"Do N It Iive"
"Christian" Rap Freestyle Cypher 
w/ "P. Isaac", "M. Chris McDaniels" & "M. Jose"

"Tedashii", "KB" & "Suzy Rock"
"No Boundaries Tour"

Live Band "Christian" Hip Hop
"Brotherhood Experience"

"Unashamed" Tour Miami 2012 @lecrae

"Unashamed" Tour 2012:
Come Alive, San Francisco, Lecrae & The 116 Clique

Los Angeles "Christian" Rap Freestyle Cypher 
w/ P. Isaac, M. Chris McDaniels & M. Jose

Twitter: @MiraculousMusic

"Christian" Rappers
"Tedashii" + "KB" + "Suzy Rock
"No Boundaries Tour"

@Tedashii @KB_HGA

A brief recap of the "No Boundaries Tour" kickoff concert featuring Tedashii, KB, and Suzy Rock at Warehouse Live in Houston, Texas on December 1, 2012. Sponsored by NGEN Radio. Special appearances by Von Won and Propaganda.

"NY" Live Band "Christian" Hip Hop
"Brotherhood Experience"
"Soldier Rapp" (Live Performance)

Performance of "Soldier Rapp" by Brotherhood Experience held in Irvington NJ as part of Unity Day Festival.


"Sacramento" Radio Show
"Word On The Street With Wordsmith"


Website: www.iamwordsmith.com

When "Wordsmith" hits the streets of your town, God's Word, is the only thing going down. Known as the "Neighborhood Hope Dealer", "Wordsmith" hits the streets and the detention facility doors and distributes God's word, hope, love, mercy and compassion in a relatable fashion.

"Wordsmith" is a Radio Personality with a national based show titled #WordOnTheStreet where they “Reach the unreachable & Teach the unteachable!”

He is the Street Team Director of House Of Slap Radio, based out of Sacramento, Ca.

He goes from city to city to host ministry events and conduct speaking engagements from Church to Church, College Campuses, Job Corps, Community Facilities, as well as parks and places that conduct outreach.

I know him personally, and "Derf" is really a good dude, with a good attitude, a good heart, good intentions and his zeal, wisdom and energy is infectious. I pray for his  continued success in his ministry, as he continues to do the Lord's work. May he and his family continue to be blessed in health and love from earth and above.

"On The Block With Bizzle"



"The Streets Are Talking"

"Youth Detention (Summer Jam)"


"Grammy" Nominated "Christian" Rapper
"Lecrae" And "Andy Mineo" 
"Unashamed" Tour Exclusive

Lecrae talks about his recent success with "Gravity" album, walking in humility and the growth of Christian Hip Hop with CBS news.



Website: http://LiveMyGospel.com

Twitter: @livemygospel

"LiveMyGospel" is the #1 spot to find all of your gospel music needs. What ever you want, Old School-New School, they got it.

"LiveMyGospel" is a "Bay Area" Christian/Gospel website featuring a "Touch Of Inspiration", "Music For The Soul", "Gospel Music History", "Artist Spotlight" and "Sunday's Best", with all your current and "Old School" favorite Gospel tunes, that glorify the Lord, and make you swoon.

"LiveMyGospel" was born out of a mother's love for gospel music. So they created a space for lovers of gospel music.

"Live My Gospel's" vision was to create a community for gospel music enthusiasts and artists who create gospel music that leaves us full of inspiration, hope, appreciation, and love can come together.

"Aaron Neville"
"Christmas Prayer Message"

"Bebe Winans"
"My Christmas Prayer"

"Tamela Mann"
"You Deserve My Praise"


"Operation T.H.U.G.S"
(The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls)

The Harvest is great but the laborers are few. Matthew 9:37

Email: operationthugs@yahoo.com

"Operation T.H.U.G.S." is an non-profit Christian ministry, based out of Fairfield/Suisun, California, who are a group of men & women from different churches who share the same passion to reach out to the lost.  This mission is bigger than just one church, this is a Body movement who represents UNITY in the Body of Christ.

 The Harvest is great but the laborers are few. Matthew 9:37 Check out their website

"Operation T.H.U.G.S." Mission statement is to reach into the wicked dark streets and be the light and gather souls for my King Christ Jesus!

"Operation T.H.U.G.S" is a street ministry geared at bringing the Gospel of Christ into   the streets. Being the light in dark places and sharing what Christ has   done for us and also sharing what we have been through. Matthew

"OPERATION" has many meanings. One which is the power to act; efficacy or influence. In the medical field operation would mean a procedure aimed at restoring or improving the health of a patient, as by correcting a malformation, removing diseased parts, implanting new parts, etc. and in the military field it would mean, a campaign, mission, maneuver, or action. So I am saying I want to work... on the so called "THUG" to influence them to a new way of living. The medical term operation is the part Christ would have to perform on them to restore and improve their standing and spiritual health, to correct malformation and the removal of diseased parts and implanting new parts, amen! And of course the military term would be used to describe what we do when we are outside of the church in the streets. And yes we are on these streets, going places most people won't go. We can and do go because as ex-thugs we can identify with the streets and on first glance we often time look like the streets so we are able to approach them and often time based on that alone they receive us, respect us and now that we have their attention they have opened the door for us to win their souls for Christ.

T.H.U.G.S. is an acronym and simply stands for The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls. God gave me the name of this ministry as an attraction tool. When one see's it, it causes one to question what it is, what place does it have in the church and at that point it gives us an opportunity to share and witness. To the street person it's attractive because they can identify with the word thug.

This is all done for Christs glory, not ours. We are His vessels and we are seeking to be lights in dark places...join the cause of Christ today! Help us to win souls.

"Operation THUGS"
Toy Drive 2010 & 2011

"Operation T.H.U.G.S." have celebrated their 3rd annual Christmas Toy Drive. This toy drive helped to not only to put a smile on the faces of  childen who are less fortunate and might not be able to receive gifts on Christmas, but it shows the love, adoration and the GOODNESS of GOD, through his servants.

Matthew 25:40 "Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

3rd Annual "Operation THUGS"
Toy Drive Concert (Promo)

On December 8th the 3rd annual "Operation Thugs" Toy Drive was held at Liberty Christian Center 2641 North Texas Street- Fairfield, Ca. 94533, and was a HUGE success.

The concert featured Christian artist Bizzle, Sevin, R.EI.G.N., FAR, and Lakita Long.
This event was hosted, by a man who's about his Father's Business, in every aspect of his life, "House Of Slap Radio's", Christian, on-air personality, "Wordsmith".

"Did You Know"? (Extended Version)

"Operation T.H.U.G.S."

Did you know that a whole bunch of ex felons ex thugs and ex gang bangers would have a positive impact on your city?


(20) Christian Artists With "Street Heat"

 "Joshua" - "Hands Up"(Official Video)
"FoundNation" Ft "Sammy Blaze" -"Seventeen" (God Is Love)
"Bezalel" - "Last Man
"Jarriel Early" Ft. "Timothy Rogers" - "3 Nails"
"The Equilizer" & "The Disciple" & "Son of Adam" -"Can't Hold Me Down
"C-Swagga" - "We Winning" (Offical Video)
"Saundra DEI" - "Priceless" (Official Video)
"Ms. KO" Ft. "2Tone" - "Just Pray"
"SoC" - "Livin' in Darkness"
"Edward "G" Porter"- "Prayze S.W.A.G"  (Official Video)
"Authentik" - "I'm Alive" (Official Video)
"Jace" - "Live Free"
"Jin" Ft "Christina K" - "Going Places"
"G.m.a.n" Ft "Rell Riley" & "Nevaehs Angel" - "World Cries"
"SetFree" - "Set It Off"
"JONAH" (Of Sozo Boyz) "No Luv 4- The World"
"K.N.A.-L.E.D.G.E." - "One God" (Official Music Video)
"Da TRUTH" - "J.I.F.E." (Official Video)
"God's Servant" - "Able to Save"
"Coffee Jones" - "Days Go Bye"

Houston, TX "Christian" Rapper "Joshua"
 "Hands Up"
(Official Video)

@carvinjoshua @GCodeMusic

Christian rap artist Joshua of the Christian hip hop group "G-Code" as they get crunk for the Lord Over a Crazy Beat! If you like music that delivers the powerful message of Jesus Christ.

"Catholic/Christian" Rappers
"FoundNation" Ft. "Sammy Blaze
"Seventeen" (God Is Love)

FoundNation is more than just a rap group. It is a group of men, driven by their Christian identity, to serve others, and make God known to them through their lives and their music.

This new group that spans to all the borders of the United States is not only bringing a new sound to Christian rap but is also setting a high bar for Catholic rap. The 3 artists with the stage names of Thot,
Dy-Verse, and C2Six have many years of ministry, from the local level of parish ministry with CCD and catechetical teachers to street ministry with gang intervention and street witnessing. After pursuing solo careers in the hip-hop world, they crossed paths through Phatmass, and quickly bonded as artists and friends. Desiring to bring change to the lives of individuals, their communities, and their own personal lives as they continuously sought to live out their Catholic-Christian faith, these young men became the group called FoundNation.

With their individual talents, they seek to bring light into a dark world, through rhymes, beats and songs. The sounds represented from the group come from “tha South” and also from a “latin” rap mixed with a “now-pop” sound, the music is definitely engineered for our street youth but enjoyable for all ages and backgrounds.

"Christian" RNB/HIP HOP Artist 
"Ms. KO" Ft. "2Tone
"Just Pray"

Twitter: @MsKO_ReppinYah

"Christian" Rapper "Bezalel"
"Last Man Standing"


Twitter: @truevined

Atlanta, GA "Christian" RNB Artist "C-Swagga"
"We Winning"
 (Offical Video)

Twitter: @ChristianSwagga

"Christian" Rap Group"Authentik"
"I'm Alive"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @authentikctf @rapzilla

Columbus,GA "Christian" Rapper
"Jarriel Early" Ft. "Timothy Rogers"
"3 Nails"

Off "The Cross Over" Album

Jarriel Early is a native of Columbus, GA. Although he is fairly new to the gospel hip-hop scene, Jarriel has work together with his friend/producer Timothy (Mr. D.E.K.A.) Rogers and has taken his music ministry to many of the housing projects in the Columbus, GA area with the Crunk For Christ Rally Tour. Not only has he reached out to the communities in Columbus, Jarriel has taken his ministry to cities such as Butler, Americus, Preston, West Point, and Atlanta, GA. Jarriel’s main purpose for his music ministry is to inform EVERYONE that Jesus is still in the business of saving souls.

"Christian" Artists
"The Equilizer" & "The Disciple" & "Son of Adam"
"Can't Hold Me Down"

"Christian" Rapper "Jin" Ft "Christina K"
"Going Places"

Twitter: @iammcjin

"Baltimore,MD" Female "Christian" Rapper
"Saundra DEI
(Official Video)

Off The EP "Priceless"

Twitter: @SaundraDEI @GoForwardMG

"Christian" Rapper"SoC
"Livin' in Darkness"

"Georgia" Contemporary/Christian/Hip Hop Artist
"Edward "G" Porter"
"Prayze S.W.A.G" (Saved With A Gift)
(Official Video)

Twitter: @PrayzeSwag

"Prayze S.W.A.G."  (Saved With A Gift)!  This video is from the new single from independent recording artist, "Edward "G" Porter".  "Prayze Swag" is a high energy track with hard hitting beats that provides a relevant message of praising God and emphasizes the importance of being who God created us to be and that we are all Saved With A Gift (S.W.A.G.).  This song aims to motivate, inspire and encourage listeners to embrace their uniqueness in God and give Him all of the

Aurora, CO "Christian" Rapper "Jace"
"Live Free"

 Twitter: @Jacemuzik @christianhhtv

"Christian" Rapper
"G.m.a.n" Ft "Rell Riley" & "Nevaehs Angel"
"World Cries"

Off "World Cries"


4 Gospel Rappers from different parts of the world team up on 1 track ''WORLD CRIES'' By G.Man (South Africa) Featuring: Nevaeh's Angel (UK) & Rell Riley & Tearz (United States)

"Christian" Rapper "SetFree"
"Set It Off"

Twitter: @Iam_SetFree

"Jonah" Of The "Christian" Rap Duo "Sozo Boyz"
"No Luv 4- The World"

Sozo Music New Artist Jaunice Jean-Pierre aka" JONAH" a 16 year old South East High School student in Bradenton, Fl who Loves Jesus. This Young man Has a calling on his life to Share the Good news the Truth the Gospel, Unlike the Johna in the Bible he is not running from his calling he is headed straight to the hip hop generation of Nineveh, a wicked generation worthy of destruction from God, Johna has been sent to warn them and hopefully they will repent and turn back to Almighty God.

Orlando,FL "Christian" Rapper "K.N.A.-L.E.D.G.E."
"One God"
 {Official Music Video}

Twitter: @ZamirMuzik

Philadelphia "Christian" Rapper "Da TRUTH"
"J.I.F.E." (Official Video)

Off " Love, Hope & War" Album Out Jan 29th

Twitter: @truthonduty

 "Christian" Rapper "God's Servant"
"Able to Save"

Off "The Christ Of Christmas" Album

"Nashville" Christian Rap Duo "Coffee Jones"
"Days Go Bye"

Off "Fresh Brew" EP

Twitter: ‏@iamcoffeejones

"Days Go Bye" is the third and final track off the Fresh Brew EP. Fresh Brew is the debut solo project from Grits co-founder Stacey "Coffee" Jones, a 3-song EP to give faithful long-time fans and supporters a taste of what's to come for the artist.

Fresh Brew is virtually a hybrid of fresh electronic beats with Coffee's signature hip hop sound that he has been known for practically since the inception of the Nashville-based Christian rap duo.


"Christian Rap Radio Stations"

"House Of Slap"
"Live365" Internet Radio
"777 Christian Radio"
"KIAC Internet Radio"
"ShoutCast Radio"

"House Of Slap" Radio

House Of Slap radio is Sacramento's #1 source of Christian Hip Hop.

House of Slap Radio: "Where Faith and Hip-Hop Collide."
To effectively reach our urban culture with the Word of God through innovative hip-hop elements, as we intently empower and equip disciples to impact the world. (Matthew 28:19).

House of Slap Radio LLC is a multi-entity that targets the hip-hop culture through music, promotion, and faith-based partnerships. House of Slap Radio (HOSR) was founded by Montay McDaniel aka Dj Anointed in 2008. HOSR functions as a Christian Hip-Hop radio show podcast, mobile deejay service, and event promoter.

So Cali's 1st Christian Hip Hop Radio Station


Every Friday from 12:00pm-1:00pm

ChristFM is joining a revolutionary movement which started in the 1960s and early 1970s. The event was called the “Jesus Movement,” which spawned a transition in Christian music from hymns and choir songs into rock and metal sounds. This evolution of Christian music was the first of its kind and eventually popularized into what people hear today.

 Although Christian radio stations are heavily saturated with rock and alternative songs, Christian hip-hop is ready to make its debut this year.

The streets have pushed hip-hop into the spotlight, but will the Christian culture be ready for the sounds of this genre? Time will tell, but more importantly will this genre will be effective for
spreading the gospel?

 Hosting and taking prayer request on ChristFM will be M.C. Javi G and Sam Da Ram. If you’re in the LA and Orange County area don’t forget to tune into 89.5FM or listen worldwide on


Twitter: @christianrockdn


Christian-hiphop.Net is a 24-hour non-profit internet radio ministry providing 4 different radio formats. Featuring  rap, rock, hard rock and powwer praise formats to choose from and get your praise and worship on, in the manner you like to do it in. 

"Live 365" Internet Radio

Twitter: @Live365

"Live 365.com" is an 24 hour on line radio station which features all generes of music, but they do have a Christian Rap, RNB/Urban, Gospel, Praise/Worship & more. Just pick your stations like "Jam The Hype", "Hot 3:16", "Unleashed Radio", "Quote Christ Radio", and more.

"Dublin" "777 Christian Radio"


Twitter: @UCBIrelandRadio

"777 Christian Radio" believes a self motivated, God fearing man will become successful through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. <AMEN.

"777 Christian Radio" is a non profit radio station totally supported by its members. Their servers are owned and ran by their members.

"KIAC Internet Radio"
The Best Christian Rap, Hip Hop and R&B

KIAC Station Community is where listeners and artists create playlists and  party mixes called Stations from all the great songs on IAC.

The stations on IAC range from genre-based to pretty much every possible theme on the map and can be  created in a large assortment of colors.  Day and night you can see the station  owners adding songs to their stations.  It is very easy to start a station for  listeners or artists.  Just start a  page (artist or pipeline), and go to the right of your administration page  to "Create New Station."  Then go anywhere on the site, click on the plus button  to add songs to your station.

Create multiple stations for your various moods.   And you can enter your station in the monthly station contest too.  The IAC  station concept is renowned among music sites for its look, and ease of use. And that's not all.
Once you create a station, you can put it on any site you want (with an auto-play option) using the
KIAC Export  Player.  Click on that link and it
will take you only a few seconds to  create a code that will place your songlist/station for play on your homepage,  domain site, or My Space page. 

The IAC player has  enhanced sound for exceptionally crisp streaming, and now you can take your  station all over the web.  Also, now you can customize the color of your Export  Player too.

While we're on the subject  of song streaming, this might be a good time to mention that IAC is one of the  few sites that allows artists to upload
mp3s at any kbps bitrate for no  additional cost.  This means that many of the songs you hear on the site will be  playing in super hi fi mode, which is
basically CD  quality.


"StreamFinder" is a Christian rap online radio station list listen to free streaming Christian rap radio stations, browse  Christian rap radio stations, discover and share new Christian rap radio stations from around the world. Currently have 462 free websites in their network.

Genre parent: religious
gospel online radio
meditative online radio
christian rap online radio
native american online radio
revival online radio
christian hip hop online radio
contemporary christian online radio
christian rock online radio
muslim online radio
christian metal online radio
spiritual online radio

"Shoutcast Radio"

"Shoutcast Radio" gives you access to 49,304 Free Internet Radio Stations. Join 828,771 people streaming radio right now. Listen to your favorite Internet  radio stations including christmas, pop, R&B, dance and many more.

Want almost 50,000 SHOUTcast Radio stations on your iPhone or iPod Touch?  With the FREE SHOUTcast iOS app you can listen to radio stations on the go! The SHOUTcast Radio Directory features over 49,000 professional and community programmed radio stations from around the globe. SHOUTcast offers tremendous depth and breadth of stations with genres ranging from Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Electronica, Bollywood, Latin to Zouk across a broad set of languages including French, German, Swahili and Portugese.


"Christian Clothing Lines"

"JCLU Forever"
"Christian Outfitter"
"C28" (Not Of This World)
"Common Threadz"

"JCLU Forever" Christian T-Shirts

JCLU was created by girls who Love Jesus for girls who Love Jesus! Our shirts are designed to be a tool for evangelism. JCLU T shirts have a simple yet powerful statement that doesn't get lost in too much artwork. Anyone walking past you on the street should be able to quickly receive the message intended for them. Our Calling!

To let you you know that Jesus Christ Loves U! To carry out the will of God through evangelism and the support of other ministries!

Products: Womens Christian T Shirts and apparel.

"Kerusso" Christian Clothing Line


For more than 25 years, Kerusso has been designing and creating Christian T-shirts, Christian jewelry, Christian gifts and Christian accessories that are being used by millions of Christians to start conversations about Jesus.

Jesus said, "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." Christian T-shirts give millions of Christians the ability to enter the fields, every day, to share the Good News of Jesus.

Through T-Shirt evangelism, Kerusso helps Christians fulfill the great commission through the simple act of wearing a Christian tee shirt or Jesus T-shirts.

"Christian Outfitters"

Christian Outfitters providers of Christian T-Shirts, Christian Caps, Christian Tote Bags, Christian Bumper Stickers, Christian Neck Ties, Christian Window Decals and other Christian items.

For more than 50 years, Christian Outfitters has been dedicated to glorifying the word of our Lord Jesus Christ through our inspirational line of christian clothing and other christian merchandise. Also make customized t-shirts.

"Grateful Apparel"

In Matthew 28:16-20, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave the disciples a commission:

“The Great Commission.”

Here at GRATEFUL APPAREL we are geared towards helping those in need via The 3Sixty Houses..

Take a look at this video, it will give you a quick inside look at The 3Sixty Houses..

So by you guys supporting GRATEFUL APPAREL you guys are actually making someone GRATEFUL ...

"C28" (NOTW)

C28 is a ministry first, a store second. When you make a purchase at C28 stores or C28.com, a portion of your purchase amount is donated to 1 of 3 ministries (your choice). If you need prayer, our Customer Servant team is here for you. Just shoot us an email at prayers@c28.com or join our Prayer Board community.

"Common Threadz"

CommonThreadz is a nonprofit helping orphans & vulnerable children in developing nations to reach their full potential through the empowerment of the children, their caretakers & the local grass roots community organizations that support them.

With Each Christian T-Shirt Or Other Item You Buy, We Will Give:

A School Uniform To An Orphan In Africa So They Can Go To School, Or Meals For 1 Month!

T-Shirt Campaigns - Cool Tees for You, Jobs for Seamstresses in Africa

Our limited-edition t-shirts the help fund programs that benefit orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa and other developing nations.


"Paid In Full"
(Christian Inspirational Words)

When I first began to read this video, I thought I knew where it was going to go and was going to happen, but this story grabbed me as a parent and as a daughter. Time is short, and one of the messages that kept tears in my eyes is waiting too long to rectify situations with your loved ones.


"Mariah Carey"
Sings "All I Want For Christmas"
On "Jimmy Fallon" With The "Roots"