(20) "Artist With Street Heat"

"Garci" (Of Ape Gang) - "Bugatti Dreamin" (Official Video)

"Prez P" - "Neva Love Em"  (Official Video)
 "SWB" - "Keep It On The Low" Ft "Jessy Say'Na" (Video)  & "2014" (Freestyle)
"DR. Millionaire" - "Alt Bitcs" (Official Video)
"Harn SOLO" - "Louis Armstrong" (Official Video)
"Criss Lyric" - "UNKL"
"Voice Monet" - "CARTS b4 HORSES" (aka "ROB") (Official Video) 
"Jake Kost" Ft "Rasheed""Moment In Time"
"Kev" Of "Royal Kulture"  - "LeaveMeAlone" (Official Video)
"CeasRock" - "ALL MY $" (Official Video)
"SPLASH-A-HOLICS" - "Mo Money Mo Problems" (Official Video)
"Young Lye" "Jordans #1" (Official Video) 
"ISAAC" Ft "G-SCOTT" - "There 'N Back" (Official Video)
"Nicky Rich" & "Pen Stein" Ft "Max Helmerich" - "The Outsiders"
"Ikay" - "Smile Back"

"Pennjamin Bannekar" - "ILLwrite Too" (Video)
"J. ManifestO" - "Live, Life & Love It" (Official Video)
"Willie The Kid" Ft. "Boldy James" - "Ain't Nothing"
"Endemic'" Ft "Roc Marciano", "P.R. Terrorist" & "Kevlaar 7"Capos"
"Hommicide" "Street Cake" (Official Video)
"Jonezen" - "Dedication" (Official VIdeo)

North Miami rapper Prez P presents the Unkleluc-directed music video for "Neva Love Em", the new Pyrvmids-produced single from his new album The Ambiance featuring Glocky Davis, Ransom Note, J Nics and Rell Burgandy as well as production from Nuez, The Ear Drummerz, Mr. Maneuvers, DT Spacely, Ronny J, RAH, MVSIC, Sir Flywalker, Kenneth Cartel, Green City, Eccentric Music, Squareboogie and Danny Dee. Prez first emerged onto the underground rap scene in Miami with his group Da Camp in 2011 with their mixtape 7 Day Weekend: Campin Out In Da RV. That record was followed by 7 Day Weekend: Bumpin olDCool Da Campilation and VII Day Vacay, which was voted 2012 Mixtape Of The Year by the Miami blog the305.com. Miami New Times recently named him one of the Top 10 Miami Rappers On The Comeup (see article).  "'Neva Love Em' is an anthem for me and people like me who won't get caught slipping falling for the traps set up for me to fail," says Prez. "In this case we're talking bitches." The Ambiance is available for free download now at DatPiff

"Garci" (Of Ape Gang)
"Bugatti Dreamin" (Official Video)

Twitter: @ApeGangGarci @AllSteezy @HellSurvivorTV

"North Miami" Rapper "Prez P
"Neva Love Em" (Official Video)

Twitter: @PrezP_BeCampin

Young "London" Rap Group "SWB"
"Keep It On The Low" Ft. "Jessy Say'Na" (Official Video)
 "2014" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @Official_SWB
Blessed @officialblessed
Tragic @ashley_tragic
Taunts @tauntsswb

SWB is a young hip hop group from London UK. I dig these young dudes and their Hip Hop attitudes, and their accent kills it as they spill it. I think they will have a GREAT future ahead him. He said, he rips cords like a Bey Blade. <<<Love it.

"Keep It On The Low", filmed and edited by Wowa. "Keep It On The Low" is the 2nd visual off the upcoming debut EP "Somehow Someday", due for release early 2014. 

Also, peep the video for their New Year "2014" freestyle, off their upcoming debut EP "Somehow Someday", due for release early 2014. 

"Keep It On The Low" Ft. "Jessy Say'Na" (Official Video)

 "2014" (Freestyle)

"Richmond, VA" Rapper "Dr. Millionaire
"Alt Bitcs" (Official Video)

Twitter: @isaiahraps

Richmond, VA rapper Dr. Millionaire presents the Joseph Pleasants-directed music video for "Alt Bitcs", his Hovey Benjamin-produced new single.

 "'Alt Bitcs' is inspired by all tha cute art school babes living in Richmond," explains Dr. Millionaire. "The song describes selling weed and sipping lean and killing shows. References to artists I heard about on Pitchfork. An affinity for beautiful alternative women. Art school girls with pink hair and tattoos. Hypebeast chicks that rock Palace and Hood By Air. College girls that shop at Rumors Boutique and upscale hipsters that shop at Need Supply Co. All of them riding their fixies through the city. I have two mixtapes, an EP and a few more videos ready to go in 2014. My plan is to keep writing songs and meet as many gorgeous alt bitcs as possible."

"Harn SOLO"
 "Louis Armstrong" (Official Video)

Twitter: @harnSOLO

Harn SOLO performing the song "Louis Armstrong" in the Garden District and French Quarter of New Orleans. The Focus Cinema TV directed film is the third single from Harn SOLO's album, "Perfect Picture" released this fall. Paying tribute to his current city on "Louis Armstrong", it's obvious the Crescent Kingz produced song mirrors the unique spirit of a legendary music town. From the symbolism of the umbrella and second line style dancing, to the traditional New Orleans voodoo face paint and Mardi Gras beads. New York City trend setting culture magazine IX Daily says, "SOLO is an artist who is ready to grab music by the reins and steer it in his winning direction. He is setting his place with a sound that is uniquely his by giving hip-hop the classic New Orleans twist."

"Criss Lyric
Twitter: @CrissLyric

"New Orleans"  Female Emcee "Voice Monet"
"CARTS b4 HORSES" (aka "ROB") (Official Video) 
Twitter: @Voicey_Uno

Yes, sir. And yes, mayum. Click play if you want to hear good music, man.... This is what music sounds like. It's different, it expresses the musicians inner voice. It's not mainstream and it's more like musical art, sung from the heart. It's eclectic and retrospective. It moves you and makes you think, while being creative and unique.

New Orleans emcee Voice Monet presents the Go'Head Media-directed music video for "Carts b4 Horses (Rob)", her new single produced by Belgian DMC champion DJ Grazzhoppa. The video was conceptualized, shot and edited all in the space of two days as part of the 48Hour Music Video Project Challenge which was recently held in New Orleans. Voice's debut album Gumbo dropped in 2006. "NOLA Redux" featuring Malkovich made the top of Gilles Peterson's BBC World Wide Best Hip-Hop of 2009 list. She was teaching classfuls of New Orleans youth how to rap as an official Teaching Artist In Residence when Hope & Sorrow, the 2007 Decon/Atmospheriques release from celebrated French producer Wax Tailor, was certified silver. Between her solo releases and her collaborations with BBE, Ninja Tune, Canada's Public Transit Recordings, UK's Twisted Funk Records and Tailor, over a quarter of a million records worldwide bear Voice's name. She has played internationally at major festivals (Montreal Jazz Festival 2013) and world reknowned venues (L'Olympia, Paris). "Sometimes my muse comes in the form of a man, and he just wants me to... rap!" says Voice about the song. "In this particular song I have chosen to call him 'Rob', but that inspiration comes in many forms and is expressed through several mediums." Voice is gearing up to release her EP Black Maria in 2014 through her production company Go'Head Media.

"Porland, Oregon" Rapper "Jake Kost" Ft "Rasheed"
"Moment In Time"

Twitter: @JakeKostPDX

"New York" African Rapper "Kev" Of "Royal Kulture" "LeaveMeAlone" (Official Video)
Performing Live @Coco 66 & Drom NYC  

Twitter: @thatafricankev

Kev Ft Hazali
"LeaveMeAlone" (Official Video)

Performing Live @Coco 66 & Drom NYC  

"Montreal" Rapper "CeasRock
"ALL MY $" (Official Video)
Twitter: @ceasrock

Montreal rapper CeasRock presents the ilovenewyork.usMedia-directed video for "All My $", the new 514IndoRecordz-produced single from his Zero Gravity EP which features Uness, Loe Pesci, I.Blast and Boy 6lue as well as production from Vincent Pryce and DeeJay IZ. Born Sam Karimi, Ceas is a spokesman for Montreal urban site Mook-Life.com, as well as founder of his own movement, REAL LIFE. Videos have already been released for "Faceless", "10.5", "Mook Life Pt. 1"  and "M.O.E." "While I was writing for this EP, money was definitely on my mind," says Ceas. "From how I was to earn it, to how much of it I needed to spend, it was looming over my thoughts heavy. I wrote All My $ from this perspective. I was hungry and I didn't know how I was supposed to eat. The verses depict that hunger from a young desperate man's view, and an older, equally hungry, man's perspective. I didn't feel like performing the verses in the video because the verses weren't necessarily about me. So I focused on the feeling instead of a literal depiction of the lyrics. I recently graduated from university, but I have no intentions of using my degree to get a job. So, with that in mind, one day I was cleaning out my garage of about ten years worth of school papers, textbooks, old bills, etc… I thought to myself, I didn't want to just toss it out, I wanted more closure. So I had the idea of burning them in a ceremonial bonfire. I'm burning the old me..I'm burning All My $." Zero Gravity is available now on Ceasrock's Bandcamp page

"Detroit" Rap Duo "SPLASH-A-HOLICS"
"Mo Money Mo Problems"
 (Official Video)
Twitter: @chefboyardeezy @Nino_aHolic

Detroit's super duo are back and this time with the visuals to there current single Mo Money Mo Problems!!! Splash-A-holics new visual directed by B. Thomas "Mo Money Mo Problems" already in heavy rotation in and around Detroit, the guys look to take there current single national.

"Sherrod White" Ft. "Tone Jonez
"L.I.G" (Official Video)
Twitter: @SherrodWhite @OfficialTJonez

"Illinois" Rapper "ISAAC" Ft "G-SCOTT
"There 'N Back" (Official Video)
Twitter: @isthatisaac88

Chicagoland-area mic-rocker Isaac drops off his last video from of his last project "Wild Cherry Nightmares" while he focuses in on honing in on the completion of his new EP. He brings this song and visual to life with a feature from labelmate G-Scott who also handles the production on the song. It's clear these 3B boys aren't playing. 

Isaac is an emcee from Elgin, IL who tackles the task of bridging gaps from old school hiphop soul and new school flavor and showcases "the sacrifice of Isaac" in this new visual.

"Nicky Rich" & "Pen Stein" Ft. "Max Helmerich"
 "The Outsiders"

Up and coming hip hop artist, Nicky Rich has been opening for acts like: Nas, Imagine Dragons, Sammy Adams, Matt and Kim, Sean Kingston and Young the Giant. His band, Thick as Thieves has been enjoying the success of their debut EP. Here is a new single from Nicky, featuring Pen Stein and Max Helmerich from Thick as Thieves.

A refreshing combination of hip hop and rock. The video is an homage to a noir crime story from heist to interrogation, there is a twist at the end!.

"New York" Rapper "Ikay"
 "Smile Back"
Off "The New York City Messiah"

"Chicago" Rapper "Pennjamin Bannekar
"ILLwrite Too" (Official Video)
1st Track From 2nd Solo Project, "Long Live Bannekar!"

Twitter: @PennBannekar

"Pennjamin Bannekar
"ILLwrite Too" (Official Video)

"Pennjamin Bannekar "
"ILLwrite" (Official Video) 

"Queens, NY" Rapper "J. ManifestO"
"Live, Life & Love It" (Official Video) 

Twitter: @jdotodot

Queens, NY emcee J. ManifestO presents Vicariously Through Memories, his new album featuring Dom O Briggs, JohnNY U., Hoz Da Lyrisist, J. Monopoly, Supaman, and production from Wierddough, Clint Partie, Fate, Six, Vanilla, Mitch Hennessey, The Stuyvesants, Thelonious Martin, Elijah Sentine and PHROMSOPHA. J recently released the Charles Valencia & Fresco-directed music video for "Live, Life & Love It" ), VTM's Fate-produced single. released his eponymous debut mixtape  featuring JohnNY U., MC Elijah Black, Khid 2che, A Will, Dom O Briggs and Top $ Raz. "VTM is an album about how I used to reminisce about of the happier times from my past to cope with the slower, more unfulfilled times in the present," says J. "Through this project I go on reflecting on times I cherish with the people I love and spend time with the most, recalling lucid dreams, and reliving certain episodes with friends. In a way, sort of dreaming of a second childhood, wishing present times were similar."

"Willie The Kid" Ft. "Boldy James
"Ain't Nothing"

Off "The Living Daylights"

UK Producer "Endemic"
 Ft "Roc Marciano", "P.R. Terrorist" & "Kevlaar 7
Twitter: @EndemicNoCure
Off "Terminal Illness 2"

UK producer Endemic presents "Capos", his new single featuring Roc Marciano, P.R. Terrorist and Kevlaar 7. A native of the United Kingdom regarded as one of the country's foremost hiphop producers, Endemic recently moved to New York City via a USA O-1 artist visa for “persons of extraordinary ability”. Following on the heels of "High Society" featuring Tragedy Khadafi, Afu Ra and Ruste Juxx ), "Capos" is the second single from his forthcoming album Terminal Illness 2, which will also feature Masta Killa, Cappadonna, Planet Asia, Skyzoo, DJ Switch, Bronze Nazareth, Salute Da Kidd, Killah Priest, Hell Razah, Shabazz The Disciple, Bugsy Da God, Cyrus Malachi, Tesla's Ghost, Ray Vendetta, Sav Killz, Supreme, Darkim be Allah, Prodigal Sunn, William Cooper and M9. 

TI2 is the followup to the 2009 Money Maker/EMI release Terminal Illness, which featured Sean Price as well as UK artists C Mone and Triple Darkness, and received radio play from DJ Premier. In 2010 Duck Down Records released Adamantine, Endemic's collaboration record with Ruste Juxx which featured General Steele of Smif N Wessun and Ill Bill. "This track had that mob feel," says Endemic. "I built with Roc first on this joint and he came with some ill Mafia-style lyrical flips. Afterwards we got Kevlaar 7 of The Wisemen and P.R. Terrorist of Killarmy as if each artist was a capo of their crew." 

"Street Cake" (Official Video)
Hommicide spits a freestyle over Drake's 5AM track
Twitter: @Allblackhommicide @StreetSpittas

"Los Angeles" Rapper "Jonezen
"Dedication" (Official Video)
Off "Beautiful Disaster" Drop'n March 2014

Twitter: @jonezenmusic

Jonezen is a winner of the Hip Hop Artist Of The Year at the 2013 Los Angeles Music Awards. First video off the upcoming album Beautiful Disaster.

Los Angeles rapper/songwriter/guitarist/producer Chris Jones a.k.a. Jonezen presents the Raul Perez/Red Zone L.A.-directed music video for "Dedications", the first single from his forthcoming album Beautiful Disaster, the followup to his Live From Rehab mixtape. "Dedications" comes hot on the heels of Jonezen's win at the Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Hip-Hop Artist. 

Told by doctors after an arrest that he may not live another year due to excessive drinking, Jonezen refused to go to rehab unless he could bring his recording studio. He found a treatment center in Los Angeles that would let him do just that and upon entering he began working on Live From Rehab. After leaving treatment Jonezen landed a distribution deal with Famous Records/ Fontana/ Universal. His single “Buried By Six” was produced by Father MC and released on Famous Records in August of 2012. This year Jonezen has done two independently booked tours, performed at the Speak Your Mind Hip Hop Festival alongside Blackalicious, been featured on several radio stations including The Weekend Top 30 ‘What’s Poppin Next’ and has been nominated for two Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Hip Hop Artist and Best Social Media. This year Jonezen released videos for two Live From Rehab singles, "On Me" and "If I Die Young". "I wrote 'Dedications' intending for it to be the intro song for my shows...it just turned out too dope to not put it on the album. The name says it all...this is my dedication...to the fans..my city...my people!" Beautiful Disaster drops March 2014.


(20) "Artist With Street Heat"
"SkyBlew" - "Slice Of Life" (Official Video)
"Malkovich" - "Great Expectations" (Official Video)
"E MajorFt "Rome Cee" & "Kane Mayfield" - "TSRH" (This Sh*t Right Here) Video
"Vada" - "Leave Broke" (Official VIdeo)
"Tycoon" & "The Mansion Boys" - "John Stamos"
 "Lee How" Ft "Forbe$"  - "Lucid Dreamer" [Video]
"Yung Stizz" Ft.  "Moneey Aiir" & "Hezzie Hez" - "Stupid" (Video)
 "Mikey Vegaz" "Gods Be Gods" (Official Video)
"B*tches Is Crazy" (B.I.C.) - "THAT'S RIGHT" (Official Video)
"J.Nolan" "Getting It In"
"Bunty Beats" & "Gutta Grimey 910" - "Rockin' Rhymes" (Official Video)
"Chox-Mak" Ft. "DJ YRS Jerzy" - "Jax Da Ripper" & "No Weapon" (Video)
"CeasRock" - "M.O.E." (Official Video)
"Korry Deez" - "Gotta Get It 1.0" (Official Video)
"Doug Bogan" - "Theater Kids"
"El Prez" & "Jansport J" (PrezSport) - "Same King"
"BPace" - "Set Myself Apart" (Official Video)
"Jay Raw" Ft "Burga" - "Use Ya Head" (Official Video)
"Audubon" Ft. "Bodega BAMZ" - "F.M.L.T.N.T"
"D.Focis" - "Believe" (Official Video)

"Chapel Hill,North Carolina" Rapper "SkyBlew
"Slice Of Life" (Music Video)
Twitter: @HeySkyBlew

"Iran/Los Angeles" Rapper "Malkovich"
"Great Expectations" (Official Video)
Off "Great Expectations" LP 
Twitter: @malkovichmusic

Irangeles (Iran/Los Angeles) lyricist Malkovich presents the music video for "Through The Trees", from his new album Great Expectations, written and recorded in New York City, New Orleans, Atlanta and Los Angeles after Malkovich gave up his home and possessions to travel indefinitely. "Expectations" is produced by L.A. beatsmith Josh The Goon, best known for his work with Freddie Gibbs and DaVinci. The video was shot in Queens, New York City by Mazzi of S.O.U.L. Purpose and was edited by J Spealz. Expectations is Malkovich's followup to his Ayatollah Presley mixtape hosted by deejay/producer House Shoes (watch the video to the Dibia$e-produced "WTF"), and videos to four Expectations tracks - "Lies" (watch), "What I Know" (watch), "Palms" (watch) and "Through The Trees" (watch) have already been released. "[Malkovich] is owning everyone in the current scene, and you better believe it," says HitTheFloor Magazine. DJ Premier played the Great Expectations cut "Bedbugs" on the January 18 edition of his Live From Headqcourterz mixshow (listen). Great Expectations is available.

"Leave Broke" (Official VIdeo)
Off "The Red Files" LP
Twitter: @ItsKingVa​da

Vada finally drops his highly anticipated music video for "Leave Broke." This is slated to be on Vada's debut album The Red Files LP.

Vada made it very clear that he not only produced this song, but he directed wrote and produced the music video as well. Relationship based song, it's definitely a change of pace. He's come a very long way from working for Interscope, Pitbull & indie records. 

"New York's" Own "Audubon" Ft. "Bodega BAMZ"
Off "#HotelAudubon"
Twitter: @Audubon_

Mmmm, hmmmm. Love'n this right here. It's nasty, but on the nasty side of classy. "F.M.L.T.N.T" is supa sexy.

Audubon releases his latest single "F.M.L.T.N.T" feat Bodega Bamz, produced by Frankie P. "F.M.L.T.N.T" is off his recently released ep Hotel Audubon. Audubon brings us another seductive track to kick back to, this time featuring New York's own Bodega Bamz. The uptown rappers prove NYC does support its own!

 "Baltimore/Los Angeles" Rapper "E Major
Ft "Rome Cee" & "Kane Mayfield"
"TSRH" (This Sh*t Right Here) Official Video
Off "Baltimore Bruin"
Twitter: @etothemajor

Baltimore-bred, Los Angeles-based emcee E Major presents the self-directed music video to "TSRH", the Sham Dibiase-produced single from Baltimore Bruin, his new album featuring Marc Evan, King's Khrysis, Kaimbr and UllNevaNo as well as original production from Rexamillion, Khrysis, Roddy Rod, IllMeasured, Minus Nine and Eddie Pearson. E's album Better Than Yours had already made Baltimore City Paper’s top ten albums of 2011 – two years after dubbing his Majority Rules album “a classic” – by the time his hit “Paper Runnin’” started doing the rounds on 92Q, later remixed by local legend DJ Booman. Wielding common-sense lyricism and a relaxed, persistent flow which presides on equal footing over boom-bap and trap alike, E’s shared stages with Lupe Fiasco, Wale, and Little Brother and has gotten the nod from Okayplayer, MTV, VH1 and DJ Booth. Three videos from the project have already been released: "Outrageous", "Feature Presentation" and "Zodiac Freestyle". "Just vibing off the beat, this track turned into a nostalgic piece where I started to rhyme about all types of stuff from Hip Hop's 90's hey day," says E. "I brought on Rome Cee and Kane Mayfield for the track, although the version for the video only has Rome. Both Rome and Kane know how to paint vivid pictures and were able to bring that clear imagery of what 90's Hip Hop was really like. I used the Katt Williams sample because I always loved that bit and how he said that. It just struck me one day to make that a hook so I ran with it." Baltimore Bruin is available now on E's Bandcamp page.

"Los Angele's" "Tycoon" & "The Mansion Boys"
"John Stamos"
Twitter: @themansionboys @TYCOONBEATS

PRYVT RYN and TYCOON are Los Angeles duo The Mansion Boys, presenting their new single "John Stamos". The Mansion Boys are coming off the success of their song “Go Out Tonight”, which has well over 500,000 YouTube views and appeared on “The Jersey Shore” twice as well as the MTV shows “Buckwild” and “World Of Jenks”. Their songs “Slurren” and “The Freakiest Things” also appeared on “The Jersey Shore”. Tycoon is one of the L.A.’s most in-demand producers, with a resume that includes working with Dr. Dre, Ron Fair, Diane Warren, and received a platinum plaque for his work on Sean Paul/Keyshia Cole’s “Give It Up To Me”. “We had a moment, walking around the Hollywood Hills, when we both converged on this concept of John Stamos,” says PRYVT. “He plays into people’s fantasies, women of all ages want to be with him, and men wish they had his vitality. He’s in the Beach Boys! So when Tycoon uttered the line ‘I stay with them twins like I’m John Stamos’, the light bulb went off and we knew we had to make a Mansion song.”

"Chicago" Rapper "Lee How" Ft. "Forbe$
"Lucid Dreamer" [Official Video]
Twitter:  @leehowfasho

Chicago hip-hop artist Lee How drops the visual to "Lucid Dreamer" ft. Forbe$.  Lee How is having plenty of success with his EP "This Is How".

"Yung Stizz" Ft.  "Moneey Aiir" & "Hezzie Hez"
"Stupid" (Official Video)
@YungStizzy150 @MoneeyAiir @HezzieHez @DoobiRoc

"Portland, Oregon" Rapper "Mikey Vegaz
"Gods Be Gods" (Official Video)
Twitter: @FliBoiMV

With the early success of his freshman album FLI ROCK (which gained national exposer and recognition as unSigned hype in Source Magazine) MV was able to stay consistent, making quality street music that led to him dropping his first series of mixtapes "The Definition of FLI". This set of mixtapes showcased his skills as a MC destined to make a mark in hip hop. Along with childhood friend FLIBOIMOE, MV teamed up with Coast2coast mixtapes and released volumes 1 thru 4 "The Definition of Fli". With much anticipation the mixtapes included All Star appearances from top DJs such as DJ Whoo Kid and DJ Khaled to mainstream and underground artist such as Chris Brown, Flo rida, Ace hood, Messy Marv, E-40 , Juelz Santana, J Diggs, The Game and a host of others!

Continuing to build a buzz and pushing his brand, Mikey Vegaz found himself shifting gears as the rap game was beginning to get back to the grass roots of underground independent hip hop. MV then released his first independent single as a solo artist "ONE HIT WONDER" ft. E-40 & Aaron O'Bryan Smith which debuted on XXL.com and later spread like a wild fire throughout the blogs.

Not wasting time, shortly after gracing the cover of MURDERDOG magazine with fellow North West elite artist such as Cool Nutz (MVs long time mentor and manager), he followed up with a 9 song track list EP "Thoughts of a Premature Millionaire". This EP included the remix to "ONE HIT WONDER" were MV reached out to home town legend super producer BOSKO in hopes to smash the air waves with the help of Bay Area heavy hitters E-40 and Mistah Fab.

Noticing the great response from local and national fans following his projects MV took the phrase "Putting on for my city" to heart, announcing himself "Prince of the City" and he launched a new series of street albums on his own website - PYREXMEDIA.com. Both street albums, OREGOON vol. 1 & vol. 2, are much different from MV's prior material being that he stayed away from the industry star studded appearances and focused on working with the local North West heavy hitting artist such as well-known top dogs of the Rose City -- Cool Nutz, Maniac Lok, Grind time battle rap star Illmaculate, Luck-one, Meezilini and more! Both mixtapes helped certify Mikey's position in the local hip hop scene.

Fresh off the "Summer of Strange Tour" and straight to the studio with a release date of September 17th- MV's back with the help of his lifelong ace FLIBOIMOE to bring you his new street album: "GOLD KiLOS N THE TRAP" #GKNTT

"B*tches Is Crazy" (B.I.C.) 
"THAT'S RIGHT" (Official Video)

Off "Influence" EP

That's right, that's right, that's right. What I like about these dudes, is looks can be deceiving, just like hair is made for weaving. Good thing I've learned to not judge a book by it's cover, cuz I might have missed this. That's right, that's right, that's right, that's right. These dudes are DOPE!!!!. 

"That's Right" is the 3rd video from their acclaimed "Influence" EP, entitled "That's Right." The "That's Right" video was directed by IV & Yesus 199 of B.I.C. 

"CT/Atlanta" Rapper "J.Nolan
"Getting It In"
Twitter: @J_Nolan

"J. Noloan", is one of the dopest dudes spit'n on the mic to date. With his flow and his crack'n beats, "J. Nolan's" music make you want to get on your feet. What I really like about "J. Nolan" is  he's a story teller. You can visualize his lyrics when you hear it. It's obvious that God has bless him with talent, I just can't wait until the world gets to hear what he has to share, cuz it's gold in there.

"Getting It In," is a record primarily centered around the collective numbness we as people have towards ourselves and others at times. To drive the point home, I wanted to share a story about a young woman that resorts to selling her body as a means to survive and humanize such behavior without being judgmental to the situation. Production of the record was handled by the Bounce Brothas, a production duo from Germany, they did a wonderful job incorporating live instruments into the arrangement.

"Scotland" Rapper "Bunty Beats
Ft "Gutta Grimey 910" (Jacksonville, NC)
"Rockin' Rhymes" (Official Video)

Off "The Hip Hop Enchiridion" EP Drops November 22nd 

Twitter: @BuntyBeats @GuttaGrimey910

Bunty Beats connects with North Carolina's Gutta Grimey to bring you the first track 'Rockin' Rhymes' from their forthcoming EP titled 'The Hip Hop Enchiridion'. The EP drops digitally Friday 22nd November 2013. 50 limited edition cassettes will also be available at www.mixkingsrecords.com

"Jacksonville, North Carolina" Rapper "Chox-Mak
Ft. "DJ YRS Jerzy
 "Jax Da Ripper"

Twitter: @Chox_Mak910 @IAMDJYRSJERZY

 Chox-Mak is not your everyday artist he knows how to work the media and push his music all at the same time. Chox-Mak recently said in a interview that connecting with DJ YRS Jerzy is the best thing that happen for his music career. Now with these two dropping projects almost every week now it just shows how serious they are about their careers and where they see themselves being in the next couple of months. These two bring you another classic called "Jax Da Ripper" which is a track with a old school meets new school type of vibe to it. They rarely disappoint the people that follow their movement so "Jax Da Ripper" should be another dope track from Chox-Mak. This track was also produced by Pepsi Kalisz.

"No Weapons" (Official Video)
Twitter: @Chox_Mak910

One of the fastest rising recording artists has to be none other than Jacksonville, North Carolina's own Chox-Mak. He has been making his rounds in the media for a while now and is now starting to get the attention he well deserves. With his mixtape "Cross Colours And Starter Jackets" in the works he has decided to give the people something else that isn't featured on the project to visualize. "No Weapons" is a track that promotes positivity and tries to bring down all the negative things that are happening out in the world. The meaning behind "No Weapons" is to use your mind as a weapon and no one can stop you from reaching your goals. Chox-Mak looks to inspire his generation rather than feed into the negativity. This visual is definitely something to watch it also shows the struggles of everyday life and how you need to keep pushing to become something great in life.  The production behind this track is brought to you by Coaste Beats and was shot by Rock Royal Armani Films.

"Montreal" Rapper "CeasRock"
"M.O.E." (Official Video)
Off "Zero Gravity" EP
Twitter: @ceasrock

Montreal rapper CeasRock presents Zero Gravity, his new EP featuring Uness, Loe Pesci, I.Blast and Boy 6lue as well as production from 514IndoRecords, Vincent Pryce and DeeJay IZ. Born Sam Karimi, Ceas is a spokesman for Montreal urban site Mook-Life.com, as well as founder of his own movement, REAL LIFE. Ceas believes that every single object, person, place or theme can be rapped about in an interesting way. "It's all about the context" he says. Ceas has done R&B-flavored collaborations with the Uness and Crime In The City collective as well as live interpretations of soulful cuts on his Coolest Cats tape. Videos have already been released for "10.5", "Mook Life Pt. 1" and "M.O.E.". "Zero Gravity represents the continuous ascension process that I go through as an artist," says Ceas. "Beyond the music, 0G represents 'no limitations';  gravity is the one thing 99% of us believe we can't defy, but with this project i wanted to show people that impossible is a matter of perception.

"Los Angeles" Rappers "El Prez" & "Jansport J" (PrezSport
"Same King"
Off "Urban $treet Americana"

From the forthcoming LP, Urban $treet Americana,  Los Angeles natives El Prez and Jansport J have joined forces to bring you the First Single from their collaboration, "Same King".  World Premiered by 2Dopeboyz.com, the track is a cautionary tale weaved by Inglewood rapper El Prez, and Covina, CA producer Jansport J, about helping the younger generation see the bigger picture, and strive for bigger goals than what they see in the streets everyday . The single is also available for stream/purchase thru our bandcamp, and includes the B-side IFYA, and the instrumental to Same King.

Urban $treet Americana is set to be released online digitally for free November 13th, 2013

"Toronto" Rapper "Korry Deez
"Gotta Get It 1.0" (Official Video)

Twitter: @korrydeez

Korry Deez is a gritty, yet soulful, emcee and a producer of groove heavy hip hop that can effortlessly make people catch a vibe. Hailing from Toronto, one of today's burgeoning music scenes, Deez quickly puts his name up there with some of his city's best. With Gotta Get It, Korry addresses several life issues, some of which forced him to take a decade long departure from the game. Upon his return, it is evident he has sharpened his dynamic musical abilities and is set to take the spotlight that once evaded him.

Toronto-based rap artist Korry Deez has been creating a musical utopia for years, illustrating the passion he has for creating gritty, yet soulful hip hop music from the heart. As 1/3 of Canadian supergroup IRS and cofounder of the megacity rap crew Monolith, Deez has made a significant impact on both international and national levels. Having been a regular in Kardinal Offishall's live show for over 5 years, he has graced the stage with the likes of Sean Paul, The Bootcamp Clik, Declaime, Planet Asia, K-os, Swollen Members, Jully Black, O.C., Classified, Shaggy & J-Live to name a few.

On his debut album with IRS, Welcome To Planet Irs (Universal Music), Deez stretched rap's boundaries by creating a masterpiece. This led to a Juno nomination for best rap recording in 2004 and their album, to this day, is considered to be a Canadian classic. Maybe his most memorable moment came on a timeless track by Kardinal, "Ol' Time Killin", where he completely destroys the song, boasting a hip hop quotable type verse while 'blessing it effortlessly'. The video for "Ol' Time Killin" was directed by the highly acclaimed Mr. X, airing on BET, MTV, MuchMusic & Musique Plus. 

IRS went on to being 'Rated Next' on BET with their smooth, bumping groove "T.R.A.C.K.S.' Lament" which garnered them even more major label distribution with Sony/RED and Avatar in the US. Deez has collaborated with renowned producers: Jake One, Rich Kidd, Elaquent, Tone Mason, Lancecape, Mr. Attic, Lyve and Solitair while appearing on many a song and compilation over the last decade. 

Coming off of a long hiatus, Korry has gone back to his more musical roots in funk, soul, electronic, blues and jazz music. Now harnessing stronger artistic capabilities, he has fused his influences into one rich, solid soundscape, producing a more musical blend of hip hop. Korry states that he has been "replenished with a hunger never felt before". He is now set to return with his first solo album 'Imago', where he unravels from a cocoon-like state to show a growth and maturity few in music today could replicate. When Korry Deez returns with 'Imago’, it will yet again put him in the conversation of who to be watching for in an ever-changing hip hop world.

"Biloxi,MississippiAtlanta,GA" Emcee "BPace"
"Set Myself Apart" (Official Video)
Off "Grind Hard or Starve Trying" Mix Tape

Twitter: @BPaceProduction

BPace just dropped his debut music video to "Set Myself Apart," the debut single off his upcoming mixtape "Grind Hard or Starve Trying". The track features a hard hitting beat which is held down throughout by BPace's well received, true to life lyricism from beginning to end. Filmed in New York City the video encompases a raw street vibe which compliments the track in a big way!

"Winter Park/Eatonville" Rapper "Jay Raw" Ft "Burga
"Use Ya Head" (Official Video)
Twitter: @JayRaw @burga321  

"Detroit, MI" Rapper "D.Focis"
"Believe" (Official Video)
Twitter: @dfocis

"Believe" is the new single by D.Focis (Dee Focus) from the
forthcoming album Mystery Of There. It also features additional
vocals by Michael Paradise. "Believe" is an anthem for those who
refuse to give up on their dreams and goals. The song is written and
produced by D.Focis.

D.Focis (Pronounced Dee Focus) Is an Artist/Producer from Detroit, MI. As an artist he has released 7 solo projects (Still Dreamin, Oxygen, The New Tokyo Mixtape, The New Tokyo Mixtape 2, The Be Strong LP, The Herman Gardens Project)

Because of the introspective and inspirational nature of his music, he is often compared to artists like Common, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Mos Def and others known for "conscious" music.

As a producer, he began his professional career in Tokyo, Japan in 2005 producing for Hip Hop artist Zeebra on his hit album "New Beginning". Some of his other credits include records produced for The Nappy Roots, Killer Mike, Bobby Creekwater, Stat Quo, Cashis, Donnis, Kidz in the Hall, Aloe Blac and many others.

"Bucknell, University" Student/DJ "Doug Bogan"
 "Theater Kids"
Twitter: @DougBoganMashup

Doug Bogan has been going hard this fall touring the nation.  In between eight shows the past eight weeks from Dallas, TX to Syracuse, NY and everywhere in between (not to mention work as a full-time college student), Doug found the time to produce this new feel-good bootleg. Combining tracks known to the general college-aged demographic, Doug provides a fresh take on MGMT's anthem, "Kids," with this progressive-house banger.  Enjoy this new humpday jam, and keep on the lookout for Doug's upcoming remix of DJ Felli Fel's middle-school classic, "Get Buck in Here."


(20) "Artist With Street Heat"

"Kev" - "Rise of The Kulture" [Freestyle Video]
"O.B." & "SaFE"  -"You & I" (Official Video)
 "Xperience" -"New Religion" (Official Video)
"Young Lye" - "Don't Giv Up Da Struggle" (Official Video)
"Hopsin"- "Hop Is Back" (Official Video)
"Cash Campain" Ft. "Ellah" - "Better"
"Sean Armstrong" Ft. "Tajai" (Of Souls of Mischief) & "pHoenix" -"Took Control" (Video)
"Hommicide" Ft. "Miz MAF" - "GUAP" (Official Video)
"The Other Guys" Ft "Sadat X" (Of Brand Nubian), The Caravan & D - Sisive -"H.E.R."
"Boogieman Dela" -"No More Good" (Official Video)
"Gil Thompson" (A.K.A. GT) -  "Cypha Feelin"
"Moe" - "No Holds Barred" (Official Video)
"Benefit" Ft. "Big Shug" & "M.Dot" - "Heavy"
"Red McFly" - "Can't Sleep" (Official Video)
 "Durty Kash" - "My Money Dont Fold No More" ( VIdeo)
"Petter Jones" - "Kakarot"
"J.Nolan" - "Moving Up" (Official Video)

"Saint Ablans, NY" Rapper "Kev
"Rise of The Kulture" [Freestyle Video]

Twitter: @theafricankev

Newcomer Kev of Royal Kulture from, Saint Ablans, NY delivers a powerful rendition of "8 Millions Stories" titled " Rise of the Kulture" [Freestyle]. This freestyle is a prefect introduce to how Kev combines melodic rhythms with a powerful message. This being a follow up from his recently released singles "Just Smile" and Up and Up" Kev is defintely a New York artist you want to keep on your radar. Be sure to check out the video, and be on the lookout for Kev hitting the stage for Mic Check Wednesdays October 30th presented by Hot 97's DJ Spynfo.

"Seattle, Washington" Rapper "Xperience"
"New Religion" (Official Video)

 Off "The Revelation" EP

Twitter: @XperienceXP

After touring with Macklemore X Ryan Lewis for the last two years (2011 & 2012) Xperience has been releasing a stream of new media and is hard at work on several other projects. On their 2012 Heist World Tour they hit 41 cities in 60 days. His recent music video release “New Religion” has taxed over 18,000 hits in the week on YouTube. Xperience was featured on Macklemore’s album Language of My World, and has worked with artists like A-Plus & Casual (Hieroglyphics), Grayskul (RhymeSayers), Bizarre (of D12), Sleep (The Chicharones), Grammy finalist Q Dot and Ashley DuBose. Not only is he a two-year touring artist with Macklemore but he’s opened for Snoop Dogg, Kool Keith, KRS-One, Hieroglyphics, Bone Thuggs-n-Harmony, Bilal, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, Pharoahe Monch and others. Calling Seattle, Washington his home he is part of the Northwest Hip-Hop crew Oldominion, working with the likes of Onry Ozzborn & JFK of Grayskul, Smoke, Candidt and others. Together with JFK and Candidt they are the group the TH3RDz and have toured the West Coast and to SXSW.

"Bronx" Rapper "Young Lye" Drops An Inspirational Rap
"Don't Giv Up Da Struggle" (Official Video)

Twitter: @YoungLye @Stack_Large 

This teenage wordsmith from the BX has been catching the attention of  lot of important ears in the industry and now his visuals are catching eyes too. After Young Lye offered up the vids for the singles "Jordans" and "Drop It 2 Da Floor", both of which have received over 200K views on YouTube, he's now releasing the video to "Don't Give Up The Struggle", a ode of positivity that's been missing on today's music scene. 

Young Lion is scheduled for a landmark career move, with a live performance at Mad Wednesdays at The Shrine in Harlem hosted by the originator of Mad Wednesdays, Marie Davis. In case you don't recall, Ms. Davis made an appearance in Jay-Z's classic "Reasonable Doubt" album. Yes, it's that serious. 

"Southern Cali" Rapper "Hopsin"
 "Hop Is Back" (Official Video) 

Twitter: @Hopsin @ItsKingVa​da

Southern Cali native Hopsin is gearing up to drop his new project Knock Madness on November 26. This morning he released an official music video for "Hop Is Back."

"San Franciso" Rapper "Cash Campain" Ft. "Ellah

Twitter: @CashCampain @EllahMusik

99 South music label owner Cameron “Cash Campain” Parker, a graduate of Dominican University of California, with an M.B.A. in Global Business Management, has owned and operated 99 South Entertainment since February of 2009. As an R&B artist, Campain writes, produces, and performs original works ranging from R&B, hip-hop, and Soul.

He has also signed young music talents who can challenge the status quo with words and songs that positively impact the music world. Cash Campain recently released his fifth studio album “The Orgasm Effect” through his 99 South Entertainment record label. He takes pride in working to bring the “good ol days” feeling back to music.

"DMV" Rapper "Sean Armstrong
Ft. "Tajai" (Of Souls of Mischief) & "pHoenix"
"Took Control" (Official Video)

Off "The Marble Cake Diaries" Mixtape

Twitter: @djfacemusic @TajaiMassey @ItsMePagliacci

DMV-area rapper/DJ/producer Sean Armstrong presents the E Major-directed music video for "Took Control", the !llmind-produced single from his forthcoming mixtape The Marble Cake Diaries, which features Khrysis, J. Ivy, Da Beatminerz, Roddy Rod, Dischoe, Marc Nfinit(True School), and J Soul and The Mowery Boys. "Took Control" features guest appearances from Tajai of Souls of Mischief and singer pHoenix Pagliacci. Sean has performed in London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Germany, Aruba and more. He’s performed alongside artists like The Roots, Pete Rock, Little Brother, EPMD, and Kid Capri, and is a member of the True School Corporation, which is run by Grammy award-winning producer 9th Wonder. Sean is also a member of 9th's Black Jedi chapter of The Universal Zulu Nation. In 2005 Sean remixed a track for Tajai's Power Movement Remix Project under his DJ name, DJ Face. Through social media, Sean reconnected with Tajai and "Took Control" was born. Sean reached out to Jamla Army member pHoenix, whom he had only met through Twitter, and asked her to sing the hook. Soon after the song was completed the video was developed and shot in Los Angeles. The Marble Cake Diaries drops November 19.

"Philadelphia" Rapper "Hommicide" Ft. "Miz MAF
"GUAP" (Official Video)

Twitter: @all_black_hommi @StreetSpittas

From January 2008 til the present Hommicide has dropped mixtape
after mixtape an has shown and proven his voice, flow, and artistic
capabilities in a lane which he created himself, which landed him the title "The Hardest Artist".

No other Rapper/MC that claims to be the "Hardest"
can give it to you like Hommicide can. And that's in a broad spectrum
ranging from concepts, voice tone, delivery, style, substance, and flow. You get something new with every song he gives you.

For example, "The Kidd", he gives you a gritty and lyrical assault in comparison to "Swing MyWay", where he lightly bounces over the track catering to his female audience. These songs and more is why he earned the award of Philly's BestNew Artist in 2009. After releasing his first big single "Bout Dat" ft Bad Boy artist E.Ness in 2011-12 Hommicide is ready to reach even more milestones in his career. Be on the lookout for new music coming soon.

"The Other Guys
Ft "Sadat X" (Of Brand Nubian), "The Caravan" & "D - Sisive"

Off "Maintenance Vol. 1."

Twitter: @ScholarsEnt

Scholars Ent. release "H.E.R" the first single from their Maintenance Vol. 1 Ep . The single produced by The Other Guys, features the legendary Sadat X (Brand Nubian) , The Caravan, D - Sisive and The Other Guys. "H.E.R" is an awesome tribute to Hip Hop's yesteryears.

"Boogieman Dela"
"No More Good" (Official Video)

Twitter: @Boogiemandela

Boogieman Dela blesses the world with a new release, "No More Good" produced by Wesmanchild. The visual is directed by Artiphacts. This is a story of an innocent young girl who went to Catholic school and had a bright future. As she became a woman, she took a few wrong turns. Check this video out from Boogieman Dela's long awaited album "Dirty Harmony" set to drop very soon. You may be surprised how the story unfolds.

"Gil Thompson" (A.K.A. GT)
 "Cypha Feelin"

1st single off "Breakin Down Barriers"

Twitter: @GTtheClassic

GT back in 2012 built a strong online presence when he dropped his project "Windows to My Soul". Returning back to the studio GT is currently working on a new project and releases his first single "Cypha Feelin". 

"New Orleans" Rapper "Moe
"No Holds Barred" (Official Video)

Off "Is Anybody Listening 3" Mixtape

Twitter: @Dussume @dunndealpr

New Orleans rapper Moe presents the Erik Bartney-directed music video for "No Holds Barred", the Automatik Beats-produced single from the third volume of his mixtape series Is Anybody Listening, which features beats from Humbeats and Trackanometry. Born at Charity Hospital - the same hospital as Lil Wayne - both his parents were incarcerated by the time he was 6, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. Moe was writing rhymes by the time she moved him to Los Angeles a few years later, "often times rapping about my parents," he says. "No resentment lyrics though, just my thoughts on the situation." A few school expulsions later he was back in New Orleans, playing basketball and recording the songs that would lead to 2012, the year he dropped a staggering four mixtapes. "My inspiration for the song was everything that transpired in my life during that period," says Moe. "From getting put out and having my family turn their back on me, to leaving New Orleans for New York to pursue music and just all the emotions I was feeling at that point." 

"Brooklyn, NY" Rapper "Benefit" Ft. "Big Shug" & "M.Dot"
 "Heavy" (Official VIdeo)

Massachusetts veteran MC Benefit teams up with GangStarr Foundation pioneer Big Shug and M. Dot for this underground classic fueled by behind the boardsmith Norman Cratez. Look out for Benefit's highly anticipated, forthcoming album Timing Is Everything.

 "Allentown, PA" Producer "Red McFly
"Can't Sleep" (Official Video)

Twitter: @RedMcFly

How does a virtually unknown artist/producer gain international exposure almost over night with no major label backing? They religiously grind until they catch the eyes and ears of someone who can financially appreciate the work they've put in. That's basically the strategy of Allentown, PA. based producer Red McFly and his latest offering is a visual from his recently released mixtape "Take Flight" entitled "Can't Sleep". From the reception of his Evil Empire generated project, it looks like McFly's way is working.

The Coke Boys producer has put together hits from behind the boards on hood goodies such as French Montana's Mac N Cheese series, numerous Chinx Drugz & co. material, and Red produced tracks for both The Game and Shyne during their recent back and forth battle on record. The award winning, up and coming double threat is predicted to be one of the most sought after young producers of 2014.

"Houston, Texas" Rapper "Durty Kash"
"My Money Dont Fold No More" (Official VIdeo)

Twitter: @DurtyKash

 The neighborhood of Homestead Street is infamous round these parts; a hot-bed of every type of crime, populated mostly by jack boys and corner boys, all looking for a way out. Twenty year old rapper, Durty Kash, had those same aspirations growing up there, coupled with a taste for the finer things, but thanks to a strong family those dreams lead him down a different path than those he was surrounded by. Showing his talent for music early, Kash was lucky enough to refine his chops alongside the budding talents of now nationally known locals like Riff Raff and Kirko Bangz, even opening up on tour for Nelly and Yo Gotti. Discovered by Houston indie label, Money to Blow Music Group, which is headed up by CEO Young Lace, the two discovered a kinship built around the desire to feed he masses radio-friendly rap music and live lavish off the proceeds. Here is a visual sample off of Kash's debut album, "Let's Live Lavish", expected later this year on which Kash describes his early years over a T.A. produced beat. The video was directed by Michael Artis.

"Allentown, PA" Rapper "Red McFly"
"Can't Sleep" (Official Video)
Twitter: @RedMcfly

"Chicago" Rapper "YOUNG TEE TEE

Twitter: @Young_TeeTee

"Petter Jones"

Twitter: @PetterJonesSKE @qthequestion @trelmack @skerecords

Kakarot is the first official single from Petter Jones upcoming "Super Saiyan" mixtape released from SKE Records!!!!

SKE Records Petter Jones drops "Kakarot" as he is preparing for his debut mixtape "Super Saiyan" which is coming soon. If anyone knows about the classic cartoon series Dragon Ball Z you will see where Petter Jones got most of his inspiration for his new single and up and coming mixtape. There is no release date yet for "Super Saiyan" but it will be releasing in the near future. 

"Queens, Ny" Rapper "YOUNG PRETTY


Queens rapper Young Pretty, teams up with Red Cafe and Deezy out of the RNS camp for this is as well as jaleel beats!


Twitter: @chrisclarke133

Los Angeles emcee/producer Chris Clarke presents the Muttjob-directed music video for "Beads", the self-produced single from his new album The Handpicked, featuring Blu, Thundercat, Sleepy Brown of Outkast fame, Smooth Bee from Nice & Smooth, Double K from People Under The Stairs, Computer Jay and more. Chris is son of bass legend Stanley Clarke. The Handpicked also features P.U.D.G.E., Sum, Ali Abnormal, J Thorn, Ronald Bruner Jr, Big Sin, Kamasi Washington, Taylor Graves, BLVME, Voy, Lil Miss, JTowers, Ahmad Rashad Jr. and Bei Ru. "The Beads thing is real to me because they bounce, like I do," says Chris. "I f**ks with real gemstones: tiger's eye, quartz and adventurine. I don't really wear plastic shits for the most part and rarely wear the wooden ones. Gemstones have special properties to them which is a cool thing to look into. I also felt like, gold is great and so are diamonds but people ain't hip to the other things they can get into, and it's also more accessible to people who ain't millionaire'd out able to buy diamond necklaces. I'm into all that."

"CT/Atlanta" Rapper "J.Nolan
"Moving Up" (Official Video)
Twitter: @J_Nolan

Moving Up," a fan favorite from my Distinction LP released in July. I linked up with Frames of Movement (directors@FramesofMVMNT and a bunch of friends at a local park in the Atlanta area to create a very vintage styled video inspired by the early visuals of Big Daddy Kane, Eric B & Rakim, and even DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

"New Jersey" Rappers "O.B." & "SaFE
"You & I" (Official Video)

Off "Celestial Offerings"

Twitter: @itssafebitch @obkingofkings


(20) "Artist With Street Heat"

Ransom - "Man Alone"
 Dark Lo - "Target Practice"
Gillie Da Kid - "King Me" (Meek Mill Diss)
Jon Connor - "Get At Me Dog" (Where My Dogs At? Freestyle)
Street Black - "It Was All a Dream" - [Official Video]
Continental Five (aka Two Five) - "I Try"
Substance Abuse Ft. Myka 9 & Percee P - "Paper Tigers"
IRV DA PHENOM - "Whats Hood?" (Official Video)
RRose RRome - "All That" (Freestyle)
Trel Mack - Ft. Q The Question  - "Inspired By Greatness" (Official Video)
DJ YRS Jerzy Ft. Chox-Mak - Twitterpated & Bunty Beats & Chox-Mak - "Take Over"
Jaray - "F*ck U"
SkyBlew - "The Grey Balloons"
GOLD RUSH KINGS - "I'm Comin Up" (Official Video)
KING KOKE - "TURN ON"  (Official Video)
Chi City Ft. YP - "Ordinary Girl"
 TJ Hickey & Nasty Beatz - "Reality" (Official Video)

Ransom is back on the scene again. After releasing The Alternative mixtape in April, Duffle Bag Ran is about to break fans off with the third installment of his Pain & Glory mixtape series. Check out his new single "Man Alone."

"Man Alone"

Twitter: @201Ransom


Twitter:  @CHRISCLARKE133  @dunndealpr

Yea, I like this. This is some straight head nod!!!!!

Los Angeles emcee/producer Chris Clarke presents the Muttjob-directed music video for "Constantly Always/More Than Just", two songs from his new album The Handpicked, featuring Blu, Thundercat, Sleepy Brown of Outkast fame, Smooth Bee from Nice & Smooth, Double K from People Under The Stairs, Computer Jay and more. Chris is son of bass legend Stanley Clarke. The Handpicked also features P.U.D.G.E., Sum, Ali Abnormal, J Thorn, Ronald Bruner Jr, Big Sin, Kamasi Washington, Taylor Graves, BLVME, Voy, Lil Miss, JTowers, Ahmad Rashad Jr. and Bei Ru. 

"Philly" Rapper "Dark Lo
"Target Practice"

Off "Life of a Crook: Volume Two"

Twitter: @obh_darkLo

Philly has a long tradition of great emcees throughout the years. The current crop is looking promising. One of the spitters to keep an eye on is Dark Lo of AR-AB's Original Block Husterz (O.B.H.) crew.

Lo just released his new mixtape, Life of a Crook Volume Two. Features include AR, Kylledge, Dunny, Auto Mack, P90, Breeze Begetz and more

"F*ck U"

Twitter: @JarayMusic @ItsKingVada

You may have heard Jaray on the E-40/Joe Moses& TY$ smash record "Chose." He laced the chorus and also produced that record; as well as "Jackie Chan," "U Wanna Fuck" and several other ratchet records that cover Young California right now.

This is Jaray's first official release, he produced this record himself as well; as well as wrote it.

(Official Video)

Twitter: @IamKINGKOKE

*HOT SINGLE* from KING KOKE "TURN ON" produced by the man the brought you DJ Drama's "Clouds" V12 The Hitman. Shot by videographer, Lo Torres for In the Newz Films. Featuring models, Kayla Phillips and DreamGirl.

Hailing from the Midwestern city of Dayton, Ohio, King KoKE brings an abundance of aggression and energy with his triple threat approach to hip hop music and the entire industry.  With innovative sound, elite lyricism, and the refined image of a sophisticated boss, King KoKE proves to be a total package musical entity that will soon make history in the music industry! Sharing the same birthday as one of Hip-Hop's icons (Jay Z), King KoKE graced the world with his presence in the early 80's and was raised in one of the roughest neighborhoods of Dayton's west side. As an inner-city youth, KoKE certainly wasn't the average product of his environment, he was much more; he was something special.

Being from a place where drug trafficking is a daily occurrence and death of young black men before the age of 25 is almost a certainty, KoKE had to learn the code of the streets and the art of survival at a very young age. KoKE states “After watching my best friend get murdered at the age of 9 and witnessing so many family funerals and neighborhood drive-by shootings, I knew I had to do something different to stay out the hood!” That “something” turned out to be the discovery of a gift that KoKE never knew he had; his gift of putting the feelings of the masses into song lyrics and musical arrangement. After realizing at a very young age that he could play piano by ear and freestyle poetry, KoKE decided to focus on his abilities rather than succumbing to the grip of drugs, guns, and gangs. King KoKE went on to enter into and win several talent shows, battles, and showcases and began building a fanbase in the western and central Ohio areas, once being known as a ferocious battle rapper with a furious fast flow delivery that could rival Bone Thugs. 

Throughout his high school years, KoKE continued to sharpen his lyrical skills and also began to produce his own music after realizing his family couldn’t afford to fund his dream of becoming a successful artist. “There were times my mom would go without meals just to make sure we had something to eat. We didn’t have much, but moms did her best to keep us out the hood man” KoKE reflects. Given his prior knowledge of the streets, KoKE knew that even with the unearthing of his musical talents, the pressure of walking in the footsteps of his deceased family members would be inevitable unless he found a permanent path away from the only hood he truly knew; that path was his active duty military enlistment. In the summer of 2002, KoKE decided to change the trend of failure of many males in his family and enlisted in the US Air Force. After 10 years of service, 3 deployments to extremely dangerous warzones, and the development of militant-minded methodology, KoKE finally realized that there was absolutely nothing that he couldn’t face and conquer. At the end of his enlistment, it was at that very moment that he decided to pursue his dream full-time and become the great artist that he knew that he could be.

King KoKE is now on the fast track to success, doing track production for the likes of: Shady Records artist Joe Budden, Maybach Music songstress Teedra Moses, Rising star comedian Felonious Munk (with nearly 10 million web views and previously 4 million weekly viewers/listeners on the WPIX network), commercial/movie production and many more! He's now going full force with his Beat Beast production brand which is poised to deliver emotional, cinematic production for many genres of music and different entertainment forums. He has also began going full force as a very versatile artist, gracing the world with his first single “Turn On” produced by ATL Heavy Hitter V12 The Hitman of The Aphilliates. KoKE states, "I am great and I just pray that I can become greater as I make upward progression. Thanks to my almighty creator, I know its bound to happen. I guess you can say you didn't have to take the hood out of me to get me out of the hood; I made it out, in fact, the hood is a part of how I got here and I'll never forget it!!"


Twitter: @FATS_MONEY

"Los Angeles" Emcees "Substance Abuse"
 Ft. "Myka 9" & "Percee P"
"Paper Tigers"

Off "Background Music"

Twitter: @subzandesotre

"Background Music" features Tash, KRS-One, Sadat X, MC Eiht, Percee P, Myka Nyne, and Max.

Eso Tre and Subz are L.A. duo Substance Abuse, presenting the RCKLSS ABNDN-directed music video for the Hanif Hobbs-produced single "Paper Tigers", featuring Myka Nyne of Freestyle Fellowship and Percee P. "Tigers" is from their new album Background Music featuring KRS-One, Sadat X, MC Eiht and Tash of Tha Liks (watch the video for  "Don't Get Us Wrong"), and the "Tigers" video features cameo appearances from Ras Kass, Sach of The Nonce and more. Former URB Next 100 picks, Substance Abuse dropped their debut Brand New Crime in 1998, following up with 2006's Overproof which featured Motion Man, Saafir and Rasco and received four-star marks from URB and Scratch. "The idea for 'Paper Tigers' came from a botched show we did in L.A.," says Eso. "We were supposed to open up for my friend's group but Subz was out of town so I brought Myka and my homie Deranged to rock with me. I was pretty sauced up and it ended up just being Myka and Deranged rapping.  Percee P was in the crowd, and being a fan since I heard him on "Return of the Funky Man", I invited to get onstage. Seeing two of our favorite emcees at the same place at the same time is where the idea came from. Needless to say, I never got liquored up before a show again."

"The Grey Balloons"

Twitter: @HeySkyBlew

"The Grey Balloons" and it is produced by Backdraft. The song is basically liberation from the problems Sky has endured in his life recently & in the past. He is pilling all those troubles into these grey balloons & releasing them into the sky... He is encouraging listeners to do the same. Thats why this song was created. We hope you enjoy and give it a post/share! We also hope this song makes difference in someone's life. SkyBlew's debut album (Window Seat On That Midnight Train) will be released this month via Star Performance Media.

"New York" Rapper "Bramzwig

Twitter: @Bramzwig

Bramzwig drops a new song with a catchy Beatles sample, titled "Lennon." The theme of the track is centered around the idea that being a super-star isn't always as glamorous as it seems.

"Jimmy Wallstreet" Ft. "REDiROC" & "Dice Raw"
"A Million Ways"

Twitter: @Rediroc215 @DiceRaw

"Philly" Rapper "Gillie Da Kid
"King Me" (Meek Mill Diss)

Over the course of the last few days Meek Mill has been sending subliminal shots at Gillie Da Kid via Twitter over who is really the "King of Philly." How and why this beef started is not exactly clear, but it's obvious Meek feels like he now has the crown.

"Old bitter n*ggas b talking bcuz they had it and fumbled...... It's no competition," Meek wrote. "You got a Lil bullsh*t jewelry wit no real car.......no real house... Niggas b laying under sports players tryna keep they image up.... I can believe some of these dudes from home still b talking when y'all don't want it on no tip..... Hands,chopping,stunting,rapping nothing! #justfallback."

Gillie, who has for a long time been considered Philly's "King," has no plans on relinquishing his crown. He just released a diss track aimed at Meek titled "King Me." Peep that up top.

"Michigan" Rapper "Jon Connor
"Get At Me Dog" (Where My Dogs At? Freestyle)

Michigan emcee Jon Connor is very confident in his mic skills and after this freestyle who could argue with him? Jon tackles DMX's classic "Get At Me Dog" instrumental for his new freestyle, "Where My Dogs At?"


"Chicago" Rapper "Chi City" Ft. "YP
"Ordinary Girl"

Twitter: @IAmChiCity

Yes, Sir and Yes, Maam. Love this right here. Chi Town is in da house!!!!!

Southside Chicago rapper Chi City presents his new Kajmir Beats-produced single "Ordinary Girl", featuring Universal Republic artist and fellow Chicago native YP. With over nine underground tapes bearing his name – his last being 2011′s Who Is Chi City – Chi has collaborated with Cory Gunz, Mullyman and has toured with Philadelphia Freeway, Mickey Factz, Mikey Halsted and Daytona. He was crowned Coast To Coast’s Indie Artist Next To Blow and has performed at the BET Artist Showcase and ThisIs50.com’s Independent Fridays. He has ghostwritten for B.O.B., Diggy Simmons and G.O.O.D. Music affiliates. "The song breaks down how most females act 'first class' but they deal with guys on fourth and fifth class level," says Chi. "Most girls only pretend to be faithful and honest when really they just competing with us at our own game."

"Street Black
"It Was All a Dream"
 [Official Video]

"Queens, NY" Rapper "Continental Five" (aka Two Five)
"I Try"

Twitter @continentalfive

Continental Five is on a roll. After releasing the banger "Frienemies" earlier today, Five bounces right back with another heater titled "I Try." 

"Whats Hood?"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @IrvDaPhenom

"Brooklyn" Rappper "RRose RRome"
"All That" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @RRoseRRome

Brooklyn favorite RRose Rome aka "RRome" spits a ball of flames over The Game's "All That" track featured on his 2012 Jesus Piece album. This exclusive dart is available on DJ Lazy K's 'Dope Mix Vol. 20' and is just a teaser before RRome drops his debut Take This Serious mixtape hosted by DJ Absolut. 

"DJ YRS Jerzy" Ft. "Chox-Mak"  - "Twitterpated"
"Bunty Beats" & "Chox-Mak" - "Take Over"

"DJ YRS Jerzy" Ft. "Chox-Mak"

Twitter: @IAMDJYRSJERZY @Chox_Mak910 @Tevflonn

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak will defiantly go down in hip-hop history one day. These two have been on a roll with their constant releasing of records. They have something to prove now being recognized by record label execs they feel like they have to turn it up a notch and give the people what they want to hear. Now with their new track "Twitterpated" which is a club banger produced by Tevflonn an up and coming producer DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak show their versatility once again. This is just a feel good type of track that the DJ can just put on and have the club jumping and having fun it is defiantly a catchy track great for the summer club and radio scene.

"Bunty Beats" & "Chox-Mak
"Take Over"

Twitter: @BuntyBeats @Chox_Mak910

"Philly" Rapper "Trel Mack" Ft "Q The Question"
"Inspired By Greatness
 (Official Video)

Twitter: qthequestion @trelmack @skerecords

Building a strong blog presence over the last year being featured on every major site Philly's Trel Mack has gained much critical acclaim from his ep "Inspired By Greatness". Here is his latest video which is the intro from "Inspired By Greatness" ft. Q The Question!

"Los Angeles" Rap Duo "GOLD RUSH KINGS"
 "I'm Comin Up"
 (Official Video)

Off "Liquid Gold" Mixtape

Twitter: @GoldRushKings

"Boston, Ma" Rapper "TJ Hickey" & "Nasty Beatz"
 (Official Video)

Off "One Night Stand" Mix Tape

Twitter: @tj_hickey 

A little backstory before you watch the video is I was recruited D1 hockey player at Union College and I never panned out and was cut halfway through my freshman year which led my to writing music. This video was my way of venting and explaing that story. The video features a reminiscent theme which compliments the track nicely and makes for some pretty cool visuals to watch as the song plays out. Please feel free to share this in any way you see fit. 


(20) "Artist With Street Heat"

Trel Mack - "Got It Like You"
Cash Campain - "Candles In The Rain"
Kay Walker Ft. Stizz Apegang & Hot Chok - "16 No Rap" (Music Video)

Ransom - "Oil Money Gang" [In-Studio Music Video]
Tox Burner - "Better Dayz"
Trey Palms - "I Hate You"
Lee How - "Super Villain"
REAIN - "Soul Food for Thought" (Official Video)
E Major - "Feature Presentati​on"
Yemm - "The World" (Official Video)
Amir' Driver - "Death To HypeBeast II" (Explicit Video)
Country Unstable - "Kemmy Be Good
Malcolm J. Nerd - "Look At Her" (Official Video)
MC Bravado - "Move On 2.0"
Paper Paulk - "Red Nova" (Official Video)
Mr. Smoove Ft. Wille J - "I'm So Clean" (Official Video)
Ingrid Chavez - "Deep & Heady"
Kylledge ( Of Da Goonie Gang) - "Spazz"
Remo Hitmaker, Murder Mook, T Rex, Oun P, Loaded Lux - "Big L Live On Forever" [Official Video]
Levitikuz Ft. AbsoluteViktory- "Get Out The Way" (Official Video)

"Brooklyn" Rapper "ROSE ROME" Ft "Uncle Murda"

Twitter: @RRoseRRome @unclemurda 

"Trel Mack"
"Got It Like You"

Twitter: @trelmack @skerecords @qthequestion

"Cash Campain"
"Candles In The Rain"

Twitter: @CashCampain

99 South music label owner Cameron “Cash Campain” Parker, a graduate of Dominican University of California, with an M.B.A. in Global Business Management, has owned and operated 99 South Entertainment since February of 2009. As an R&B artist, Campain writes, produces, and performs original works ranging from R&B, hip-hop, and Soul.

He has also signed young music talents who can challenge the status quo with words and songs that positively impact the music world. Cash Campain recently released his fifth studio album “The Orgasm Effect” through his 99 South Entertainment record label. He takes pride in working to bring the “good ol days” feeling back to music.

"Kay Walker" Ft. "Stizz Apegang" & "Hot Chok
"16 No Rap" (Music Video)

Twitter: @Kwalker_music @StizzApegang

"Tox Burner
"Better Dayz"

Twitter: @ToxBurne​r

"Trey Palms"
"I Hate You"

Twitter: @TreyPalms

"Oil Money Gang"
 [In-Studio Music Video]

Twitter: @201Ransom

New Jersey emcee Ransom is back with brand new visuals for his freestyle over Rick Ross and Jadakiss' "Oil Money Gang" instrumental. Watch Duffle Bag Ran do his thing below in studio style.

"Chicago" Rapper "Lee How" 
"Super Villain"

 Twitter: @leehowfasho

After receiving phenomenal feedback with the bangers "Swave" and "N*gga Rap", Chicago's Lee How hits the net with another. He comes strong with "Super Villian"  from his "This is How" EP out now!

"London" Rapper REAIN 
"Soul Food For Thought" (Official Video)

REAIN, also known as Jim Reaper, is a hip hop artist from London, United Kingdom. The spelling is a merge of ‘reign’ and ‘rain’; the idea is that this emcee reigns like a king and flows like the rain. His first notable step was his impact on the the British rap battle scene. Reain, under his former battling alias Wha’s His Face, has the following accolades to his name: The Jump Off’s UK Spin the Mic (a one-on-one knock out style competition) champion; US Spin the Mic (held in New York) semi-finalist; and World Rap Championships finalist alongside Possessed (from Rhyme Asylum, a hip hop crew from the UK) – the team faced Thesaurus and Illmaculate in the Las Vegas showdown. All of this earned Reain a spot on the UK’s expansive underground scene.

He then followed up his battle success by releasing The Metaphorcast. This solo album demonstrated Reain’s song writing abilities and skilful use of metaphors beyond the emcee battling arena. The album received great magazine and website reviews, airplay on Choice FM and various radio and internet stations, and his video for Capital City was aired on MTV Base and other channels. Reain also performed in many cities in Britain, often teaming up with Rhyme Asylum.

Reain decided to shift his focus to higher education. However, he has been writing songs, keeping his skills sharp and expressing his passion for hip hop. Now with a number of projects in the pipeline, he aims to make a return to releasing music. Having grown and being more experienced, he will be expressing this in his new music.

In his own words he says:

‘A lot has happened in my life and the music game has changed too. I see myself as a well-rounded artist and I’m not afraid to talk about a wide range of topics in my music, ranging from raw battle bars to even God. I want to offer a positive alternative to all the clubby-poppy-drug selling-violence glorifying-sexualized hip hop. I’ve learnt a lot and I have something genuine to say. That’s one of the reasons why I love hip hop, it gives you the opportunity to say what you want to say. I just hope that people will listen’

So, let’s keep our ears to the street and hear what he has to say!

"Baltimore" Rapper "E Major"
"Feature Presentati​on" (Official Video)

Twitter: @etothemajor

Baltimore-bred, Los Angeles-based emcee E Major presents the self-directed music video to “Feature Presentation”, the Rexamillion-produced second leak from his upcoming album Baltimore Bruin. 

"North East England" Rapper "Yemm" (Of The Projekt)
"The World
(Official Video)

"Death To Hypebeast Pt. II" is the first single from Amir "A" Driver's upcoming project entitled "The SNEAK Tape". This high energy, charismatic lead single sets the tone for the summer & makes ALL hypebeasts aware that we know aboutcha!!

"Noroflk, Va" Rapper "Amir' Driver"
"Death To HypeBeast II" (Explicit Video)

Off "The SNEAK Tape" Mix Tape

Twitter: @adriversfr

"Country Unstable"
"Kemmy Be Good

"New Jersey" Rapper "Malcolm J. Nerd
"Look At Her"
 (Official Video)

1st Single Off "Mxunderstood" Mix Tape

Twitter: @MalcolmJNerd

Malcolm J. Nerd has developed a reputation as one of the hottest young songwriters to keep on watch. His music has gone viral on sites such as YouTube and WorldStar. Nerd has taken his passion for music and his experiences growing up in New Jersey to create hard hitting sounds. Look out for the Mixtape ‘Mxunderstood’ coming soon.

"Orange County, NY" Rapper "MC Bravado"
 "Move On 2.0"

Twitter: @MCBravado

“Move On 2.0” is the second single off MC Bravado’s “The Darwin Files” mixtape ( a 25 song free DL available via MCBravado.Bandcamp.com ). The video for the track was shot and directed by Andrew Bryan of “Fill in the Brand”, who used video reinforcement to highlight some of the many references used by MC Bravado in the song. True lyricism is a lost art and MC B has it in spades; “Move On 2.0” helps provide the visual evidence that will coax listeners that aren’t in the know to approach stomaching his tunes with a heightened attention to detail. Bravado himself boldly underlines the point in a blunt and snarky manner: “Shouts to Mac Lethal, this ain’t Mac Miller, cuz I lack filler.”

"Cleveland,Ohio" Rapper "Paper Paulk"
 "Red Nova
(Official Video)

Twitter: @PaperPaulk

"Mr. Smoove" Ft. "Wille J
"I'm So Clean
(Official Video)

"Ingrid Chavez"
 "Deep & Heady"

Twitter: @ingridchavez

Singer & songwriter Ingrid Chavez (Prince's protege) teams up wth DJ Alex J. (Doodlbug/Digable Planet's Tour DJ) to release a RMX to promote her new EP "Black Eskimo - Deep" which is her first foray into Trip Hop & Neo-Soul.

Vibe.com describes her EP and the RMX as "...catchy, melodic with hypnotic grooves".

DJ Alex J has flipped the rmx on the jazzy, neo soul tip giving the song a dreamy style which will sure to capture ears worldwide.

"Kylledge" (Of Da Goonie Gang

Twitter: @KYLLEDGE

Official Video for "SPAZZ" freestyle Goonie Gang artist Kylledge new project "Notamixtape"

"Remo Hitmaker
Murder Mook, T Rex, Oun P, Loaded Lux 
"Big L Live On Forever
[Official Video]

@CHARLIECLIPS @MurdaMookez @TheRealJayonez

"Levitikuz" Ft. "AbsoluteViktory
"Get Out The Way"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @AbsoluteViktory

Absolute Viktory started his path to become a great emcee at the age of 14 in his old high school at the lunchtables. Showing he had an act for witty punchlines and a healthy delivery, he wooed crowds over with his comedian type wordplay. After his buzz decreased, and no income, he decided to join the marines to provide a way. Never stepping away from writing verses that'll send chills to anyone willing to listen. While in japan, he linked up with a Baltimorean emcee by the name of E@$y Pr0phyt who also joined the corps to escape the harsh environment he was raised in. Along with Mene Gene and Chastise, they formed the group C.T.C. (Cut The Check) Entertainment. They performed at numerous events in Japan, notably opening up for artists such as Lloyd Banks of G-Unit and Sean P of The Youngbloodz. After there service time expired overseas. Absolute Viktory and E@$y Pr0phyt relocated to North Carolina to finish their military duty while Mene Gene moved back to texas to form the supergroup 2Twenty and Chastise moving to Hawaii to pursue his career as a producer. While in NC, A.V. and E@$Y linked up with Gutta Grimey 910 a Jacksonville NC native with a remarkable delivery and the same passion and drive for hip-hop as they did. Together they are #teamCLOUDSurfer (Constantly Lifted Off Unidentified Dank Stupid) and have took the local NC scene by storm. Dropping various mixtapes such as The Rough Draffft Vol.1 and Sky Captain in the World of Tomorrow, and the Secret Window, they have manage to open up for Freeway, Pac-Div, Mac Miller, Big Krit, Freddie Gibbs, Smoke DZA, Afroman, and Curren$y. Future projects to be released are The Red Dawn Mixtape by E@$Y Pr0phyt North Cakk Go Hard Vol. 1 by Gutta Grimey and The RocCityRoyal Mixtape.


(24) "Artist With Street Heat"

Ikay - "The New York City Messiah"
Petter Jones "FAME" Freestyle
Goldy H - "Salute The Gz" (Official Video)
S.Gold - "Timeless" (Official Video)
Ray LaCrooks Ft ThatGuySoda - "25K"
Nicky Rich & Pen Stein - "Straight Knock" (Video)
Six-Full - "Control" (Official Video)
Daniel Boone - B.A.M.N (By Any Means Necessary)(Video)
Fru - "Flyin' High" (Official Video)

Mayalino - "I Swear" (Official Video)
Project: Fr3sh - "Happy Trails" (Official Video)
Cash Out - "The Twerk Song
Lefty Ft Cory Gunz & Rugaz - "Ain't F*cken Wit Me
September Slumz - "Que Sera" (Official VIdeo)
Wingspan - "Storm of the Century"
Vegas & McLovin - "Superhero"
Demi Song - "Chicago" (Official Video)
DJ YRS Jerzy Ft. Chox-Mak - "NLA
Trel Mack Ft Petter Jones "Hell Yeah!!" (Freestyle)
M.A. Da Pilot Ft. Mac Mase - "Er Body Know" [Same N*gga]
Penom - "Ambitious Kidz" (Official Video)
Magneto Dayo Ft Fat Trel - "

"New York" Rapper "Ikay"
"The New York City Messiah"

Twitter: @ikaythegod

"Petter Jones
"FAME" (Freestyle)

TwittER: @petterjonesske 

SKE Records Petter Jones is back with a new banger with "Fame", currently working on his "Super Saiyan" mixtape he drops another dope freestyle. 

"N. Carolina" Rapper "S.Gold"
(Official Video)

4th Single Off "The Storm"

Twitter: @SdotGold

"Timeless" is the fourth single off S.Gold's album "The Storm".

S.Gold is a staple in the Raleigh-Durham hip-hop scene and is embraced by veteran emcees and newcomers alike not only because of his lyrical prowess but also because of his professionalism, his sincerity and by being an all-around great guy. By increasing his digital footprint with social media and doing more shows outside of North Carolina, Gold intends to continue to expand his name and his brand, further perfecting his craft in pursuit of his dreams. His most recent project, The Storm (a follow-up to his successful 2010 release, The Forecast), is slated to do just that, having garnered the attention of a plethora of domestic and international DJs and hip-hop blogs and being named one of the top Carolina releases of 2012.

"Uptown's" Goldy H
"Salute The Gz"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @Goldy_H

"Chicago" Songstress "Demi Song"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @Demi__Song

Ehhhh, I'm loving everything about this song "Chicago". Demi Song's career will be long. I'm from the West, where we feel we do it the best, but she sang this from her chest and made me feel like I love Chicago, too. (lol) LOVED IT....

"Minneapolis" Rapper "Ray LaCrooks" Ft "ThatGuySoda"

Twitter: @whoRILLA

Ray LaCrooks has released his new single "25K" ft ThatGuySoda Prod by Wade B from his reigning heavily anticipated mixtape "Too Soon To Tell" which is set to release late summer of this year, hosted by Don Cannon. 

"Nicky Rich" and "Pen Stein
"Straight Knock
(Official Video)

Twitter: @PenStein @nick_richey

"Philly" Rapper "Six-Full"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @six9ceo

"Frisco's" "Cali Fight Cub" Member "Daniel Boone"
"B.A.M.N" (By Any Means Necessary)
(Official Video)

Twitter: @415DanielBoone @LoaniBanks @WestSideMajor
@JaidenPhoenixx @CaliFlightClub

"DJ YRS Jerzy" Ft. "Chox-Mak"

Twittter: @IAMDJYRSJERZY @Chox_Mak910 @YungCed_

DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak have been dropping project after project and have yet to slow down their grind. This time they deliver another single to their fans called "NLA" which is an anthem themed track produced by Maybach Music Group's producer Yung Ced. Yung Ced also produced a couple tracks for Juicy J, Alley Boy and a couple other big name artists. DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak came up with "NLA" which means no lames allowed. It is a track with a trap based sound and delivers a message which basically means keep people that aren't focused on the same goals you have from around you.

"P.G. County" Rapper "Fru"
"Flyin' High
(Official Video)

Off "I'm Going Back" Vol.1 (Mix Tape)

Twitter: @FRUisHere

Check out the new visuals from P.G County Rapper Fru which is the Second Single off his mixtape "I'm Going Back Vol.1" hosted by DJ Superstar Jay. In this video Fru reflects on his come up in the Washington Metropolitan Underground Music Scene.
Directed by Fru and Jrob.

 "I Swear"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @Mayalino

(Bay Area) "M.A. Da Pilot" Ft. "Mac Mase" (Vallejo)
"Er Body Know" [Same N*gga]

Twitter: @SuperProducerMA @MaseSinatra

"Chicago" Rapper "Project: Fr3sh"
"Happy Trails"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @ProjectFr3sh

"Atlanta" Rapper "Cash Out"
 "The Twerk Song

Twitter: @TheRealCashOut

"Philly" Rapper "Lefty"
"Ain't F*cken Wit Me" Featuring Cory Gunz & Rugaz
Twitter: @mlmkareem

After letting the listeners know what the business is on “The Industry” with Freeway and Mega Ran, South Philly born spitter LEFTY is back to let you know with “Ain't F*kin Wit Me,” a street banger featuring Young Money/YMCMB lyricist CORY GUNZ and Philly vet RUGAZ. The hard hitting track, produced by Alex Minor, is straight to the point, no chaser, just 100% bars. Look out for Lefty's album “My Views,” dropping August 7th, 2013.

"Trel Mack" Ft "Petter Jones"
 "Hell Yeah!!" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @TrelMack @PetterJonesSKE @SkeRecords

Trel Mack drops freestyle over Slaughterhouse-Sound off. He features SKE Records artist Petter Jones as well.

"New Jersey" Rapper "September Slumz
"Que Sera
(Official VIdeo)

Twitter: @SeptemberSlumz

This brand new video from September Slumz was directed by Nimi Hendrix and is just dope, there is no other way to say it.
The song has a hard up-tempo beat produced by Be-I and is reminiscent of a early 2000’s kind of feel. 

The video cuts in in out of the performance scene, which features a wall of dusty speakers and a microphone that gets flung around like a ragdoll. The Lyrics are straightforward posturing Hip Hop with lines like “mines taking off like sick days and you bitch made, shit’s sake, sick ape, sold weight in six states, fuck your mixtape, even I piss great.” 

This video is dripping with dope sauce and once you hear you just want more. Hip Hop is back.

September Slumz is a uniquely talented emcee from East Orange, NJ. He has released four projects since 2006 and is gearing up for a brand new EP entitled “Congradulations” with features such as Ruste Juxx, Tame One, Sol Zalez, Tone Liv, Sticks & Stones, and Big Vino. He has stood on the stages with legends such as Talib Kweli, Zion I, Immortal Technique, and numerous others while performing throughout the East Coast of the United States. He is a leader in the New Jersey underground Hip Hop scene with the catalogue and the skills to prove it. He is not only an emcee he is also a third year law student and his music reflects that fact while still keeping it street and cool. His style has been described as “Eminem meets Dead Prez,” “ridiculously dope,” and “Kendrick Lamar but better.” With beats from The Custodian of Records, Superbrownbum, Chuck da Archduke, and Be-I, his new project is positioned to be one of the stand out projects of the 2013. Bottom line is the beats are crazy the rhymes are crazy and with Nimi Hendrix (the director) directing his visuals there is no way you can go wrong.

"Detroit" Rapper "dPRESS

Twitter: @madbars

Southwest Detroit born and raised MC DPress drops his debut album today. The Lions Den is the official project for the 20-yr-old artist and member of Detroit’s Stereo Boyz crew who has released several compilation albums over the past couple of years.

The tracks were inspired during a period of recovery from a series of personal and psychological setbacks after dropping out at the 9th grade when school failed him. Making music through a period of depression and isolation came to form a healing process of “writing myself I guess back to life.” Evident on “Chargin’ Up” (“nah, we don’t need elitists/we some revolutionary educated pissed-off leaders”).

Rhymes provoke thought and action; some like pages from a reporter’s notebook, recording fragments of everyday life and trying to capture the truth, others taking a stand—with riffs on immigration, the school system, prison industry, and his hometown Detroit, telling true stories of “the place where the people remain hungry/stuff you can’t imagine /fuck if you find it funny.” You also get some sharp swords and strong bars from the young lyricist who says he’s “something like your average rapper/only difference is I show damage after.”

"Magneto Dayo" Ft "Fat Trel

Twitte: @I_AM_DAYO @FatTrel

 "Storm of the Century"

Off "The Killer Inside Us" EP

Twitter: @heywingspan

"Vegas" &  "McLovin"

Twitter: @VegasWorldInc @mclovinbeatz

If your favorite Superhero could rhyme, what do you think they would say?

Check out Vegas' and McLovin's answer in their new video "Superhero".

This song is for fans of MF DOOM, Jay Electronica and anyone else who loves sample heavy beats and smooth rhymin'.

McLovin is an aspiring producer (music & video) discovered by the Baltimore producer collective Third Infantry (credits include Waka Flocka Flames, Frenchie, OJ da Juiceman). Because of his progressive approach towards traditional hip hop production McLovin was immediately made a member of the team. Under the tutelage of Third Infantry, he has learned several aspects of hip hop production and now wants to apply those skills towards producing VEGAS' entire next project tentatively titled

About VegasVEGAS' sound reflects the love, hate, ignorance, intelligence, good times and bad times of the urban NYC streets. Born and raised in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn, VEGAS is another example of "B.K.'s Finest". His biggest influence has to be his deceased cousin William Graham Jr. (Ill Will). It was with his cousin, in the Queens Bridge Housing Project, that VEGAS would absorb early hip-hop culture and music. He has carried that passion for hip-hop into the new millennium. He loves what he does...and he does it for the love of the game!

 "Ambitious Kidz"
 (Official Video)

Off "Boy Meets World" Mix Tape

Twitter: @iamphenom_

Phenom brings you the second release off his upcoming mixtape "Boy Meets World", scheduled to be released this summer.

The 18 year old MC teamed up with producer Jehf Slaps for "Ambitious Kidz".


(25) Artist "With Street Heat"

J-Doe - "Reserve for the Fly" (Official Video)
Trudo Ft Frontstreet - "Flexin" (Official Video)
Mikey CEO - "Livin" (Official Video)
Pries - "Roses" (Official Video)
Gallant - "Please? (Vignette)" (Official Video)
Nicollette - "I'm Not An Angel" (Official Video)
Y-Roc - "Girls In The City
Ivan Ives - "8mm" (Official Video)
G-Jet - "Save It" (Official Video)
Brian Ashton Ft Lil' Mis of the Milky Way - "More Money Power" (Official Video)
Garci & Preem - "Made Myself A Boss" (Official Video)
Chox-Mak - "Audio Murder
"The Projekt" - "Bad Boyz" (Official Video)
Sullee J Ft. Nikki Taylor - "RISE"
"Lee How" - "N*gga Rap"
Rikki Victoria Ft JWalt - "Just A Lil Bit
Young Von Ft Antawayne  - "Up" [Remix] 
Preem - "Work" (Official Video)
LubTPF - "UOENO" (Official Remake Video)
Main Attrakionz - "Kinfolk" (Official Video) 
Bronze Nazareth - "Blenders" (Official Video)
Honey The Hippie - "Psychedelic" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
Crew54 - "Labor" (Office Space Parody)
Chic Raw - "I Need You"

"Los Angeles" Rapper "J-Doe"
"Reserve For The Fly"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @YEAHJDOE

"Trudo" Ft. "Frontstreet"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @iamtrudo @FRONTSTREE

"Mikey CEO" - "Livin"
 (Official Video)

2nd Single Off "Burn Notice" Mix Tape

Twitter: @Mikey_CEO

 (Official Video)

Twitter: @iamPRIES

"Detroit" Rapper/Producer "Bronze Nazareth"
(Official Video)

Off "Thought for Food 3"

Twitter: @BronzeNazareth

Man Bites Dog Records is proud to present the new music video "Blenders" from legendary producer/emcee Bronze Nazareth. This video has been artfully crafted from Jeremy Williams and Brian Buggs. Song produced by Bronze Nazareth for his upcoming album "Thought for Food 3" which will be a split 2 disc album along with Willie The Kid's "Living Daylights" which is entirely produced by Bronze Nazareth. Both albums will be available from Man Bites Dog Records in Early Fall 2013.

"New York" Alternative R&B Artist "Gallant"
"Please? (Vignette)" 
(Official Video)

Off "Zebra" (LP)

Twitter: @sogallant @RealJessJohnson

After generating a buzz with his uniquely haunting, falsetto-infused cover of Ke$ha's "Die Young", Gallant returns with the first single off his upcoming Zebra EP.  "Please? (Vignette)" combines airy falsetto with churning, vibed-out late-90s-inspired tones that perfectly define the brand of soulful ambient alternative that Gallant is looking to bring to the forefront of the progressive r&b movement.  If you love The Weeknd, Miguel, or just great music, you will love this song. 

Gallant is a New York alternative/r&b artist with a lust for dreamy ethereal vocal arrangements, tantalizing melodic lines, and captivating soundscapes. After generating a buzz with his uniquely haunting, falsetto-infused cover of Ke$ha's "Die Young", Gallant's upcoming debut EP Zebra more thoroughly explores the eclectic mind of the 21-year-old singer-songwriter. "Please? (Vignette)", the first original release from 'Zebra' combines airy falsetto with churning, vibed-out late-90s-inspired tones that perfectly define the brand of soulful ambient alternative that Gallant is looking to bring to the forefront of the progressive r&b movement.

16 Year Old Rapper "Y-Roc"
 "Girls In The City

Off "Livin' Proof '13" EP 

Twitter: @colormexo

16-year-old emcee Y-Roc presents Livin' Proof '13, where he showcases his rap talents over seven DJ Premier instrumentals from Group Home's 1995 Livin' Proof album. Picking up musical influences from his father’s record collection, albums like Reasonable DoubtLow End Theory and Doe Or Die inspired Y-Roc to step to the mic, releasing the Word Is Born EP a few months back (listen here). “The inspiration behind Livin' Proof '13 actually came from listening to the Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg Morning Show on Hot 97,” explains Y-Roc. “They were having a DJ Premier tribute mix on his birthday and they Peter said that if an up and coming MC would just rock over the whole Group Home album and was able to really pull it off, than they would be out of here. I've released material before but not like this. I began to find my sound and my sound matured so its really like my first step into the door to let people know im here."

"I'm Not An Angel

(Official Video)

Twitter: @nicollettesings @bullzeyeent

Twenty-three-year-old pop princess Nicollette is one of those exceptional artists who simply can do it all. Using her powerful yet angelic voice, energetic pop production and universal appeal, this blue-eyed, blonde bombshell ignited a cult-like online following to empower young women with good music and prove that girls indeed just want to have fun.
With an assortment of infectious upbeat singles boasting an eclectic blend of infectious beats, driving choruses and Nicollette’s soothing soprano coupled with an alluring attitude, she is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable voices in popular music.

With her forthcoming singles “Crawl” and “Screwed” surgically under construction, Nicollette is well on her way to a promising career. She has been perfecting her craft working alongside incredibly talented producers such as Roc City, Verse Simmonds, The Soul Diggaz and Multiman.

If that were not enough, Nicollette currently became the fresh, new face of New York-based clothing line Mixology.

“Young kids are drawn to me because I’m confident, yet approachable, and I lead by example,” says Nicollette. “I have always noticed that young kids emulate what I do. So I have a responsibility to be a positive role model."

"Los Angeles" Rapper "Ivan Ives"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @thisisives

Ivan Ives originally stepped into the hip hop world in 2007. Rolling Stone named him among the next 40 artists to watch; SPIN called him one of top 8 unsigned artists, and XXL said "don't let his indie rocker persona fool you - this guy can spit." Born in Russia, but having grown up in Los Angeles, he's worked with the likes of Cappadonna (Wu-Tang), Tre Hardson (Pharcyde), Percee P & Oh No (Stones Throw), The Cool Kids, Black Milk, O.C. (DITC), Vast Aire (Def Jux), and many more. Having gone to film school, he Directs most of his own videos - which have racked up over a million streams on YouTube without major distribution. His 2010 album "First Of The Month" released a new video and single on the first of every month for the duration of the year. Two years after his last release, Ivan is coming back with a album, Stranger, featuring producers such as RJD2 and Aaron Marsh (formerly of rock band Copeland). "8mm" is a song about trying to catalog lost memories on 8mm film," says Ivan. "It plays in four chapters: Love, Time, Work, Fate. It was entirely on an iPhone with the 8mm app."

"Los Angeles" Rapper "Brian Ashton"
Ft. "Lil' Mis of the Milky Way"
"More Money Power"

 (Official Video)

Twitter: @PalmsideEnt

Los Angeles-based rapper Brian Ashton presents the Muttjob Movies-directed video for "More, Money, Power", his Matt Mega-produced new single. "More" features vocalist Lil Ms of Los Angeles funk/hip-hop collective The Milky Way. Born to an African-American father and a Canadian Jewish mother, Brian heads his own label, Palmside Entertainment, dedicated to exposing the talent in Palms, the Los Angeles neighborhood he calls home. "The song's meaning relates to how the world operates", Brian explains. "The ones with money get to reap the benefit of its power, such as more clothes and more girls. My meaning behind “More, Money, Power” is to make money doing what it is you were set on this earth to do. I know talented people working harder and making less than people that aren’t nearly as talented. I know extremely talented people that are struggling to get by on a daily basis. I’m tired of the struggle and those that abuse what power they have." 

"Texas" Rapper "G-Jet"
"Save It
(Official Video)

Twitter: @GoHardJetson

G-jet, aka Go Hard Jetson,(George Lumsford Jr.) was born in Columbus, Texas, a small town about an hour west of Houston. “Growing up, family was all we had. Even though my parents split up, they were both there for us.” Witnessing his stepfathers and other family members drug abusing ways, lil’ George became more distant. 

With his little brothers, he always looked passed the negative into a more positive bigger picture. Growing up in the country, without money, the opportunities are very limited. Around highschool, G started freestyling with friends and found he had a love for it. But with all the tension and drama at home, it set Jet into a depression. “I think the medication messed me up more than any depression could do itself.” He began popping pills and drinking alcohol and codein cough syrup. “I had to check myself, because i have little brothers that look up to me, so i wont pop shit now.” 

By this time, he had already dropped out of school and was on probation. He got his probation revoked for not doing his community service, long story short, he had to do a few months in county jail. It was a learning experience. “They said I’d be back. I’m not.” He got out, started freestyling to beats more and freestyle battling in and around Houston. “I was always a writer. Just not on beats.” He didn’t do his first show until 2009. Now, 2013, 3 kids and a couple mixtapes later, his buzz is growing quickly. He was a crowd favorite in the Texas battle scene. His stage show is electrifying and his music heartfelt. He recently gave away his mixtape “BORN BROKE” on his website and will soon release his highly anticipated first official album “DIE RICH”. “I finally made my own lane. It’s been a long time coming but, the timing was never right before. Now, the MUSIC, the TEAM, the TIME is right. Die rich.” We’re all waiting and rooting for this young man to shake the world up.

"Garci" & "Preem"
"Made Myself A Boss
(Official Video)

Twitter: @ApegangGarci @PreemApegang @HellSurvivorTV @IamBean @ApegangSlim @ApegangMusic

"North Carolina" Rapper "Chox-Mak"
 "Audio Murder
Hosted By DJ YRS Jerzy

Twitter: @Chox_Mak910 @IAMDJYRSJERZY 

Chox-Mak who is quickly becoming one of the fastest rising talents in North Carolina has given his fans something to look forward to once again with "Audio Murder". Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy have been dropping projects for a while now this 4-Track EP is brought to you by DR. G which is a producer based out in the UK. Many people want to become apart of Chox-Mak's success, which is why Crunk Atlanta And PromoteWho.Com are sponsoring this EP. Chox-Mak will be dropping alot more projects in the near future so just stay tuned for what the future has in store for Chox-Mak and DJ YRS Jerzy.

"Chicago" Rapper "Lee How
"N*gga Rap"

Off "This Is How" (EP)

Twitter: @leehowfasho

Chicago artist Lee How has just released his new ep "This is How" and is now giving you a fresh record from the EP "N*gga Rap" produced by Lee How himself. 

"New Castle, England" Rappers "The Projekt
"Bad Boyz
(Official Video)

Twitter: @TheProjektNCL

"Seattle" Hip Hop Trio "TH3RDZ"
"Go For Broke"

Twitter: @th3rdz

Seattle hip hop trio TH3RDZ consists of three emcees: JFK aka Ninja Face-- who has toured the globe as one half of Rhymesayers' cloak-and-dagger rap outfit Grayskul; Candidt-- who helmed a long-running, influential monthly hip hop showcase in The Corner and also has toured much of the U.S.; and Xperience aka XP-- who has lent his gospel-influenced vocals to local projects as often as his rhymes, as well as, embarked on a nationwide tour with none other than Macklemore.

"Go for Broke" produced by Kuddie Fresh of the Atlanta-based Tha Bizness camp, is a hold your head up and work anthem built for the true grinders. "If you wanna get it/better grind it out and make it so/go for broke." A message to all of us trying to get it to keep on keeping on. The Kuddie Fresh production provides an up-tempo, dramatic, trap pallet for JFK's rapid fire flow, Candidt's bouncy, playful spit and XP's smooth as silk delivery, blending the perfect balance for heads to both post-up and party to. Look out for their debut album "This, that & TH3RDZ" dropping June 18, 2013 on Camobear Records. TH3RDZ is definitely a crew to pay attention to.

"Baltimore" Rapper "Sullee J" Ft "Nikki Taylor"

Twitter: @sulleej85 

Here is Sullee J's brand new single 'R.I.S.E.' off his upcoming mix tape, titled #Vicegerent. The song features the beautiful rising star "Nikki Taylor". It captures the very essence of how it feels to be an artist and the struggle it takes to 'RISE'. Sullee J states that R.I.S.E. stands for "Reflect Infinite Spiritual Energy", to keep going regardless the situation. 

Sullee J and Nikki Taylor both stand tall and courageous as they continue to believe in their dreams. 

They want the fans to know

'We're Gonna Push
We're Gonna Conquer
We're Gonna RISE'

"Florida" Singer "Rikki Victoria" Ft "JWalt"
"Just A Lil Bit

Twitter: @only1rikki

Tampa, Florida singer Rikki Victoria drops her debut single entitled "Just A Lil Bit" featuring fellow Floridian JWalt. The seductive R&B track is the lead single to her upcoming EP "MONOGAMY" which is slated for a summer release.

Rikki Victoria was born April 7, in Tampa, Florida. Her father is of African-American decent and her mother is of Mexican decent. At the age of 15, Rikki began modeling and has been featured in a various print ads. Rikki's career as a model was short lived as she became curious of her other passion, music. In 2012 She began experimenting with various instrumentals looking to perfect her sound. She hooked up with local rnb singer J Walt and recorded her first feature "Tic Toc". The release of Tic Toc spawned Rikki's first mixtape, Coast 2 Coast DJs presents Krucial Radio, which she hosted. Inspired by the positive response, Rikki went back to work and generated a new seductive single "Just A Lil Bit". Rikki is currently hard at work on her debut EP, MONOGAMY which features production from platinum producers Red Spyda, Vinay and KaneBeats as well as new commers J Rum, Cartel & Scarecrow. Monogamy is set to be released in 2013.

"H-Town" Rapper "Young Von" Ft "Antawayne"
 "Up" [Remix] 
Off "Snob University"

Twitter: @YoungVonSFS @AntawayneSFS

"Up" Remix which is the first single off of "Young Von's" (Boss Hogg Outlaws) new project titled "Snob University". This joint is most definitely something different than what most would expect to come out of H-Town. I'd probably myself describe it as somewhat of a "Turn Up" joint. But, I could also see how someone could jam it just as some "Ridin Music". Either/Or it's definitely a dope record. Y'all be on the lookout for "Snob University" Coming Soon.

"Orlando, FL" R&B Artist "LubTPF"
"UOENO" (Video)
(Rocko, Future & Rick Ross R&B Remake & Cover)

Twitter: @iLubTPF

"Sacramento"/"Oakland" Rappers "Main Attrakionz
(Official Video)

Twitter: @MainAttrakionz @Tynethys  @Tynethys

To hear him tell it, Sacramento's Tynethys' (pronounced 'Teen-this') musical style is like "selling crack in a Sub-Zero outfit." For the MC/producer, Mortal Kombat is just one of the colorful inspirations, along with X-Men, Pokemon and anime. As a rapper, he was raised on local heroes Mac Dre, C-Bo and T-Nutty, giving him a bandana-bully vocal style that's immersed in the Northern California street culture. With a hearty laugh, the 24-year-old admits, "I don't know much else besides music. I could get some sticks, join a gang and maybe beat somebody's ass. But that's about it."

When standing alone, who do you hold in the back of your mind? Oakland hip-hop duo Main Attrakionz keeps its kinfolk close in their newest video. "My life is crazy but my family is usual," raps Squadda B, explaining how he stays bonded to his extended circle through the insanity. Tynethys, a Sacramento producer who is quite an accomplished wordsmith and instrumental musician in his own right and is coming off the release of his recent Lost Angeles project, illustrates the juxtapositions of beauty and freneticism over the course of the song, as piano and operatic vocal samples interweave with a ticking, driving rhythm. The two come together to create a middle place for the Main Attrakionz's stories to live.

This space will only expand as the duo continues their work with Tynethys. "Kinfolk" is the first track off of a full collaborative album with the fellow Californian, which will be released this summer. "Their cloud rap style meshed with my melodic/electric style of producing right from the beginning," explains Tynethys. "We've been building and making music since then."

"Honey The Hippie"


Twitter: @HoneyTheHippie

(Office Space Parody)

Twitter: @crew54 @gchristcrew54

"Labor" is the first video for Crew54 off he upcoming Wild Gentlemen project produced by Dichter2 Productions. If the movie Office Space is considered a "cult classic" then consider us apart of that cult. When the idea of having a video that would contrast with the hard aggressive style of the track came into play, a parody of Office Space was conceived almost instantaneously. We had to think of a way to pay homage to the original but still do it in Crew54 form. Instead of just replaying certain scenes from the movie bit for bit, we took a lot of our favorite aspects condensed it down and put our own spin on it. Fans of the movie should recognize important parts such as the red stapler, the two Bob's, or the infamous printer destruction scene.

"Philly" Rapper "Chic Raw
"I Need You"
 (Official Video)

Off The "RawPhacts

Twitter: @ChicRaw


(23) "Artist With Street Heat"

"G.S.E." - "Everything I Do"
"YB" aka (Young Boomin) "My Life"
"Continental Five" aka Two Five - "50 Bars"
"Young Age" - "After Paper" - [Official Video]
"Vada" - "Aye" (Kallin You Out) (Dirty)
 "J Paq" Ft "Chad Haynez" - "Untamed Animal"(Official Video)
 "Classic" - "Keep it 100" (Official Video)
"Trademark Aaron" Ft  "Koren Jackson" - "Faith" (Official Video)
"Jersey Doe" Ft "Gucci Mane" - "Smash You"
"Jay Griffy" - "Prayer"  (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
"Nomad Carlos" Ft "Five Steez" - "Aww Snap!" (Video)
"Trel Mack" & "Petter Jones" - "3, 2, 1," (Official Video)
"E Major" - "Zodiac" (Freestyle)
"$REALMONEY$" Ft "Problem" & "Tez McClain" -"Make It Clap"
"GUS" Ft. "Lucinda Slim" - "Talk It Over" (Official Video)
"Nesby Phips" & "Reem" Ft "Curren$y" - "Dusty Roads"(Video)
"D.Focis" Ft "Ray Hilton" - "There" (Official Video) 

"Billy Gram" - "Bossman" (Official Video) 
"Lincoln Blance" - "Bad Girl
"J'You" - "So Apparent"

"YB" aka (Young Boomin
"My Life"
Twitter: @YoungBoomin

"Christian" Rapper "Classic"
"Keep it 100
(Official Video)

Twitter: @116Classic

"Everything I Do"




Twitter: @DJSPINATIK @YBTheRockstar

"Queens" Rapper "Continental Five" aka "Two Five
"50 Bars"

Twitter: @continentalfive

Continental Five has been dropping nothing but heat as of late. The Queens, New York emcee is back with a new banger titled "50 Bars." Peep it up top. 


"Oakland" Rapper "Young Age"
"After Paper
[Official Music Video]

Off "Grind Time"

Twitter: @young_age

"South Central, LA" Rapper "Vada"
"Aye" (Kallin You Out) (Dirty)

Twitter: @ItsKingVada

The South Central emcee let's some things off of his chest about industry cats - apparently they are rappers! Lol. This is to be included on The Red Files Extended EP. Due out in October!

He says no names but it's entertaining to listen to. Aye Aye AYE! I'm Kalling You Out!!!!

"Charlotte, NC" Rapper "J Paq" Ft. "Chad Haynez
"Untamed Animal
(Official Video)

Twitter: @_JPAQ

Charlotte NC's own J Paq has teamed up with Young Kingz member Chad Haynez for "Untamed Animal". These two have been working together for a while now they finally decided to work on this project which will be on J Paq's anticipated mixtape "Loosing Myself".

"Kentucky" Rapper "Trademark Aaron
Ft  "Koren Jackson"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @TrademarkAaron @KorenLove @Dan_Gotti

With the release of the DJ Corbett produced “Faith”, Northern Kentucky Hip-Hop artist Trademark Aaron embarks on another musical journey.  From the upcoming For the People EP, the striking visuals for the track directed by Dan Gotti are sure to be relatable to all audiences.  An impeccable sense of perseverance and a stirring chorus from songstress Koren Jackson have supplied the soundtrack for the lives of every person out there trying to keep their heads above the waters.

"Lincoln Blaché
"Bad Girl"

Twitter: @lincolnblache

"Bad Girl", isn't the kind of track that I would normally smack, but I enjoy that. 

"Essex County" Rapper "Jersey Doe
" Ft "Gucci Mane"
"Smash You"

Twitter: @Jerseydoe108 @gucci1017 @EntDrop

"Jay Griffy"

Twitter: @GriffyOnline

Jay Griffy is back with a new music video for his hit single "Prayer". In this cinematic experience, Griffy transports himself into a different dimension. Watch as Griffy battles his demons brought to life in the backdrop of a deserted insane asylum deep in the woods. From eerie spirits to confusion and fear, this video is a visual journey through the mind of the insane.

"Nomad Carlos" Ft "Five Steez"
"Aww Snap!"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @FiveSteez

Born in Miami and raised in Kingston from the age of 5, Carlos has dropped several albums and performed relentlessly in Jamaica, proudly flying the flag for hip-hop in a country dominated by dancehall and reggae. "Aww Snap" features fellow Kingston rapper Five Steez, who has been spearheading the Jamaica underground hip-hop scene alongside Carlos, and recently released an album entitled War For Peace. "Me and Steez been collabing for years now," explains Carlos. "I wanted to do some back and forth spitting with him for my mixtape, so he came through, heard the beat, and we just formulated it from there." Me Against The Grain features production from Natural High Muzik, Tronic, MPC Boyz, The Consultancy, Inztinkz, Sinima, DJ King Flow and Paperchase Beats.

"Q The Question" Presents: 
"Trel Mack" & "Petter Jones"
"3, 2, 1,"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @trelmack

"So Apparent"

Twitter: @JonGlass_

So Apparent is the first single off the upcoming J'You album "June 16". It is an in your face song that points "the finger" at the new age rappers of our time. It is both catchy and witty and blends a commercial vibe with an underground type flow.

"E Major
"Zodiac" (Freestyle)

Twitter: @etothemajor

Baltimore-bred, Los Angeles-based emcee E Major presents the self-directed music video to "Zodiac Freestyle", where he drops lyrics over Flying Lotus' "Zodiac" instrumental. To that end, he finally achieved his dream of moving to Los Angeles, a gamble for an artist with the kind of support he commands in B-More. His 2011 album Better Than Yours had already made Baltimore City Paper’s top ten albums of 2010 – two years after dubbing his Majority Rules album “a classic” - by the time his 2010 hit “Paper Runnin’” started doing the rounds on 92Q, later remixed by local legend DJ Booman. Wielding common-sense lyricism and a relaxed, persistent flow which presides on equal footing over boom-bap and trap alike, E’s shared stages with Lupe Fiasco, Wale, and Little Brother and has gotten the nod from Okayplayer, MTV, VH1 and DJ Booth. E's new album Baltimore Bruin is set for an August release. 

"Audubon" (Of MTV's Washington Heights)
"Riot for Kiko"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @Audubon_

Audubon releases the new video for his latest single "Riot For Kiko" off his album Digging for Sunlight Gold Edition, now available on iTunes. "Riot For Kiko" was produced by Joel The Dreamer and the visuals were directed by Nelson Noel Salcedo. This video has an intense storyline, and shows the audience a glimpse of Audubon's talent in acting.

"$REALMONEY$" Ft "Problem" & "Tez McClain"
"Make It Clap"

Twitter: @THEDONREALMONEY @Itsaproblem

Atlanta rapper Tez McClain has been on a roll since finishing up his tour in February. First, he released the free EP The Scoundrel, which features E-40, Reese, Erk Tha Jerk and more. Last week he released a new video featuring Erk Tha Jerk for the song "Change." Today Tez is proud to release another high-profile collaboration track. Entitled "Make it Clap," the club friendly track features Problem and Real Money with production by Money Always.

"Belgian" Rapper "GUS" Ft. "Lucinda Slim"
 "Talk It Over"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @GreatUnStoppabl

Belgian emcee GUS (a.k.a. the Great UnStoppable) presents the Manu Dewan-directed music video for his I.N.T.-produced new single "Talk It Over", featuring vocals from Lucinda Slim a.k.a. Nia Saw of Zap Mama and backing vocals from U-Gene. A force on the Belgian hip-hop scene since 1991, GUS first stepped out as an artist alongside talents like Krewcial and Moiano, recording and performing across western Europe. He was the first official recording artist on Belgian label Brick 9000, dropping his solo debut “Word to the Wize” as well as work with his collective DHL. GUS has opened up for  De La Soul, The Pharcyde, Black Eyed Peas, Common, The Roots, Bilal, Jill Scott, The GZA, The Game, Xzibit, The Last Poets, Black Star ( Mos Def & Talib Kweli), Tony Touch, Cash Money, Craig David and Beck, and has collaborated with DJ Grazzhoppa, I.L.L., Versatell and more. 


Twitter: @StizzApeGang 

 "Nesby Phips" & "Reem" Ft "Curren$y"

"Dusty Roads"
(Official Video)

Off "Hollygrove Aint Enough 0017th"

Twitter: @NesbyPhips @Reem0017th
   @CurrenSy_Spitta @flywalkerBEATZ

The 0017th has returned with another visual for "Dusty Roads" featuring the pilot of Jet Life Curren$y. Nesby Phips, known for his musical hybrid role as a producer/emcee in Jet Life, has teamed up with fellow New Orleans native Reem to lead the 0017th movement growing out the Hollygrove area of the Crescent City. "Dusty Roads" shows the three love for speed and luxury vehicles as they make moves through their hometown. This single is off of the 0017th:

"Atlanta"/"Detroit" Rapper "D.Focis"
 Ft "Ray Hilton"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @DFocis

"There" feat Ray Hilton is the latest single from Detroit artist/producer D.Focis (Bobby Creekwater, Nappy Roots, Kidz In the Hall). "There" serves as the follow up to two previous singles released this year thus far, "Dreamin…Still" and "Back" have both garnered over 200K views via YouTube.

D.Focis (Pronounced Dee Focus) Is an Artist/Producer from Detroit, MI. As an artist he has released 7 solo projects (Still Dreamin, Oxygen, The New Tokyo Mixtape, The New Tokyo Mixtape 2, The Be Strong LP, The Herman Gardens Project)

Because of the introspective and inspirational nature of his music, he is often compared to artists like Common, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Mos Def and others known for "conscious" music.

(707) "Fairfield" Rapper "Billy Gram
(Official Video)

Off The "The Hulkamaniac" Mix Tape

Twitter: @BillyGRAM 


(25) "Artist With Street Heat"

"Al Tha Gamer" & "Romenowski" - "Nasty" - [Official Video]
"Trade Sensay" - "CORN COB"  (FREESTYLE)
"Gillie Da Kid" Ft. "Tamba Hali"  -"5 AM In Philly"
"Rose City" -  "Marchin' Bandz" (Official Video)
"Yung Nation" - "Shawty Wassup"
"Kazzie" Ft "Trinsade" - "Get It"
"Ransom" - "His Shoes" [Official Video]
"Jae Millz " - "Don't F*k With Me"
"Preston Williams III" - "Everything" (Official Video)
ItsNate Ft G FrSH, Catch'Em & Phaze One - "WSLTA" (Rmx Video) 
"Leen Bean" Ft "Riq Geez" - "Cant Knock The Hustle" (Video)
"D.Chamberz" & "Bill Collector" - "Nikes & Adidas" [VIDEO]
"Mikey CEO" & "Queezy" - "R.T.C." (Official Video)
"Y1" - "One Step Closer" (Official Video)
"Fru" - "Nobody Gon' Change Me" (Official Video)
"V3RB" - "Standing Ovation"(Official Video)
 "DMac" - "Incredible" (Official Video)
"AK" Ft "GDott" & "Ju$ Two" - "This My Game"
"Ti'Jean" Ft. "Pusha T" - "Fast/Slow"
"J.Nolan" - "Fortified MC" (Official Video)
"Bramzwig" - "How To Make It In America"

"YES I DO"  

Twitter: @teki801



Oakland Rapper "Al Tha Gamer" & "Romenowski
[Official Video]

Twitter: @althagamer

"DMV" Rapper "Fru"
"Nobody Gon' Change Me"
 (Official Video)

Off "Polished Misfit" Album

Twitter: @fruishere

First single off the Dmv Rapper Fru's Upcoming EP Album "Polished Misfit" Coming Soon. This song will also be featured on his mixtape "I'm Going Back" Vol 1. Fru portrays the image of a functioning alcoholic giving the outward appearance of being perfectly normal within society.

"Jae Millz"
"Don't F*k With Me"

Off "Property Of Potentness" Mixtape

Twitter: @JAE_MILLZ

YMCMB's Jae Millz releases his second installment of his Property of Potentness mixtape series. The 14-track project includes features from Mak, Birdman, Gucci Mane, Smoke DZA, T-Real and GP.

"Philadelphia" Rapper "Leen Bean" 
Ft. "Riq Geez"
 "Cant Knock The Hustle"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @LeenBean17

17-year old Philadelphia emcee Leen Bean is making it clear that she is up next. With great wordplay and song making ability, who are we to argue?

Leen teams up with Riq Geez for a remake of Jay-Z's "Can't Knock the Hustle," off of her latest mixtape, Who Spilled the Beans 2.


Twitter: @STIZZapegang @docholliday609

"Preston Williams III"
(Official Video)

"Trade Sensay"

Twitter: @TMQtheTRADE

"Baltimore" Rapper "Y1"
"One Step Closer"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @iam_y1

"Cleveland" Rapper "AK
Ft "GDott" & "Ju$ Two"
"This My Game"

Off "The Abstract Kollection"

Twitter: @AKrowdyBoy

AK's first single, "This My Game (Ft. GDott & Ju$ Two)" is the first single off his forthcoming mixtape The Abstract Kollection Due out next month. Staying true to his hiphop sound we have all come to know and love, "This My Game" features a hard hitting beat which is lyrically held down in a big way by AK's well received verses throughout. GDott & Jus Two hop on the beat with cool consistent verses that both compliment and amplify the rap banger! Complete with a steady hook "This My Game" is sure to become a rap favorite!

Atl/Ct Rapper "J.Nolan"
 "Fortified MC"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @J_Nolan

J. Nolan, just released his brand new single/music video "Fortified MC," (produced by Frontier, directed by ThePEST) which is the official 1st single from his Distinction project coming this June.

Ft G FrSH, Catch'Em & Phaze One (Piff Gang)
"WSLTA" (Rmx Video) 

Twitter: @WhosNate @Gfrsh @PhazeWhat @Gotta_CatchEm

(Philly) "Gillie Da Kid" Ft "Tamba Hali" (Kansas)
"5 AM In Philly"

Twitter: @gilliedakid @TambaHali91

The King of Philly a,k,a, Gillie Da Kid links up with Kansas City Chiefs player and Religion Records CEO Tamba Hali for a remake of Drake's "5AM in Toronto."

"Brooklyn/Washington" Rapper "Ti'Jean
Ft. "Pusha T"

Twitter: @TiJeanOnline

Ti’Jean drops the lead single “Fast/Slow” featuring Pusha T from this forthcoming mixtape.

Pusha T, of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music, collaborates with Ti’Jean and they created a certified banger that will have everyone rocking...from cars to iPods to clubs worldwide. The song is an experience, flows are fire and the beat will hypnotize you.

Having explored other sides of his creativity, Ti’Jean brings a whole new energy to his new project. The sensual yet aggressive side of the artist is very much on display with “Fast/Slow.” Ti’Jean’s fans will enjoy this single from this new project, which is his 3rd mixtape.

"Bell Flower, Ca" Rapper "V3RB"
"Standing Ovation"
(Official Video)

 Twitter: @Cali_Verb @IStillLoveHER

Since "Standing Ovation" is the intro as well as the title of my album, I wanted it to be bold, direct and easily understood. It's one of those coming of age type joints that details my journey and how thankful I am for the people who've stuck by my side and supported my growth. A lot of folks think that rappers just magically develop the gift of rhyme when in reality it takes struggle and a lot of hard work. From the uneasiness of being on stage, to getting ate up in battles I've had my fair share of ups and downs. Back when I was around 15, walking thru Venice rapping and chillin with my crew, I knew that being on stage was something I ultimately wanted to do. I would chill on the sand, staring off into the ocean day dreaming about how I could one day take my talents to the next level. I knew that it wouldn't be easy but as long as I stayed focused and dreamt big anything could happen. "Standing Ovation" is my way of paying homage to that struggle since without it , I don't think i'd be the person I am today. With video direction from Daniel Ruczko and production from Oc The Kidd, I think we captured that essence giving everyone an insight into me as a person as well as an artist."

"Mikey CEO" & "Queezy
"R.T.C." (Run The City)
(Official Video)

Off "Burn Notice"

"Dallas" Rapper "Yung Nation
"Shawty Wassup"

Twitter: @YungNation

"Bronx" Rapper "DMac"
(Official Video)

Off "Drug Heavy" Mix Tape

Twitter: @DMac193

DMac the bronx spitter is giving us more amazing visuals off his mixtape Drug Heavy hosted by DJ Holiday.

"Philadelphia" Rapper "Newz" Ft "AR-AB
"They Dont Want It"
 [Official Video]

Twitter: @Newz_215 

With Original Block Hustlerz CEO AR-AB having to do a bid, his Goonie Gang family is ready to pick up the slack until he's back home. Newz is one of the hottest young rappers coming out of Philly. He steps up to the plate with his latest music video for "They Don't Want It."

"Rose City
 "Marchin' Bandz"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @RoseCityNHA

"D.Chamberz" & "Bill Collector"
 "Nikes & Adidas" [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Twitter: @DChamberz_SCH @billcollectorMH 

The most anticipated single from the UnorthodoxTrapRaps Mixtape, track produced by HitMenBeatz, visuals brought to you by Mills Miller Media. Just in time for the NBA Playoffs, get your Nikes & Adidas game RIGHT!

"Kazzie" Ft "Trinsade"
"Get It"

Twitter: @Kazziepop

"His Shoes
[Official Video]

Twitter: @201Ransom

Duffle Bag Ransom is gearing up to release a brand new mixtape titled The Alternative. Before it drops he's released a new music video for "His Shoes." You have to check it out. It's a deep song, with real meaning.


Twitter: @YUNGGWAPA 

"New York" Rapper "Bramzwig"
"How To Make It In America"
(Dedicated To Boston Bombings)

Twitter: @Bramzwig

Bramzwig claims that he's been holding onto this song for over a month, but in light of the recent Boston Marathon Bombings, it is an appropriate time to reflect on issues in America.


(24) "Artist With Street Heat"

"Kellie Rivers" - "Held"(Official Video) 
Sonny Digital & Que Ft Marcus Manchild & Key"Money On The Floor" 
"Joey Bada$$" - "Day In The Life"
"Lil' Mook" - "I Am Alabama 3" (Intro) (Official Video)

"Yowda" - "D-Boy Deluxe"
"Bobbie Gordon" - "Skin" [Official Video]
"G Lean" - "Dynomite" - [Official Video]
"Bobby Creekwater" - "Clear"
"Que" Ft "Migos" - "Young N*gga
"Preach" - "Bobby Brown" (Official Video)
"J.O.T." aka "GRANDE GATO" -"Press On" (Official Video) 
"D Mac" - "Mary Kate & Ashley" & "SNC(Video)
 "Trel Mack" - "No Holding Back(Official Video)
"Willie The Kid" Ft "Jon Connor" -"One Time" (Official Video)
"KYLE" - "Fruit Snacks"
"Prince Shamel" "Me Against The World"
"Sullee J" Ft. "Royce Da 5'9" & "Ca$his" - "I'll Bury You"
"Renegad" "Star and Gleaner" (Official Video)
"Last Ones Left- "Young Till I Die" (Official Video)
"DJ YRS Jerzy" Ft "Chox-Mak" "Make It Last" (Official Video)
"Sweetz P" "Luxury(Official Video)
"Lyfetyme" & "Hookmastaz" Ft "Dex"Ain't New To This" (Official Video)

Sullee J is back on the scene with a prodigious collaboration on his track "I'll Bury You" featuring Slaughterhouse general Royce Da 5'9 & Ca$his. A combination of a genius flow, ingenius lyrics, insane beat, and egregious rhythm! This song is the definition of true citizens of hip hop getting together and doing what they love to do. Sullee J's mixtape "The Vicegerent" releasing April 29th, 2013, will also feature other artist such as K-Rino, Canibus, Diabolic, Kuniva of D12, Quadir Lateef and more.

"Sullee J" Ft. "Royce Da 5'9" & "Ca$his"
"I'll Bury You"

Twitter: @SulleeJ85


Twitter: @TMQtheTrade

-Who does a video in the "HOSPITAL" on crutches? I DO!
I recently had a life threating accident, but didnt let that stop me. Through all the pain, bruises and stitches I continued my passion. Please post this video to your FB or TWITTER and help me share my story as I begin the recovery process. Thank fans for all the love. -theTrade Sen'say.

Singer "Kellie Rivers"
(Official Video) 

Twitter: @kellierivers22

"Atlanta's" "Sonny Digital" & "Que
Ft. "Marcus Manchild", "Key
"Money On The Floor
[Official Video]

Twitter: @Sonnydigital @WhoIsQue @marcusmanchild

"Brooklyn" Rapper "Joey Bada$$
"Day In The Life"

Off "The New York Renaissance" Mixtape

Twitter @joeyBADASS_

Brooklyn, New York emcee and 2013 XXL Freshman class member Joey Bada$$ teams up with producer Harry Fraud to deliver "Day In the Life." The song is off of Peter Rosenberg's mixtape, The New York Renaissance, which dropped April 5th.

"Alabama" Rapper "Lil' Mook"
"I Am Alabama 3" (Intro) 
(Official Video)

Twitter: @Lil_Mook_BBE

"D-Boy Deluxe"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @1yowda

"UK" Singer "Bobbie Gordon"
 [Official Video]

Twitter: @bobbiegordon

Soulful UK singer Bobbie Gordon debuts her new video for "Skin," from her forthcoming EP "Skin."

"G Lean"
[Official Video]

Twitter: @G_lean115

"Mississippi" Rapper "DIRT
"Get Right" (GMix) 
(Official Video)

Twitter: @DirtMcGirt601

After ripping Officer Rick Ross a new one with his scathing diss record "Six," Dirt is back at it in the booth preparing for the release of his new project, also titled "Six", but takes a minute to smash out a freestyle to Young Jeezy's "Get Right".

"Atlanta" Rapper "Bobby Creekwater

Former Shady Records artist, Bobby Creekwater, is back to make things "Clear."

"Atlanta" Rapper "Que" Ft "Migos"
"Young N*gga

Twitter: @WhoIsQue

The latest hit from Que and Migos entiteld "Young Ni**a" features a hard hitting beat which was produced by Sonny Digital. What will capture your attention right from the start is the hard hitting beat. What will keep you hooked is the well received verses from Que and Migos. The hook is catchy and will be stuck in your head for a minute once the track has ended!

 "Bobby Brown"
(Official Video)

Off "Judgement Day 2" Mixtape

Twitter: @Preach610

Upcoming artist "Preach" out of "Chester", with his 1st music video to his 1st single "Bobby Brown" from his Latest "Judgement Day 2" Mixtape.

"Christian" "N. Carolina" Rapper 
"J.O.T." aka "GRANDE GATO"
"Press On"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @grandegato

"J.O.T." is a CHRISTIAN/POSITIVE rapper from NORTH CAROLINA who does both ENGLISH & SPANISH rap songs. 


"Bronx" Rapper "D Mac"
"Mary Kate & Ashley" (Official Video)"
&"SNC(Official Video)

Off "Drug Heavy"  Mixtape

Twitter: @Dmac193

The first single off of Drug Heavy the new mixtape from Cali living Bronx breed mc DMac. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Holiday with features from Taylor Gang, Avery Storm and More.

"D Mac"
"Mary Kate & Ashley" 
(Official Video)

(Official Video)

"Philadelphia" Rapper "Trel Mack"
"No Holding Back
(Official Video)

Off "Inspired By Greatness" EP

Twitter:  @trelmack @qthequestion @skerecords

Coming with the new visual for his 2nd single "No Holding Back" Philadelphia's Trel Mack is going all in. The single "No Holding Back" is from Trel Mack's "Inspired By Greatness" EP released under SKE Records which has received high praise with top media publications in the industry since it release. 

"Flint, Michigan" Rapper "Willie The Kid"
 Ft "Jon Connor"
 "One Time" (UNRELEASED)
(Official Video)

Off "The Fly 2" Mixtape

 "Fruit Snacks"

Twitter: @lovekyle @RealJessJohnson

KYLE linked up with Mansion On The Moon's Beni Haze to release "Fruit Snacks", the latest single off his upcoming Beautiful Loser project. Originally premiered on VIBE Magazine, the song further display's the Ventura native's eclectic sound. "Fruit Snacks" is ignorant, unique, fun and happens to be one of KYLE's favorite songs he has made thus far. The idea for the song started one lonely night when he decided to make the most based mixed drink in his life by combining Fruit Snacks with Patron (which is apparently quite good). This song is what that drink sounds like.

"Chicago's" "BIGG BABY" FT. "KING 100 JAMES"

Twitter: @TheRealBiggBaby @KING100JAMES

"Prince Shamel
"Me Against The World"

Twitter: @PrinceShamel

"Reggae" Artist "Renegad
"Star and Gleaner"
 (Official Video)


"Cleveland, Ohio" Group "Last Ones Left"
 "Young Till I Die"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @LonesLohio

Last Ones Left, hailing from Cleveland, Ohio present their first video "Young Till I Die".

Last Ones Left, 6 members strong, may be new to the scene but their rapping skillz say otherwise. "Young Till I Die" is a first taste of their vision as the group is developing their sound and looking for likeminded individuals who want to work with them on their first musical release.

"DJ YRS Jerzy" Ft. "Chox-Mak
"Make It Last"
 (Official Video)

Twitter: @IAMDJYRSJERZY @JaxCityGuerilla

DJ YRS Jerzy and his artist Chox-Mak are taking over the underground hip hop scene once again with there hit single "Make It Last". They have been receiving so much great feed back on the track that they have decided to drop the visual for it. Chox-Mak goes in on this Keith Sweat sampled N-Tone beat. “Make it Last” is the name of the new single from DJ YRS Jerzy and Chox-Mak.

"Sweetz P"
(Official Video)

Off "#Liferrrs​: Guide to Total F**king Awesomenes​s"

Twitter: @SWEETZP

"Brooklyn" Rappers "Lyfetyme" & "Hookmastaz"
 Ft "Dex
"Ain't New To This"
(Official Video)

Twitter: @LYFETYMENYC @thehookmastaz @PumaTPG

Aint New to This" is the new visual from Lyfetyme X Hookmastaz Ft DEX of the Devil's Playground collaborative LP. These two remarkable emcees take you on a journey of their experiences, trials & tribulations, as well as some good times they have experienced growing up in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Surrounded by drugs, violence & other vices that griped Brooklyn in the 80s & 90s, the Brooklyn natives decided to entitle the LP a very fitting name for the sign of the times Devil's Playground.