"Do N It Live"
"Pearl Jam" & "Jay-Z" Perform "99 Problems"
 Live Made In America Festival In Philadelphia PA September 2, 2012 
"Mariah Carey"
 Kicks Off NFL Season Performing "Triumphant
With Meek Mill & Rick Ross 
"Alicia Keys"
"Not Even The King"
Live @ Beacon Theatre 2012 
"Justin Bieber" & "Big Sean
"As Long As You Love Me"
Live On "America's Got Talent
"Rihanna" Ft "Coldplay
"Umbrella" & "Princess Of China
Live @ Paris Stade de France 

"Pearl Jam" & "Jay-Z
Perform "99 Problems"
Live In Philadelphia 9/2/12 
@ Made In America Festival 

 Live Made In America Festival Philadelphia PA September 2, 2012 

"Mariah Carey"
"Triumphant" (Get 'Em
(Live at Rockefeller Center) (09/05/2012) 

"Alicia Keys
"Not Even The King"
Live @ Beacon Theatre 2012 

"Justin Bieber" & "Big Sean
"As Long As You Love Me"
Live On "America's Got Talent

"Coldplay" & "Rihanna
"Princess Of China" 
(Live Stade De France,Paris 09/02/12) 

"Rihanna" Ft "Coldplay
Live Acoustic "Umbrella
@ Paris Stade de France 


"C'mon Son 37


"Real Tour Stories" With The Bay's

"Mistah FAB" & "Mac Dre" Shut Down A Mall
"Mac Mall" On Kill'n It At The Apollo
"E-40" On Get'n Perk'n On Tour

Click Link If You'd Like To See More Stories, Or Be Featured On 
Real Tour Stories

Twitter: @RealTourStories

"Oakland" Rapper "Mistah FAB"
Drops His "Real Tour Stories"
"Shut Down The Mall With Mac Dre"
 In Seattle Washington

Twitter: @MistahFAB

"Vallejo" Rapper "Mac Mall"
Rapper Drops His "Real Tour Stories"
"Playing At The Apollo"

Twitter: @TheRealMacMall

"Vallejo" Rapper "E-40"
Drops His "Real Tour Stories"
"Drink'n On Tour"

Twitter: @E40


(20) Artists With "Street Heat"

"Tony Tone Montana" - "Stressed Out" (Music Video)
"Karmine" - "Chill" (Official Video)
"J-F.L.O".- "Life is a Journey" (Official Video)
"Crown Royal"-"What's My Name" (Official Video)
"KJ Hines" Ft "BVNK" & "Mike Fresh" - "Demons"
"Jez Dior" - "Candles" [Official Video] 
"L PRO" - "The Brick"
"Rogizz" - "Interview"(Official Video)
"SkyBlew" - "Flowers" (Official Video)
"Forte Bowie" Ft. "Stanza" & "J. Nolan" - "Star"
"Arlis Michaels" Ft. "Nya Lee" - "Birds Of A Feather"
"Laron Bishop" Ft "Ben Grimm" & "Royale Swerve"- "All We Know" (Video) 
"Simeon Viltz" & "Mulatto Patriot" - "Hot Day" (Video)
"Baiyu" Covers (Demi Lovato's) - "Give Your Heart A Break"
"Antwan Davis" - "Lucky Day" (Official Video)
"Rell P" - "This My Party" (Official Video)
"Pop-A-Lot" Ft "Fat Trel" - "Ghetto Terrorist"  
"Tomcat" - "Just Warming Up"  [Official Video] 
D.Chamberz "All Day" Ft. Smoke Gang Mac & Mel Perry [VIDEO]
"Patrick P.A.T Barnett" - "Beautiful Life

"Oakland" Rapper "J-F.L.O".
"Life is a Journey
(Official Video) Shot In Berkeley, Ca

Off "Lost Art" Drop'n Soon
 Produced By "The SuperDudes

TWitter: @SDMG_Music

"Brooklyn, NY/LA" Rapper "Crown Royal"
"What's My Name"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @officialcrown

Video was Shot in the Jackie Robinson Projects in the Bedford-Stuyvesant Section of Brooklyn, NY on Labor Day 2012. Crown Loyal revisits his home turf to re-stake his name in the streets in which he was raised.

"North Carolina" Rapper "SkyBlew
(Official Video)

Twitter: @HeySkyBlew

All I can say about "Sky Blew" is that he's dope!! I've liked this dude from the first time I heard him. As I was listening to "Flowers", my 16 year old niece asks me who is that. I say "Sky Blew" and she said he was dope. "Flowers" to me, meant that no matter where you go or what you're going through, life continues to bloom and you need to take the time to enjoy the flowers around you in the good times and bad time.

"Just Warming Up
 [Official Video] 

Twitter: @tomcat_mmf

"Patrick P.A.T Barnett
"Beautiful Life

Off "Iconic Hip-Hop: DJ KAY SLAY" Mixtape 

Twitter: @mental_floss817

With several features circulating on the mixtape circuit Patrick "P.A.T." Barnett is creating quite the buzz for himself. With features on DJ Fade's HipHopStarship.com, DJ Danny-T's Global Swag Mixtape Series, DJ Koopa's Ace Hood hosted Laughin To The Bank, as well as a few of the up and coming Mafia Mixtapes crew's mixtapes; Mr. Poetic And Talented has made a name for himself. This has even landed him a spot on SEA award winning DJ Ames' International Hustle Unsigned Edition Vol. 6. His latest release is an incredible song called Beautiful Life.

P.A.T. stands for my Poetic And Talented side. An Air Force veteran and brat born in Bitburg, Germany but quickly left when his father decided to retire and has yet to return home for a visit. Now residing in the US. The best of all worlds: street smarts, book smarts, business savvy and even managed to get some common sense.

(Official Video)
  Produced By the "SuperDudes
Twitter: @SDMG_Music

"Brooklyn Park,Mn" Rapper "Tony Tone Montana
"Stressed Out"
 (Music Video)

Twitter: @TonyToneMontana 

"Austin,TX/Atlanta" Rapper "KJ Hines
Ft. "BVNK" & "Mike Fresh

Twitter: @KJHines @DjCosTheKid
@fkirich @mikefresh @billionairebeat

In the wake of the South by Southwest Music Festival, everyone is asking--who will be the next big artist to blow up out of Austin, TX? The answer lies in 21-year old KJ Hines, who hails from the suburbs of the Capital City, and has since relocated to Atlanta. KJ has opened for performers like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Drake, as well as Texas favorites like Bun B, Slim Thug, Chamillionaire, and Lil Flip. He has also performed at many famed Austin venues, including the Austin Music Hall, the Travis County Expo Center, and University of Texas favorite, the Sigma Chi fraternity house. As a more patriotic gesture, he performed for US troops returning from Iraq at Fort Hood.

KJ first got his start when a mutual friend introduced him to Atlanta-based producer Skrapp. The two have since collaborated on a video for the single, "Up and Down," which is posted on KJ's YouTube channel, "officialkjhinestv."  While his hip-hop sound and R & B feel have attracted the attention of major companies, KJ maintains the support of indie-label Dap Records, where he first got his start. Through Dap he released his debut album, entitled "capital city," as a reference to his mature lifestyle as a 16-year-old. He continues to focus on providing quality entertainment in Atlanta, across the country, and worldwide. For more of KJ's music, check out his website www.kjhines.com, and his Twitter, "@kjhines."

"Atlanta" Rapper "Forte Bowie
Ft. "Stanza" & "J. Nolan"

Twitter: @fortebowie

"Los Angeles" Rapper "Jez Dior
 [Official Video]  

Twitter: @jezdior

Not Featured On Forte's Upcoming Project, 
"Passion & Confusion"

Jez Dior is a Los Angeles based Hip-Hop artist. His upcoming mixtape Scarlett Sage will mark his first ever solo release. Being the son of 1970's punk rocker Steve Dior - best friend of Sid Vicious and crafter of many Sex Pistols songs, he is no stranger to the music scene. He started creating songs at the age of 13 and has progressed immensely and matured as an artist. His idols range from Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain to the likes of Kanye West. Family life hasn't always been the easiest for him as many deaths and his father's addiction tore his family apart. His music all relates back to real life situations and struggles. Only being 20 years old he still has a lot of time ahead of him to continue to grow as an artist and to be able to brand himself into rap superstardom.

"Candles" is the first release from Jez Dior's upcoming mixtape entitled Scarlett Sage. It was the first song recorded for the record and instantly picked as the first single. It contains a hook sampled from the Indie group Daughter. The video was shot earlier this year in San Francisco with director Stephen Mallet who won 1st place at the Los Angeles Movie Awards for the JMSN.

"Portland, Oregon"  Rapper "L PRO
"The Brick"
Twitter: @lpromusic

L PRO is back! After re-releasing his album "Vertigo" early this year and fans praising him for "bringing the golden age back", L PRO has been in the studio, working relentlessly on reinventing his sound.

Working with different producers for this new album he stepped out of his comfort zone, with the outcome being so effortlessly dope, you would never know that this is a new sound for him.

"The inspiration for "The Brick" was sending the message that the world is mine and I plan to take it; that the world is a brick, and I intend to break down the brick to get what I want. Its pretty simple that way, just a skills joint to accentuate this concept. "

The song was produced by Arkiteck and is a perfect blend of old and new school. It is sure to grab you, make your head nob and hit that rewind button once the track has finished bangin through your speakers.

In an oldschool manner L PRO releases "The Brick" with a B Side. Although "The Brick" is clearly a stand alone track, L PRO wanted to give his fans a little bit more while they wait for his new album to drop.

The B side "Profound" serves as a wider introduction of the name and brand L PRO:
"..know the name.... Profound."

"Arlis Michaels" Ft. "Nya Lee
"Birds Of A Feather

     Twitter: @ARLISMICHAELS @RealNyaLee

"Virginia" Rapper "Laron Bishop
Ft. "Ben Grimm" & "Royale Swerve"
"All We Know"
(Official Video) 

Twitter: @rysdvd @laronbishop

Off "Cold Summer Night"

(Official Video)

Twitter" @Rogizz

"Simeon Viltz" (Of Primeridian) & "Mulatto Patriot
"Hot Day
(Official Video)

Off "Ray Elementary" Album

Twitter: @mulattopatriot @primeridian

EmCee Simeon Viltz & producer Mulatto Patriot Presents: “Ray Elementary” an album full of soulful funky grooves, intriguing stories and a strong positive energy that is very inviting.

The name “Ray Elementary” comes from Simeon and MP attending William H. Ray a nice amount of time ago in different years.
The Album has appearances from Uncle Imani (Pharcyde), Psalm One, Pugs Atomz, Greg Blackman, Neak, Sincerely Yours, Squair Blaq, Race, Maggie Vagle, NidaNasheeda, Shev Rock & Awdazcate.

With live Instruments performed by Charlie Coffeen of SideWalkChalk (Piano), Prashant Vallury of Animate Objects (Bass), Chris Paquette (Auxiliary Percussion) and Simeon Viltz gets it in on Trumpet and Vibes.

 Covers Demi Lovato's
 "Give Your Heart A Break"

 (Official Video Cover by Baiyu

Twitter: @BaiyuMusic

"Antwan Davis
"Lucky Day"
(Official Video)

"Established" Drops October 14th.

Twitter: @AntwanDavisEST

A Month after dropping the first single "The Zoo"  which reached over 80k views within a few weeks Antwan Davis releases the second single "Lucky Day"  from his upcoming mixtape "ESTABLISHED" . "Lucky Day" was produced by Wes ManChild and directed by Ventilation X. 

The new Antwan Davis Mixtape "ESTABLISHED" is scheduled to drop October 14th. Release party will be October 11th at the Arts Garage 8-12am.

"Oakland/Sacramento" Rapper "Rell P
"This My Party
(Official Video)

Off "Full Circle"

Twitter: @TheRealRellP

24-year-old Terrell (Rell P) Palmer was born in Oakland, California and raised in Northern Sacramento, California. His natural affinity and talent for music was apparent at an early age, and since the sixth grade he has been polishing the same musical talent which has undoubtedly shaped him into the gifted lyricist he is today. Rell P’s drive for success has resulted from an amalgam of his own dedication, a coarse upbringing being raised by a single mother, and a tunnel vision mindset that allows him to see only the goals before him which still need to be accomplished. Though throughout life’s ups and downs, his resilience has given him an unrelenting ambition for success and a versatile personality that enables him to connect with people of many different ages and backgrounds. His willingness to perfect his craft is a testament of his strength and tenacity, and pursuing his passion for music has led him to many different endeavors. Forming a group with childhood friends Jamani (Airon A’Flic) Perry, and Corey (Squidy-Bo) Jackson proved success in gaining a buzz from Northern California, down to Southern California, which led him to pursue a career as a solo artist. Along with recognition from the Bay Area’s very own Clyde Carson, Rell P has worked with a variety of artists and producers, and has opened for multiple artists including Wale and YG. With his attractive sound, incredible talent, and an insatiable appetite for success, he is sure to continue rising to the occasion, becoming one of the hottest up-and-coming rap personages in Northern California.

"Pop-A-Lot" Ft "Fat Trel
"Ghetto Terrorist

Off "2Pop PlugLife" Mix Tape Drop'n 9/29/12

Twitter: @Pop_A_Lot

"Coney Island" Rapper "D.Chamberz
Ft. "Smoke Gang Mac" & "Mel Perry"
"All Day"
 [Official Video]


"San Francisco's"
"The League Of Young Voters"
Makes Their Mark 

Twitter: @TheLeagueSF

Now. Though, I do care who you vote for, I care more that you vote. Your voice counts, and needs to be heard and your vote counts and needs to be counted. Don't assume who's going to win, ensure who's going to win. VOTE 
-Tease Right-

The League of Young Voters Education Fund (LYVEF), in partnership with AllHipHop.com and Rock the Vote, engaged young voters with an interactive viewing party and panel discussions in Washington, D.C. with #BarackTalk 2012. Shown live on Ustream, the interactive experience allowed young voters to witness top political, music and media pundits voice their opinions on President Obama's State of the Union speech.

#BarackTalk 2012 was highlighted by three discussion panels featuring Dee-1 (rapper/activist), RhymeFest (hip-hop artist), Chuck Creekmur (AllHipHop.com), Janee Bolden (Bossip.com), Andreas Hale (TheWellVersed.com), Shaheem Reid (MTV and XXL), Michale Skolnik (GlobalGrind.com) and more. Viewers joined the conversation by tweeting #BarackTalk, with panelists answering their questions. During the event, our Ustream viewer count exceeded 32,000 viewers.


"What Gives In Celebrity Biz"

"Mariah Carey" "D@mn, What Do I Have To Do?"
"DMX" On Drake & Aaliyah Track "Enough Said"
"Chad Johnson"  Charged With Battery
"Yo Gotti" On Buying Out Of His Record Deal
"Chiddy Bang" On Their Recording Style
"Kevin McCall" On "Definition" Mixtape, & Chris Brown 
"Machine Gun Kelly" Touring & Lace Up Album 
"Victor Cruz" On His Recent Sneaker Pickups 
"Randy Jackson" Still A Judge On American Idol 2012 MTV VMAs/BMI Takeover [Full Video] 
"Texas Chainsaw" 3D [Trailer] 
"DJ Enuff" With Def Jam Recording Artist "K'La
Can Iyanla Fix Evelyn's Life?

Mariah Carey has been writing her own music since she burst onto the scene in 1990, but apparently there are some folks who didn't know that! In true diva fashion, Carey politely informed them at the BMI Urban Awards by stating, "A lot of people still don't know I write my own songs, but I'm like well damn, what do I have to do?" Well, it looks like all she had to do was be named the 2012 BMI Icon...now let's hope no one forgets her many talents!

"Mariah Carey
"D@mn, What Do I Have To Do?"

 On Drake And Aaliyah Track "Enough Said"

"Chad Johnson"  Charged With Battery

"Yo Gotti
Speaks On Buying Out Of His Record Deal
Touring & More 

Twitter: @YoGottiKOM

Hip-Hop Duo "Chiddy Bang"
  "Hooked Up

Hip-Hop duo Chiddy Bang speaks on their recording style for their own music and for remixes, and speak on their new music coming out.

"Kevin McCall
Talks "Definition" Mixtape, 
& Chris Brown's "Fan of a Fan 2

Kevin McCall talks about his upcoming CBE debut and mixtape "Definition" featuring Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, and Travis Porter. Plus, he gives us an update on Chris and Tyga's mixtape "Fan of a Fan 2."

"Machine Gun Kelly
Talks Life On Tour & "Lace Up" Album 

Bad Boy artist Machine Gun Kelly comes thru the Skee Lodge to check in with DJ Skee on Hip Hop Nation's "Live From Los Angeles". MGK describes his tour life living on the bus and is eagerly anticipating his major label debut Lace Up.

"New York Giants" Player "Victor Cruz
Talks Foamposites, Pennys 
& His Recent Sneaker Pickups 

New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz sits down with SneakerWatch and discusses his favorite Foamposites, his admiration for the Penny Hardaway Nike line and his recent sneaker pick ups.

"Randy Jackson" 
Keeps Judging Gig on American Idol 

 2012 MTV VMAs/BMI Takeover 
[Full Video] 

The 2012 MTV VMAs & BMI Awards were held last week. Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller took over LA last week and got some hilarious interviews on the Red carpet! Check it out!

"DJ Enuff
Interviews Def Jam Recording Artist 

Can Iyanla Fix Evelyn's Life?

Let's face it, Evelyn Lozada has had a rough month, but Iyanla Vanzant is here to help with her new show on the OWN network Iyanla Fix My Life.

Iyanla, a self help guru and author, sat-down with Lozada following her domestic violence dispute with soon-to-be ex-husband Chad Johnson, for the premiere episode .

HipHollywood caught-up with Iyanla to get the details about the show and find out just how she's helping people fix their lives.

Check out the video below. Iyanla Fix My Life premieres on the OWN Network Saturday, September 15th.

"Texas Chainsaw" (3D
(Official Trailer) 


"Pink" Ft. "Eminem
"Here Comes The Weekend


"Baltimore" Rapper "Sullee J
Ft. "GIF" (Of Par City) 
"W.T.F." [Where The Faith?] 

Twitter: @SulleeJ85

The 21st century is one to remember from the devastation of 9.11.2001 World Trade Centre attacks to the 2012 Batman shooting of innocent civilians.  Faith is something that has been lost along the way.

Sullee J came together with GIF of Par City produced by sound magician GreezyDub to pose the question to the masses ‘’ Where the faith?’’  It is a call to the people of the world whether young or old, black or white, Muslim or Christian to unite and keep faith in God no matter how arduous the journey in life may be.


Drop'n Doc's
"Kid Ink" "Up Close" (Documentary) 
"DMX" Releases Documentary Titled "Undisputed

In association with Skee.TV & Modern Artists, Heineken presents Kid Ink: Up Close. Take an in depth look as we go behind the scenes and backstage with Kid Ink during his recent show in Los Angeles, CA.

"Los Angeles" Rapper "Kid Ink"
 "Up Close" (Documentary) 

Twitter: @Kid_Ink

Releases Documentary Titled "Undisputed

DMX has released a short documentary called "Undisputed" to promote his upcoming album "Redemption of the Beast", which drops on September 11.

The film features DMX performing on stage with Swizz Beatz, and also incorporates footage of his "Redemption of the Beast" studio sessions with producer Dame Grease. Dark Man X also promised his gospel record is still on the way, and mentioned Christmas as a release date.


"Jason Miller" Ft "Drake

Ok, ya'll. Calm down! It might not be what you expected it to be, but its not so bad, if you like this genre of music. Drake is doing what artist do and try to cross-over and reach a new audience. "Drake, came too hard for this track, and I really didn't feel it, and definitely didn't kill it.

Jason Miller was with Akon's label; Konlive. He had a hit single "Sucker for Love" He also did a single with Snoop Dogg named S.E.X. there is a video for that song as well. Jason also did singles with Roscoe, 50 Cent and many other top artists.