"David E Talbert" Celbrates 20 Years With

 DVD Releases Feb 7, 2012 For $14.98

My pattna's the "Joe & Jenitsa" went and seen this play, like a month ago in "Oakland", but it had "Morris Chesnut" in it. She's said it was good, but couldn't quit talking about "Morris Chestnut's" abs, so.....(lol)

"David E Talbert's" celebrates 20 years in the industry with his play "What My Husband Doesn't Know", which aired "BET" this Sunday December 18 at 5:30p/4:30C. 

"BET" premiered "David E Talbert's" play "What My Husband Doesn't Know", starring television heartthrob "Brian White" (Stomp the Yard) and "Michelle Williams" of "Destiny’s Child" and Broadway’s historic hit “Chicago”.  The production also stars theatre and television legend "Clifton Davis" ("Any Given Sunday", “Amen”, “Pal Joey”) and volcanic vocalist "Ann Nesby" (Sounds of Blackness). 

"TheLena Summer" (Michelle Williams) is a lonely housewife whose husband is often away on business. Summer soon begins to feel the pressure when a charming handyman (played by Brian White) begins to work on the house

Will she be able to handle the heat even if her husband doesn't know? "What My Husband Doesn't Know" is a tempestuous look at one woman's affair and what the ramifications are because of it. 

Out for DVD release just in time for "Valentine's Day" on Feb 7th.


Takes You Behind The Scenes Of His 
2012 Calendar Shoot 

Hey Laaaaaadies! "Tank" is dropping a 2012 calendar, and he kept his shirt on too much for me, and "Tamika", I'm sure you agree. His body looks too good, to have on clothes in or out the hood. He's sexy, butt naked with his mic in his hand, that's how I like my man. (lol)


Print Your Face on Your Fingernails 
"Gizmodo Gallery

Eh, this is a cool idea, and I'm surprised no one has thought of this sooner. We've printed faces on t-shirts, jeans, shoes, cakes, tattoos, so it only seems obvious to print your face on your nails.

I got a feeling this is gonna take off and take over. All the graduations, birthdays and RIP's. Ya'll already know how we do...... Eh, somebody made a comment that there's gonna be hella baby's momma in the club with their baby's daddy's face on their middle finger. (lol) 

The nail tips print out 10 in 3-5 minutes. I bet they last forever, until they grow out and you got to get a fill.


Releases Limited Editon Vinyl of 
"The Blueprint

Sure to be on the top of every dj (that still spins with vinyl and not cd's) Christmas wish-list is this new limited edition, numbered, double album, blue set of "Jay Z's" smash album "The Blueprint".

"The Blueprint" is only available in "Jay Z's" official store with 2001 copies for sale.

Click link to go to site.


"Trey Songz" New Face Of "Roca Wear" Cologne "Evolution

Aint nothing better, in and out the hood, than a man that looks and smells good! Not a "Raca Wear" fan, but I bet this smells good on a man.


Talks About "Serena Williams" In His Book
"One Day It'll All Make Sense"

"Common" opens up and let's people in to him. He talks about his life with tennis star "Serena Williams" and his life past and present. "Common" tells you about the good the bad and all that's in between.


Conversations With Black Fashion Moguls 
"Keith Perrin" & "J. Alexander Martin
Makers Of "FUBU"

Recently hip hop and the business community paid homage to of the most influential men of hip hop fashion by bestowing upon them honorary membership into the elite fraternity of Phi Beta Sigma.

"Keith Perrin" and "J. Alexander Martin" were two of the original founding creators and makers in 1992, of "FUBU" (Five Urban Brothers United) which turned into (For Us By Us).


Happy 53rd Birthday "Michael Jackson"
Bobble Head?

To commemorate the King of Pop's birthday on August 29th, and what would of been his 53rd birthday, I wanted to share the news that UrbanHeadz is re-releasing their officially-licensed Michael Jackson bobblehead for a limited time with your readers today! $19.95

Each bobblehead is hand-crafted and hand-painted and is accessorized with his famous fedora, black jacket and sequined glove



Conversations & Cocktails with 
"Laz Alonso", "Corey Mays" & "CJ Miller"

"A Hip Hop Enquirer" Magazine sits down for a one-on-one interview with three of "Hennessy Remixed Cocktail's" notable celebrities who are making a substantial impact in their professional careers.

Actor "Laz Alonso", Athlete "Corey Mays" and Author "C.J. Miller" sat down with Sr. Reporter "Sylvia Burley" to have an intimate conversation about what makes each of them special in what they do.


Talks About Clothing Line Website YMCMB.COM
During "BET"  Awards Weekend