"Bay Area" Rap Legends "Hieroglypics"
Release "Hiero" & "FLüD" Watch Line

"Hiero & Flud" - "Meet the Crew" Pt. 1 & 2 (Video)

Hiero: @
Tajai: @clearlabel
A Plus: @aplus_hiero
Opio: @OpioHieroSOM
Phesto: @phestohierosoul
Domino: @hierodomino
Casual: @smashrockwell
DJ Toure: @djtourehiero
Del The Funky Homosapien: @sirdzl

Earlier this month, the legendary Hieroglyphics crew announced their collaboration with premier watch company, FLüD Watches. The Classic Series Watch features the widely
recognized Hieroglyphics logo on the face of the watch, and the limited edition release (only 150 pieces produced) is now available for purchase

  Accompanying the watch
release, Hiero and FLüD also brought fans the first part of their "Meet
The Crew" video series, spotlighting the group with a unique
perspective from each of the members. While
Part 1 of the series highlighted Phesto, Del, and Tajai, Part 2 highlights Casual, A-Plus, and DJ Toure, each giving a special one-on-one shout to the camera.

Excitingly, Hiero's collaboration with FLüD Watches is not their only clothing and accessory release of the holiday season. Hiero is also excited to release their Hiero-themed
five-panel hat, and a Hiero beanie, in addition to a limited addition hoodie, released in collaboration with
Akomplice Clothing. All of these items, and more, can be purchased in the
Hieroglyphics store.

"Hiero & Flud
"Meet the Crew" Pt.1

"Hiero & Flud"
"Meet the Crew" Pt. 2


"Christian Clothing Lines"

"JCLU Forever"
"Christian Outfitter"
"C28" (Not Of This World)
"Common Threadz"

"JCLU Forever" Christian T-Shirts

JCLU was created by girls who Love Jesus for girls who Love Jesus! Our shirts are designed to be a tool for evangelism. JCLU T shirts have a simple yet powerful statement that doesn't get lost in too much artwork. Anyone walking past you on the street should be able to quickly receive the message intended for them. Our Calling!

To let you you know that Jesus Christ Loves U! To carry out the will of God through evangelism and the support of other ministries!

Products: Womens Christian T Shirts and apparel.

"Kerusso" Christian Clothing Line


For more than 25 years, Kerusso has been designing and creating Christian T-shirts, Christian jewelry, Christian gifts and Christian accessories that are being used by millions of Christians to start conversations about Jesus.

Jesus said, "I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." Christian T-shirts give millions of Christians the ability to enter the fields, every day, to share the Good News of Jesus.

Through T-Shirt evangelism, Kerusso helps Christians fulfill the great commission through the simple act of wearing a Christian tee shirt or Jesus T-shirts.

"Christian Outfitters"

Christian Outfitters providers of Christian T-Shirts, Christian Caps, Christian Tote Bags, Christian Bumper Stickers, Christian Neck Ties, Christian Window Decals and other Christian items.

For more than 50 years, Christian Outfitters has been dedicated to glorifying the word of our Lord Jesus Christ through our inspirational line of christian clothing and other christian merchandise. Also make customized t-shirts.

"Grateful Apparel"

In Matthew 28:16-20, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave the disciples a commission:

“The Great Commission.”

Here at GRATEFUL APPAREL we are geared towards helping those in need via The 3Sixty Houses..

Take a look at this video, it will give you a quick inside look at The 3Sixty Houses..

So by you guys supporting GRATEFUL APPAREL you guys are actually making someone GRATEFUL ...

"C28" (NOTW)

C28 is a ministry first, a store second. When you make a purchase at C28 stores or C28.com, a portion of your purchase amount is donated to 1 of 3 ministries (your choice). If you need prayer, our Customer Servant team is here for you. Just shoot us an email at prayers@c28.com or join our Prayer Board community.

"Common Threadz"

CommonThreadz is a nonprofit helping orphans & vulnerable children in developing nations to reach their full potential through the empowerment of the children, their caretakers & the local grass roots community organizations that support them.

With Each Christian T-Shirt Or Other Item You Buy, We Will Give:

A School Uniform To An Orphan In Africa So They Can Go To School, Or Meals For 1 Month!

T-Shirt Campaigns - Cool Tees for You, Jobs for Seamstresses in Africa

Our limited-edition t-shirts the help fund programs that benefit orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa and other developing nations.


(7) December (4) January Jordan Release Dates
(12) December "Nike" Release Dates
"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar" Gets Hall of Fame Statue 
"Freekey Zekey" On New Jordans & LeBrons 

"Skee Locker
Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy, Air Jordan 4 Black/Red

Nike Free Run+ 2 Woven Leather Review 

(7) December Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan IX ‘Motorboat Jones’

Jordan Spiz’ike
Black/University Gold-Dark Grey-White

Air Jordan IX
Medium Grey/Cool Grey-White

12/15/2012 Air Jordan IX Retro
Medium Grey/Cool Grey-White
$160.00 - Men's
$110.00 - Gradeschool
$70.00 - Preschool
$50.00 - Toddler
$42.00 - Infant

Air Jordan XI ‘Bred’
White/Varsity Red-Black

Air Jordan IV ‘Thunder’
Black/Tour Yellow

“Gucci” Air Jordan 1 

(4) January Jordan Release Dates

Air Jordan V
White/Fire Red-Black

Air Jordan 1 High
White/Varsity Red-Black

Air Jordan 1 High

Air Jordan XIII

(12) December Nike Release Dates

Nike LeBron X “Carbon”
Black/Metallic Silver-Anthracite
December 1st, 2012

Nike air force 180 High
"Photo Blue"

Nike Air Max Hyperposite
Cargo Khaki/Black-Bamboo
December 6th, 2012

Nike Air Max Pillar
Black/Metallic Silver
December 8th, 2012

Nike Air Max Express
White/Sport Turquoise-Team Orange
December 8th, 2012

Nike Zoom KD V
Black/Photo Blue-Team Orange
December 8th, 2012

Nike LeBron X
Charcoal/Total Orange-Black
December 8th, 2012

Nike Lunar Force 1

Nike Air Foamposite One
Black/Black-Medium Grey
December 14th, 2012

Nike Air Max Speed Turf
Wolf Grey/Black-Dark Grey-Metallic Silver

Nike Zoom KD V “DMV”
Bright Crimson/White-Wolf Grey
December 15th, 2012

Nike Air Max Flyposite
Black/Metallic Silver-Metallic Silver-Anthracite
December 15th, 2012

"Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Finally Gets Hall of Fame Statue! 

"Skee Locker
Nike Zoom Rookie Galaxy, Air Jordan 4 Black/Red, Nike Free Run+ 2 Woven Leather Review 

"Freekey Zekey
Shares His Thoughts On New Jordans & LeBrons 


865 Market St., San Francisco, Ca 94103
(Inside The Westfield Shopping Centre)

Website :JYJZSF.Com

It was cold day as myself and my sister, "Vee", of a "Dime On A Dime", venture back to the city, to attend the re-launching of a trendy store, called "JYJZ", located in the Westfield Shopping Centere Mall.

Though, it was cold out side, the atmosphere inside "JYJZ" was warm and inviting, which made the whole experience pretty exciting.

As we entered "JYJZ" we were greeted at the door where we received our name badges and entered into a raffle, in which I one $20 and "Vee", won $50. We also received a $15 store credit, which you know I used all of, and went home with a bag of goodies.

A Little About "JYJZ"

"JYJZ" has a trendy boutique feel and appeal. "JYJZ" is a San Francisco based company that specializes in unique apparel and designer accessories.

"JYJZ" is a fusion of "Asian-European" influences with an "American" twist

With 400 stores in Asia and 10 in Europe, the San Francisco location is the only location in the United States.

"JYJZ" features styles from designers "Max C London", "Vera Moda", & "Lily", which provides them with a fresh and update selection of their apparel and accessory collection. "JYJZ" really focuses on providing unique-quality, one-of-a kind "Asian-American" style pieces, all at reasonable prices that keep you and your pocket book fashionable

Thanks to Arleen  Fung, who is the Marketing Manager and Kyle Jiang, who is the Co-Founder, for inviting us and putting on such a cool event. We had a great time.

"Let's Get Shopping"

LOVED this black and white, tweed, poncho styled blouse. It was probably my favorite piece in the collection. 

A little pricey at $99, but worth it.

$16         $18

These black leggings with white accessory strips were a hit, and very reasonably priced at $16.

"Lily" Black Cowhide Purse $89

I loved their belt selection. Its so hard to just find cute belts, but at a cheap price. "JYJZ's" belts range from $10-$12-$15

"Lily" Cowhide Carpet Bag $149

These ripped leggings are just another example of the type of unique pieces that you will find at "JYJZ". Also very reasonably priced at $16.

Couldn't Decide,
Which One Was Most Fly

If you have a passion for eye wear fashion, "JYJZ", is your place. They have a unique, trendy assortment of eye wear that will make you the envy of all your friends. Ranging in prices from $12-$16.



Reminds Me Of A Bag A Skittles, Because I Can "Taste The Rainbow" Definitely A Conversation Piece.


This Pink Studded Clutch, 
Will Be The Talk Of The Day, And Draw People Near You, All Day.

This Purse With The Studs, 
Was Not A Dud.

What I love about "JYJZ's" accessories is the uniqueness of the pieces. You're not going to go to a party and see someone with the same necklace or accessories, unless they know the secret. Shopping at "JYJZ" is like shopping at a boutique, to me.



Variety Of Bracelet Styles
Ranging from $16-$18

I don't remember the price, 
but it was very nice.

"Mr. Beau Tie"

Twitter: @MisterBeauTie
Tumbler: www.MrBeauTie.tumblr.com

One of the fellow bloggers, that "Vee" and I had the pleasure to meet, was a dude with such charisma, and style that "Vee" and I had to hang out with him for a while. 

"Mr Beau Tie", is very stylish, very trendy and super friendly.

You should check out his 365 day "bow tie" challenge, where he had to put together a different bow tie and shirt combination for everyday of the  year. So, for all your bow tie needs, hit up "Mr Beau Tie", indeed.

The Beau: He is a mix of qualities ranging from fun to funky and everything in between.


"Chris Brown"
Shows His "Passion For Fashion
& Launches "Black Pyramid" Clothing Line

My lil young boo, you know who, "Chris Brown", links up with the "Bay Area's" "Pink+Dolphin" clothing line, to drop his own line called "Black Pyramid".

The line includes a cool collection of streetwear apparel, which includes a T-shirts and a hoodies.


"Nordstom Cosemetic Trend Show
In San Francisco, CA Saturday October 20, 2012

Do-Wa-Doop-Doop-Do-Do-Do-Do-Do.... In the words of Ice Cube, "Today Was A Good Day!".... I had such an GREAT time, once again, at the "Nordstom Cosmetics Trend Show".

So, the only thing that I don't like about the "Trend Show", is that it starts soooo early. Doors opened at 8am, and soon after the fashion show begins.

I arose at 0'dark:30, as instructed by my sister, "Vee", of "Dime On A Dime", and was told we'd be leaving around 7am. 6:30am hits and she texts me, that we'll be leaving around 8ish. She finally arrived to pick me up at 8:45. As we enter Richmond, Ca the sky began to turn gray and misty, both of us were glad we had brought our, fashionably cute, coats. We reached the "Bart" station in Oakland, to find no parking. After driving around the lot, crazed like "Foster's Farms Chickens", we park on the street and board the Amtrack train bound for San Francisco, which probably took less than 5 minutes.

By the time we reached "Nordstrom" it was 10am. We had already missed the the show, which I'm sure was AWESOME!!!!, because "Mr Magnificent", himself, "Vince Camuto", was in the building and put on a fashion show showcasing his clothing, shoes, watches and accessory lines. My consolation prize was that "Vee" and I got introduced to "Vince" and got to take our own picture with him and received a personal autograph photograph of him.

As we stood there, like groupies at the front row of a concert, we were introduced to his new line of watches, which were HOT, to say the least. I tried on the "Goldtone Pyramid Stud" watch, and was fully prepared to have security chase me through the parking lot, as I mad my get away, but then I realized, we rode the "Bart", where was I going to run? So, I wiped the drool from my face, and set the watch back in it's place.

At this show, we did not drink in the atmosphere like we did last time. Last time we sat in every chair and got every demonstration possible. It seemed to be pretty much business as usual. Parfum spraying, facials, moisturizers, lotions, anti aging creams and anything to make a women more beautiful, you could sample it, try it and buy it. What I love the most about attending the Trend Show, is seeing the sea of women, who stay constant from morning to night, as they receive their free, full make up, demonstrations from all the vendors in "Nordstrom", including  Mac, Bobbi Brown, Este Lauder, Lancome and more. 

But, what we did do different this time, than last, was fragrances. Last time we avoided them like the plague, this time we went home smelling like a fragrance bomb!!!! I had Chole on my pinky, Balenciaga on my right hand, Flower Bomb, on my left hand, Vince Cumuto on my left wrist, and Dot on my right wrist. Of course, my favorite being Balenciaga and "Vee's" favorite was Vince Cumuto. What we did learn, from our fragrance consultant, do not rub in the fragrance on your wrist or on your neck, because it breaks up the molecular structure of the original formula and creates a totally different scent. Just spray, walk away and have a fragrant day.

What's In My "Bag Of Swag"

Now, to my bag of swag!!! Last time, we were presented with a cute little tangerine canvas bag, this time we were swagged out with a red patton leather pleaded-stitched bag. This bag is more fashionable and has more of a dual use, but it doesn't have the "Nordstrom" label, like the canvas bag.

Anyways, let me tell you about the samples we got. "I Love NY For Fathers", "Daisy", By Marc Jacobs, Prada, "Infusion D'Iris", Victor &Rolf, "Flower Bomb", CLinique's "Repairwear Laser Focus", "Rich Girl", cosmecutical anti aging hadn and cuticle cream, Prada, "Candy", "Dot", by Marc Jacobs, "Encounter",  for men, by Kalvin Klien, Dolce & Gabanna, "The One Sport" for men, "Vince Camuto", parfum, "Black Berry & Bay", cologne by Jo Malone, "The Lancer 3 Step Method", skin care regimen. Clarins, "Demaquillant Express", instant eye make-up remover, and the cutest red, patton leather clutch, with a bow!!!!

Where We Took A Seat, To Eat

So, we ended off our day in a FANTASTIC way. All that walking and shopping got a girl hungry. So we stopped by "Straits", and arrived just in time to have the bottomless "Mimosa" brunch with french toast, bacon and fruit, with a side of calamari. (lol) I had more than my share, but you couldn't help to, when before you could sit your glass down another was arriving. I know I had 4 and needed no more. My sister, "Vee", was the designated driver, so she only had one, but we still had fun. "Straits" is a very chic and hip. The decor sets the mood, but the music sets the tempo. When we arrived there were maybe 5 tables of patrons. When we left 45 minutes later, all the tables were full, the bar was packed, and there was a line at the door. So, my suggestion, if you want to take advantage of the "Mimosa" brunch, go early.

"My Day, In The Bay"

"Vince Camuto" Goldtone Pyramid Stud Watch; $175.

What I love about this watch is the hideaway piece. You can close the door to the face of the watch, and wear it as a gold studded bracelet, or you can leave it open and wear it as a, fashionably studded, watch.

"The Lancer Method" $200 for complete set.

Beverly Hill's Dermatologist, to the stars,  "Dr Harold Lancer, was present at the "Trend Show", and presented the latest and greatest developments in skincare, by sharing his product line LANCER Skin Care. The Dr. also took drop in appointment and gave one-on-one appointments. 

The Lancer Method was developed with the belief that skincare doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. With a simple, daily 3-step program, the LANCERx products bring improvements in fine lines, texture, discoloration and pore size in about a week.

STEP 1: Polish/Exfoliate The LANCERx Polish is an advanced exfoliator, removing dull, dead skin cells and leaving the skin noticeably smoother and more radiant. The natural sea minerals immediately energize the skin without causing redness (even for people with rosacea) and prepare it for effective cleansing. Polish - Natural Sea Minerals by LANCERx $50.00

STEP 2: Cleanse Once the skin is rid of debris it is ready to be cleansed. The Lancer RX Cleanser washes away impurities & environmental toxins while bringing a uniform freshness to the skin. 
Cleanse - Extremely Pure by LANCERx $50.00 

STEP 3: Repair After the skin has been polished and prepped it is time for repair. The LANCERx AM/PM Nourishing Treatment increases firmness, diminishes the appearance of lines and wrinkles and nourishes the skin with essential botanical extracts and powerful antioxidants.
Repair - AM PM Nourishment by LANCERx $100.00

$65.00 for a 1.7 oz Eau de Toilette Spray 

Daisy is described as a sparkling floral bouquet capturing the vintage edge of the violet. 

I'm not a floral fragrance wearer, but I actually really like this scent. It's very light, very fresh and not too overbearing. "Daisy" is deffinately a scent that I wouldn't mind wearing.

$105.00 - $175.00 "I Love NY For Fathers"

I've never had the pleasure, before today, of smelling "I Love NY", but I was pleasantly surprised. When I seen the packaging I just assumed that this was a lower end fragrance, but duuuuh! With it being showcased at Nordstom's, should of known better. As it begins to settle and breathe, "I Love NY", becomes a real sexy scent.

Described as: An Easy-to-wear; easy to love fragrance. A velvety smooth java infusion where full bodied geranium meets sandalwood with street smarts.

Notes of bergamot, muguet, pepper, cocoa lmr, coffee beans, creamy chestnut, patchouli, vanilla, leatherwood and sandalwood

Marc Jacobs "Dot" Eau do Parfum  $69.00-$89.00

Now, I love this bottle. The bottle alone is almost worth the price, but I just wasn't a fan of the scent. Ok, due to the fact that I'm not a floral fragrance wearer, is probably the only reason I wasn't blown away with it. Though, I will admit, once the scent has a chance to settle, it's actually not bad, but the initial spray and application, was just a little over powering for me.

Described as: "Dot" is a chic and charming, lush floral bouquet of beautiful jasmine and juicy red berries.

Prada "Infusion d'Iris" Absolue' de Parfum 

Hmmm, the jury is still out on this one. When I initially applied "Infusion d'Iris", I had an overpowering scent of alcohol and I was immediately turned off. But as quickly as it was applied, it dried into a very light scent. Almost too light. But, once the fragrance had a chance to settle on my skin, it did not win. Don't really like it at all. The weird thing is that "Infusion D'Iris" morphs into like 3 different scents, before it nearly disappears. 

Described as: It features floral top notes of orange blossom, absolute and Italian Iris; sensual middle notes of benzoin and white musk; oriental base notes of tonka bean and Madagascar Vanilla.

Prada "Candy" Eau de Parfum Spray 

Now this I really like ALOT. It possesses that sweet, cotton candy fragrance, that drives men crazy. Makes them want to eat you up like a bag of candy. If you're not careful, you might attract ants in your pants, but that's a whole nother dance. (lol)

Described as: "Candy" is the new feminine fragrance of Prada. It enriches the Prada Fragrance universe with another vision of the brand: colorful, pop and explosive. Prada "Candy" incarnates the new Prada woman: she's daring, sensual, full of life. The perfume is named after the seductive and joyful girl who is running wild.

Base: vanilla notes of sensuality, benzoin overdose.

Jo Malone "Black Berry & Bay" Cologne 
3.4 oz $110.00

"Blackberry & Bay" is not a bad cologne, but it's just so woodsy. It actually settles down to a very nice manly scent. At first spray I did not like it, but after it had some time to breathe, I could see me sniffing my man's neck and giving him more than a peck. (lol).

Described as: Childhood memories of blackberry picking, stained lips, sticky palms. A burst of deep, tart blackberry juice, blending with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods.

Top: Blackberry Heart:Bay Leaves Base:Cedarwood

Viktor & Rolf "Flowerbomb" $105.00-160.00

Well, Well, Well. If this is what "Wale" was singing about, in his hit song, "Lotus Flower Bomb", I get it. This is a SEXY scent. It's very sweet, like a dessert you would love to eat. 

The 2012 Nordstrom Beauty Award Nominee is described as: Full-bodied and opulent. "Flowerbomb"  is a floral explosion, a profusion of flowers that has the power to make everything seem more positive.

Notes: bergamot, tea, freesia, jasmine, orange blossom, orchid, rose, patchouli.

Vince Camuto Eau de Parfum Spray 

Now, this right here, I'm really loving, but not as much as "Vee". She kept talking about this, all day, and even after we got home. This is a very nice scent. Not too floral, not too sweet, not too over bearing and sexy for the wearing. "Vince Camuto's" parfum smells good from the initial spray to the end of the day.

Described as: Discover the sensual new fragrance from fashion footwear designer Vince Camuto. This romantic floral chypre embodies the true essence of the modern woman. Indulge the senses.

Dolce & Gabanna "The One for Men sport" 
Eau de Tiolette $57.00 - $73.00

I'mma be honest with you. I REALLY like this cologne. I actually wanted to purchase it for my son, but "Vee" and our cologne consultant talked me out of it. Though, I'm not big on a "musk" scent, it was the  better out of the scents I was introduced to. And I guess, because I was buying it for my son, as woman said, "It needs to be a panty dropper". (lol) Once she said that, I was like oh, ok. Well, I don't want having no panty dropper cologne, for my son, so, I went with something else.

Described as: "The One Sport" celebrates the man who embodies the perfect harmony between physical and mental accomplishments. A modern composition that celebrates freshness and energy featuring water notes, rosemary, cardamom, Sequoia forest accord, patchouli and musk.

Calvin Klein "Encounter" Eau de Toilette 

This was the choice cologne that I purchased for my son. "Vee" and our cologne consultant would not allow me to purchase anything but. I hope it's not a panty dropper. (lol) I liked it, but I did not love it, but they were adamit about me purchasing it. Still, I'm not feeling it, we'll see what my son says. But now, as I keep sniffing the sample card, I might have to keep this for my future boo, so we can do what we do. (lol). 

Described as: Calvin Klein Encounter captures the essence of masculinity in all of its complexity with sophisticated layers of confidence, power and mystery.

- Top notes: mandarin, cardamom, rum.
- Middle notes: pepper, Egyptian jasmine, patchouli, cognac.
- Base notes: agarwood, atlas cedarwood, musk.

"Deborah Lippmann" "Rich Girl" Hand Cream 
SPF 25 $28.00

Haven't had a chance to use it, because I did not want to waste my sample just sitting in the house typing on the computer, but I'm sure its great.

Described as: Multi-tasking hand & cuticle cream with shea butter, avocado, jojoba oils and anti-aging fade botanicals. SPF 25

Clinique "Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector $47.50 - $73.00

Described as: Potent serum gives skin a second chance against lines, wrinkles and sun damage. In 4 weeks, see obvious reduction in lines and wrinkles, improved texture. At 12 weeks, the visible wrinkle-reducing power is remarkably close to a dermatological laser procedure. 63%, to be exact. Different commitment, different results. And yet impressive results, guaranteed.

How to use: Apply 3 to 4 drops twice a day to face and around eyes. Partner with any of Clinique's de-aging solutions: For increased prevention against the effects of stress, sun and pollution, add Superdefense SPF 25 and Super Rescue. For intense visible repair, add Youth Surge SPF 15 and Youth Surge Night. For visible lifting and firming, add Zero Gravity Repairwear Lift 15 and Repairwear Lift Night

Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover $26.50

Heeeeeeeey, now this I really like. I was a little skeptical about using a make up remover. I'm not a big make up wearer and I generally wear a little eye shadow, a lil liner and some mascara. I recently purchased some new mascara, which Im going to return, but any hoo, it was not easy to take off and I was displeased with that. I used this "Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover" and it removed it quickly. I was worried about irritation to my eyes, but there was none. It has an oily base so after removal my skin felt moist and hydrated. LOVED IT!!!!

PS. A little went a long way. I used a drop for each eye and did not have to re-aply.

Described as: This extremely gentle eye makeup remover is specially formulated to quickly and easily remove heavy makeup and waterproof mascara.
Suitable for even the most sensitive eyes and/or contact lens wearers.


Balenciaga, Paris "Florabotanica" Eau de Parfum $95.00-$125.00

 I just happened to be attending the "Nordstom's Cosmetic Trend Show", In San Francisco, on 10/20/12, when a man, who must have been sent from up above, introduced me to my newest true love

"Florabotanica", showed me what its worth, to learn the true meaning of "heaven on earth". This ora of angelic peace transcended down upon me in the form of a glorious and effervescent scent, that any amount of money, would be very well spent

As I stood, with my sister, "Vee", of "Dime On A Dime", I was instantly entranced and captivated by the aroma sprinkling my wrist and became intoxicated with every twist. I was held captive under this enchanting and bewitching spell, and you will too, as soon as you smell.

There is just something about this scent. I don't know what it is. I'm not a floral fragrance type woman. I like my scents more sweet. Even then, I don't really purchase fragrances. My perfume lasts me for years. I had one bottle of perfume before today.

But, when I had a sample of this, I fell in love with it. I walked around sniffing my hand all day and finally I had to come back and break the bank, but it was worth it, "Florabotanica" is intoxicating, hypnotic and erotic. When you read the description, it pales in comparison to the scent of loveliness that exists. If you feel that a rose is just a rose, you haven't smelled the "Turkish" rose, they chose. It's a rose like no other.

My fragrance consultant, at "Nordstom's", said that "Balenciaga" is 10 years ahead of their competitors, with this fragrance, and they have pioneered and new balance and combination of fragrance that other companies will soon be trying to replicate and emulate

I'm not as enamored with the cool-hip-youthful look of the bottle, like everyone else seems to be, but I am in LOVE with the fragrance, as everyone else seems to be. I've read about 10 reviews and can't find a negative word, except about the spokes woman, from the "Twilight" movies, Kristen Stewart, and her look in the ad campaign.

Described as: "Balenciaga Eua de Parfum combines the fantastical and ultra-contemporary aspects of the Balenciaga brand. The Vetiver, Amber and Caladium Leaf accord to create a resonance of mossy and mysterious dark wood. And the Rose, Carnation and Mint accord like an exhilarating note with juvenile freshness. This Experimental Rose has the power to endlessly charm."

"Florabotanica is the new fragrance from the botanical gardens of Balenciaga, inspired by the woman who is beautiful but dangerous like many rare botanical flowers. A bewitching fragrance, this new scent twists Turkish rose with hemp and vetiver roots for an addictive trail."

The scent was developed by perfumers of the well-known IFF. Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Hérault created it, using accords of vetiver, amber, and caladium leaf to create a resonance of mossy and mysterious dark wood. The rose, carnation, and mint accords add an exhilarating note of freshness. The unique rose is a hybrid, expressing the olfactory imagination of the two perfumers.


"Nordstrom", SF Summer Cosemtic "Trend Show"
Saturday June 2, 2012

Twitter: @NordstromSF

My "Nordstom" Bag Of Swag

Had a great day, Saturday June 2, 2012, in the "Bay" at "Nordstom's" annual summer cosmetic "Trend Show", in San Francisco

Our day started early as my sister "Vee", of "Dime On A Dime", attempted to make the 8:30 am make up fashion show, but we missed I, but i heard it was AWESOME <<Thanks Vee, lol.

But as we arrived to "Nordstrom's" we were greeted by two fabolous guys who presented us with a "bag of swag". I absolutely love my "Nordstrom" tangerine canvas bag. My canvas bag was packed with the best bottle of "Spring Water" I've ever tasted, "Moroccan Oil", for you hair, (and if you've never tried it, you should), "Clinique" eye showdow, (01 Peony), "Twirl", perfume by Kate Spade, a 3 step skin care system by "Kate Sommerville", which included "Intensive Exfoliating Treatment", "Hydrating Face Serum" & "Cream With Peptide K8", "Clarins" gentle foaming cleanser, "Purity", face cleanser, foundation primer from "Laura Mercier", my personally picked foundation color from "Estee Lauder"Invisible Fluid" foundation line and a little bit more. (Don't want to make you too jealous).

There was a DJ on level 1 and level 3, and yes, I was getting my boogie on in "Nordstrom's". There was also a photographer who took and distributed unlimited amounts of free pictures all day. There were free make overs and tutorials from every make up counter in "Nordstrom's" including "Mac", "Clinique", "Estee Lauder", "Nars", "Lancome", "Burberry", "Bobbi Brown" and more.

The only thing that could have made this day better would have been free food and drinks, and "Vee" and I would have stayed the night. (lol) Truly a great day, felt like my birthday with all the gifts I got. I couldn't tell you about my whole day, but bellow is a small snippet of the joy and jubilation I was privileged to experience. Thanks for inviting me, "Vee".

Oh, and a special mention to "Carlos@NordstromSF, who was working it. Thanks for featuring us as a guest blogger, featuring us in your video and showing "Vee" and myself a day full of fun and love. I really had a great time.....<You're fabulous, see ya next year.

Nodstrom, SF
865 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Store Hours Mon-Sat 10am-9pm & Sun 10am-8pm

Clinique "Chubby Stick"

I had the pleasure to try the "Clinique" moisturizing colour lip balm appropriately called the "Chubby Stick".

The color I chose was "Richer Raisen" with the "Chocolate Chip" liner and the "Sunset" gloss. I loved the color a lot, but I was still looking for a little more pop. I think with my darker skin, the color tended to blend in with my lips, but once I applied my own shinny lip gloss, it gave my lips that pop, I was looking for and I did get several compliments on my lip color. The "Chubby Stick" runs around $16.00, and is well worth it.

Estee Lauder "Invisible Fluid" Foundation

I also had the opportunity to do something that I hadn't done since my 12th grade prom, which was wear foundation. The first and only time I wore foundation was a bad experience for me. By the time I went to take prom pictures my face was oily and shinny and when I received my prom pictures you could totally tell I was wearing foundation. For me, I'm more of a natural make-up look, type of gurl. 

But, when I sat down to sample the "Invisible Fluid" foundation line, having little or no expectations, and walked away impressed! This line is amazing! And what surprised me the most, is that they had a shade that fit my color completion, perfectly. It looked so good, that I couldn't tell I had make up on. It was light and airy, and at one time I found myself wiping my face with a napkin just to make sure I really had it on. It gave my skin an over all even completion without looking made-up. Cost is around $35.00, and from a woman who doesn't use foundation, I am purchasing my shade "6WN1". (Even Vee, agrees).

"butter London" Nail Polish

"butter LONDON" custom nail lacquers at $14.00 a pop, a little pricey for me, but it only took one coat and it dried quickly with a high gloss. I did not apply the "Flawless Base Coat" or "Hard Wear" top coat priced at $18.00, but didn't need it. My color is still vibrant, without chipping 24 hours later.

"Butter" was founded in 2005 by Sasha Muir, "butter LONDON" developed a passionate cult following by transforming catwalk trends into custom nail lacquers. 

In addition to creating a range of bold, runway-ready hues, the London-based brand was a pioneer in selling non-toxic nail formulas in the United States. All "butter LONDON" lacquers are “3 Free”—meaning they are formulated without formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.

"Clarisonic" Skin Cleansing System

One of the things I enjoyed the most was the "Clarisonic" skin cleansing system. You could really feel all the dead skin cells and impurities being exfoliated from your skin and replaced with a more softer and hydrated skin. 

"Clarisonic" was amazing. And my consultant didn't add any lotion or moisturizer for it to achieve this skin radiance. I found myself touching my rubbing my hand and lavishing in the softness.

 And even as I feel my skin today, it still feels as soft as yesterday, not as hydrated, but definitely soft.

CLARISONIC® 'Opal & Kate' Set 
(Nordstrom Exclusive)($223 Value)$185.00

CLARISONIC® 'Whirlwind PLUS' Sonic Skin Cleansing Set Face & Body (Nordstrom Exclusive) 
($255 Value)$235.00

CLARISONIC® 'Peony Mia 2' Sonic Skin Cleansing System$149.00

CLARISONIC® 'Mango Mia 2' Sonic Skin Cleansing System$149.00

CLARISONIC® 'Coral Mia 2' Sonic Skin Cleansing System$149.00

CLARISONIC® Body Brush Extension Handle$25.00

"Valentina" By "Valentino" Parfum

I also had the pleasure to sample the new line of parfum from "Valentino" called "Valentina" Eau de Parfum, which runs from $80.00-$108.00. It smelled like heaven, but you just had to let it breath. "Valentina" embodies a little more of a floral scent than I like, but once it aired and settled, the scent was lovely, not over powering, not too floral, but lasted the entire day.


"Christian" Clothing Store "C28

"C28" is a ministry first, a store second. When you make a purchase at "C28" stores or C28.com, a portion of your purchase amount is donated to 1 of 3 ministries (your choice). 

If you need prayer, their Customer Servant team is there for you. Just shoot them an email at prayers@c28.com or join their Prayer Board community.

"C28" is a Christian retail store chain, offering an alternative to the mainstream mall stores. The Christian clothingmusicjewelry and accessories reflect a clean and positive Christian lifestyle

"C28" stands for Colossians 2:8Not Of This World (NOTW), and all about Jesus!

Their customer servant team at the C28 stores and at C28.COM are here to pray for you. Send in your prayer requests to prayers@c28.com

or call them at 1-888-888-1906.

Lynnhaven Mall
Virginia Beach, 

Lynnhaven Mall
701 Lynnhaven Parkway
Virginia Beach, Virginia  23452 

(757) 498-5301 

VAShort Pump Town Center
Richmond, VA

C28 Richmond
Short Pump Town Center
11800 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23233 

(804) 364-5370 

Parkway Plaza
El Cajon, CA
C28 El Cajon
Parkway Plaza
415 Parkway Plaza space T-27
El Cajon, CA 92020-2571 

(619) 590-3662 - phone
(619) 590-1862 - fax 

Galleria at Tyler
Riverside, CA

C28 Riverside
Galleria At Tyler
1180 Galleria at Tyler
Riverside, CA 92503 

(951) 354-9777 - phone
(951) 509-2997 - fax 

Main Place Mall
Santa Ana, CA

C28 Santa Ana
Main Place Mall
2800 North Main St. #726
Santa Ana, CA 92705 

(714) 972-2022 - phone
(714) 972-2024 - fax 

Oakridge Mall
San Jose, CA

C28 San Jose
Oakridge Mall
925 Blossom Hill Road Ste 1354
San Jose, CA 95123 

(408) 225-0103 

Northridge Fashion Center
Northridge, CA

C28 Northridge
Northridge Fashion Center
9301 Tampa Avenue
Northridge, CA 91324 

818-885-8880 - Phone
818-885-8833 - Fax

Promenade Mall
Temecula, CA
C28 Temecula
Promenade Mall
40820 Winchester Rd. space 1960
Temecula, CA 92591 

(951) 296-5111 - phone
(951) 296-5112 - fax 

North County Fair Mall
Escondido, CA
C28 Escondido
North County Fair Mall
200 East Via Rancho Parkway Spc 413
Escondido, CA 92025 

(760) 738-0005 - phone
(760) 738-0056 - fax 

Corporate OfficeCorporate Office
169 Radio Road #8
Corona, CA 92879 

(951) 354-9528 - phone
(951) 354-9529 - fax


Print Your Face on Your Fingernails 
"Gizmodo Gallery

Eh, this is a cool idea, and I'm surprised no one has thought of this sooner. We've printed faces on t-shirts, jeans, shoes, cakes, tattoos, so it only seems obvious to print your face on your nails.

I got a feeling this is gonna take off and take over. All the graduations, birthdays and RIP's. Ya'll already know how we do...... Eh, somebody made a comment that there's gonna be hella baby's momma in the club with their baby's daddy's face on their middle finger. (lol) 

The nail tips print out 10 in 3-5 minutes. I bet they last forever, until they grow out and you got to get a fill.