaching out to the Urban community," said Ice Cube. They did this [search] last year with N.E.R.D., and I was like, we have the relationship, I have the [commercial] with the can to see whose the coldest, so it's only right I jump into the search for the coldest contest this year."

Ice Cube played host to the six finalists in New York City recently and was on deck to select a winner. Before the winner was announced, Ice Cube led a rap cypher. The contestants, who hailed from New York, New Orleans, Charlotte, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Baltimore each took turns spitting their hottest 16 bars.

Some of the MCs got really lyrical with it and put on a good show for the crowd. Check out the video below to see Ice Cube host the Coors Light "Coldest MC" rap cypher:

Ice Cube ended up crowning Charlotte's Felony Fame the Coors Light "Coldest MC."

"Juicy J
 "Smokers Club" Tour (Part 5) 


"What Gives In Celebrity Biz?"



The "Next 48 Hours With Rick Ross" is an original two-part web series that goes behind the scenes during the album release week of God Forgives, I Don't.

This is the third time we follow Rick Ross, and part 1 shows the Bawse during the day before his album release. Ross visits BET's "106 & Park", Hot 97 With Angie Martinez, and MTV with Sway. Surprise guest include DJ Khaled, Gunplay, 2 Chainz and the legendary Eric B!

The Next 48 Hours With Rick Ross
"God Forgives, I Don't" Pt. 1 


"Bishop T.D. Jake
Reflects On Working With Whitney Houston 

"Floyd Mayweather
 Says Pacquiao Is Famous Because Of Him 

"R&B Divas
Changing the Image of Black Women on Reality TV?

I KNOW, I KNOW I KNOW, that I am the only black woman on EARTH that doesn't watch "Love & Hip Hop", "Celebrity Ex's" "Basketball Wives", and what ever other black "REALITY" shows, that are over saturating the air waives, but the reason being is that they're just too ghetto and I hate to see "BLACK WOMEN" depicted this way

This aint "Tells From The Hood". These are rich women who if not educated were smart enough to dig their hooks in someone's bank account, like a crook. But they get on tv ACTING so ghetto, and its embarrassing

For some, it might be entertaining, but you have to remember non black people are watching too, and that's our representation. Plus we've got young impressionable ladies watching, thinking this is how you have to act and be, if you want to be famous on tv. <<Its just not for me.

So, I'm really feel'n that Faith Evans, Syleena Johnson, Monifah, Nicci Gilbert and Keke Wyatt have come together for the new TV One reality show "R&B Divas".

The show will chronicle the women as they balance their families and careers as well as supporting each other as they work through some of their own personal issues and creator Nicci Gilbert hopes it will show a more positive side of black women on reality TV.

"Elle Varner
Talks Perfectly Imperfect, Songwriting Beginnings, London + More

With her Soul and Hip Hop inspired debut album, Perfectly Imperfect, solidly making it's mark on the US charts and critics alike, emerging singer-songwriter ELLE VARNER has come a long way since penning her first song ten years ago at the age of 13 -- and SoulCulture TV recently sat down with the R&B songstress in New York to talk about her journey so far.

Witness Testifies That "Usher Raymond
Tried to Hurt His Mother with Vehicle.
"I was Scared

"2 Chainz"
"Truuuuu or False" On "The Angie Martinez Show

"Lebron James
 Interview In London For 2012 Olympics 

"Young Money" Artist (Lil Waynye's Boo)
 It's Frustrating Seeing YMCMB Artist Drop Before Me 


(3) Tracks From "Flatbush,Brooklyn" Group 
"Flatbush Zombies"

 "S.C.O.S.A."  (Official Video)
"Thug Waffle" (Official Video)
"Face-Off" (Official Video)

@MeechIsDEAD @ZombieJuicee @erickarcelliott

Flatbush Zombies
(Official Video)

"Flatbush Zombies" 
 "Face - Off"
(Official Video)

"Flatbush Zombies" 
"Thug Waffle"
(Official Video)



"Reebok" Re-Releasing Allen Iverson's "Answer IV"

Air Jordan VI & VII "Gold Medal" Unboxing & Review 

I'm really glad they're doing this. And I'm sure this will help "Reebok" to get some time back on the clock.

Even though I knew it was his own fault, I think "Allen Iverson" got a bad rap, and I'm glad "Reebok" is at least giving him a chance to regain some fame on his name.

Who didn't love "Allen Iverson", and everyone rocked his joints. What I'm not feel'non these is the zipper that covers the laces, with a velcro strap, what are we 5? But, I do like that they added his picture and tattoo motto "Only The Strong Survive".

"Reebok" Re-Releasing "Allen Iverson's"
"Answer IV"

"Air Jordan" VI & VII "Gold Medal" Pack 
Unboxing & Review 


(10) Tracks From LA/NYC/WV Artist "D-Why
Off "Don't Flatter Yourself"

"Ballad Of An @sshole
"The Reprise"
"David & Goliath"
"So Committed"
"Good Will Stunting"
"Tonight We Fight
"2000 Miles"
"Stealing Youth"

Twitter: @DWHY

If you are a music lover who likes an artist with versatility, then "D-Why" is your dude

Cuz, when I first got on him he was rap'n and I swore he was black, like a cross between "Drake" & "Big Sean", with tracks like "Why", "Ballad Of An @sshole", "So Committed" & "Good Will Stunting"; then he drops tracks like "The Reprise", "Limitless" & "David & Goliath" which sound like a mix between "Green Day" and some other alternative rap-rock group, but its cool. Not sure if I would bump in my trunk, but I would download em on my iPod

Ya'll know how I love to drop new dudes on the scene who come crispy and clean. What I like about "D-Why" is that he's true to the music within himself. He could of just hit the rap scene, or just hit the alternative rap-rock scene, but instead he did his own thing.

"Ballad Of An @sshole


"The Reprise"

"David & Goliath"

"So Committed"

"Good Will Stunting"


"Tonight We Fight


"2000 Miles"

"Stealing Youth"


"Mix Tape & Album Teasers & Releases"

"Waka Flocka Flame"-"Salute Me Or Shoot Me:4
"Trae Tha Truth" - "Blackprint"  Mixtape Teaser
"Fred The Godson" "Gordo Frederico" Listening Party
 "2 Chainz" "Based on a Tru Story" Release Party 

"Waka Flocka Flame"
"Salute Me Or Shoot Me:4" (Mix Tape)
Drops 9/13/12

"Trae Tha Truth
"Blackprint"  Mixtape Teaser 
Drops 8/30/12

"DMV" Rapper "Substantial
"Home Is Where The Art Is"
Drops 9/4/12

When music is powerful and honest, it spreads. Substantial has been making music informed by his DMV upbringing for more than a decade now. His musings-in-rhyme have taken him far beyond the reaches of PG County. Substantial has seen the world over, collaborated with artists from other nations and rocked stages across several continents. Home Is Where The Art Is, his third official solo LP, will further solidify Sub as the indie powerhouse he is.

Recently Substizzle's pen game took him to China. Forming part of the supergroup FANOMM, Sub was brought out to China by Bentley to perform at the launch of the luxury auto company's 2013 line. While in the Far East, Substantial took the time to share a verse from the album, acapella and on-camera. Delivering the third verse from "See Hear" impeccably, Substantial puts into rhyme the grind and drive that took him from an unknown aspiring rapper to one of the most respected lyricists in the underground today.

Though Home Is Where The Art Is isn't about Bentley's, blunts and bitches, as Sub jokes in the video, the alchemy of immaculate rhymes and hard beats is just as luxurious, intoxicating and pleasing. The LP drops September 24 on Mello Music Group.

"Fred The Godson"
 "Gordo Frederico"  Listening Party

Twitter: @FredtheGodson

"2 Chainz
Album "Based on a Tru Story" Release Party 
At ESSO In Atlanta 


"Kool Keith"
"Who's The Man"
(Official Video)

Off "From Love & Danger"

Twitter: @ultraman7000

"Nearly two months ago, hip-hop's favorite quirky uncle, Kool Keith, hinted that he would be stepping away from the rap arena, that he was hanging up the MC gloves, or as he so poignantly put it, going home to the bat cave to take his cape off. This announcement accompanied the release of Love & Danger, the 13th album of Keith's illustrious career, which, just announced by Keith's label Junkadelic Music, will receive a vinyl release this fall.

Nevertheless, Kool Keith has remained active since the release of Love & Danger, performing to adoring crowds in New York City, Dallas, and Austin, while taking his show overseas for separate tours through Europe and Australia, and most recently returning back stateside for a performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos festival in Indiana. Keith also recently released his Total Orgasm mixtape, a collection of unreleased exclusives and recent loosies, and today, Keith is back to release his video for the latest single from Love & Danger, "Who's The Man." The video, directed by Pirate Dub & Kalenge FX, shows a time-lapsed street art piece by Hek & Junky of the TJS Crew, as the two work to recreate the wonderfully quirky cover art for Love & Danger, which features Kool Keith donned out in a shark-fin cape.

In remaining active, Keith also recently hit the studio to work on a new song, and popular sports and culture website Grantland.com tagged along, with writer Amos Barshad documenting the process and sitting down for an in-person interview with Kool Keith along the way. Keith talks about his proposed retirement in the feature, along with so much more, and Grantland also premiered the song that Keith recorded during that session, the DJ Junkaz Lou-produced "Spectrum." 


"Queensbridge,NY" Rapper "Kyron

Off "Little Big Man" (EP)

"Kyron" started out in Screwball a underground rap group working with DJ Premier, Pete Rock and The Alchemist among others. The Queensbridge native fighting the legal system has finally completed new music for his fans. This project is grown and sexy, don't let the title fool you