(RIP) "G-Unit" Affiliate Rapper "Mazaradi Fox"
"Two Twelve" (Official Video) 

(RIP) to "Mazaradi Fox" Green, a former G-Unit affiliate who was gunned down in Queens, New York on Friday (January 3, 2014). Rapper Mazaradi Fox, who was friends with hip hop's 50 Cent was gunned down in Queens by a masked shooter on Saturday.

In 2009, Fox pumped two .25-caliber bullets into Queens gangbanger Rashawn Carter, authorities said. The victim survived the shooting. Charged with attempted murder, Fox was later convicted of attempted assault and sent to prison.

Fox was murdered Friday afternoon in Jamaica, Queens, by a lone gunman at 134th Ave. and Farmers Blvd. No arrests were made in the slaying of the 42-year-old career criminal, who was released from prison on Dec. 20.

Fox was riding shotgun alongside his girlfriend when the shooter rolled up to his white Nissan SUV and began spraying the vehicle with bullets, cops said.

The girlfriend, who was driving, suffered a graze wound to the neck, while a 21-year-old male passenger was critically injured with bullet wounds to the neck and shoulder.


Mazi was a real stand up dude, an official street cat and family man. May he rest in peace and God bless his family, friends and associates.

"50 Cent was in his New York studio and was saddened when he heard the news. He sends his condolences to Mazaradi's family," said a rep for 50-Cent.


"Michael Jackson Bad 25" Documentary Trailer 
Airing Thanksgiving Day November 22nd

This first-ever glimpse of ABC's 60-second trailer previews the documentary film by award-winning director Spike Lee, WHICH DEBUTED EXCLUSIVELY ON ABC'S "THE VIEW," celebrates the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's landmark "BAD" album and tour. "Michael Jackson: BAD25" will air Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22.


"Ray J
Press Conference About 
"Whitney Houston" (RIP)

Even though he wasn't a husband or an official boyfriend, "Whitney Houston's" on again off again love, "Ray J", is obviously effected by the death of "Whitney Houston" as he tries to talk about his charity  "Brotherhood Crusade".


"Soul Train" Creator "Don Cornelius"
 Final Interview 

"Sooooooooouuuuul Train" producer "Don Cornelius" gives an interview to "HipHollywood" and it might of been one of his last, as he talks about celebrating the 40th anniversary of "Soul Train" and the unexpected impact it had on the industry.

On February 1, 2012 after a divorce and suffering from an illness "Don Cornelius" took his life with a gun shot to the head.

"Soul Train" began in Chicago in 1970 but aired nationally from 1971 to 2006, showcasing artists such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Barry White.

"Cornelius" stepped down as host of the hit show in 1993.

It was credited with helping to tear down racial barriers, bringing black music into the cultural mainstream and showcasing soul and funk to a national audience.

A remembrance to celebrate "Don's" life is being planned for February 17, but the place and guests have yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, his son Tony looks forward to creating a foundation in his father's name to help others who are struggling. "There are quite a few kids that are committing suicide," he spilled. "Many times out of tragedy comes help." 


"Bay Area"/"Oakland" Female MC "Special One"(RIP)
Of "Conscious Daughters"
Found Dead In Her Home

"Fonky Expedition" (Official Video)
"We Roll Deep" (Official Video)
"Gamers" (Official Video)
"Sticky Situation" (Official Video)
"Boss B*tches" Ft. Silk 
"TCD in da Front"
Conscious Daughter Interview @ Golden Gate Park

1/2 of the "Bay Area's" female MC group "Conscious Daughters", "Special One" was found dead in her apartment on December 10, 20011.

"Special One" was discovered in her apartment by Carla "CMG" Green, the other half of "Conscious Daughters". Her cause of death is still unknown.

The duo dropped three studio albums: "Ear to the Street" (1993), "Gamers" (1996) and "The Nutcracker Suite" (2009) and were pioneers not only as female mc's in the "Bay", but as rappers in the "Bay".

Born "Karryl Smith", "Special One" achieved world wide and "Bay Area" fame in 1993, when the group's debut reached No. 126 on the Billboard 200. The singles "Something To Ride To" (Fonky Expedition) and "We Roll Deep" were both hits, and the "Daughters" earned big credit for mixing street attitude with female empowerment.

"Special One" and "CMG" had been prepping songs for a fourth "Concious Daughters" album with a deal inked and distribution deal with Sony Red.

I hope "Special One" got some verses down, that can be used, and I hope the album is still album to be released as a tribute to her.

Our thoughts and our prayers go out to "Special Ones" family and friends, and thank you for being a rap pioneer for women and the "Bay".

"Conscious Daughters"
"Fonky Expedition"
(Official Video)

"Conscious Daughters" 
"We Roll Deep"
(Official Video)

"Conscious Daughters"
(Official Video)

"The Conscious Daughters"
"Sticky Situation"
(Official Video)

"Conscious Daughters" 
"We Put's It Down"

"The Conscious Daughters" 

"Silk" & "Conscious Daughters"
"Boss B*tches"

"The Conscious Daughters" 
"TCD in da Front"

Interview w/ Conscious Daughters 
& Kung Fu Vampire at Golden Gate Park


"1017 Brick Squad" Rapper "Slim Dunkin" (RIP)
Gun'd Down & Killed 

Last Performance @Wild Atlanta 105.7 "Holiday Bash"
"Man Down" Ft Lil Capp & Da Kid ( VIDEO)
"I Gotta Eat" (Official Video)  
"Menace II Society" (Official Video) (Ft 2Pac Visual)
"Do It Big" (Official Video) 
"Like Dis" (Official Video) Ft. DBo & Dae-Dae
"Swisher" (Official Video) (Feat. Da Kid & S.K.) "Countdown" (Official Video) Feat. Da Kid & S.K. 
Last Interview & Video Shot For "Lights On"

"1017 Brick Squad" rapper "Slim Dunkin" was killed on Friday 12/16/11. Rapper "Slim Dunkin" was shot and killed, Friday evening in an Atlanta recording studio.

"Slim Dunkin" born "Mario Hamilton", was shot in the chest after getting into an argument with another individual. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

"Slim Dunkin" had arrived at a recording studio to to a photo shoot before a video shoot, got in an argument with an un-named assailant, it's not known at this time with the argument was about, but a handgun was discharged and hit "Slim Dunkin" in the chest.

"Slim Dunkin" was a childhood friend of "Waka Flocka Flame" and a member of "Brick Squad Monopoly", which as you know includes "Waka Flocka", "Gucci Mane", and "OJ Da Juiceman". 

"Slim Dunkin" appeared on "Waka's" debut, "Flockaveli", last year and on the the joint album with  "Gucci" and "Waka" called  "Ferrari Boyz". This past October he released his own mixtape, "Menace II Society", which featured "Gucci Mane", "Roscoe Dash" and "Pastor Troy".

Police have not been able to identify the suspect or recover the weapon that was used in the shooting, which took place around 5:30 p.m. As many as 20 people were inside the small building at the time of the incident, and that they are interviewing them to figure out what happened. Investigators remained at the scene for several hours.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to "Slim Dunkin's" family and friends and in the music industry, he will be surely missed. (RIP)

(RIP) "Slim Dunkin" (Part 1)

"Slim Dunkin's" (RIP) Last Performance 
@ Wild Atlanta 105.7 Holiday Bash 



"Slim Dunkin" (RIP) Ft Lil Capp & Da Kid
"Man Down

"Slim Dunkin" (RIP)
"I Gotta Eat
Official Video 

"Slim Dunkin" (RIP)
"Menace II Society" (Official Video) 
(Feat 2Pac Visual)

"Slim Dunkin" (RIP) 
"Do It Big"
(Official Video) 
 Ft. Rich Kid Shawty , Da Kid, Showtime, Kev City, CRG & Dwil

"Slim Dunkin" (RIP) Ft. DBo and Dae-Dae
"Like Dis"
(Official Video)

"Slim Dunkin" (RIP)
 (Official Video)

"Slim Dunkin" (RIP)  Feat. Da Kid & S.K. 
(Official Video) 


"DJ Premier
Talks About What Kept "Gang Starr" Together

Had A friend's dad die sunda, and he and his family "The Corofts"-Summer, Austin & Karen, have on my mind and in my heart. So, to hear "DJ Premier" talk'n about "Guru" and the group "GangStarr", was a blessing and comfort for me. 

RIP "Bob Croft"


Legend "Teena Marie" Dies At Age 54

Square Biz, Rose By Any Other Name
Cant Last A Day, Wishing On A Star
Fire & Desire,& Lovergirl

R&B singer "Teena Marie" was found dead on Sunday at her California home, at the age of 54, apparently suffering a seizure.

Born Mary Christine Brockert, the 54-year-old singer and songwriter was found by her daughter after apparently dying in her sleep, manager Mike Gardner said.

No cause of death has been released, however her publicist revealed that the singer suffered a grand mal seizure a month ago. 
Teena Marie is one of a very few select White singers, whom have been unreservedly, musically, accepted within the tapestry of Soul Music, consistently maintaining her popularity throughout her career.

Teena is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, arranger and producer.

She was born in Santa Monica, California, with her roots being part Belgian, Portuguese, Irish, Italian, and Native American.
Summer Dance Production, and also performed a role in the school's production of 'The Music Man'.

She changed her name to Teena Marie when she was seventeen, and was spotted by Motown Records Berry Gordy in the 70's.Teena initially signed with Motown Records in 1976 as a backing singer.

Berry Gordy held back on releasing material on Teena, believing that the material on offer at the time was not up to her high standard.

Teena Marie at BET AWARDS After Party at Mr. Chow 

"Tina Marie"
"Rose By Any Other Name"

"Teena Marie" & "Faith Evans"
"Can't Last A Day"

"Teena Marie"
"Wishing On A Star"

"Rick James" & "Teena Marie"
"Fire & Desire"

"Teena Marie"
"Square Biz"

Teena Marie


Throw Back "Biggie Smalls"
Performing "Juicy" Live At "MTV's" Spring Break


 performs Gin N Juice in Prospect Park for 
 Brooklyn's Birthday Celebration on 8/29/10
 for the "KING OF POP
"Michael Jackson"