"Do N It Live"

"Roach Gigz" New Years Eve 2012 "A Night I Don't Remember"
"2 Chainz" Perfoms "I'm Different" Live
"Brandy" Performs "Put It Down" Live
"Nas" Performs Live In NY @Radio City Music Hall

"Frisco" Rapper "Roach Gigz
Performs "A Night I Don't Remember" Live
New Years Eve 2012

Twitter: @RoachG

"2 Chainz" Performs "I'm Different"
Live On "Jimmy Kimmel" Show

"Put It Down"
Live  @FSO ATL 2012

Performs Live In NY @Radio City Music Hall



"Grammy" Nominated "Christian" Rapper
"Lecrae" And "Andy Mineo" 
"Unashamed" Tour Exclusive

Lecrae talks about his recent success with "Gravity" album, walking in humility and the growth of Christian Hip Hop with CBS news.


"Mariah Carey"
Sings "All I Want For Christmas"
On "Jimmy Fallon" With The "Roots"


"Michael Jackson Bad 25" Documentary Trailer 
Airing Thanksgiving Day November 22nd

This first-ever glimpse of ABC's 60-second trailer previews the documentary film by award-winning director Spike Lee, WHICH DEBUTED EXCLUSIVELY ON ABC'S "THE VIEW," celebrates the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson's landmark "BAD" album and tour. "Michael Jackson: BAD25" will air Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 22.


"R. Kelly
"Trapped In The Closet: Chapter 23

The legendary "R. Kelly" comes back with a new list of characters to continue his "Trapped In The Closest" series.  Take a sneak peak of what's to come from Chapter 23, which will be airing the Friday after Thanksgiving. November, 23rd at 9/8Central on IFC.


"San Francisco's"
"The League Of Young Voters"
Makes Their Mark 

Twitter: @TheLeagueSF

Now. Though, I do care who you vote for, I care more that you vote. Your voice counts, and needs to be heard and your vote counts and needs to be counted. Don't assume who's going to win, ensure who's going to win. VOTE 
-Tease Right-

The League of Young Voters Education Fund (LYVEF), in partnership with AllHipHop.com and Rock the Vote, engaged young voters with an interactive viewing party and panel discussions in Washington, D.C. with #BarackTalk 2012. Shown live on Ustream, the interactive experience allowed young voters to witness top political, music and media pundits voice their opinions on President Obama's State of the Union speech.

#BarackTalk 2012 was highlighted by three discussion panels featuring Dee-1 (rapper/activist), RhymeFest (hip-hop artist), Chuck Creekmur (AllHipHop.com), Janee Bolden (Bossip.com), Andreas Hale (TheWellVersed.com), Shaheem Reid (MTV and XXL), Michale Skolnik (GlobalGrind.com) and more. Viewers joined the conversation by tweeting #BarackTalk, with panelists answering their questions. During the event, our Ustream viewer count exceeded 32,000 viewers.


"Santorum" Calls "Obama"  The N-Word?

Hmmm, ya'll know the song. "Here's What They Think About You". So, did "Republican Presidential" candidate "Rick Santorum" call "President Barack Obama" a "Anti War Government N*gger". Check out "TYT Supreme Court" to see what they think.

Me, myself and Irene, think "Barack" needs to knock him out sight-unseen. (Seem-seem-sala-beem") The say "what's in the heart comes out the mouth". I'm not surprised, because one thing I do know. You can only hold your breath for so long, before the real you has to rise to the surface

For those of ya'll that think "President Barack Obama" isn't doing a good job, if ya'll vote in ANY of these republicans in the "White House" and you are not rich, you'll be sleeping in the our same "poor-minorities" ditch. You think its bad now, at least its getting better, but ya'll aint seen worse.

Cuz they don't care about the poor-homeless-unemployed or minorities, even though we are the majority. <<"We are the 99%".


"South Side" (The Series)
Featuring "Treach" Of "Naughty By Nature"

"South Side" is an American drama series set in and around "South Jamaica Queens, NY" and created/written/produced by Taheim Bryan. 

Based loosely around American Gangster, Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and the "Supreme Team", South Side (series) depicts the "NY" drug trade in the early 1980s.

For those who are not familiar, "The Supreme Team" was a street gang organized in the early 1980s in the vicinity of the Baisley Park Houses in Jamaica, Queens and at its 1987 peak, made more than $200,000 a day.

"Fabolous" explains why he doesn't let "Love & Hip Hop" direct his personal life. 

Now, I don't watch "Love & Hip Hop", I have cuz my nieces , "Enovy" & "Atara" and my pattna "Jenitsa" swear, I need to. I live my life pretty much drama free, and watching other people's drama, just aint for me.

But from what I understand, "Fabolous" baby mama and girlfriend of over 8 years, "Emily", is on season 2, doing what she do, and he supports her, but he don't support the show

But the funny thing is, he barely wants to claim her, but I can understand. Your life is your own. He's already famous and got dough, if this is what she got to do to get paid, too. Then I guess he's like "do what you do".


"David E Talbert" Celbrates 20 Years With

 DVD Releases Feb 7, 2012 For $14.98

My pattna's the "Joe & Jenitsa" went and seen this play, like a month ago in "Oakland", but it had "Morris Chesnut" in it. She's said it was good, but couldn't quit talking about "Morris Chestnut's" abs, so.....(lol)

"David E Talbert's" celebrates 20 years in the industry with his play "What My Husband Doesn't Know", which aired "BET" this Sunday December 18 at 5:30p/4:30C. 

"BET" premiered "David E Talbert's" play "What My Husband Doesn't Know", starring television heartthrob "Brian White" (Stomp the Yard) and "Michelle Williams" of "Destiny’s Child" and Broadway’s historic hit “Chicago”.  The production also stars theatre and television legend "Clifton Davis" ("Any Given Sunday", “Amen”, “Pal Joey”) and volcanic vocalist "Ann Nesby" (Sounds of Blackness). 

"TheLena Summer" (Michelle Williams) is a lonely housewife whose husband is often away on business. Summer soon begins to feel the pressure when a charming handyman (played by Brian White) begins to work on the house

Will she be able to handle the heat even if her husband doesn't know? "What My Husband Doesn't Know" is a tempestuous look at one woman's affair and what the ramifications are because of it. 

Out for DVD release just in time for "Valentine's Day" on Feb 7th.